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Watch and share the four ways President Obama will create more jobs and strengthen the middle class: http://OFA.BO/4AVwYv
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Sir, I voted for you and will vote again, but why are the civil liberties taken away with bills like SOPA, NDAA and cyber security laws? 
It's creepy how the background zooms while the foreground doesn't. You need new video people. Otherwise it sounds good. Oh, while I'm at it, how about replacing our income and sales tax with a straightforward transaction tax? Especially for stock market trades... think about it. Thousands going on every second, even if you sliver off 0.1% of the value, that would make up for our deficit and more.
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is expensive to get back jobs, but the price to export job is even more expensive ...
+Sean Canton Thats just stupid. First, its the most regressive tax possible. Second, it taxes consumption rather than economic activity. Third, it removes all tax burdens from corporate profits, shifting the burden workers. Fourth, sales tax would need to be like 33% or more to cover the costs of governance. Fifth, it encourages noncompliance and black market activities that endanger public safety. Sixth, it makes for unpredictable revenues based entirely on seasonal data. Seventh, it fails to tax those most dependent on expensive infrastructure systems like financial institutions. Eighth, it removes tax incentives from things like mortgages, retirement, college savings, medical savings accounts and deferred annuities. Ninth, small business exemptions for noncapital accounts are key to job creation and innovation. Tenth...
WTF have you been doing for the past 4 years? Sorry, my voting is going to the only fiscal conservative in this race, Governor +Gary Johnson
Nice plan as always however, +Barack Obama I think you should wait until after your reelected to introduce it to congress because hopefully by then the Senate and Congress will have a wealth of new people who actually wants to do their job and pass it instead of killing it like current Republicans do.
Iran should have nuclear energy
America and Israel do not need to be involved in this field
Only two countries of Iran obtaining nuclear energy and the power of fear in all fields
Iran sanctions not necessary because that energy is achieved
Not to build nuclear bomb

Everyone agrees with me, I liked the beats
Jack H
The four ways he's going to try to create jobs?
1) Tax
2) Spend
3) Tax more
4) Spend more
He is not as elegant as Clinton, but still sings a pretty song!!! Too bad his actions have horns!!! I have to vote Gary Johnson because these two parties have lost their minds...
It's true, we were supposed to have been below 8% unemployment by now. Promises were made in 2008. They've not been fixed yet.
He does not need a new Suit:)
Four ways he's going to help Elderly People:
1-Your grandparents Social Security
2-Your Parents Medicare
3-Your kids College Money if you have one
4-Your Tax returns will be more.......:))
Just like you did the last 4 years huh. Jackass
+Jack Huesman If you did a little research or were relatively competent then you'd no that that's the way most economies work. Further its been work for the USA for decades and hasn't cost any American jobs or really had a negative impact on our since Democrats has been in office. The Dems have created more jobs and had a more stable economic plan. And lastly our great country while still in the red had a surplus last year, that means that we made more then we spent argo Obamas plan with all the difficult opposition is actually working. So make sure you do your research before embarrassing yourself with ignorance and stupidity.
Where darn close to it, 4 million new jobs more than the previous administration of 43. Start over and see where we land. 
I listened to it. Sounds good.
+Antonio Serone exactly, people just take what they hear as truth no matter how stupid and foolish it sounds. Do the math 800.000 jobs lost every month when Republicans left office. Democrats created over 4 Million with a M! New jobs.
Jack H
+Skyla Cowan "f you did a little research or were relatively competent then you'd no that that's the way most economies work."
First...the word is "know".
Second...yes, all those bankrupt countries in Europe have been doing the tax-and-spend liberal/socialist approach for years, and you see where it's gotten them.
Surely you see all the riots, the drastic cuts in spending that are necessary just to get the countries bills paid...I mean, you being so competent and all.

If you had a clue, Skyla, you'd know that it doesn't work, it has never worked, and the "hens are coming home to roost" for us now.

And your "Dems have created more jobs" is nothing but pure liberal puffery. It's a lie, you know it's a lie, but you're such a pathetic shill you're willing to repeat anything your bosses tell you to.
Sad. Very sad.

If you ever want to drop your talking-points and discuss actual facts, let me know, I'll be happy to educate you.
Jack H
+Skyla Cowan "Democrats created over 4 Million with a M! New jobs."
This is the kind of stuff you should really check up on before you embarrass yourself by repeating it. Creating 4 million jobs is not a good thing when population expansion means you needed to create over 5 million just to keep employment at a constant rate!
+Jack Huesman I gladly take you up on the offer. But before we begin and I give you some knowledge I highly recommend you stop watching Fox News
Jack H
+Skyla Cowan "I gladly take you up on the offer. But before we begin and I give you some knowledge I highly recommend you stop watching Fox News"
You see, Skyla, that's just a perfect example of the kind of stupid assumptions you, and many like you, make that just show what a fool you are.
I do not watch Fox News...couldn't even tell you what channel it is on my satellite provider.

Want to spew some more of your idiotic lies/assumptions/talking-points, or do you want to actually talk about how many more people are out of the workforce now than were when Obama took office? Do you want to talk about his tax-and-spend policies that got the country's credit rating downgraded for the first time in history? 
+Jack Huesman I no your just trying to troll people but come on. Surely even a man with your intelligence knows that creating 4 million jobs has nothing but positive effects on the economy, especially over the alternative of losing 800.000 jobs. Oh and btw that's 800.000 EVERY SINGLE MONTH!
Then why was the Keystone Pipeline shot down?
+Jack Huesman OK time for facts. First off our credit got down graded because Republicans demanded something in exchange for increasing the debt ceiling. Something that's been done numerous times over the years especially in times of recession. So because we almost defaulted on our debt and the uncertainty of whether or not the USA will continue to pay its debt the international body down graded our credit. That's just facts. So who is to blame for that 1 genius?
Jack H
+Ross Byrne "+Jack Huesman that was the GOP's fault, as stated by Standards & Poor at the time."

S&P had said last month it wanted to see the long-term budget deficit reduced by $4 trillion over that period. The firm said Congress and the White House did not appear likely to agree on cuts to entitlement programs, which Democrats opposed, or to raise taxes, which Republicans opposed.

Got any more lies you want to try and tell us, Ross?
+Jack Huesman like I said before, please no what your talking about before you start embarrassing yourself with ignorance.
Jack H
+Skyla Cowan "+Jack Huesman OK time for facts. First off our credit got down graded because Republicans demanded something in exchange for increasing the debt ceiling"

Sorry, but I just showed what a flat-out lie this is in my response to Ross.
I guess you two shills get your talking points from the same source, or was it really just a coincidence?

Keep the lies coming, Sklya. Everything you type only serves to discredit you and your positions because it's easy to show that they're all lies.
+Jack Huesman do you remember when President Bush raised the debt ceiling and nobody complained and everyone voted to do it? Happened more then once. Well you see genius, nobody complained because its something that has to get down every once in awhile and it is completely normal to do that in order to accomplish certain tasks.
Jack H
+Skyla Cowan "+Jack Huesman like I said before, please no what your talking about before you start embarrassing yourself with ignorance"

Maybe you didn't see where I showed your and Ross's statements about the credit-rating debacle to be lies.

