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“Sometimes politics can seem very small—but the choice you face? It couldn’t be bigger.” Share this message from President Obama if your mind’s already made up.
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I made my mind up when I first voted for President Obama in 2008. I knew there would be no worthy challenger this year, either. 
+baba sall Er, can you run that by us again? This time more make-senseish-speakish?
The real choice this November is between two flavors of statism and Gov. +Gary Johnson.
My mind was made up along time ago.  What the president is saying just makes sense.  He seems to be a man of honor and of his word.  We really couldn't ask for a better leader. You have my vote!
No matter what they said about you, I will be on your side Mr. President, Listen up all my friends, hear me out, as the first day of your job, make sure you secured you two daughters equal pay rights the same as men's, my grand daughters and and other daughter's will benefits those rights and it will be to late for them to say , Thank you, for me, Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
+Julie Schippnick I'd rather die than vote for a guy who authorized a Predator drone strike (or "Bugsplat" as they call it) on a 16 year old non-militant US citizen.  Yeah, I know.  Gotta break a few eggs, right?

When the right thing to do doesn't stand a chance - that's when you need to do the right thing most.
+Mark Noble Hey it's a free country and that is your choice. Don't ever vote for any president though, because every president in our history has blood on their hands. EVERY,
Saludos espero Obama que Ganes en la Elecciones! Te deseo suerte y exitos! resolver el problema de la desocupacion en EE.UU. y  vas quedar en la mejor historia y es con Liderazgo, vas tener una Que impedir las Exportaciones DESDE China, Proteger al Mercado Interno de los Productos producidos en China, LLAMAR A Invertir en EE.UU.  Tener subsidio al desempleado Con UNA Fuerte inversión en capacitacion laboral ademas DE UNA Muy Fuerte inversión del Estado, EJEMPLO: a traves de un Plan Ferroviario de EE.UU. Que integre una. las Grandes Ciudades REGIONES del País  CREAR a Una Empresa Ferroviaria Estatal  1.000.000 de Empleados.  Cobrar un Impuesto a la Riqueza.  párrafo Disminuir El déficit fiscal, y achicar  La Deuda, el plan pára Reducir la Deuda. Con Valentia Vas A PODER. Saludos
No such thing as a good politician. :)
uh oh, let me get my popcorn...
I love hearing conspiracy theorists. This is fun! Give me more! :)
+Mark Noble you should ask the same question to the terrorists killing women, kids, babies, etc.  drone attacks are by far the best way to fight and eliminate terrorism.  Unfortunately your point is not valid. You need to judge both sides equally. 
Oh the drone strike thing... pshaw, war is hell and terrorists have non combatants with them for this very reason.
+Mark Noble Anwar al-Awlaki was a traitor against our country and traitors are always executed. I think the President did quite right on this one. And +Richard Gil is 100% right...
+Julie Schippnick said I love hearing conspiracy theorists.

Yes. Those crazy ACLU crackpots! Always coming up with zany conspiracy theories about Obama's crimes against minors abroad!
Correct Ms +Julie Schippnick it seems to be part of the definition of US President, shamefully.  Had I this office, I'd wear gloves even in my sleep, just so I couldn't see what everyone knows is there
+Paul Johnson Unfortunately you are correct on that one... it's like talking to people in r/Politics on Reddit!
Obama is the biggest communist sympathizer we have ever had in the White House! We should run for the hills if he is re-elected...Look at his association with William Ayers...I know it is old but it is telling...check into the weather underground organization, see who wrote Obamas book, there is more to be uncovered...unfortunately the media is not interested in digging too deeply into his past because it would shock the world! I hate to be a conspiracy theorist but I think this is all a part of a bigger plan to neuter the US and make us irrelevant on the global stage...once we are out of the way...look out world...
i would love a 1 term limit on the house and senate... Damn that would be great.
+Mark Noble My points remain valid. Anwar al-Awlaki was a terrorist, an instigator, and a traitor... he was an enemy of the state and an enemy to other nations so yes, he deserved to die in the same vein as Osama Bin Laden. I commend the President for making the tough decision of executing this enemy.
Obama is not small business friendly! My dad worked so hard since he was 15 years old, and he is bwing taxed like crazy. Boooooo
+Michael Gee We'd might be able to get some real work done that way... Republicans say "NO", Democrats just sit on their hands not really doing anything, and Independents are too much of a minority to actually do anything!
+Aaron Felty: So we're just going to ignore the fact that Ronald Reagan couldn't get elected by the Democrats this year because Ronald Reagan is too progressive?  You've lost touch with reality if you think either party is remotely near the center, much less left of it these days.
+Julie Schippnick said My points remain valid. Anwar al-Awlaki was a terrorist, an instigator, and a terrorist...

