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“Let’s not hold the vast majority of Americans and our entire economy hostage while we debate the merits of another tax cut for the wealthy.”
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Greg S.
You'd think that Republicans in Congress don't care about the middle class, or something! 

Who put what where ? oh fuck it nevermind.
Diaoyu Islands belong to CHINA!!!!! Your government couldn't help Japen to steal it from us!!!
Good Video...!!!!  All the Best President Barack Obama...!!!!
What's so hard about tax cuts for all? Oh, that's right it doesn't serve up partisan b.s.
Let them all expire and spend the added revenue on infrastructure spending. The middle class will benefit more when the whole economy improves.

Of course, this would require actually being able to pass something in Congress, so its probably a lost cause.
Greg S.
The hard part about "tax cuts for all" is that they don't serve the lower socioeconomic groups the way they do the higher ones - particularly the super-high ones.with their already artificially low rates.  I'm good with eliminating them for those who already make a lot of money.
Anybody above 300k per year should not be seeing a tax cut of any kind
True the rich needs to pay more. Let the gap be close.
Greg S.
+Brenda Schoen Or, at the very least, we need to hold accountable those who aren't willing to let it happen, and question their motives deeply.
when there is another presidential election in the US!!
Greg S.
November 2012.
+Alex Lee: The Republicans want to give the tax breaks to those who can afford taxes the most, not the least.  Which is why they're getting blocked in the Senate.  Tell the Republicans to get a clue and stop thinking about themselves for a change.
+Ayo Buckhanon: You can't just cut everyone's taxes because revenue to pay for the public commons has to come from somewhere.
Som Verma
+Barack Obama is a great leader.
Good steps...All the Best President Barack Obama...!
Any individual or family making 100k + a year should not see a tax break. But business who hire employees should see a BIG tax break. We have the worst corporate taxes on the planet. 
Greg S.
The large majority of businesses aren't the ones that are receiving the massive corporate welfare.  Contradiction resolved!
why do you want us all on welfare?
Greg S.
+Alex Lee So how do you account for the massive corporate businesses that move huge amounts of money, yet pay effectively 0% in taxes - and may even be collecting tax refunds?  Doesn't sound like they're bankrolling much of anything to me.
The only thing holding the American economy hostage is your failure to add matching free market support programs to your stimulus plans. I fail to see how you can take half measures to support the economy and increase debt. You are our President and as such must act in our best interests and create a balance to keep the debt down, create jobs and offset higher taxes by implementing matching programs. Your speeches and actions fail to make sense when we are so bad off across the socio-economic spectrum.
Greg S.
"Across the socio-economic spectrum"?  I'm thinking that some parts of that spectrum are more "bad off" than others.
ياريت فى مصر يوجد فرض ضرائب على الاثرياء مثل امريكا لابد من زيادة الضرائب فى كل الدول لكى تزيد ميزانية الدولة بالتالى يعود الفاقد على الفقراء و العاطلين و محاربة البطالة و الفقر
I wish in Egypt there is the imposition of taxes on the wealthy as America must increase taxes in all countries in order to increase the state budget thus losses due to the poor and unemployed and the fight against unemployment and poverty
Don't you have the power to end the debate as well, Mr. President?
Greg S.
+Craig Santos No, he doesn't, unfortunately.  Ah, for the old days of the Democratic supermajorities...
What a legend! His speeches are one word: Amazing!

USA is blessed to have such a leader, human and politician!
International condemnation of the massacre Altrimssh and calls for moving the Security Council
Greg S.
Who's supposed to be creating these free-market jobs?  Not the "job creators," apparently...
"...governments collect almost 25 cents in taxes for every cent that oil companies make in profit"?  +Alex Lee, I'd love to read the sources that back up your claim because the oil companies' quarterly and yearly financial statements don't reflect that at all.
The problem with the wealthy Mr President is that they can go where they want and take their money with them. Witness the 'Brain Drain of Britain'. You can tax the wealthey fairly and they should be happy to pay. Like the poor people though, they aren't going to be willing to be taken complete advantage of.

There are a lot of the wealthy paying 'nothing' in the United states though which should change. There is a limit though.
+Greg S. My point being, tell your party to get the job done, even if it means conceding to the "other guys".  The debate ends and the middle class has its tax cut preserved.  Right?
Greg S.
+Michael Bruin Actually there's little to suggest that they'll move. due to the attendant complications that result, so no need to be so fearful of that.
Greg S.
+Craig Santos That was Obama's strategy for a few years, and all it did was shift the debate from the centrist-right to the lunatic-right (besides earning him brickbats from the left).  You can't concede poison pills and still say you got the "job done."
Can anyone do better? That is the question.
Greg S.
Can anyone do better at what?
I'm usually a Republican supporter, though I'm not American, but the last Republican attempt at fighting for the presidency has left me with nothing but nausea.
Greg S.
We don't have a "can anyone do better" election here, unfortunately.  The only credible opposition candidate is running on a platform that would pretty much ruin the gains that this President achieved.
Sure they can +Greg S. but the American people are too party conditioned to step back and find that someone to do better. We reap what we sow and our children pay the price
welldone  to best homo at earth president Barack Obama
he has had 4 years to make them permanent. 
A Democrat can be a Democrat, but he must be careful not to be a Socialist. (In the true sense of the word)
Greg S.
+John Hargis Sr Too true... the giant money fountains pointed at both parties (but particularly the Republicans) conspire to  make any choice outside one or the other ineffective :(
Greg S.
+Michael Bruin I don't know that anyone inside the United States using that word has any idea what that "true sense" is :(
If you're going to use the word terrorist, at least spell it correctly. That's terrorist with two r's after the first two letters, not terorist.
But he could end it...he chooses not to unless he gets his way. I am afraid this is how Washington will operate from now on.
dunia ka sab say  barda harami insan
Listen Guys, we have the worst global economic disaster since ever. That is hardly the fault of President Obama.
We need people who are going to sort it out. Not "I wanna be President"s
Greg S.
+Michael Bruin And, IMHO, especially not representatives of groups who have as a major part of their plan "We have to make sure that other guy isn't President."
That's where the Republicans lost me.
I'll be honest, I'm a Republican through and through, but that's where they threw me, not to mention candidates being thrown out for sexual harrasment, blatant stupidity and worse.
I can support a Democratic President, but I will never support 'Socialism'.
+Craig Santos: The problem is, if the Democrats did that, the Republicans would turn around and ask for more.  Just like they did on the healthcare debate.  The Democrats wanted what the American people wanted: Universal, single-payer healthcare.  The Republicans wanted Romneycare.  We got Romneycare.  Now that's not good enough for the Republicans.
If you want to know how bad socialism is, try live in the UK for a couple years. Trust me, you will go home.
Greg S.
I'm still not seeing it here.  How is Obama supposed to end it, if he chooses to?  He certainly can't do it by getting Congress to agree to anything...
+Craig Santos: No, this is not how Washington will run from now on.  We have two conservative parties in Washington.  We just need to marginalize the more conservative party like their hero McCarthy marginalized everything remotely centrist or left of center and move on to progress already.  Nothing short of that is going to bring us past this "fuck you, I have mine" politics being played by both conservative parties in power.
+Michael Bruin Then you're in luck, because nowhere in any debate, any policy, any concept has anyone in the US government ever said we are adopting socialist policies.  The only people who say that are the tea partiers and republicans who use it (wrongly) as a slur against Obama's policies.  Socialism has NOTHING to do with anything the US government, and in particularly Obama or the democrats, are trying to do.  