But please learn enough of the English language to use the word "know" instead of "no" where appropriate.
On the other hand, it is funny to see someone who doesn't know the difference between those words to talk about someone else embarrassing themselves.
Jack H
+Skyla Cowan "do you remember when President Bush raised the debt ceiling and nobody complained and everyone voted to do it?"
No, I remember many people being upset about it. I seem to recall a certain Senator from Illinois calling it unpatriotic to raise the debt ceiling. Obama Vote's Against Raising Debt Ceiling in 2006
+Jack Huesman Further your insistence that anyone who doesn't share the same view points as you our liers shows that not only do you not have an open mind and don't care about that facts but also that your ignorant for choosing to believe whatever your told by the people you support instead of question things and finding out answers for yourself.
This is ridiculous.

He failed miserably to meet these very same goals the first time around.

He must believe the voters to have the collective IQ of a turnip to think we'd all buy the same load again.

Especially considering that he's overseen the longest stretch of over 8 percent unemployment since the Great Depression.

The median households annual income has lost just over 4 thousand dollars under his policies.

And the average length of time on unemployment has jumped from 20 weeks in 08 to 40 weeks today.


Your word is golden Mr Obama. (Sarcasm for those who don't recognize it.)
Jack H
+Ross Byrne 
The downgrade reflects our opinion that the fiscal consolidation plan that Congress and the Administration recently agreed to falls short of what, in our view, would be necessary to stabilize the government's medium-term debt dynamics.

Sooooo...I guess...thanks for posting a link that backs up what I said earlier.
Or do you think "Congress and the Administration" means Republicans...even when Democrats are the Administration and control half of the Congress?

Pr. Obama  : We are still waiting for Mitt " Secret Tax Shelters " Romney and Paul " Sequestration Biggest Supporter " Ryan to tell America exactly how are they going to create millions of new Jobs by cutting taxes for multi-millionaires and for billionaires, with details and specifics, what products and what exports, and by keeping Capital Gains Taxes at the low 15 % rate, which is what Romney says he pays ( we still don't know about the last 10 years, where his money has been and what he has paid in taxes , if any ) . And since all the Moderators for the next 3 Debates were big supporters of the Iraq War and the lies that got us into it, supported the end of Glass-Steagall and the Financial de-regulation that got us the 2008 Financial Crisis, refused to explore all the questions about 9/11 like WTC-7 and others, refused to ask almost any questions about the 60 billion dollars wasted and defrauded in the Iraq War ( according to 2 Congress Hearings in 2011-2012) , refused to investigate any of the executives of the "Credit Default Swaps and junk Derivatives from Hell " nightmare  that lost 3 trillion dollars for the USA economy, refused to investigate all and each one of them, we are not expecting anything but lies, gossip and more nonsense, so you watch out for more lies !

And this brings us to C-Span and The Washington Journal call -in program, a great program which has been hijacked by these same neocons and is becoming an extension of Fox News and all the lies that created the above nightmare, and so what will you do, Mr. President, after being re-elected ? will you set these media outlets  free ?

The media in America has always been the motor of change, of advances, of progress, but now, since the Oil-Gas Industry and the Pharma-Junk Foods Industry are the biggest payers and players, we only get "drilling all the way to hell" as our future and " start your day with stomach medication so you can eat junk foods all day " advice and brain wash, AND HOW CAN WE ACCEPT THIS VERSION OF AMERICA ?  THESE INSULTS  ?  we are not this, we are a lot more, a lot better, a lot smarter, and we need action right now , thanks.
Jack H
+Skyla Cowan "Further your insistence that anyone who doesn't share the same view points as you our liers shows that not only do you not have an open mind and ..."
No, it only shows that I'm going to call you and your ilk when you lie.
(And it's spelled "liars" not "liers". See, if you'd pay attention, I could teach you about a lot of stuff other than just economics.)
+Jack Huesman And by raising the debt ceiling that would have been avoided. But the gop decided to play with America's economy instead of just doing the right thing to fix what they broke.
wtf go away obama no one likes you
Jack H
+Ross Byrne "And by raising the debt ceiling that would have been avoided."
Yes,'re absolutely right...
and we never would have gotten back to the same point where we'd spent all the money again and had to raise the debt ceiling yet again because we can't even pay the interest on the debt we have now
and we're not getting close to have a debt equal to 100% of our GDP and that I think about, raising the debt ceiling over and over with no cuts in spending is EXACTLY what S&P cited for the cut!
You didn't even read your own article, did you Ross? S&P wanted cuts, not more runaway spending. Greece, Italy, and Spain all raised their debt limits, Ross...and got their credit ratings cut. Why? UNSUPPORTABLE levels of debt...just like we're on our way to here.

You really need to get your head out of the sand, Ross (sand being the nicest place I could think of where you must have your head buried).
ITS Obama or is it Barry Soranto everyone has two names i quess. goodby in 30 days Barry
Deacon 46
He's had 4 yrs. to do that, why are we worse off now than when he started? Yes go away, we don't want your socialism!
"Tonight, more Americans are out of work and more are working harder for less. More of you have lost your homes and even more are watching your home values plummet. More of you have cars you can't afford to drive, credit card bills you can't afford to pay, and tuition that's beyond your reach.

These challenges are not all of government's making. But the failure to respond is a direct result of a broken politics in Washington and the failed policies of George W. Bush."-Barack Obama

But now that they're his failed policies were all just supposed to drink his Kool aid and ignore his failure.

Not likely.
SOCIALISM Gary Johnson check out you tube this guuy can smoke them both in debate Take couple minutes checvk him out!!!!
You know 1/3 of our national debt comes from the past 4 years.
Jack H
+Ross Byrne 
From the S&P announcement you linked:
"Our lowering of the rating was prompted by our view on the rising public debt burden and our perception of greater policymaking uncertainty,"

How, exactly, do you contend that "it could have been fixed by raising the debt ceiling"? How does raising the ceiling...making it possible to go even deeper into debt...fix the rising public debt burden?
Romney has a better plan which is to invade other countries and steal their wealth
I just wish Mr. Obama would be this cool when it wasn't election season.
Obama needs to play Sid Meir's Civ gaming series to learn how economies work
+Ross Byrne it's ok bro. Some people are just so brain washed and foolish that they can't see the truth right in front of them. +Jack Huesman thanks for pointing out 1 or 2 of my misspelled words and use of grammar, at least you finally got something right
Jack H
+Skyla Cowan "thanks for pointing out 1 or 2 of my misspelled words and use of grammar"
You're welcome. Now if only you'd open your mind enough to let some truth about economics seep in, I'd consider today a good day. At the very least I hope you'll go read Ross's link to the S&P announcement and see that they blamed the out-of-control spending just as much as the political fighting for the downgrade in our nation's credit rating.
Jack H
+Alan Tanner 
I really hope you're home when the FBI comes knocking on your door...hopefully very soon.
You're pathetic...and reported.
+anton veronic well said sir, at least there are still a lot of educated people left on the internet
WTF you think he's been doing, first he had to clean up the mess after the Bush  Admin. it took that admin. 8 years to destroy any hopes of solving the deficit problem. Clinton had an effective plan but did he follow it, no.  Instead he was self serving and profiting from war. You are a "Twit". To say Obama's plan is stupid when you're "Stupid" to the facts, or simply you think just because you say something, makes it  truth "Twit".  Enough with the Republicans, and Conservatives lies, and racial tyrants. I Think truthful, good American's who really care about this country as a whole will trust our leader Obama to do what is right. You trusted Rep. President Bush and look where that trust got you. Bush even got a second term with the words "I don't think it's a good idea to change leaders while this country is at war".  A war that he started under falsehood in the wrong country, with lies to the UN, and then he allowed a company he owned to be it's largest supplier of the war in Iraq.  Now, so called Americans refuse to follow our current leader who took the war to Afghanistan where we all know Osama Bin Laden was, all along. He also kept his promise to bring that man to justice, and he has done that.  I can not and will not put trust in someone like "Mitt The Twits" better known as Romney/Paul.  If you have full knowledge of their plan and still vote for them, knowing the very controversial statements they have made then..............."YOU ARE A MITT TWIT". 
he is not I just took a blind poll on USA Today out of 100k votes its 70 30 split with Romney at the 70
those polls they were not blind ones.  The people making the polls only picked from areas that were pro-Obama
False, Government can't create sustainable jobs so unless you are going to go against your corporate backers it won't happen.
+Jack Huesman at the end of the day when in a recession or depression your going to have to spend more on different polices and plans that could net you a return, create temporary jobs and hope they become permanent private sector ones and finally increase taxes while cutting programs that are unnecessary. Just cutting program and taxes will only lead to more problems
Why didn' the do something 4 years ago? Why did he kill the Keystone Pipeline. Why did he sue S. Carolina over the Boeing plant? Why did he kill the coal industry in West Virginia? Why is he gutting military jobs? Why does he lie so much?
+Alan Tanner yeah yeah yeah. Why don't you make like a seal and get harpooned?