Hey, I hate to interrupt you, Ms. "All Arab names sound alike", but I'm talking about Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, a 16 year old US citizen who had nothing to do with terrorism or instigation.
I wish there was a 3rd, 4th, and 5th, candidate.   This election i'm voting for myself...
+Julie Schippnick: You want scary conservative, take a look at the Independent Party.  I think you meant Nonpartisan.  The Independents intentionally picked that name to gain votes through deception.  Bernie Sanders is only considered a Nonpartisan senator because the SP-USA isn't recognized in Vermont for whatever reason.
really, this conversation is going to go on forever….pointless obama this, obama that...
Hey Broke, every time i hear Mit Romney sing america the more i like it !!!!!
Try and keep the few campaign promises before election day and we'll talk about who I vote for.

Until then, "None Of The Above" is the best choice on the ballot.
In case anyone doesn't know, +Mark Noble is a joke #libertarian   candidate from #ohio  who thankfully has no chance of getting elected because everyone knows that Libertarian views in America are too crazy and too off center to ever be accepted by a majority of Americans.

Please +Mark Noble stop trying to pimp your UN-WINNABLE candidate +Gary Johnson. You are only pushing YOUR AGENDA on our President's G+ page. 

More information about this person: "Noble is currently the chairman of the Franklin County Libertarian Party. He was elected to that position in 2006 and re-elected in 2008."

Wow, you're not unbiased in ANY WAY!
+Alexander Torp No one in congress or the senate understands or cares either. Frankly, I'm all for the collapse of the world economy. We lived without it once and we can do it again even if that means going to back to using nails as currency. Anarchy is liberty.
Little did they know that Huntsman was really... the BATMAN
Obama has held 109 fundraisers in the last six months and not met once with his Jobs Council. What does that tell us about his priorities?
+Melissa Finley It's hard for anything to be done when both DEMS AND REPUBS aren't doing anything in Congress besides arguing about arguing!
ALexander Torp, although I appreciate the sentiment, read a little bit first, place your thoughts into coherent sentences, then pose your thesis.
Please stop the negative commercials. We want to know what you stand for, not what Mitt doesn't.
+Julie Schippnick Yep, I've run for office several times to fight for civil rights. I was the only candidate in my most recent race (which I only lost by about 4% thanks to widespread support of Republicans AND Democrats) who had the guts to stand up for LGBT rights:

Why do I support Gov. +Gary Johnson? Because he has the guts to have this statement on his campaign website:

Government should not impose its values upon marriage. It should allow marriage equality, including gay marriage. It should also protect the rights of religious organizations to follow their beliefs.

I dare Obama and Romney to be as open and direct about the dominant civil rights issue of our time.
He doesn't dare stop using this campaign type of smear tactics; the alternative would be to talk about himself.  He can't do that, he's broken too many of the promises he made in his first campaign, +Ms. Lene Jensen  .
+Julie Schippnick  You can't win them all, because they hold all the chips (meaning, that they think they know everything and believe everything that they read on the internet and believe terrorists families)

I like your points, Julie and facts thus far :) Keep it up! Yay!