See the Wikipedia article, or anything by Marx or Lenin.  The definition of "Socialism" is:  "an economic system characterised by social ownership, control of the means of production and cooperative management of the economy, and a political philosophy advocating such a system." - the key phrase is 'control of he means of production'.  Nothing in current policy advocates the government taking over industrial production in the US.
Greg S.
+Michael Bruin You have single-payer health care there though.  I'm sure some people (if they're able to qualify for it) will take one look at the alternative if they return and choose not to :/
Greg S.
+Dave Shevett Don't worry, I think that +Michael Bruin gets it :)  Being outside the US I suspect he knows how ridiculous the people within it throwing around the term "Socialism" are being.
+Michael Bruin The UK is a parliamentary system with legacy monarchy.  It is not socialist.  it has 'socialized medicine', which has almost nothing to do with socialism.
+Michael Bruin: If you don't like socialism, please do us a favor and build your own roads instead of driving on ours, provide your own security instead of depending on the police, and provide your own fire department instead of depending on the public one.
Yeah, sit in a hospital in London among a used tampax and a discarded bloodied bandage among 30 other people while you have a mild asthma attack for 4 hours. Then ask a nurse for a cup of water only to be yelled at "I am not your personal slave!"... Socialism.
Be careful you don't get what you wish for....
+Michael Bruin: In the US, you get to have that exact same hospital experience and pay out of pocket for it.
Greg S.
That's one anecdote - I've heard many others from people who are fairly happy with it and wouldn't in a thousand years subject themselves to our (lack of a) system.
+Michael Bruin Again, you are confusing 'socialized medicine' with 'socialism'.  These things have nothing to do with each other.  You're also presenting anecdotal stories, without backing them up with actual analysis.  In fact, both systems have their flaws and their successes.  One is not necessarily better than the other.  But using this as a springboard for attacking democratic policies in the US is ludicrous.  It's equivalent to saying "GOP rhymes with Neoprene, and I hate that shit!"
November 6th America chooses between President Barack or another Bush loaded with asphyxiating sh*t the Texan left behind. Select!
Oh no my friend, 'socialised' is headed down the road to ' socialism'.
Trust me, whoever you support and what ever you want, you do not want socialism for your country.
I believe you alredy have a King Eric ;)
yes tax cuts for the middle class.
And lets not raise taxes on the 250k+ people who are creating the jobs you need.

Just look at how FDR murdered the economy for so long, and right after the policies of conservatism in the "roaring twenties" led to government surpluses, and inventions like fridges, radios, AC, zippers, etc.....not to mention record low unemployment.

Now we subsidize corn, meaning its now in everything, thanks to FDR, and the 30s dragged out  the depression for quite some time.
That is similar to what obama is doing with the recession from 2008, trying to help, but exascerbating the problem. The poor should not see a tax increase, neither should the rich.
250k is not particularly rich too, especially for a business owner or someone with a large family, or who might still be reporting their businesses income under their own salary
Another 4 Years!  We're just getting started.
A politician to the core. The GOP is just trying to protect the rich tax cuts because when you tax the rich the whole economy suffers. The tax cut on the rich would be expected to cut economic growth by over 1%. Doesn't seem like much but you should consider our economy is only growing a little over 1% a year. We need the rich, we shouldn't punishy or vilify them for having what we want. "Aint not poor man ever given me a job"
Actually, Obama's Jobs Program doesn't add a penny to the Deficit/Debt. In fact, it helps to lower the debt by 1 Trillion over 10 years. The financing for the program comes from the money now being saved since you are fighting in Iraq. He wants half that money to go towards jobs and the other half to the deficit. Then the Tax Plan is Balanced by asking Rich Folk to pay "a bit more now" (which could easily get reduced again when the economy is better) while providing breaks for everyone else.
No disrespect, 1 Trillion over ten years? You guys have 13 Trillion debt this year.
+Dave shavett there's a reason they call it "socialized" medicine because it is based on a socialist model of how society should work, more government, less freedom, everyone gets the same thing. We should learn from our friends across the pond. Liberals need to learn from mistakes. There's a reason mitt regrets his healthcare system, just as how every state with a republican governor has lowered unemployment. As compared to California. The federal government is modeling itself after that. How blind do you have to be to see the most backward healthcare systems in the world and say, let's make our healthcare system that's the best in the world, like that. Big government hasn't worked anywhere, just look at Europe, now when they try to cut back their ridiculous spending the people riot and elect someone who tells them what they want to hear. Its an addiction. Rather than go through withdrawal they're just hoping for one more hit to feel better for a little longer, meanwhile they spiral out of control.
It is actually the opposite.  You give a wealthy American a tax cut, and they let it sit in their own (offshore) accounts, you give a poor or middle class person a tax cut, they spend the money in the economy, thereby benefiting everyone, including the rich. The strongest our economy was in the last 60 years had up to 79% tax rates (Eisenhower Administration).  I don't think the old trickle-down argument holds water (pun intended) anymore.  The most prosperous nations all have progressive income taxes at the core of their initiatives.
Kelly: if giving more money to the rich created jobs, we'd be swimming in jobs now.. The rich have a higher percentage of money than they have had since literally just before the 1929 crash (not a coincidence)..   No one wants to make them homeless, but they can afford a little more.   They have far less risk in the economy, and we (the middle class) assume most of it..  They fail, we bail them out..  They fire us, we bail them out.. A few walk about with millions and billions of our retirement money, and we act like they are old gods and will smite us..  The rich (which I define as people making more than $1 million a year) get a lot of free benefit from being in the USA already.  They can pay a their fair share.. (Btw, they already pay lower taxes than most of us)...
Indeed Steve, it just needs to be fair. No-one wants the rich to become poor, but many of them contribute nothing at all.
I just can't imagine sitting on much more money than I could ever spend and not giving something back.

That would make me puke.
You guys have lost touch with the 'American Dream'.
They just need to pay their share, As Henry Ford once said I shouldn't have to pay ANY taxes. So is their attitude, and the Republicans cater to that belief!
Fuckin full of shit socialist piglett..
obama 2012's new slogan:
do you really want him to be president?
It just needs to be fair Jim, not too much and definately not too little.
The American dream isn't about class warfare that's being shoved down our throat's!
Go Obama!!! Wealthy Americans do need to be paying more! Sell said!
+Kelly Marshall You are unfortunately misinformed. The countries "across the pond" with the highest provisions to government-sponsored, "socialized" medicine are not the ones in crisis. It was unethical business in housing which put countries into the sewer.

Health care is not the problem. It is a symptom. If anything, it's that European countries are providing care DESPITE being surrounded by economic collapse (which, I think may have been caused by our Wall Street). This is the success our "liberals" have learned from.

Honestly, to have such a closed, misinformed opinion such as yours is to cover your eyes and plug your ears. To not take the minute, the iota of effort involved in searching the web for information and fact, to instead rely on here-say and opinion, is democratically lazy.

The point the President is making is pure and simple. In what world can someone believe it is right to hold up benefits for 97% of the country while our government quibbles over the 3% who don't need the help (and who have GOTTEN the help, and not done a thing with it in return)? Such nonsense isn't democratic, it's not even Republican, it is simply anti-Obama. He who puts the politics of presidential election before the common (97% !!!) good does not understand the heart and soul of being American.
My father served in the Royal Navy during WWII. I once asked him as young teenager, howcome Britain looks poor on TV and Germany looks so successful. His answer was. "After the war, Germany built factories and Britain built council flats".

He was a wise man my Dad.
wang heard obama has a small dick. still a porch monkey
what is happen in borma what is your comments about it
I love this country, and the ability to say I effing hate you obama you are a shitty president and person. yay first amendement!
Under the first amendment* I can also call you an idiot Matt
+Michael Bruin "they can go where they want and take their money with them."

They can't leave the planet.
how about we doule taxes for the wealthy and cut the taxes for the poor.
+Michael Bruin: Why do you favor fascism, when the government is charged with the general welfare of the public commons by the constitution?
How about the poor aren't taxed at all, Those with their own homes are audited and the rich pay an incresing amount on their incomes depending how much they make.