Obama 2012 

Only thing I got it say Obama you're lier you're a coward get the hell out of the White House. Go Mitt Romney .
you are the greatest president to ever live, and that opinion will never change. Mitt Romney can go eat his tie or something...
Same crap we've been hearing.  All talk, nothing else.  You and Mooch better start packing.
Landslide victory for President Obama!! Greetings from Germany! Heiner
Mitt will look after you. He has your best interests at heart. I read that on the internet, so it's true right?
Looks like caps lock is still cruise control for Cool.
I love how the majority of people calling Obama a socialist and a liar can't spell or form sentences correctly... these people are why we had 8 years of hell under GWB.
Obama isn't perfect but at least he appears to have a functioning brain, which is better than I can say for Robot Romney and Randian Ryan Paul. They can't even manage a campaign!

HEY Benjamin Brown I love the Marines even when that stupid guy named obama DOESN'T 

He has a slick tongue, but lacks real leadership.
He promised to cut the debt - but instead added to it while stealing from Seniors!
He promised to not be non-partisan - but blames everything on Bush.
He hurts the middle class with his policies, and signs checks for his rich buds, that got him in office.
Obama care sounds great - but will be the death of our economy.
No thanks, Obama. I'll take my chances with Romney.
Why do I have to get this socialist crap in my google+?
because google ceo board are very left wing liberials


Why can't I block this garbage?  Four more years of the job creation he's managed so far and nobody will have a job, all be on food stamps and relying on government for their dinner.
are you high? this moron has already done enough damage ... GTFO of our country!!
+Alan Tanner stop embarrassing yourself.  I'm not an Obama fan purely based on his signing of the NDAA but you're acting like a child.  There is no way you were/are a navy seal.  None of the seals in my family would act this way and would never approve of your tantrums.  Don't disgrace what the seals stand for because you like their logo.

Also, so far as I can tell you are making Romney supporters look worse (a difficult task indeed).  If that was your goal, you're doing a fine job of it.
Umm.. If I could vote in your election, I would vote for the candidate that could point out the Caps Lock key for a lot of you. Maybe make it into some sort of law or something.. Just saying..
Hey monique c I BET YOU DIDN'T EVEN GO TO HIGH SCHOOL OR COLLEGE this is why we have people like the retard named obama in the white house because HE DIDN'T EVEN GO TO COLLEGE AND IF HE DID THEN WHY IN THE HELL CAN HE NOT PROVE IT!!!!!!
oh boy, another wise one!
US will not invade Iran with Obama as the president - Romney, you can better believe we would! That would be his top priority.
Wow i know he's not perfect but pfffff Romney? rEally? Elections lil over 2 months away...this is the saddest election choice in years lol I'd vote for Nixon lol be  4 i vote for Romney hell where's Sarahs fine a** at?
Isn't it true that if we raise taxes on the wealthy by 2% then we can get out of debt in like 2 years or something
Yeah +Frank Williott i bet you would be on the front lines too...pfff i have better things to die for than
Watch the ways Obama (or even Romney) will continue to strengthen corporations.
Please someone tell +Alen Tanner to calm down he is not at a clan rally...
sure as hell i am to rally that stupid idiot out of the white house 

+Alan Tanner  eat sh*t & die..........maybe this economy will be better with your demise.........just as the world will be.  When the debate will eat your sh*t words & then crawl back under your rock and fu**ing sound like a very disturbed person.....but, dude you don't know who you fu**ing with...... you bi**h ass racist & potential homegrown terrorist ass MF.
hello nicholas maybe instead of being busy and asking mommy for a bottle such as obama why don't you SUCK IT UP like a SEAL and campaign with me for Mitt Romney and get obama out of the white house!!!

Go Mitt Romney!!!!
On what basis do you judge the president to be "stupid?" What do you propose taking the country back to?
Too bad he does not mean a word he says.
Yes +Benjamin Brown which means that the other 2/3 were added the previous 8 years, not only that, but during that time the administration in office burned through $230 BILLION SURPLUS and killed a 10 year projection of $5 trillion surplus
+Doug Rogers
He's winning in every poll, even Fox News. Only Rassmussen has Romney with any chance right now. I'm sorry to you sir, but get ready for 4 more years of President Obama.
whatever@parker you did not say anything when bad things was said to me so don't say nothing now. My credibility is "TRUTH"
+Alan Tanner damn you suck so bad you gotta +1 your own comments loser xD

I'll help you.

Just received a note from the campaign reminding me I could now vote early in Iowa.
 I was the first person in Iowa to cast my vote today. My wife and I both voted for the President. Keep doing the good things but also stop doing the bad things like ordering extra-judicial executions of foreign nationals on foreign soil and NOT prosecuting those who brought the world's economy to its knees. Maybe send Seal Team Six to Wall Street to bring the perpetrators to justice...
Four more years please, but this time with a lot more Progressive feeling!
No one said anything when this Alan Tanner said he would kill Obama and you got the nerve to say something to me "shut up and suck it"
+juan alderete o
It is not stupid. Your first point is just name calling, I'll ignore. Second, your absolutely correct. Except your failure to realize that consumption is also an economic activity. Third (most important for everyone to realize imo) corporations do not pay taxes. Corporations collect taxes and pass them through to the government. If you raise taxes on the corporations, they simply pass the taxes through to the "workers" you are concerned with. (And everyone else.) Fourth, the estimated tax rate is around 23%. Much lower than your statement. (I believe it is too high at the 23 number.) Fifth, I strongly disagree. It would bring current black marketeers into the tax structure when they spent their cash. Also, given that the state's currently regulate and audit the corporations for their tax compliance it is unlikely. (I just completed one) sixth, essentially correct. If people do not buy things there will not be taxes paid. It's not very likely though. It would also encourage the government to budget carefully to minimize the impact of such an event. Seventh, right again, with a consumer based tax we do not need all of these regulations. Eight, personal betterment is incentive enough, we don't need tax code to make social policy. Ninth, I'm sorry, I have hired no-one because of a tax incentive. When my business can afford it (cash in hand), and I have work that needs to be done, I got someone. I couldn't see the tenth point, so I'll end it here. I would suggest you read up on the "fair tax". It is worth consideration.
★ Go President Obama USA ★ ★ Go President Obama USA ★
★ Go President Obama USA ★ ★ Go President Obama USA ★
★ Go President Obama USA ★ ★ Go President Obama USA ★