Oh.. yeah... ALSO.. OBAMA 2012
+Mark Noble People said the same thing about our President during the 2008 election. You're boring... face the reality that +Gary Johnson doesn't stand a chance. Please stop trying to hijack +Barack Obama's page to advertise for your candidate... because this can be used against you for in your own campaign endeavors. Thanks. 
+Mark Noble  the info that you posted clearly write at the title, and I quote " Anwar al-Awlaki’s family speaks out against his son’s death in airstrike"
So.. yes, please apologize to Julie for your ignorance
+Julie Schippnick Yes, please use my objection to murdering American minors with drone strikes against me! :D
Oh Brandi lee, how come you didn't star in HAVEYMETAL !
Okay. I am grabbing my popcorn now too.. anyone have butter and salt please??
I don't care how much is on the list, +Julie Schippnick , the fact that TSA is still standing as an organization and that the NDAA was signed into law is damning enough for me.

I object to having my constitutional rights stripped away by laws this man is responsible for.
Oh Brandi I've got some salty balls for you !
+Mark Noble You make it sound like the kid was INNOCENT. He was a terrorist, joined a known terrorist organization, called for the killing of Americans and was a traitor to his country. Honestly I'm surprised he wasn't KILLED sooner. It was not murder, it was an assination against a known terrorist. If +Gary Johnson wouldn't have the guts to do that, then thank God he won't ever be our president! 

If you want action vote for +Barack Obama, if you want indecisiveness and lack of action, vote for +Gary Johnson 
Isn't your real problem just the color of his skin..?   : )
Im just getting started ! HAVEYMETAL.
+Melissa Finley The president has nothing to do with the joke known as the TSA (hence why I won't ever fly again), and NDAA will not imprison Americans... or are you behind the news by about five months? Because you do know that has been changed, right?
Hahahaha, as if a new human government is going to fix ANYTHING!

After thousands of years of useless human rulership we still have poverty, war, disease, greed, prejudice, crime, injustice, hunger, pollution, etc. These things just continue to get worse. Humans are incapable of ruling themselves.

Choose to support God's government while the time still remains!!! (Daniel 2:44, Matthew 24:14)
+Casey Head As have you. I'm okay with people trying to push so-called "facts", but when he has an obvious bias then his argument and his point are both moot. I did refute +Mark Noble's attempt at sounding like some sort of injustice was done.
He is right our Choice couldn't be bigger ! Get Him ( who ever he is  ) OUT !! NDAA & NDPA are more than enough!
why am I having to see this when I am using Google??? Get him out of my face!
Milty C
+Julie Schippnick and +Mark Noble Heres a quote that explains what happen. The 16 year old boy that was killed was the son of the Anwar al-Awlaki, who was not the inteneded target. The target was Anwar.

"a second drone strike in Yemen killed several other people, including the cleric’s son, Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, also a U.S. citizen and just 16 years old at the time. Apparently the targets of that strike were al-Qaida militants, not the boy."
sorry obama. i'm holding on to my catholic rights.
wait. strengthen the middle class? i'm getting raped from a lot of the policies that are going on... how is this strengthening my family's standing?
Catholic Rights ?, what does that mean . . ? How is that any different than all the the rights laid out in our Constitution~Bill of Rights..  ?
Milty C
+Mark Noble I cant understand why you are singling out Obama for the "unintended" killing of innocent people in these drone attacks.

Virtually every rocket fired in the world has risked "collateral" damage and innocent lives. There is a fair argument against drone attacks for this reason,but to say you will never vote for Obama for this reason is ridiculous.
+Milty C   It doesn't matter who the intended target was.  Anwar al-Awlaki was an American Citizen and thus due process (you know, a trial) is required before an execution.  Obama is a traitor to the U.S. Constitution and should be tried for his crimes.
I'm no Obama-lover. Far from it - I think he's deeply-flawed. That said, the prospect of Romney in office just sickens me.
Good idea but every time the congressmen and senators vote to raise the taxes for the upper class, in the same bill they give more deductions.  So in the end they pay less than they were before.  The upper class controls the government, and will not let something like this happen.
wow! i'm reading all these people who are completely okay with a drone strike on a child....
shakes head
I always have supported president Barack Obama. I will still continue to support him during his grueling campaign and election time. YES WE CAN AGAIN! USA!
Milty C
+Chris Cecil Firstly - So are you saying that if this guy is american he deserves a trial but if not he deserves execution.