Thereby not only increasing revenues, but providing new jobs for all the auditors required.
Yeah the middle class will have more money with the tax cut, but what good is it when the wealthy get taxed out the wazoo and is forced to cut the middle class jobs from the businesses they owned. 
Think people. 
Its easier said than done, especially with this Congress
Nobody wants to tax upper brackets into poverty or business jeopardy, They could pay a whole lot more and not feel it is the point.
They don't have to pay so much tax that they become middle class, but they could pay more, or at least anything in some cases.

How much tax does Tom Cruise pay?
Just about everyone commenting is from another country. Please people if don't live in the USA then you don't know USA. The current president needs to do more acting and less talking. We need someone different someone new, how about Ron Paul.
The western world evolves around the USA my friend.
When you guys screw up, the whole western world suffers.
We need to stop talking about giving anyone a tax cut. We are so far in dept that everyone in all classes need to pay their equal share.
Ya, let's give everyone else the money we work hard for. That makes sense. Let's make the poor hate the rich, continue this stupid class warfare that Obama has created, and continue our way to socialism. Let's have the government control our lives, tell us what we can and can't do, and let our future generations lose all determination to make something of themselves because it is simply easier to take money from the rich instead of working hard. For example, who is gonna want to spend 12 years in debt while going to college to be a doctor when the government is favoring those who don't have college degrees? I think people honestly just don't get it... The rich are the ones that supply millions of jobs people!
Surprise surprise. Mr.Obama playing class warfare again! Is anyone really shocked by this? Hey, I have an idea. If you want to give away your millions there Mr. President, go right ahead. But please stop playing this class game and trying to steal someone else's money!
Greg S.
And anyone suggesting a flat tax rate hasn't thought clearly enough about what they're asking for.  (Hint: the already wealthy profit greatly, while the poor and middle class are hit hard.)
Class warfare sucks, it's declaring war on your own brothers and sisters. It's not about class, it's just about being fair. Flat tax is bullshit Greg, I agree.
+Michael Bruin "the poor aren't taxed at all" is a misconception.  They don't make enough to pay income tax, but they still pay 7.65% FICA and Medicare tax on all their income and sales tax on everything they spend, which is almost everything they make.  The rich pay the payroll tax on a small fraction of wage and salary income and nothing at all on capital gains.  They also spend a much smaller fraction of their earnings, so the sales tax bite is smaller as well.
You don't want to go overboard, but the more money you make, the more tax you should pay. Up to a resonable point.
Thanks Zane. You are an idiot too :D.
I'm not going to call you an idiot Matt, 'cos I'm not covered by the 5th Amendment ;)
+Mimi Mathieu A consumption tax is probably needed, but think of the differential impact on rich and poor.  It often is pushed as a "voluntary" tax, since people can decide how much to spend.  The problem is, the rich are deciding whether to buy another yacht, while the poor are choosing between having groceries or not.
One big question some ppl have about the tax cut for the rich: is it the rich that are creating jobs? For the US or do the rich in the US just create jobs in other country's? 
So just extend them without any changes and move on!

The extra $85 billion the Fed will collect from the rich will be spent in 4 days. Drop in the bucket!
+Jim McMaster I like the idea of getting rid of the IRS. I think the VAT could be made to work, but I think food and healthcare should have no federal VAT. Food being non-alcohol products.
+Jordan Benjamin The wealthy don't create jobs, though.  Don't you remember the boom in employment that followed the Bush tax cuts in 2001 and 2003?  Neither do I.

Businesses don't hire workers because they can, they hire workers because they have to in order to meet demand.  Consumers with money to spend are the real job creators, and what we lack enough of right now.
+Jim Clark No class warfare here.  The President's proposal extends some of the tax cuts for every taxpayer.  The wealthy just don't keep all their tax cuts.
I got a suggestion for you guy's. Any company dealing exclusively with American partner companies for manufacture gets an awesome tax rebate (for providing jobs). Any product imported from outside the USA gets taxed, big time. And PLEASE do something about digital theft.

Those are my ideas for you guys to start to get back on track.
I agree with the Pres on this and Education. -I have always felt Teachers need to be paid like Doctors. Great teachers will produce successful students 
+Steve Sampson Going to a VAT would not get rid of the IRS.  Who else would be responsible for assessing and collecting VAT?
Sarah, teachers are valuable, no doubt about it, but they ain't Doctors.
It's amazing, none of you are aware of the disaster of the ' Digital Revolution'. Amazing.
Lets just vote you out of office.
You are either a help or a hindrance... why should we help you all that have and want more to take more of what we the poor have and give it to you?  Come join us down at the lower end and then tell us how it feels.  If you don't pay people (mainly the middle class) a decent wage with extra money to spend you better beef up your security.  
Greg S.
Teachers are in the end more valuable than doctors.  Doctors only help individuals, after all.
Income tax law is actually an industry. Congress changes the law several times a year, and thousands of lawyers and their staffs administer this law, in courts that hire judges and conscript citizens to act as jurors.

This industry has a purpose to exempt some, criminalize others. Thus the output of this industry is either prisoners, or deposits to the treasury.

There is an easier way, and it does not require such a massive infrastructure.  It's called a sales tax, or a value added tax. Sure it would have some infrastructure, but the law could be one or two paragraphs, and not require lawyers, judges, police, or prisoners.
Before people get outraged about the President's proposals killing the rich, and "class warfare", look at this analysis by Charles Krugman Romney's proposals raise taxes on the poor while making huge cuts for himself, er, the wealthy.  This is before he tells us how he is going to pay for the cuts, which will require raising taxes on all the rest of us.
I think you'll find not only does a Doctor study twice as long as a teacher, he also works a lot more hours and he is never off duty. I don't know any night-shift teachers.
+Michael Bruin We say we want great teachers, but don't want to pay enough to attract people with talent to the profession.  This worked well enough when teaching was about the only profession open to women, but not now.

And teachers are expected to work nights and weekends to develop lesson plans and grade papers.  They don't get enough time to do that during the day.
Greg S.
That's because there generally aren't any night-shift groups of young people to teach - and because they don't get paid enough to do that in any case.

Not saying that teachers couldn't use more training - just that without them there wouldn't be people becoming doctors, either.
No one ever benefitted from a handout.  You're just making lazy Americans lazier. 

"We contend that for a nation to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle."
-Winston Churchill
Greg S.
+Amber Penney Funny, I seem to remember people saying that about Bush, as well - except he did actually ruin the economy.  I seem to recall he had his share of open mic incidents as well (though I'm not sure which one you're referring to for Obama).  But hey, you've already been convinced to vote against your best interests, so who am I to say?
Get off my page! I didn't vote for you, I don't like you. GO AWAY
+Kelly Marshall can you say "best healthcare system in the world" when reports show that a major, long-term health issue would bankrupt 1 in 3 American households? Healthcare premiums have risen steadily for decades. Affordable Care Act addresses this issue. Without it, in 20 years 1/3 of your paycheck goes to insurance company to cover you and your family while Uncle Sam still gets his third, leaving you with a third of your agreed upon salary to make due... but that's if your making between 55 and 70k. Those making more would keep more, those making less keep less, but I'm sure you'll be making at least a million every year so don't even worry about it ;^)
Greg S.
+Jeremy Denslinger Hilarious.  You do realize you had to choose to follow this page to get any posts from it, right?
+Jim McMaster I agree that a VAT would require administrators, and a building to contain them.  I don't think it would need a billion a year to operate though.
I dunno, it's 23h16 where I am and I have to go to bed.

I just hope you guys choose wisely and that your government gets their heads around some pertinent stuff.

G'nite. Peace
Greg S.
I do find it hilarious that "class warfare" has apparently been added to the set of terms that conservatives throw out without actually knowing what they mean, much like "socialism."  If they can't see the "class warfare" in Rmoney's proposals, they really, shouldn't be using the term...
That's good idea but tax must be divided according to the level of life of people and incomes,all the business must pay their own percentage of tax.
If raising federal income taxes 3.5% has any effect on your business that earns at least $250,000 a year (and you file under personal taxes...), then your business deserves to fail.  My family has had a business for only 24 years and we've never been more successful!