Four more years!!!!!
Please stop fighting!  Everybody has their own opinions and there is no right or wrong answer.  But I you do not like Mr. Obama, please don't click on this page again. 
allah-u-akbar fucking maricon
Yes, vote for Obama Administration they will create more jobs and they will kill more innocent people and children in drone attacks on suspects, suspect!!! The civilization claiming to be at the top has discarded humanity and resorted to kill people without trial or proof and does not even care if innocent children die due to the attacks, yes why not its not like they can vote against them, shame of these animals calling themselves human.  
+Alan Tanner doesn't that make you one of us? Your freaking retarded you awful excuse of a troll xD
He spends to much time on TV shows and the golf course to create anything other than dividing the people of this country.
Yea..what happened to closing Gitmo and not killing Afghani civilians Mr Obama?
I'm sure you know some of the residents too lol
What I want to know is, what did Obama mean in his open mic slip when he was talking to the Russian when he said...."Tell Putin I will have more flexibility after my election." If that doesn't scare the crap out of you....I don't know what does....what flexibility does he mean Obama lovers???? Ohhh he doesn't have to worry about ticking off the citizens so they won't reelect him!!!! Time to fire him!!!!
I do not have enough middle fingers to express my FULL opinion of what he says is "Going to do" and what he has done. Big difference.
I don't understand the Hate! Bush ran this country as if he was no smarter than a 10 year old. You folks just have rooted hate within yourself. I pray for our country.
I love mitt romeny i would let him eat my pussy and obama can eat my ass .
You are NO!! Woman for that comment!!
I'm curious as to why he hasn't ALREADY created those jobs now?!? Why does he have to wait for a second round? What makes him think we're going to give him 4 more years to run up our nation's debt, take even more vacations, and 4 more years worth of golf? This man has had his time in the lime light. It's time to show him our version of hope and change! 
I'll tell you what scares the crap out of me - Mittens comment that we don't need health care because we can just go to the emergency room!  Or better yet - lets go start another war with f-ing Iran....  For god sake you are advocating voting for a man (Mitt) who will do everything in his power to make sure that your money will be redistributed upwards to him and everybody else in the top %1 while simultaneously ensuring that another generation of our young people are sent abroad to die in some spider infested desert for no good goddamned reason.
Pretty much had the same question.  Why wait to create these jobs?  He should've been on that right away. 
You folks have so much to say about President Obama's plans.. Tell me what would you give for Willard's plan. Oh yeah your NoT in IT! LOL
He has already stopped 2 wars, I'm sure he is working on the third.  Cheney warned him he couldn't close Gitmo.  Tell the Taliban to wear uniforms (like us) and we will do our best not to waste ordinance on civilians.
listen jd stewart, mitt romney doesnt know the value of a milk jug. he said just ASK YOUR PARENTS for college money. my parents cant do that, because bush screwed everything up with the topdown approach, so if you want 4 years of hell vote for romney
You had 4 years to do both and failed. If your performance was based on a regular job, you would have been fired already. 
Yah maybe if you fire Hillary Clinton from making all these new government programs to spend $$$ America could be saved. The big ones are alright.
Wow who would have guessed the black man pulling the race card. Show us ur college transcripts. There's something he is hiding.
He didn't NOT do something 4 years ago. He pushed through a major change to health care, kept the economy from crashing under the weight of badly mismanaged business and financial fraud (which unfortunately still hasn't been adequately stopped) and he set up to get our soldiers out of a place where they were dying for no good reason and a lot of bad ones that were based in the previous president's failures.

Then he discovered that the RNC and the Tea Party Traitors had their heads jammed so far up their backsides that they couldn't see out their navels any more.  They determined not to pass or permit ANYTHING he was behind.  It takes a profound and wilfull ignorance not to notice that, and to blame the subject of the tantrum rather than the perpetrators.

He fought for the Keystone Boondoggle until enough people told him to look at it closer, then he stopped supporting it because it was stupid.  I cannot believe anyone would think it was a good idea to build a tar-shale plant in Canada, then pipe the gunk across the entire USA to somewhere in Louisiana.

I have no idea how, why, or even IF "he" sued S. Carolina over Boeing.

Nor do I think "he" killed the coal industry in West Virginia; I got the impression that any decline there was the fault of the coal industry, its owners and operators, and quite possibly the plutocrats in New York.

Since Congress won't fund them, I don't think you can say he's responsible, but he isn't 'gutting' military jobs; rather he is making a transition** from one kind of military to another, where there are more personnel assigned to things like special forces and less assigned to things like guarding empty buildings.  He lies no more than any other politician (which is still far too often), and slightly less than his opponents in the upcoming election.
** (You may remember those transition things. Ronald Reagan did them too, and shut down a LOT of military bases since we had no reason for them to exist as they were old, broken-down, and the military at that time was too large and too out-dated for our most extravagant needs)

He HAS done several things I wish he had not and would stop, or they have been done in his name, and he has failed utterly to keep his promises about some other things that were important to the country as a whole.  I don't mistake him for a flawless saint.  But I don't think he's the sole author of all that is bad.
Promises promises. Meanwhile he got us deeper in the hole. 4 million jobs created ? Sure, 4 million LOW wage jobs. Meanwhile 4.5 million medium/high wage jobs got lost. And he is bankrupting the country.
He had his chance. All his promises were overcome by four years of campaigning. "What did Bush do" is irrelevant. We all know Bush was a bad four years. Now we have 8 years of bad administration. Do we vote for a guaranteed 12?
Our President is a ton better on camera than his opponent. Looking forward to the debates.
Awesome speech, well done. I hope Americans will vote for Obama.
romney is not fit to be president
Obama is trying to destroy our country. Maybe not on purpose, but still. Can people not hear him??? Seriously!!! "You did not invent that business... Blah blah blah" What the crap???
Where were the jobs in your first 4 years? Economy has expanded at 1.3% and that is awful. Jobs will not save us now. You have created one third of our 16 trillion $ debt. We are screwed Obama. We are in deep and promises and good speeches won't cut it. Your first 4 years should have been jobs. You were selfish for healthcare. That's just more government debt. Show us a Government agency that has been worthy of tax payer money? Redistribution is a lost cause. Romney/ Ryan 2012
Paul - eat some blueberries. I hear they are good for your memory. The republican universe did't start four years ago.
I want a bail out too, could use financial help of my own 
If you really loved and cared about the middle class you would have created jobs for families that are struggling to put food on their table and the college graduates but you had an agenda. We see it Mr Hollywood...Letterman and the View Mr eye candy. You think your cool and hip but it isn't cool when your a parent trying to put food on the table and buy gas at $3.80 a gallon. If you fail to do what you are elected for you need to go. Promises broken might as well be words unspoken. Bub bye Barack! Don't let the door hit you where the good lord split ya. Romney/ Ryan 2012. Oh and chuckles gullible, you eat a banana..goes good with your Kayak.
As usual no specifics on how to achieve these goals. How is he going to create a million new jobs in manufacturing.? Same promises no substance. What am I stupid?
Keep talking about economics and foreign policy as if they are the only issues, or the most important. Romney would actively seek to limit the freedom and equality of women and homosexuals. Everyone in this country should have an equal chance and be protected by law to do so.