Secondly i was only quoting an article. I havent made my mind up yet whether drone attacks are justified.
My mind is already made up, which is why I'm not sharing this video.
+Milty C Yes look it up.  Both him and his son were Americans killed without due process by command of Obama in total violation of our laws.
My mind is made up too. “I will be held accountable,” Obama said. “I’ve got four years and … A year form now, I think people are going to see that we’re starting to make some progress, but there’s still going to be some pain out there … If I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.”..I'm voting for Mitt Romney!
I still believe in Obama. I still believe the change will come. We were told at the beginning of this it would take a while, and it has. Patience is a virtue... what gets me is how many people are wanting to jump ship before the best years have even started! He's got my vote!
Last I checked, +Julie Schippnick , the NDAA hadn't been repealed.

Nor have GMOs been labeled.

He hasn't protected the rights of medical marijuana patients.

There are still prisoners in Guantanamo Bay.

The United States still has the highest incarceration rate per capita of the world.

Obama hasn't even spoken out against those things.  He's remained silent, for the most part, until his candidate wound up being so much fouler than he is, that his only hope of getting re-elected will to be the least worst option on the ballot.
i support you for the halth care like australia
Milty C
+Chris Cecil   Cops shoot American citizens all the time just for running from them. Where was their trial ? Isnt that what Anwar did, run from law enforcement.

Also i would argue that this law is bigoted, for granting such a right just to US citizens only and no one else.
As you like, but I would suggest you look at the Congress for some of the roadblocks to accomplishing anything in Washington, DC.
you all have very interesting points but your points are your opinoins and everyone has their own
Stop being an NWO pawn and I might think of you as a choice!
Hello Melissa the rights of MMJ patients are secure here in CO. President Obama has been here in my area now 3 times since I moved here in May. I didn't notice any big problems with the dispensaries. They stayed open and everyone got their weed.
Talk all you want Obama, maybe you should start doing some of the things you've said you would! LOL what a shame! 
What had Obama done for this country NOTHING NOTHING at all how come Romney has to show everything about himself he's shown his birth certificate has Obama no he hasn't and then when Romney says anything Obama picks at it and does Obama say anything about himself NO our government has done everything they can to put us in a recession but change won't come all Obama does is spend spend spend good job making our national debt even bigger and he is letting illegals come into our country and had he done a thing about it yeah it's not fair for those kids to b brought here illegally but if they know they r illegal when they turn 18 they can go become an American citizen and make the people who dont even pay their taxes pay he said he would bring change and now all I have Is change 
The Right Man For The Right Job At The Right Time, To move this country forward and for generation's to come. Thank you,Sir.
That is how it should be done
I like it i may only b a kid but i understand politics and i believe that ur thinking is headed in the right direction and i think that a lot of ppl will vote 4 u a second term
If you want another four years of the policies that haven't worked for the past dozen years (because they're surely going to work now...), then by all means vote for Obama.
Well, +Serena Parris Ferrell , they should be secure in the entire country.  That was an illegitimate law to begin with; it should never have stayed in place—the one that places it as a Class 1 drug, that is.

Dangerous - no.  No deaths can be attributed to the use of marijuana.  Testing for an overdose on lab rats turned up an interesting phenomenon—there is no dangerous upper limit!  (The best the gov't could come up with in the horrible excuse of a reply to the White House Dot Gov Petition on legalizing marijuana was that it "isn't benign."  What tripe!  *WATER* isn't benign!!!!!!!)

Medical benefits - yes.  This has been tested and categorized from countries all over the world.  Just the US is trying to deny the facts.  The US Patent Office is even handing out patents on little pieces of cannabis!  The entire human body is filled with cannabinoid receptors, which means humans have been using this plant for tens of thousands of years.