People will try to tell you that your world is horrible, and that EVERYTHING hinges on Washington's decisions....I'm here to tell the majority of DRONES here that America is a Union, but each one of those bits an pieces that compile this great Union also have a story.  Mine is of success when everybody stands in my way and tells me I have no shot.

Your business is a joke if a 3.5% federal tax increase stalls your hiring, because it just means that you RELY upon people having a bunch of disposable cash in order to drive your DEMAND.  Get a real business model and stop whining. 

If you rely upon the federal government to reduce or m maintain your taxes just so you can squeak by, then your business model is too bad to succeed.

Oh yea...and if anybody wonders about global warming, why don't you ask ANY farmer here in Indiana....they don't give hoot whether it's man made or not....they see it HAPPENING, affecting their crops, and they want solutions, not fingers pointing to "what" caused the problem, President Obama.

Obama, I want to see you HERE, in Indiana, talking to our farmers about the useless nature of addressing the causes of "climate change," but rather the productive nature of how to address it.  Commodity futures are vital, but they're being overrun by day traders and completely destroying our ability to use these markets in a pure fashion.
You're right +Lindsay Becker, he wants to ABOLISH abortion, LIMIT resources for women's health issues, constitutionally BAN gay marriage, FORCE gay soldiers to live closeted, STRIP low-income social programs of funding... Oh wait, you said Obama... What u talkin bout girl???
Never received a paycheck from a poor person! Wake up community

I thought the stimulus money was for shovel ready jobs LOl

Are you better off today than four years ago ? I almost lost my home of 20 years, and my business is hanging by a thread. Thanks Obama!!!
+Lindsay Becker You honestly believe "class warfare" was created by Obama? You also, honestly believe the super rich work harder? Regurgitated spilcum of someone whose been brutally teabagged...smh
If you dont agree with obama or romney vote and support gary johnson for pres.
Taxing the wealthy is not a cure or will it make a measurable improvement for what is ailing our nation! We need outstanding electable leadership--I wish I knew where they were "hiding"!
Wow....can't believe i can even think of a tax break...thats a dream come tru.
jun du
总统 早
I know, he might not be totally right, but still, can you lend Obama to the Italians? We really are in desperate need for someone who can talk any sense...
+Scott Deitchman 
After so many years wrong (bush) politics you think Mr. President Barack Obama can fix all with one hand Clap? And you think Mitt Romney can do this better? 
+Scott Deitchman Yes. The Dow Jones was around 6k, the global credit melt down, massive lay offs, foreclosures left and was a complete quagmire compared to today. Did you forget or was all that Obama's fault too?
Don't believe anything he says. How many of his promises has he kept. 0. He is ruining our country.
+Taarsek Knightslayer: The US problem with revenue is the tax structure has flattened out.  Result? Working class and middle class individuals pay more than ever before, and the rich haven't seen tax rates this low since we were refusing to pay England.  If the Republicans want to bring us back to the 1950s, they might want to look at the tax rates that fuelled that prosperity.
How bout the 20+ new taxes in the health care bill. I'm in school and I'm gona end up paying huge taxes to pay for all of Obama's failed crap.
Way to stick the blame on someone else, Mr. President
The rich people own the companies. Tax them like crazy then they fire their employees. #nobama
+John Slattery: You mean the same ones endorsed by Mitt Romney and the Heritage Foundation and the GOP itself in 2008 when the GOP was fighting against giving us universal, single-payer healthcare?
+Tim Blythe Romney has offered no vision of what his war making policies will be. We need to know if he is going to maintain our 3000 nuclear weapons on alert, and whether he is going to continue global warfare. We know Obama is 100% for war, we don't know if Romney is for war.
Look at the profiles of the folks who are making the weakest, or ad hominem arguments against the president.  They're either 1) Foreign and don't have a dog in this fight, or 2) Obese, white and male.  What's with that?
Greg S.
+John Slattery So wait, those "rich people" can't create any jobs yet, but if we tax them more they'll start firing people?  Sounds like a no-win situation here!  (Thank goodness it's not actually true.)
With money, if you keep more than you'll ever need, you're called a hero.  With everything else, we call it hoarding.  How many jobs have been created by these tax cuts?  Trickle-down economics?  More like syphon-up to me.
What about the $100 mill u have spent on TV ads Mr Pres?!?!?!
+Scot Thompson: It wasn't your tax money.  That was from donors.  Just like the half-billion Romney's spent so far.
+Paul Johnson in regards to the comment "if you don't like socialism, please do us a favour and build your own roads..." - if one decides to actually do that, aren't they still forced to pay taxes for roads, police and fire protection that they never use?

I'm all for an opt-out scheme. If only there was the option.
Greg S.
+Scot Thompson What about the $125-150 "mill" the Republicans have spent?  [Edit: woah, up to $500M now? Completely believable though.] Candidates buy political ads these days, that's how it works.  Sure, the money could be spent better elsewhere, but do you see anyone doing that?
+Brock Atkinson: There is an opt-out scheme.  It's called "move to Somalia."  That entire country opted out of having a public commons entirely.  If you're serious about opting out, quit bitching and just do it already.
No, let's hold everyone hostage. It will amuse me.
Make this really easy... Do away with the tax code and just tax people on goods sold. To simple for the corrupt, inefficient government. 
Greg S.
+Scott Murff I hope you've been taking appropriate amusement since 2010 then :)
Why don't they both half the spending on tv ads and put money in economy???
Greg S.
+Scot Thompson Great idea!  Convince both sides to do that, simultaneously, and stick to it.  Go!  We'll wait here.
Greg S.
+Rob Doobovsky So the tax on a new yacht or mansion has just the same effect on the purchaser as the tax on a loaf of bread from the dollar store?
I don't get why any one would disagree. The only disagreement is around whether to cut taxes for the rich again. Republicans and democrats agree that we need to reduce the deficits. Why would we reduce taxes for the rich? That's a painless way to help reduce the deficits. Right? 
+Greg S. No, the new yacht owner worked harder for that yacht.  The dollar-store shopper is just lazy, remember?  ;)
Sorry to say Washinton is so screwed up the only solution is to havea new election for all positions in government.. and no one who is in politics as a career eligable to be elected. start all over limit to one term then your out for life.
Take a look to the "history of stuff" site and youll clearly see the problem is a miopic view of corporations as if they ever had rights. Only us citizens have rights, and everything is upside down regarding the policies that have something to do with that. EVERYTHING. Disgusting.
Hey Obama, how about you post about Operation Fast & Furious? Or the illegal military action in Libya and Syria? How about how your Secretary of Defense told congress that our military answers to the United Nations and NATO? What about the record number of whistleblowers being prosecuted by your administration? Hell, even the "indefinite detention of citizens" allowed by the NDAA you signed would be a great topic to post about.

You're a traitor to this country, and so is your "rival" Mitt Romney, who gets donations from the same corporations that donate to your campaign.

What a joke.
duh!!!! wake up America!  Repubicans sold us out a long time a go. support labor unions its our only chance to fight them
+Eldon Armstrong I agree that Washington's a mess, but having nothing but inexperienced people in charge constantly is not the answer.  It's actually part of the problem.  Limiting the money that corporations and large organizations can spend on lobbying would go a lot further, IMO.
The problem isn't taxes, it is spending.

"Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth." -- Alan Greenspan
ever notice how no matter what u type in google images u always get obama
I agree, although the richest must pay balanced to what they earn, not more!! evertone should...
Just before I put my head down.

The problem with politicians is that they have studied politics and worked their way up in a party. They have never worked construction, they have never been on safari, they have never started a business, they have never even held a job.

Until that changes, you can expect little understanding from your government.

There are exceptions though, who have insight.