Anyone who opposes that basic tenet is un-American. The country was founded on freedom and equality, FOR EVERYONE. Every time that has been suppressed has been filled with violence and depression.

Hate Obama? Fine, don't vote for him. But don't vote for Romney, unless you're cool with your mothers, wives, sisters and daughters being treated like they don't have the right to make decisions for themselves.

If you're cool with that, then I can say without hesitation you're either evil or stupid.
Loving the Hope and Change he chanted 4 years ago...NOT! He deserves what's coming to him...UNEMPLOYMENT!!! Unbelievable how so many people thinks this guy has done America ANY good!!!!!
Amen Keith.....he had his 4 years of glory. The experiment is over. Next!
Brina J
good dreams and best of luck looking forward for another 4 years
Only Ron Paul knows what it takes to help the economy. Now we're stuck between two populist dictators who will do whatever it takes to get elected. We need less government. We need a presidency that isn't a 4 year dictatorship. This country was never meant to be a democracy, but a republic. A republic were your vote does not affect the liberty, life and property of someone who votes differently.
Pass a budget you joke of a President.
"If you are part of a society that votes, then do so. There may be no candidates and no measures you want to vote for ... but there are certain to be ones you want to vote against. In case of doubt, vote against. By this rule you will rarely go wrong.”

I can't seem to stress this enough. The stakes are higher. Some of you are whining you don't want to vote for Obama because he didn't magically reverse 8 years of damage in 4 years. There are some of you still recovering from a single year of a bad relationship, so who the fuck are you to judge? 

We need to rotate out the ass holes - both Dem and Rep - from Congress who are the ones with the power to block the President. 

Romney is the 1%.
Why is he saying the same stuff this time as he did last time?

Go +Gary Johnson Libertarian Candidate. I'm not voting for the lesser of two evils again. Not when there is someone who isn't evil.
your president is BLACK!!!!
Like sheep being lead to slaughter. Fools! No one forced Obama to step up to the plate. He did..he promised.. he failed miserably. Next....if you screw it up... Next! The obvious is so simple. How many of you have been given a job by a poor person? Only employer who is poor that hires is the government. 16 trillion in debt. Vote Romney/ Ryan 2012
Why even waste my time watching the video? Obama and all the other politicians are fools. Our economy is not going to survive when we owe China trillions of dollars. They are going to want it back sooner or later and when they come and we don't have it things aren't going to be pretty. We need to open our eyes and see that things aren't going to get better unless we get an educated person in office with some experience and budgeting skills. Some of these politicians should consider getting a math degree because all of this spending and borrowing isn't going to get us very far. America needs CHANGE. REAL change!
Can't believe anything that comes out of his mouth.  His first mistake was focusing on healthcare and not jobs, promised transparency, rammed it through despite majority of Americans opposing it.  Created too much of a divisive atmosphere to get anything done. 
Obama has been the worst waste of money since they made gold plated plungers. He has caused the worst recession in U.S. history, and has costed millions of Americans their jobs and you have the nerve to say he has created new jobs and strengthend the middle class.
He has only created debt and unimployment and hopefully he's a one term president.
That is all.
Score 1 for Barack. At least he explains his plain while Mitt is just like "I've got a plan, so trust me and I'll tell you later." No way I'm ever going for vote for Romney. I like Obama as a person, but I still disagree with some of his policies. Especially how much he spends. "Cut $4 Trillion over a decade." A decade? I'm sorry Obama, I like you but the dollor isn't going to hold out another ten years if we keep us this massive printing and government spending. So I'm voting for +Gary Johnson.
dont put him down like that. how have you helped the country?
After our beloved President prevented the greatest financial catastrophe in human history, now let's hope the Haters and Extremists don't continue blocking the President's efforts to create jobs.
Just more of Saul Alinsky's rules for radicals. Pander to the middle class to say what they want to hear.
+WIlliam Fegley +Wess Presley +Michael Ringland +Paul Rollerson +Anthony Henriquez check out +Gary Johnson 's G+ page. More followers the better. I can't vote for Obama or Romney. If we can get Ron Pauls supporters on board for Johnson, he would have a very very good chance of winning.

+Wally Plahutnik ,You really think it will be different? Doing those things would have sealed his election. He just didn't want to do them. Does it bother you he had no time to meet with other National Leaders, but was able to fit "The View" into his schedule?
嘿 奥黑观海兄早
I'm an immigrant from Greece I came here legally worked hard, I pay my taxes. I am now a US citizen and look towards a happy and prosperous future. If you like Obama's policies please feel free to live in Greece. They are pretty much the same tactics that places Greece in the place it is now. I immigrated to the United States to escape the ineptocracy. Don't be fooled the US is not that far from becoming Greece.
Thank you President Obama I believe in you
+Alan Tanner  You disgust me. remove that SEALs picture,your a disgrace to the USA.
All the best Obama. With Romney we will have World War 3. 
I just would like to know one thing....just one thing that Romney stands for? I haven't been able to figure out how he would help?
So, now we're simplifying this problem down to four causes and pretending that the president actually has the power to do anything about it? Okay, okay, I got ya... 
George Dimako...thank you for your input. We are Greece down the road. California had 4 cities that have filed bankruptcy. Big government making too many promises.
+George Dimako I fear we are just four years away with Obama, 6 to 8 with Romney.

+Gary Johnson is the only candidate proposing to balance the budget and pay down the debt. The only one who wants out of the middle east. The only one who has a record for being fiscally conservative...
I am throwing right now.
Well, just how would Romney create more jobs when his record is tearing down companies.
Says one thing does another. Just like all politician, lying crooks.
What was it that Romney was going to do for Women?
Jack H
I live in Osgood, Indiana, moron. Any time you want to show up. 
There is no such thing as joking about killing somebody, especially the President.  
What did Romney promise to do for the military men and women coming home to this bad economy?
What was the reason the Republican party would not pass job creating bills?
+Yvonne Caesar Sadly, because there could have been something in it that out weighed the job creation. It happens a lot. They bury bad things in good bills. Dunno if it happened for this one, but look at what Obama signed into action with the NDAA 2012. Scary shit. No need for warrents any more...

Republicans do suck though. Like Democrats. That's why I'm voting Libertarian. +Gary Johnson
Any women who votes for Romney just doesn't get that he doesn't care about them or the struggling person or military or immigrants or students.....
Just remember people, Obama made promises to us that he couldn't or wouldn't keep! He made a healthcare plan (Obama Care) that would bankrupt our country even MORE AND "...Ruin the lives of the middle-age men and women of our country." He is a puppet! He can't give a speech without reading it off of a paper! Worst than that, he can't even write his OWN speech! He gave away military secrets to the public to make a FU*ING MOVIE!!! He got Navy Seal (Name classified) killed by giving away their location! I'd rather have Romney than Obama. Why? Because he doesn't make promises he can't keep! See this people? Obama is what happens when you let *Stupid People vote! We almost always fail our first job. Being President is the only job Obama has even HAD!. Romney has had several jobs, including being a governor! Romney can write and memorize his own speech! Why Obama when you can elect a reliable, sense-full, Ex-Governor Romney? He wouldn't fake a birth certificate would he? -_-
Let['s not forget sabotaging everything Obama tries to do, so as to try and make him look ineffective. 
Yes and I am from Boston.....they don't like him!
Sabotaging? They are keeping the socialist from ruining the country.
Imagine all the women who are now getting paid what they should be paid.
+Shoe Skogen No, he just signs disasterous Exutive Orders when he gets blocked. I've heard that hung onto by more democrats... Remember SOPPA? Obama is threatening Executive Order to replace it.