That means it should have never been illegal in the first place.
+Milty C   I agree we should honor the rights of non-citizen same as citizen.  However, the law doesn't say we have to.  Police can only legally shoot and kill a fleeing suspect if they are actively putting someones life in danger.  That's also a law broken everyday in this country, but it is still the law.  Mostly cops shoot people just cause they feel like being powerful....
It would take many years to fix the problems that the previous Presidents have caused. It would also mean the democrats and republicans actually agreeing on something. Are those two things Obama's fault? He wasn't the perfect president, sure, but don't you think your're being a little to critical? Things wouldn't have changed even if the other canidate had won.
Those of you placing blame for the unintended death of Anwar Al-Awaki's son at the feet of our president, are you also the same that give him no credit for the intended assassination of Osama bin Laden?
so your going to vote for a mormon 
1 im glad i dont have to vote and 2 why do you want to be a president again i suggest u take a break a relax with your family, thats what i would do
+Jennifer Gibbs: I didn't see anyone say they were OK with a drone strike on a child.  I did see a lot of people mentioning that it's unfortunate a child was hit in a drone strike on a military target.  Not everyone gets to be Johnny on the Spot in life, some people are in the wrong place at the wrong time.
+Melissa Finley Yep- he has done exactly zero of what I did like, and has done EVERYTHING I didn't like in Bush.  Not a good deal if you are at all concerned about fiscal solvency or civil rights.
+James Shiflet: Then you haven't been paying attention to reality.  Things have been improving.  Not as fast as they would have been if the GOP's only stated goal was to make Obama a one term president, though.  Are you sure your problem isn't with the color of the man's skin?
The only way we will make progress in this country is to stop re-electing people. He should be working, not campaigning. This goes for all levels of government and is NOT an endorsement of Romney. We need more than 2 parties!
this guy is such a dick !!! for real were gonna have to sell our kids soon because of the economy .... Douch
He's done nothing but expand government, spending, and regulation. He has said whatever he's needed to say to get elected. He could not be more divisive both between classes and races. I'm not a Romney fan, but we need to be out of this nightmare
Milty C
+Chris Cecil Well if cops can kill criminals who are putting the public in danger then then US law enforcement is allowed to target Anwar who had killed and was planning too.  And yes Anwar was actively doing this, im sure they had the intel on him. 
you mean he has a plan.? it took him 3 years and we still need a plan?
My mind is made up Mr. President.

Lead us to an American Renaissance.
Its hilarious people bashing the President acting like the 43 other psresidents were angels and homelessness was nonexistent nobody was poor Republicans and Democrats were bff's America ranked number 1 in everything and in comes this knucklehead Obama and messes up the church's money LOL!
+Milty C  intel needs to be proven in a court of law.  It the same as the difference between shooting someone actively shooting at you (which is legal and justified) and putting a bullet in that guys head once he is disarmed and handcuffed (which is illegal and wrong)
Ahem... Lies, lies, lies... Why does anyone believe a politician? 4 years were given. Things got worse, plain and simple. Is Romney better? Probably not.
I find it interesting,that there are so many critiques, however we forget that before this man even took office the opposing party made it there mission to making him a one term president in front of the needs of the people. WE suffer because honestly that is still the goal.
Neither candidate is worthy. Nor the rest of congress for that matter.
Mr. President - the more you speak about changing the USA, the more convinced I become on who to vote for... Keep telling us how you are going to change this country...
Political commercials always make me want to vomit. It doesn't matter what side. Huka huka huka huka....
We should put the blame where the blame is for a lack of progress on the economy...Congress.  With no fear of consequences, Boehner, McConnell, and other GOPers made it clear they would do everything in their power to see that President Obama would not succeed three years ago and they have been successful.   The economy has not progressed as it should and We The People are the ones that feel what Congress has (NOT) accomplished.  Remember, Congress has gotten raises in those three years, they have great health care, they are making "Income" and they only have to work 129 days out of 365.  How is that working for you?
The last administration put us in debt. This administration can't get help from the party who enhance the debt. Finally the gentleman they have as a candidate will only cater to those who look like him and pockets that are as deep as his. In the end their all politicians and we should be holding them all accountable for the benefit of all Americans sworn in or born here.
Just a bunch of Obama drones Emma.
+Milty C If there is evidence that a crime has taken place the law demands we attempt to arrest the person and bring them to trial.  If they threaten the lives of other during the arrest then they can be killed.  Obama didn't do that, He just ordered the man murdered.  Obama broke the law and should be tried for that crime.
for all the catholics and idiotic religious people, i just want to point out one thing, when a president said he supports gay marriage, he is not taking away any "rights" from you, he's just giving others the same rights as you have. your religions clearly don't promote equality. 
+Al Scott YES, they also need to be arrested and tried for their crimes against the Constitution and I agree Cheney's crimes are a bit worse. but crimes are crimes
oh and for the people calling Obama a mistake and how he shouldn't be reelected cuz it would be stupid for americans as a whole, i have one thing to say: George W. Bush << American stupidity at its best.  
i think people should really vote for president obama because he's doing alot of good for america
Don't forget Rumsfeld that had to escape out the back door from France because he is subject to war crimes prosecution as well and France has a legal obligation to arrest him in France.
Milty C
Look i will concede this point too you +Chris Cecil  from a legal point of view you are right. Come to think of it im surprised they didnt have a court case in Anwar's absense. 