I'll leave it at that.
In every country, debate on the deficits and tax increases,  the economy and tax cuts are made.
And nobody had not worried up to now about the deficit of the government.  Japanese government deals with as an emergency and will try to raise taxes.
+Pablo Herraiz If a flat tax also came with a fair minimum wage that allows all full-time workers to live above the poverty level, then I'm all-in!!!   But it's not fair to tax the poor the same percentage as the rich.  Without that, a flat tax would take a loaf of bread from the poor, and a crumb from the rich, proportionally.
I agree. Although I'm beginning to disagree with the forefathers' idea if a two party system. When you have one side not willing to make any compromises, you get major gridlock. The last couple years, it has been the Right that has been obscenely obstinate, while the Left has proposed reasonable compromises.
This time, despite any negative effects on the American people, the left needs to make those same reasonable compromises and force the Right to accept them or let everything else go to default. Dare I say, be rigid in your compromising?

And people, be pertinent here. Really?! This is US politics, not a springboard for your expression of Chinese oppression/ loyalty/ whatever.
+Greg S. That's correct, same effect.  However, I don't think food should be federally taxed.  Yacht's should be taxed like gasoline. A consumer tax.
Tom Cruise allegedly made 75M in the last year. What has he paid in taxes? I really want to know.

(If only 'cos he's a dork)
I have to agree, but how about you stop raises for Congress and the Senate, and leave the hard working GS employee's cost of living raises alone!
Well after the huge tax increaseyou rammed though called health care.
Those Republicans only work for the wealthy and the corporations...
+Lem R Patterson sure 1 in 3 would be bankrupted by major illness, but define that? Cancer? AIDS? I'm pretty sure that's true in most countries, I'm actually surprised at how low that stat is. There's room for improvement for us but as of now 85% of Americans say they like their healthcare so why ruin the system for everyone to serve that 15%. As for high healthcare prices, you think that's going to go away when the government controls it? Government makes things less efficient and less productive while the free market does the opposite. The real way to reduce health care costs is to get the government out of the way by allowing health care companies to sell across state lines which would make them compete for your business, putting the people back in power. Something opposed by the president and crew. As for taking a stab at the rich, no I'm not rich. I'm middle class but unlike you I know that its the rich that create jobs and opportunity. Ain't no poor man ever given me a job before as Cain would say. And when you go to those jobs and work hard, hoping for a raise/promotion you're hoping to become rich, so how hypocritical is it to hate those who have succeeded in doing what you try to do everyday. The class warfare scheme is a political tactic almost as old as time. You're being played to hate a class that as 1% of the population pays 20% of the taxes, as 20% pays 40% and as 50% pays 95%. 
+michelle fernandez Spoiler alert!  Too many Democrats are just as bad.  Otherwise, they wouldn't compromise on big issues like single-payer healthcare, tax breaks for the rich, and stripping citizens of their rights a la the Patriot Act.
Yeah, let's not. Let us do make things fair. Let's change the tax code-make it simple and remove all of the loopholes. Everyone should have some responsibility in funding the government; not just those that make a certain amount. Furthermore, fair is when we're all asked to pay the same amount... Whether you make $2K or $2M a year!
I believe Obama is a decent man. I believe he is a sincere man. Whether or not he can make a positive difference to the world, well, that's for you guys in the US to decide.
Love obama and family when he sings algreen hey
Stephen Adams, you should go back and re-read your history. Our forefathers did not create the two party system; in fact, they warned us about it.

John Adams said: "There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution."

+Stephen Adams. Get real, when has the left ever tried to compromise. When Obama was elected the GOP went to him with some suggestions. His response "guys, I won". When Obama went to the GOP summit and vilified the GOP for "not giving him a plan" . The republicans then proceeded to wave in the air paper copies of the plan they had given him months before. The average democrat congressperson votes with their party leader 98% of the time, republicans 88%. Not to mention the fact that when one side wants lower taxes less regulation and more freedom, and the other side wants more welfare, higher taxes and more regulation it's pretty tough to find a middle ground, but yet the GOP gets vilified. Just look at FOX news. They have crazy democrats on all the time to try to lose their reputation, what do they end up with? Liberals screaming over them during "discussions". Jeraldo at large is ridiculous but is kept on because he is constantly babbling liberally and it would seem biased to take him off.
Lol how about scrapping the fed and stop giving private bankers all your money then to top that u could stop helping isreal
I believe Obama is one of the first Democrat Presidents not to be compromised for chasing skirts though. That's a good start anyhow.
+Jimmy Bowman  That is so wrong.  The poor spend every red cent they make.  That means they put 100% of their income into the economy.  The richest 1% might put 5% of their income into the ecnomy.  So who's "lazy"?  Why should the poor be burdened more porportionally to try to right this ship when fat f*cks hoard cash at the expense of our global economic status?  Who's done more harm?
+Scott Deitchman hundreds of thousands began losing their homes to foreclose because of predatory lending practices "ok'd" by the Bush administration, leading to their neighbors losing their homes because declining value and ARMs manipulated by the banks... problem is this trend began in '06, gained steam in '07 and hit hard starting in '08. The reason you were an "almost" is because of our current President... you're welcome
Haha I saw this picture up above of this guy who calls himself our president. but really, hes not! Oh man...funny joke. But that's all he is. A JOKE
+Nathan lynch My boss once told me "If you come to me with a problem, and you don't have a solution, you're just bitching."  Quit bitching. You sound like a baby.
+Maria Eugenia , why should we ask something from the rich when they worked for what they have? It is their money... what happened to the American dream, where if we want something, go get it. A rich man with a successful business will work himself ALL hours of the day and/or forsake his family at times to achieve his goals. Why should we, the poor (I speak for myself) want to take that away from him? Its his!

This socialized healthcare is the worst of all! Why would I want the government standing in the way of my doctor? Pretty soon a new tax will come to the fast food industry or cigarettes to help pay for the people who aren't taking care of themselves...because we as a tax are paying for it. If you don't have health insurance, its not my job to give you insurance. The last I heard is the emergency room will not turn anyone away. Live the American dream and get off your ass and take care of your own! The more government does for you, the more control they have over you...
"why should we ask something from the rich when they worked for what they have?"

Someone is on the juice. Most rich people did not "Earn" or "Work for" what they got. Rich peoples Wealth is built on other people selling themselves and idea's short or simply not smart enough to know they are being ripped off.
I'd love to know how forsaking your family to pile money you don't really need on top of money you don't really need fits into the "American Dream."  I'd rather have a dad who's around to nurture me and watch me grow up than a ghost who pours money down my throat to keep me from complaining about his lack of fatherhood.
I am not sure I understand how someone applies for a loan for a home they know they could not afford and then blames someone else for allowing them to do that. The government is not our parent, they do not have our best interest at heart, and they are not here to bail us out.

We are adults and as such need to be responsible for our actions. Is it any different when someone goes out a blows their paycheck on a shopping spree or on gambling or when someone goes out and maximizes out their credit card for an amount they know they can not pay back. 

I think the issue is personal responsibility. A grown up adult assumes responsibility for their actions and does not blame someone for tempting them into doing something they no is wrong or not possible.
and that seems to be thr way it is like it or not!
That's exactly what you're doing as well as constantly lying about what is destroying our country shame on you Obama
"I am not sure I understand how someone applies for a loan for a home they know they could not afford and then blames someone else for allowing them to do that. "

Because many loans during the Real estate bubble were fraudulant and sold as derivative asset's with terms that exploded mortgage payments after a short duration of time forcing the buyer to give up the home. Do you not pay attention to what really happened or do you pay attention to the spoon fed garbage that is loaded with half truths that hide the real deception?
In my humble opinion, our president does not have Americas interest at heart. He wants to see America move out of the "superpower" role - the whole world should have a level playing field. No, we shall not drill for oil, it will hurt the environment... But, let's give millions and millions to other countries, like Brazil, so they can drill. When you're promoting other countries to do what we won't do, then you can't use the environment to reason it! If he truly had concerned for the environment, then he wouldn't help others do what he says we shouldn't do. It's not about the environment... It's about the redistribution of money. This idea of leveling the field can also be seen in his domestic policies- take as much as you can from the haves and funnel it to those that don't have - redistribute the wealth. This is why i consider our president to be of a socialist, anti-colonialist, anti-free enterprise mindset.
+Bojan Pavlovic The government didn't give loans, banks did.  And they did because they could, because deregulation allowed them to.  They knew these people couldn't afford the homes they were buying, and they didn't care.  They knew they'd just write off their losses, and get bailed out in the end.  That's the definition of "predatory lending."  This bubble was created by the Bush Administration, and popped by reality--a force of nature Republicans seem dimly aware of.
Someone posted, "Republicans only work for the wealthy....."