Go +Gary Johnson for balanced budgets and less federal government.
Imagine all the immigrant children who were born here, going to school and experiencing the only life they've ever known can now they have a chance for a better life instead of being deported>
In the next 4 years we will start to see what our president has done for us
Maybe I was asleep, but wasn't the economy messed up before Obama.
What can u do this time that u cudnt do the last term. Stop making false promises.
Well....I have a Master's in Political I guess I'm the master of ignorance>
Not in the mood for more of his lies, sorry.
After failing to that in the first 3 1/2 years ? 
Most people get there information from CSPAN instead of looking up all he bills that were passed already and who and how those bills effect things.
Really difficult to get things accomplished when all the Congress does is vote "NO" on everything.
Even thought those same bills could help their own people they still voted "NO".
How many times was it exactly....I lost count!
Why are you saying and waiting? Where is the leadership and priority of repairing things now not after election? You Are president quit acting like you are just a candidate. America needs leadership not pretty speeches.
Please why agonize with his lies and half truths anymore put him to curb and put some ither lair in there so at least we can here a different lie
Myk D
I know . lets trust Our Nation over to Mr. 47% alias Mr.14 %
4 years ,you are old 
1) Play golf.
2) Continue to ignore anything bad while campaigning.
3) Blame Bush.
4) Lose election.

Problem solved
+Shawn Ziemba don't forget denying the assisination of one of our Ambassadors for days....
+Yvonne Caesar, I think the thing to do is get rid of the filibuster in the Senate.  Give everything an up or down vote and let it go at that.  +Nevada Senator Harry Reid said "If there were anything that ever needed changing in this body, it’s the filibuster rules, because it’s been abused, abused, abused." 

Getting rid of that would remove the most of the deadlocks and the delaying tactics the Republicans have exploited to make the situation worse in this country to try and win an election.
I recall a stimulus of about $700 million that was supposed to fix jobs......we dont need 4 more years of you running around and making broken promisses, you lie and you stink as a leader best thing for you is take the parting gifts and get the hell out of government.
+Yvonne Caesar, voting "NO" is fine with me.  It's a democracy and I accept that.  But using procedure to prevent a vote is the opposite of democracy.
Myk D
should be Ryan/Romney heck McCain chose Sarah over Mitt..for a reason
high tech manufacturing with Germany machens has work for Australian company 
neither becuz they would do the same things as our president is doing right now.
Worst economy since the great depression I tell you!. Now if you will please excuse me I have a date on the View and Letterman. Oh and I'm eye candy! I will get it done in 4 years or I'm a one term President. Its bad people!..I need more golf. Uh uh I mean more time. Oh damn..its raining so I can't play golf! That damn Bush!!!!! Its his fault I became President.
+josh robbins I know! I still can't believe that he came into office without a budget! That is ridiculous. 
+Shoe Skogen  But he hasn't done anything or tried to do anything good for this country!  He talks big, but acts little.
Both house AND senate AND president were democratic for 2 years!!!!!!!!! Do not blame lack of progress on congress! A leader has to lead ALL the people and it cannot be done with blaming those who came before. Children do that. Nobody is giving George bush a pass because of 9/11 and Katrina and the Wall Street debacle! Romney is suppose to give his tax records for 10 years but our president doesn't release his college records? What were his college debts? Is it important to know? I guess so since most people do not seal theirs. Be honest transparent like he promised or shut up about other people's private lives. Romney is ultra wealthy, and....... So is bill gates and Jayzee and Beyonce and John Kerry and warren buffet. Do you mind that they are wealthy? Romney donates huge amounts and has not taken salary for many of his positions. Must be a really evil guy, huh? Stop the lovefest with a president who is a good speech maker and a poor leader and try someone else. 
+Mac Butts and +Paul Platz, Bush had a surplus and he gave it away fighting two unfunded wars and giant, unsustainable tax cuts.  You can see the result of it.

How can you expect everything to get better overnight.  This is a much bigger problem that you realize, and the Republicans filibustering everything makes it a lot harder for Obama to get done what he needs to get done.
President Obama you are a very good man.
The future is in our young generation. With cutting down the tuition will help more students to continue their studies.
I'm not much into politics, but if I was a voting man, I would vote for Mr. Obama just to see if he could deliver.
He already didn't deliver once. Why would it change?
Those of you who hold up Harry Reid as a beacon of the senate might like to know that he refused to allow bill to the floor. One guy gets to control that, gee, maybe he should let our representatives decide by a vote. Filibuster was his friend when he was in the minority! Don't be so naive. That is the kind of arguments that cause this mess. "It is not my fault,the other guy won't let me do what I want!" Accusations cause desention not cooperation. Come on folks, we are smarter than this.
+Adam Foster nobody cares about Gary wutshisphace -_- so go and talk about "Gary Johnson" in Gary Johnson land. This be Obama land :0
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Myk D
Gobama !
Best way for Obama to create jobs? Lose the election. NoBama !
Myk D
maybe You Right ..No way No How No Bama , just like in 2008.
So the do nothing congress and senate have no responsibility? 
Myk D
rather drink koolaid than Romneys Rum .
What will make the second term much better than the first?!
Sir, abandoned the government, you do not want to see the United States destroyed.George W. Bush stole the Arabs, and he received the shoes. In your custom humiliate Arabs and your score means a war affecting the United States. Know that Mtrmmena would be worse from you in terms of dealing with the Arabs, but let him try out how angry Arabs.
You do not want to see the United States destroyed from the window of the White House
He couldn't keep his promises the 1st time what makes you think he will the 2nd.
Greece is a little pissant country with the economy of a mid sized state. You could run it into the ground with a stiff breeze. Don't compare it to a massive economy like the United states.
I didn't know that you could get knocked about for attempting to clean up someone's massive economic turd mounds. Prosperity under Bush? Seriously!
Gas $1.83 last day for bush. He's a oil man that's why it's so high. Bush and his pals getting rich ( on and on ). It's more then double no ones really saying much about it now. I'm not better off then I was four years ago 
He makes a pretty president he gives a pretty speech but is ineffective and because of that cannot or will not do what a leader needs to do. We have to make cuts and that is not popular and that is why he cannot lead us through this. We have to give businesses the security to know they can invest in their own businesses and stop picking out winners and losers. When one company folds others take their place. Do you really think all the wealth in Wall Street would have evaporated if a couple went down. They make nothing! They are an exchange system and if they are not competent in their occupations, they should not be in them. Ever check to see how many Goldman sac employees are in the White House ? 
+Rita Gentile Bush did lots of things. Sadly, they were mostly bad things. He didn't snub other Political World Leaders to be on "The View" either. No wonder everyone else hates American.