+Chris Cecil But tell me if Anwar was proven guilty would you be willing to go to Yemen to arrest him. Or would you be willing to send a  qualified relative or friend.
+Julie Schippnick Based on the number of comments you post here in rebuttal to folks taking umbrage with POTUS, one might conclude you're on the receiving end of tax payer dollars.  True?
In every and any administration the rich gets richer the poor continue to wallow in their poverty. The one who $h1t is being squeeze out fighting two battles is the middle class. Fighting to avoid falling into poverty and fighting to get rich.
Now, who honestly gives you a slim chance of succeeding?
I'm Dick Pagan and I approve this message..
I've made up my mind. And I am not voting for Obama. 
I AM voting for Obama!
The country is worse off than when BO took office. We can't afford another 4 years with an amateur in office. 
Obama reminds me a lot of my students, trying to get credit for some mediocre job. Let's raise the standards. Elect somebody else, heck I hope Hillary runs again in the future!
A perdido la sonrisa inocente del dia de su elección. Tranquilo no es el único, aquí en España, el gobierno cada dia nos quita una sonrisa más. Y no sólo sonrisas sinó tambien ilusiones y creencias de que este mundo vá a mejor. Este mundo vá a la deriva pero una energía está surgiendo cómo un rugido de león cada vez que un padre vé a su hijo sin futuro. Ante este rugido fiero, no hay fuerza de voluntad ni Armada que pueda enfrentarse a el. Se llama la fuerza de la dignidad, de la confianza y la buena fe. Una y otra vez pisadas, ultrajadas por posturas prepotentes y soberbios politicos. Hablo de lo que sucede en mi país, pero creo es bastante parecido a lo que ocurre en otras latitudes.
My choice is to vote your moronic ass out of office you two-faced lying hypocrite......would you like to know how I really feel
lmao americans are so stupid - they have people like bush into power who spends everything and fucks the world -  they get halfways calm president and all the idiots come outta the woodwork to make personal attacks proclaiming they want bush back - or worse romney.   hahaha.   
My mind's made up alright. Ill be voting for Romney. -1 Obama.
Please don't post to my feed. Please don't ship me off to Guantanamo (via NDAA) without a trial for posting this either.
Sean G
We'll ReElect You... Please show-off what Good you can Do with Campaign Money. The Money spent is Sick. Should be a Cap.
This is a positive way to keep Cost Low.
People share... Let's show our President what G+ can Do!
Has anyone any idea of what laws the Republican lead house has passed in this 112th congress. Any idea? If you do and you say I'm gonna vote for Romney,the liar or I'm not gonna vote at all...well my friends all I can say to you is "YOU'LL BE SORRY'.
Just think how inspiring that video would be if there were a one term limit for president.  Going out on a high note.  Cheering the American family on.  But, no, instead, we get to skewer each other with polarized view points.  At least that's one thing that has "improved" in the past 4 years - welcome to full-on class warfare y'all.
completely support obama.  romney is the anti- candidate.  anti-woman, anti-healthcare, anti-civil liberties, anti-choice of faith (or lack of it) unless it happens to agree with his.  obama at least stands up FOR some things.  he may not have gotten everything accomplished he wanted or promised to, but the fault for that lies with those who have made it their mission to completely hamstring all his efforts at progress.  i may not agree with everything the man says or does, but i respect him for trying to make an antiquated, broken, unwieldy system better.
if i was old enough to vote i would vote for u MR OBAMA WE LOVE U
HOw did you end up in one of my circles?? 
well said +Christopher Trenholm . Theres no doubt that the president didn't keep up to many of his promises... but americans seem to have too low of an IQ level to understand why that was almost impossible for it to happen after the Bush Administration... Choosing romney over obama is like choosing religion over science. OH WAIT. haha. we're in america.
i find it interesting how much visceral hate is directed at those who profess support for obama.  what, exactly, does it say about the general personalities of the naysayers when they resort to hate and name calling simply because we disagree?  not that i am surprised, of course, since the uber conservatives are positively famous for the support of hate and intolerance.  i am not stupid, nor un-informed, nor snowed, nor a satanist.  i am not insane, and i am not on the rag.  that last was from an awesome message sent to me after i posted in support of obama.  folks, if you hate the man so much, get off his thread and mingle with those who can share and enjoy your spite, intolerance, and fear.  we do not need it here, and neither does president obama.
+Alicia Reyes LOL This topic is based on how the comforting background music makes you feel..
+Devin Christensen Wow Devin...did you come up with that rebuttal by yourself or did you write it down while watching Foxnews and listening to Glenn Beck? Your 'debate'/decision skills are are par with both.
+Alicia Reyes it was a joke, take it lightly. if it wasn't a joke, i wouldn't have a haha in there. last time i checked, it is used to show the act of laughter online since you can't see me. 
+Randy Hamman A better question is, why do a section of upper class white men in our society hate the middle & lower class, non whites, lgbt individuals, those who pursue faith in ways different from their own, women, and any kind of public works?  An even BETTER questions is, unless you are in the top percentage of wealthy white men, why do you support them?  they certainly don't care about you, only your assistance in stopping progress and adding to their already bloated wealth.
This man had no experience in 2008 and has not learned or done anything in the last four years except blame others. America can't afford to have him leading any more.
Can't wait till your out on the street
Hey +Timothy Estrada - you must work for Foxnews, think Palin is smart, be inbred, a drop out and an IQ of about 65....and I am being generous with all that...but, please, go away or learn to grow up and think before posting.
He has the power to buy car companies and spend, spend, spend. Lie, force healthcare on you. Force government on you. Pretend that everything is okay with the economy and jobs. Way to go. I hope there are no more of this liar after November.
There are educated people on both sides of the fence. No matter what is posted in support of either candidate
there will be trash posted in response. Sad but true. So if you wish not to hear any negatives about Obama, then please do not post any of his crap here.