I've had my share of jobs in almost seven decades on this earth and I don't recall one poor person who ever signed my payroll check! LMBO
Don't you have other things to do besides fuck around on Google?
The United States government; a government of the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations. Long live corporations, screw the people!
Jim Costello - who has done the most harm??? Simple, People who think like you!!!
Vi i Europa och USA måste ta tag i ekonomin så vi inte blir kolonier till  rika Kineser .
All you conservative wingbat's go read you're corporate raider, draft dodging tax evader post's. Nothing Obama says will change you're mind. You're racist psyche will not allow it and you will hide behind any excuse not to vote for the logical man that has saw to it America making a turn around after 2 terms of mindless republican war's and spending and ultimate de-regulation of industries that have raped America.

Obama has helped put an end to healthcare costs destroying families of life savings, while seeing to it Wall Street stops gaming the system.
Yeah, it's lonely having logic to work with.  I'm sorry.
"In my humble opinion, our president does not have Americas interest at heart. "

Ok so whats the next best choice voting in a new president that has built there career on liquidating companies? Bringing in a President that has placed money in hidden funds all over the world while divesting in American jobs? Thats real fucking logical.

Sorry I will take my chances with a guy that dedicated himself to the people vs a president that is dedicated to profiting himself.
Jim Costello - would you mind helping me out by telling me where you found the statistic about how much (%) rich people put back into the economy???
Woah! The treasury of the federal government does not work like our household budgets. The government has many streams of income including taxes, fees and licenses, bonds etc. Most important are the tax breaks that the oil companies receive, which if done away with would put billions back into our pockets. So, and because the federal government will never do away with them, and now the wealthy want the Feds to "justify" a hike in their taxes, when they benefitted greatly through many of the stimulus, tax incentives etc. this is all BS to me. Bottom line is the Senate and congress need to work on closing loopholes and resending huge tax breaks to corporations who don't need it. Then, we will have more money for everything. Upsets md that they have us fighting over tax breaks, when if they had the courage to stop giving BP , Exon Mobil and other who don't need breaks a break, we might not be having this conversation. Furiating when you look behind the curtain.
About BP, Exxon, Mobile did any of you know that in the Middle East the people are given money for the oil pumped out of the ground? In America the money is given lock stock and barrel to the oil companies not the people whose land it came from.

America has increased domestic oil and gas production under Obama yet the prices of gas and oil have gone up all the while the Oil Companies are reporting double earnings every year.

It's time to rethink Big Oil in America. I do hope Obama plans to address this in his next term.
U are the muslim n Osama is not a terrorist u r the big terrorist in the world mind it n America is nothing infront ov Muslims do votever u want to do but judgmentday is near
Mark Baker - its more logical than thinking you can spend your way out of debt. At least Romney can make hard decisions that need to be made instead of trying to kick the can down the road. How logical is it to spend billions of tax money to help prop up our economy, when all those billions is borrowed money. It's not just Obama or the Dems, it's everyone who has the progressive mindset. They need to be voted out and replaced by constitutional conservatives who know that something must be done now before we turn into Europe!!!!

Btw, you can better get your point across when you keep your language clean. No need for those ugly words. 
+Jimmy Bowman It was an estimate, a guess, and probably higher than the true number.  The point is that the poor put proportionally more into the economy, no matter what the real number is.  100% is greater than less than 100%, and we all know the rich don't get richer by spending their money.
Jimmy Bowman - I do not think you understand spending out of debt, especially a debt incurred by you're Republican masters whose mindless outsourced pointless war's created in the first place.

In economies there is debt and there is spending it's always been that way. Can recall when America was out of Debt and thanks to who? Clinton. What happened after Clinton? OK. So now that the history lesson is over...

It makes sense to at least spend billions domestically than mindlessly on war's with no end and equipment that is over priced for countries that do not give a shit about America, or rather infact hate America to the core.

The spending domestically will bring forward the economy. Back to economics 101 when you got more American working and making more money it results in more collections from tax. This is how the economy can be stabilized... It is the only way the economy can be stabilized. Besides have you heard a peep from the Republicans about any kind of plan that will fix the economy or just there excuses as to why they are so ineffectual in congress fighting anything Obama decides?
do you realize Americans are always greedy in the affairs of the affairs of all things! and I do not like it
Where do you work +Kelly Marshall because at my job nobody thinks a promotion or raise will make them rich. It will put you in a better position than you were yesterday. I didn't even imply that I hate the rich. I hate the fact that if I make 45k/yr, the govt gets 15k, but if I make 45 Ms they barely take 6. Under your beloved Reagan, top earners paid 28%, double what they pay now and the wealth gap was nowhere near as wide. Your argument against healthcare reform is all conjecture. The HHS says insurance premiums should begin to reverse course and start reducing in about 14 yrs, I've seen other studies that showed as little as 9. I'm not going to address that the only major health issues you can think of are cancer and AIDS, I hope you never have to find out of any others. I've had a few jobs with small businesses and the owners weren't close to rich. They were comfortable. The idea that we go to work to get rich is ludicrous. The majority of today's rich fell ass backwards into it or inherited it. There aren't many innovators anymore. My goals are and have been to train and learn a job well, find a company that compensates for good work, and be able to provide for my family even in cases of the unexpected. One day you'll get it. I don't hate the rich, if my fair share in taxes is 30%, theirs should at least be the same (more).
Bonsoir  Mr le President! pouvez-vous m'aide s'ilvouplait? mon fils a ete dans un accident le 8 juilet 2012 et n'ai pas de l'argent pour aller le voir.
Yeah +Jim Costello  we are not going to change the minds of peoples real reason not to vote Obama... No matter how good Obama is there will be people that vote Romney and they will use any excuse to hide behind it.

+Jimmy Bowman Spending out of debt is the only way. How else do you think the economy is going to recover? By outsourcing it? LOL! The only way to recover the economy is by getting jobs back in America. The more people working the more tax can be collected. Derp...
I do wonder though how China managed to not only take our job's while at the same time putting America in debt to them. Oh yeah Thanks Republicans... 
i'm thirteen years old and i undersand this stuff
All Hail to the Commander in Thief.    Calculate what your fair share of the cost of government is and then work hard enough to pay it and stop whining about those who are able to pay more than you.
It gives people in my economic standards hope, not a hand out just the chance to build a better life for their love ones. THANK YOU 
马哥 你好~
Again you Conservative wingbats... Go read what you're draft dodging, corporate raider and flip flopping tard Romney is saying. You are wasting time here. We can not change your mind.
+Paul Johnson , what I mentioned would force us to consolidate and cut those that are being a waste of money. The important stuff will not disappear as many scary cats believe.
Gotta love an election year...
Poor Obama, he doesn't understand economics.. google Milton Friedman or Walter E Williams if you'd like to be enlightened..
How did this useless fuck wind up on my g+? Anyone besides Obama '12!
Dear Republican Trolls... Go watch what your draft dodging, Tax evading, corporate raider that has built his career on liquidating American companies. Nothing Obama says will change you're stupid racist mind.