Its amazing we get nothing but shit from Republicans and Democrats, yet people keep voting for them instead of Libertarians who have a sucessful track record. Vote the career politicians out.
What happened to his big promise of hope & change? What has changed in Washington? Obama's bailouts of Wall Street.., passing bills behind closed door.., continuation of war..more dirty politics from a man who ran his whole campaign on change. Can I believe and trust this person whose record of 8.2 unemployment rate with national deficit of 16 trillion? We must ask ourselves..Are we better now than 4yrs ago? I say No..hell No.
Four ways... um. Tax, spend, tax, and spend. Yep that's 4
he lied at the part about romny cutting taxes on the middle class.romny specificaly said that he is going to cut taxes for everyone.
you people all need to stop the end fighting, both sides have done alot of stupid things, double when it comes to money

what we have done in the past has failed, we have to take a new direction: cut spending (social programs to defense), close tax loop holes (taxing the rich more doesn't do any good if they can get around it), and stop becoming more like the failed europian model
My grandfather had a saying "A great leader unites a nation, a great liar divides a nation". In my lifetime I've never seen a more divisive
I like this plan Obama; but you need to sell it to Congress. Romney represents the 1% that I hate; not because they have money, but because they enslave the working class and no amount of money is ever enough for them. Romney may have paid 14% in taxes but my question is this; how much did he make in order to pay 14%. My neighbor next door makes very little and bought someones groceries that just had their apartment burn down today and is pregnant and now homeless. The parable of the women sums this up from the Bible; a rich man gave what he didn't need as tithes to the church, but a women who had nothing gave her all....did the 14% hurt his pocketbook or was it spare change? I am in Partnership for an Intelligent America. Think critically...
George your grandfather was a wise man. I hope many more will heed his words.
You do not have my vote Mr. President unless u deposit $1,000,000 tax free dollars into my bank account. Here is my routing number: 6572492789 account number:008636286 its easy to get my vote.
You can piss off BHO.  I'm tired of seeing your damn face everywhere.

Too bad that the only way for you to get ahead in life is to lie out of your asshole.
4 more years for the potus. Go Obama, people need you
I think what america need is it's pride back to stand tall as it did before and it starts by buying america made product even if it cost a bit more and demanding america technical support dam it!!
What Ever Way You Take To Create Jobs For Millions, Just Do It Soon. Great Video
C Solis
The best to you in the next elections president Obama!! 
Tahnya , your story of your neighbor is sweet. However, prejudice of people who have wealth is still prejudice. Did you look to see what personal example mitt Romney lives by. He pays 14% taxes on his investment wealth, yes. He also has refused pay for many of his previous jobs, including governor. He donates over 20% to charities and has encouraged his employees to do the same. His business supports charities as well around the world. He shuts off the water heater to conserve energy and money in his home, drives to where he can get a good deal, shops at Costco, and you judge him. Look in the mirror, do you do see a splinter or a log in your eye? Judge not, lest you be judged. Rich people are some of the most generous and some of the most selfish just like anyone else. I cared for a patient who could not cut back a $130 cable tv bill but complained that he could not afford more than cheese and lunch meat. Not willing to even cut it down a third for his food yet upset he could not get food stamps. He is making choices that he has to live with and perhaps die with. 
He is such a liar l had to buy 10 more TVs just to. Watch the news thank you comrades
So Tahnya how many democrats gave 20% of their income to charity. How much did you give and how much is enough for you. Shame on you for trying to pull the bible into this
If you can't create jobs without increasing the national deficit? Then, give up!

You already have us in hock!

Now! Get the deficit down.
A playah, in a management position, aka "Pimp."
kuoted from Sweet Daddy Dee.
+Andrew Robison I have to agree the republicans couldn't nominate a competent candidate in McCain and we are left with our incompetent president Obama.
I gave 5 times more then the vp of the United States
You know, heres the thing : I do not think that the govt can do much to directly create jobs. I think we are doing some good investing, especially in alternative energy. But the main job of govt and where it can do the best good is helping people that need help. Unemployment, healthcare, education and yes even welfare - those are good things that the govt can do to help people. The govt should be there to make sure that those that need help get it. I think nobody should be pressured to just "take any job"... people should be capable of taking the time to find a good job without having to feel pressured. That is where the govt can make the biggest impact.
So, instead of reducing the 4 trillion budget spent every year by the government, and the 14 trillion dollar debt (and he added 1.9 to that in "stimulus") want to what again? Help our jobs by...talking?
Nice script writer by the way. 
+Justyn Janell Amick If you want to talk about lies then here are some interesting facts. Romney has Lied in his statements on President Obama 9% of the time. President Obama has lied 1% of the time. Romney has been caught distorting the facts more than another 55+% of the time. President Obama is at about 25%. No one condones Politicans lying to the public but it happens. These numbers are the inconvenient facts that Republicans run from.
More lies, he done nothing for anykne but hjmself!
Jon herman you are only lying to yourself.

Go Mitt Romney!!!
Vote on Nov.6th to take our nation back and put it into the hands of We The People and not I obama!!!
What happened to Obama's laser focus on jobs???? Hasn't even met with his jobs council in ages...submits budgets that even ALL democrats vote down....perpetually campaigns and tells us what a wonderful job he is going to do for us this time...plays more golf than any president I can remember....Pro missed us that he would cut the deficit in half in his first term or we could fire him!!!! I intend to hold him to his him!!!!
I am not an American but I have listened to Obama speeches since the first time he got elected as president and I must say he has brought America a might long way from where his predecessors' left it. I personally think a vote for Obama is a vote for  not just  change, and continue improvement but for equality of all ethnic  groups and to maintain Democracy. 
Agreed +Daniel Shetler! If he would've done it before, I still wouldn't vote for him though. Anyone against life is a traitor to the ideals our country was built on. I don't necessarily like Romney either, but anything's a step up from Obama.
+Mad Mike  Fox News- "Nobody knows why waves exist"
   Reality- "yes we do"

you're a fucking idiot if you think Fox News is credible 
+Timothy Collins Government doesn't have its own takes money from me and you (if you are working at one of those jobs) and gives it to those who aren't that interested in working....I like what the Bible states....Let those who won't work, not eat...(not talking about those that can't physically work)....
Cut back on Government spending, reduce growth ln goverment by 30% in all party's. As a middle class. Why cant i recd government heath care?
Barack Obama why can u lay off your Zars.
Still chasing Assange for telling the truth and publishing human right violations Obama?
I wish, what he say's, comes true!
Um to the comment above. I'm a single mom with three small children. My husband recently passed and I've started nursing school in January to support my children, trying to get off assistant. I agree after so many years on assistant something should be done, but people in my situation I am on assistance trying to better my self by getting an education. Thanks to "Obama Care" I will have a descend paying job so I can get off assistant. So just because people need help feeding their children doesnt make them a bad person or living off the goverment. Go ahead & vote for Romney....see how far that gets you. He wants to cut ALOT of the education programs!! GO OBAMA ALL THE WAY!!! Keep up the good work. 
+Alan Tanner: I very much respect the marines, but don't you learn history there??? Comparing Obama with Hitler is just downright stupid and your comment is silly, driven by just hate....
My grandparents will be voting Democrat for the first time in 40 years. =) have had four years to turn things are on a diffrent agenda than the true American beliefs.........dont try to change the agenda
both my post re: Daniel Ackeret...Oh & regarding the unemployment, just like social gets taken out of your pay check. You only earn what you have paid in. You also pay for medicaid out of your checks so when your older you will have health insurance. do a little research before you go posting dumb comments thats  not the truth.
You keep doin what you r doin my brotha, much respect, a whole lot of respect
Ted Lin
Be more friendly
2 China,man!
if he keeps doin what hes doin than it wont be AMERICA anymore
I think mitt is the worst thing that could happen to us.
+r ruiter The words finansial crisis..? Ever heard of them? Well, if you cared to take the interest, Obama didn't exactly lose all the money that's been lost over the last 4 years - nor did he lose the jobs. Bush's last years build up to a major crack in the Economy and it just had to occur that Obama is the president while it's going on. He didn't make the crack, if anyone the owners of banks did because they were careless enough to lend money to everyone... or maybe they weren't, but their employees got a bigger bonus the more loans they made, so they'd probably give you a loan to fund a hash plantation...
+Jack Huesman Keep the facts coming. They (the libs) are having a hard time facing the truth. Nice work.
People need to realize that in order for this to remain a free country for "everyone", the role of government needs to evolve and adapt along side of our society and industry. The idea of freedom isn't as strict as many would like it to be.