You know the real problem right now with so many politicians and Americans, like ourselves right here? Many can't discuss the issues without getting into name calling or yelling or just having a fit. I mean - it's fine if you don't like how the President has performed but instead of just coming across as ignorant and calling names - give some reasons why - explain your concerns - use facts and varying sources. Don't tell us about the email you read or what one news agency said - provide some good basis. Valid, INTELLIGENT, debate and compromise is what is missing on TV, missing in DC and missing on the street.
The only thing I agree with Obama is that we need a change.  We need a change of his horrible policies.
For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears.  And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. :) BITCH!!!!
I wonder why President Obama has "chosen" to keep the Patriot Act going. I wonder why he "chose" to sign NDAA. Seems like the president "chose" to go back on what he campaigned for. Too bad.
+Milty C  Yes, If it was my job or the job of someone I cared about I would be willing to go/send them to attempt to arrest him.  Even the Nazis got trials before execution.  We prove our humanity by how we treat the worst of the worst.  If we don't abide by the law we have lost ourselves and they win.
Also, I would go before he is proven guilty, to attempt to bring him to trial (you know, the place where guilt is determined)  Trials in absent are not legal due process.  You have a right to hear the witnesses against you and answer to those claims.
+Reginald Jackson Because if he didn't, the right would cry foul that "Obama is putting our country at risk". With 24h cable, nothing in politics is non-controversial anymore, even if it makes sense. 
Saw a car said have to get rid of.LOL