Go hide behind what ever excuse you got and vote for Romney. GTFO.   We libs got more intelligent things to discuss.
I don't know if I believe him anymore.
Dear Republican Trolls... Go watch what your draft dodging, Tax evading, corporate raider that has built his career on liquidating American companies. Nothing Obama says will change you're stupid racist mind.

Go hide behind what ever excuse you got and vote for Romney. GTFO.   We libs got more intelligent things to discuss.

For peoples supporting Obama, jsut flag the retardican trolls as inappropriate.
mj liu
Apparently obama wants to hurt the successful people who have worked hard for their success by taxing them like crazy so other people can sit on their butts and get welfare checks.
Greg S.
Oh, he's not going anywhere.  (That is, unless you want to see an economic disaster?)
Greg S.
+John Slattery That's awesome!  Did they set the date yet that they're going to invite you into their ranks?  Or did they tell you "just keep working hard, I'm sure it'll happen soon!"
The trouble we are in now is due to deregulation signed into law but our last democrat.  

Also since when is being successful or working hard a crime.  I choose to work 60-80 hours a week.  Why am I discriminated against because I chose to listen in school.  Why don't I deserve a tax cut?  

I have no problem paying my FAIR share in taxes.

Failure is what you get when MTV and the media get to elect a president.  
民主党给相对贫穷的人减税给相对富裕的人加税 共和党维护相对富裕的人的利益总是给相对富裕的人减税 把税负加到了相对贫穷的人身上你选谁?但这只是一方面。美国至今仍在使用二百多年前开国时的那套制度 这早就已经不适合现在了 所以民主党上台短期内看似是维护了底层人民的利益 但治标不治本   共和党上台因为它更维护相对富裕的人的利益 这样的结果就是美国早日崩溃或者激起人民的反抗推翻美国现行制度给美国新生 你又选谁?其实不论你选谁 都是在选华尔街的傀儡!
+Mike Skorup 
"God Save Obama!"
He did but he banished him to the underworld. Now O-dickhead is trying to bring us all down there with him.
He's already succeeded in holding the vast majority of American's hostage by forcing Obamacare on us.  He has successfully levied the WORST tax increase on the middle class in the history of the USA.  So let's get off the soap box Obama - no body is dumb enough to buy your lies anymore.
Greg- we're already in an economic disaster. Your man BO, the most under qualified prez in history has brought this country to the economic brink and he's still trying to finish us off. I still laugh when I think this is the best the libs/dems have to offer. After 8 years of GWB and the lib party gives us BO. 
Obama and Romney are both windbags.  We need somebody who served this country.  Our last respectable president was the first Bush.
That's right Hussein, extend the republican tax cuts and pass it off as your own. Dribble on about class warfare and attack Romney instead of running on your abysmal term as prez. You are a complete failure and an embarrassment to this country. 
Josh B
So the top 10% pay around 70% of the nations tax revenue so you want them to pay even more of it?

and flat tax would mean if I make 10k a year and you make 100k a year and the tax is say 20% I would pay 2k and you would pay 20k
all even percentages.
+Scott Deitchman But if it hadn't been for the stimulus, you probably would already have lost your home and business.
That's right. Cause we gotta "spread the wealth around" right? The U.S. has the highest corporate tax rate in the world but that isn't enough.
奥巴马,我需要要你的一张现在台上演讲的照片,我觉得你口才很好,我要激励我学英语。我地址,中国江苏扬州江都区慈云花园 ,张露收13511764007。
+Jason Krah "The largest tax increase in the history of America. Yes we can!"

Can you provide some numbers to back that up?  Or are you just parroting what you heard from Rush an Faux News?  You aren't even close to being correct.
Ken M
I think Lu Zhang got it right by golly
+Mark Baker, of you want, I could recommend a couple great economics and history books that might help increase your understanding about how supply and demand works, and the unfortunate things that happen when government tries to help. The best example occurred recently. Everyone blames the big mean banks for the housing bubble. But, had govt stayed out of the banks business of calculating payback risk, then this bubble would not have occurred. The govt, Democratic and Republicans forced the bank to make loans to people who wouldn't be able to afford it. That's what happens when the govt gets involved, and theirs many more examples---uhm, education!!!!

As for the insults, is this that great warm-hearted understanding and tolerant nature that most left-wing nuts display?! 
+Sheriff Demerti The last GREAT president, in my opinion, was Ronald Reagan!
+Steve Sampson No, a big part of the problem is taxes are too low.  The Federal government is taking in about 15% of GDP in taxes, the lowest rate almost a century.  Tim Pawlenty says the Republicans want to return Federal spending to its "historic level" of 20%.  That's good, but unless they agree to raise revenue, they are proposing a permanent deficit of 5% of GDP.  And people believe they really care about deficits?

There are only two kinds of Republicans: millionaires and suckers.
It's not a tax cut anymore you liar. You want to raise the current tax rate. Stop lying.
J Krah
+Jim McMaster my freedom was takin from me with forced health care. What numbers are you looking for?
Wants to treat people equally.
Only wants higher taxes for the rich.
Anne, making the wealthy pay at least the same rate of tax as everyone else is not "spreading the wealth around"; it's "spreading the cost around".  And the stated tax rate for corporations is nowhere near what they actually pay.  Remember Romney and Warren Buffet talking about their "effective" tax rate of 15% or less?  That puts us back to having about the lowest corporate tax rate in the world.  After getting all the deductions and exemptions and various and sundry tax dodges, now they want to lower their contribution even more.  "Spreading the wealth around" is what Republicans try to say they're doing by giving tax breaks to the wealthy; the implication that such an action would spur economic development or job creation not only flies in the face of common sense, there is no historical precedence for it.    
President Obama,  I just listened to your address and sure no one wants to see our taxes go up.  However it is not the message that I have a problem with, it is the presentation of the solution and the way that you are presenting your message.  I can't feel your anger and passion. You are saying one thing, but it comes off as you are not as passionate as you say you are about it. 

I must start off by saying that although I voted for you in 08, I am seriously debating if indeed I will vote for you again this time around. 

I need to know that you are not going to let the republicans walk all over you again.  I need you to get mad, maybe not as mad as hell and I am not going to take it ala Howard Beale in the 1976 movie Network, but use the power of your office to let them know that you are not going to take it from them anymore.  

You have done a lot of good for the country and the healthcare plan is just one example, but you are not telling your story, you are letting the republicans tell their side of your story and that is really hurting your chance for being reelected. 

If you want to put this race away, don't just tell us what you are passionate about, show your passion in your presentation.  We need someone that only expresses the passion, but also allows us to feel that passion.  
+Jason Krah The numbers that say this tax increase on the wealthy is larger than every other tax increase in history.  Hint, you won't find them because it just ain't so.

As for the ACA "tax increase" which really isn't, you can avoid it easily.  Buy medical insurance so you aren't freeloading off those of us who do.
+Alex Middleton Only wants higher taxes for the rich in order to treat people equally?  How is that equal?  If things were equal, everyone would pay the same rate!!!  That's the only way it can be equal!!
Let's call it "raising taxes for the people who make more". This "tax cuts" crap is just a bunch o crap.
+Dave Gant No, let's call it what it really is:  a tax cut for every single taxpayer, just not quite as big for 2% as for the other 98%.
2016 youll see what happen to the world economy....
still waiting on that birth certificate
And is that Chinese I see? (insert trolling "chairman" remark here)?
Lin Xue
Hey Obama, according to the CBO the top 20% of earners pay 68% of taxes... how is that fair?  You are a lying class warfare provoking idiot. 
Companies don't pay taxes, it's customers do.  Companies do not pay minimum wage, its customers do.  Companies do not pay taxes, people do.  
We all know what Republicans will say NO. Vote them out now. Obama forward 2012
Hey Ted, did you look up stats on how much wealth that top 20% own? You'd be surprised.
Income Tax was a 1930's solution to a 1920's problem.  Vote for a 21st Century leader, whoever steps-up to the plate. Neither have yet.
Folks, they can raise tax rates to whatever they want, just remember that whether it's Big Business or Small Business, "Business" doesn't "pay" taxes. Those taxes are passed on to you and me, the consumer. Taxing business = Taxing yourself.
I give the Catholic church 10% of my net income, and I give 25% of my net to charitable causes and direct payments. I pay them after I pay my taxes.