If you're free to do whatever you want, but have absolutely no chance or opportunity to do it -what good is that freedom? The state of our country right now does just that to the lower class, everyone wants to call them "moochers" and complain about how they're "paying for their lazy asses to sit around and collect welfare" -but in reality, they're working 2 and 3 jobs per family and still barely making it work.
Leadership??? No way... blamer in chief....golfer instead worker....campaign and make promises he can't keep....buyer of votes...trasher of the constitution
You're lucky Ron Paul didn't make it and that Romney is a retard .
Let me guess on way is too blow off meeting with your jobs council but instead go on the view or visit with a pirate

Sorry, you had your chance Mr. President. You squandered your 4 years in office on special interests. You've racked up record breaking debt. You've had four years to unite a polarized country. You have nothing to show.

Mitt Romney all the way. If he can't do it in 4 years, then I'll vote to kick him out too in 2016.
Paul got snubbed. Romney is ok, Obama is a damn liar. After 4 years do disaster anyone who believes this fool is brain dead.

The four ways are that every 4 out of 5 Americans are democracts and that's the only way it will get better!
Very nice work it is heart of the normal peoples. Bcoz they become country. Bravo. Very bless u. To me& my nations
They all lie, and want to win! But who is the lesser of the two evils?
I am getting so tired of this. +Google+ keep showing all the pro Obama and negative Romney posts in what's hot. If they cant be trusted to be unbiased here what does that say about their search results? Can they be trusted? Come on Google let what's hot be a broad representation of the Google user base instead of what I see as mostly left leaning with what seems to be the intention to affect public opinion.
julle klomp amerikaners is kak dom. die bush wat so opgeneuk het en nou wl julle nog dom man in sit soos Romney. maar gaan aan. Een van dae sit julle waar afrika sit. Teminste besit China nie afrika nie
Blaa Blaa Blaa... because someome doesn't agree with you doesn't mean anyone is biased.  On google or else where! It's their opinions and free to express them.
If you disagree fine.  But don't call a site or people biased.  Could do the same for you and your bias comments. Live and let live. If you don't like it... Don't read it. Just go.
Why do you guys think these guys are our only choices (romney/obama)? These guys are cut from the same cloth. We don't need a president. We need you and me and to clean house (congress). There should only be only rule over our country and that's the golden rule (not who's got the gold makes the rules...the real golden rule). Everything else needs to be local and decided there (state, county, city) so that we can find the best way through different decisions (it's good to think differently...more possibilities). I don't see this lasting for one more year because people are tired and there will be a revolution (hopefully a peaceful one). So many people disagree with things and thats why things should be local and just follow to not harm or invade people's privacy/belongings. These people in office right now are in the way and riding you and me for free and breaking this country. But hey, it's your choice of what you want and that's the beauty of it. Because if you keep letting these tools run your life and then it all blows up in our faces...when it comes to blame someone but sure to pull your hand up and point to yourself.
Please don't make us go through four more years like the last four.
How can anyone be stupid enough to vote for you again? Another 4 more years of you and their won't be an America left.
it is not about 'more Tax anymore.'... it is about increasing the Tax Base. But because of the reduced middle income (Since the coup in the US -- JFK et al) and the reduced taxes on the corporates, the rich and very rich....the tax base has been effectively reduced relatively as the years progress. Also Dont forget that the US planned to own 80% of world trade which they do not own due to lack of competitivness. No more 'Band Aid Cures' and 'War profits'. Now it is time for a few very good Leaders in both Govt and Private sector. This is not a battle for one man or one party. So SHAKE THE TREE TILL THE APPLES FALL.
Fred Wei
vote Brett Favre for president.
good morning to you. beloved and honored, ..!
Mr. Ko father if the honorable and generous
should not I have the rock to the father,.?
sir i need money now 5 million to meet my debts,.! how could not Dad. Obama, ..!
Hey Obama I noticed your all for allah slogan, or was it all for iraq?
i made a G+ circle called HATE, just for you
or maybe he is trying to get the job done and that why he doesn't post things for now 
I voted early for you, Mr. President.

Can't wait to see what this nation can do.
Although i am a HK child  who can't vote for you, I will support you to be the president again!
Hello,Obama,I‘m Chinese.
o homem mais poderoso do mundo O:
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dear president obama, you are taking your job way, way, way to serously, you are becoming my families least favorite president. :*(
sincerly, aaron jones p.s., you SERIOUSLY need to find jesus |!
500th comment! ;P <3333
I am glad you came back Mr President, Please reconcider abortion. The Human embryo should have a chance..Thank you...God bless
You have a heavy cross... but if you can .. please stop abortion Mr President...God Bless..
Mientras inbeciles como usted desea destruir el mundo y gastarse todo el dinero en armas cuando hay personas muriendose de hambre, otros con verdadero corazon deciden tratar de hacer algo por esos niños que se mueren de hambre. Es usted despreciable y todavia se cree el salvador del mundo cuando en realidad esta masacrando a la mitad del mundo. Vea este video si tiene las agallas señor Barack Obama, si todavia le queda un poco de alma alli adentro.
Last comment! ;P
Dear Friend Obama,                                                                                                  A lot of good wishes to you.I hope that you are will by the grace of almighty GOD .You are very nice and handsome to look at .You are a man of very high minded. You are areal and ideal leader of U.S.A and all over the world. I like and love you very much.Please keep in mind always that every people of every country hope somethings from you .Again a lot of goodwishes for bangla new year, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU.At the end of the letter goodwishes to madam and your lucky                
zh wei
If You are a good President you would give to Natives freedom from reservations, You would recognize thier life and live the Monument Valley  like it is, without thinking of uranium!  Naturaly if You will be a Great President!!
no matter what way you cut the cheese this posting of President whether he be born in Dominican Republic or Hawaii is structured by the british naval corrupted command, he was exalted as a baby, the one they saved versus the ones they killed in the polynesia slave traded dumpings of peoples in the 1960s, I personally do not believe a thing this guy has to say, their were many of the little tykes shipped to and fro dumped like nobodies business in all parts of the west coast, and I have a story of the ones that did not make the educations luck of Obama and turned out to be criminals mocking democracy and innocence of peaceful, Canada...existing today...the imagery of the flag and the Queen of Englands removal or duplictiy of its keep as the flag of great britain may be removed but the ways are entrenched even deeper, now.  Our lump of coal and psychiaty to the military, right respecting the right of mind was a given, now its a farce as british drugs pervade the North america that chose to espcape its arms 1776.  Too bad.  BP and imperial chemicals of England own the USA at this time and all their inculcates social worker hands of many with the mind sanctified into oblivion, the masses influenced to believe the sham, eternally under the lords councils plans for America.  This guy is the closing of the doors the last leg of their mission to circumnavigate the globe a fait de compli, with british rule, not justice of civil peace and freedom under God.
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