For example, last year we (regular citizens) bought two apartment building that are rent free to single parent families. Our group of investors want to give people a hand up, not a hand out. Single parents need good jobs, and they need breathing space to get there.

If you raise my taxes, I reduce my participation in the group, as the federal government chooses to take more, to fund its competing services. I can't compete with that.

But the government welfare is designed to keep people down and their politician representatives up. So I have never thought that increasing taxes to pay for poorly designed welfare programs is the 21st century solution.  Vote locally, vote wisely.
tai sao vi tong thong cua nuoc my lai thich chien tranh nhu vay nhi?
chien tranh vua mat mat ve con nguoi va ton that ve kinh te ma!con nguoi o tat ca cac nuoc tren the gioi co yeuchuong hoa binh ko?
J Krah
+Jim McMaster does your imaginary world consist of jobs? Is "your" unemployment rate good?
Because of the fact you support/sign the un arms trade treaty I will now vote against you to keep my 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms. Gtfo
lou ji
巴马兄好 来 喝一杯
Good on ya.., President Obama.!!
Well said Mr. President. I agree completely with you, but I think you should have hit the #GOP a bit harder, in that they are misleading #Americans with the truth behind what tax cuts will really mean for everyone concerned.
Your a great President. My whole family believes in you. The GOP has gone mad!
Stop ruining our country
I don't believe in u at all. You have reversed what America is all about
The tax code should be the same for all....  Dem or GOP both are not interested in finding solutions, they are only interested in "You are wrong and I am right."  The is a Win - Win solution somewhere but you have to both look for it.
And why might I ask is it 'time' for congress to pass the bill? Because he said so? Seems to me that if Congress doesn't like the bill, then they probably shouldn't 'just pass it.' Plus, seeing as how they are also elected officials, they answer to the people, just like the President does.
Greg S.
Protip: It's not "Congress" who doesn't like the bill.
if obama reallly believed this he would have passed it when his party controlled both houses.
this retoric is dividing our country.
he added $5T to our national debt and what do we have to show for it? we need to reverse course now or we'll follow europe down the financial drain. if the buck stops here, why does he keep blaming bush? we need a leader who isnt afraid to take responsibility.
Mr, President, we have a governor of Jakarta candidate who is really similar with you Mr. President..
Hehehee, his name is Jokowi, he is very famous right now, you may check it if you have time..
Thank you so much Mr. President,,
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Everyone to be good citizens
swee a iv got his back he da main man barack obama .cool. kiwi mankind tjnrcorr. take a fether from his cap ,cool ,
don't try to against the majority
Acredito em Obama,não fez tantas mudanças como esperávamos,mas ainda dou o meu voto de confiança.
I say let all the Bush cuts end. Call the Republicans bluff and let's see where their interest really lay. Oh that's right those tax cuts will create ton's of jobs while corporations sit on $1.2T in profits.
wow way to go an american...rude
Greg S.
"Forced health care"?  Wow, talk about convinced to act against your own best interests - I don't think it gets any clearer than that!
USA is on the Right Track
please keep to do so
This is mostly about taxes right after he passed the largest tax increase on the middle class in American history.  Not that Mitt Romney would be any better.  Anyone aware that the United States already has the most progressive income tax in the world? The top 20% pays a higher income tax in comparison to the rest of the population than in any other country.
Greg S.
+Jerry Moore What was that tax increase?  Can't be the ACA being declared constitutional that you're talking about - that isn't even in the top 10.
I request to you,come to Kashmir 
holding hostage meaning what, what are the sites that i may find to find a pdf of the debated luangage, im not one up nor am in any vexatious. i just want to help in any way i may. and i love non fiction.
bad grammer huh. how can i find the parts of the act in question, that the parties involved, so heavily disagree?
You are the best president of the USA!
weapon to china~is's good to Taiwan!
oh well.马哥,努力啊!  不然就记不住你的名字了,总感觉下届总统的名字很难记。
Mr.T:Stop blaming da.Bipartisan machine,pingpong-politics isnt da.answer.Vote4FlaTax & resolve USA defit-crisis!Let Demos/Repubs play,Let Americans solve its problems,politicals R 4.da.glory!
No queremos mas a Chávez es la peor plaga maligna que tiene venezuela se q muchos de ustedes q no vive en mi país ni se imagina los atropellos q tiene este gobierno en contra d todos los q esta en su contra No mas Chávez este 7 de octubre festejaremos el triunfo d la democracia en venezuela viva venezuela 
Mr. Obama is trying to help our economy by getting the super wealthy to be more responsible and pay taxes according to their super income.    Their lame excuse is if they pay higher taxes they are no longer able to provide jobs and more people will be unemployed.   Instead they rather go along w/the Republican buddies to stick the middle class with more taxes.   
* Such greedy idealism may make sense to you and others supporting the republican’s games and their ploy to divert our attention from the real issues by making nonsense accusations.    
london olympic sucks.
Gan Lu
Gan Lu
Gan Lu
Le Li
500th comment........
Because all money is yours - we only get what you decide we can keep...
I had a job and good credit O,then you got elected and Passed Dodd-Frank. Now I have no job and no credit.Thanks O,to you and the morons who caused this.
Happy New Year!
worst me president ever. I don't know what he is going to do about Benghazi and more drug running.
The White Letter from The White House Smells not  like a White Rose & it Stinks to High Heaven
by michael hall

First obama murdered children inside of foreign nations
so the people shopped at walmart to show their displeasure
then obama assassinated children in countries we were not war with
so flags & troops were honored at every sports game around the land in gratitude

Some lawyers screamed foul as did the few with conscience like Chomsky, Hedges & Blum
but their voices were drowned out by the silence of the bored & apathetic, the meekly submissive
still the good loyal citizens did scream for more guns as their constitutional right
& american idol worship tonight is supposed to be a killer so guess which takes priority?

Then obama & the exalted mighty military murdered an unarmed american across the pond
so what did the stout people then do you ask?
they swallowed a blue pill sunk their head deeper into the rabbit hole and breathed patriotically
hush hush now little children its all a transparent secret nothing to see here just move along

While a  depressed american teenager with his cousin out looking for his murdered father
stopped along a dirt road in the middle of a vast desert praying for his dad at dusk
in the middle of a cookout sitting around the fire alone these two american kids
without warning silence was  broken by terrorism & they were subsequently droned to smithereens by the us military

Ah but some fires did light up more intensely this time 
so obama & his bunch of hooligans had to reluctantly crawl out of their dark dungeon
they argued with legal thickets of sharpened stakes, moats, pickets, shielded by secrets & lies atop turrets no one could reach
through a tapestry of intricate semantics innuendos & bizarre definitions they declared they were upholding the constitution oxymoronically tagging this odium as wise and ethical

Claiming that  the research was so sensitive & so secret that it could not be revealed
our divine heroes would then be exposed to violence & that would be quite unamerican
if that happened whistleblowers then would be scapegoated & we know what happens to them
do you really think that renditions & retaliatory vengeance are  just deeds of the  recent past?

Cattle mooed  meekly as they contentedly chewed the crass cud of american idol worship
embedded sheep bleated  reverently to the wolves in wool via indoctrination by years of  cognitive brainwashing and  dissonance bleaching
the superbowl was a commercial success & beyonce lip-synced flawlessly again
& the flags, ah, the flags flew so high & piously, almost above it all, but did i see, a bloodstain, a 
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