Ok thank you for the campaign advertising. The choice to stay in power.
Well done Mr. President. I was born in kenya, raised myself in Denmark and had a wonderfull life with great education in mechanical engineering, and have travelled to many countries and I fluently speak without dialect over 7 different european and african languages especially Danish languages. My family Father was born in a town called Naivasha in 1931. He never went to school. He was taken to work for the british colonial administrations working in the mechanical engineering repairing planes in the second world war. Under colonial rule of britain kenya and somaliland enjoyed a successfull wellbeing. Life gets better where mutual understanding is joyfull.

My Mother enjoys today the best of 10 children... 8 brothers and 2 lovely lovely sisters. My mum enjoys and I wish her all the best to have fun with all the many many nephews and niece of mind who call you Grand mum. You have been through all for all of us,wbut my prayers will heal all the heavyness in your heart.
Today I live near london, watching Barack obama elections proverbs, prons and cons, I really see you winning. If not, then you know who is behind it. Number 8.
Enjoy your pool table.
By the way,my father taught me engineering but i decided to learn it danish language and i learned it on my own to perfection. But am just simple and humble. Wish you good luck Mr. 8. Thats my number. So call me maybe.... ooh Subscribe. Wish you all the best and you Mr. President have made The World happy and rebuild and removed fear, changes, new orders for them with no hope, no medicare. I ,personally remember Bill Clinton when visiting Denmark when he was president of USA, He said he wanted to implement the same system of Education by way of apprenticeship which is the most biggest potential economical market for a very long term future where people will live longer. He also praise
I'm sorry everyone. I made an error in a comment I made earlier.
I didn't realize that this post came from Obama himself.
I thought some bone head posted this and was crying about all the negative responses.
Should have known it came from our fearless leader.
Well I don't need even 4 seconds to know how I'm voting. I think Obama is right!
We need change. Vote Obama out. Imagine... 4 more years with this president. China will own us ( he knows how to bow to them and every other nation remember),spanish will be our national language, and our taxes will double (a post on yahoo today said a tax increase of approx $1600.00 for the average american family are in the works for next year). 4 more years of this guy - you gotta have drain bamage.

"the private sector is doing great!!"
"If I don't have this done in three years, I will be a one term president"
 his own words !! Sorry obama . the truth hurts....!!!
Thank you president Obama for keeping your promise to give us hope. We now look forward to a brighter day with 4,400,000 million jobs created in 4years with no help from Republicans we can do great next term.
This is one of the worst presidents in American history. Every year he takes out a $15,000 loan in the name of every single American in the country and spends it and the best he can show for it is 14% real unemployment and an economy so fragile it can only be propped up by adding $1,500,000,000,000,000 to our children's debt very single year
I my WHOLE family is voting for you President Obama! Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, ETC
There's not a Republican nor a Democrat that could've done better than Obama with the hand that was dealt him when Bushinomics got dumped in his lap.  The whole world is crumbling financially...and we're just a small part of it...and it couldn't be "saved" by one man with no Congress behind him.  
End the war on drugs, rebirth of civil liberties and marriage for all (what the hell does anyone care if i want to marry a tree and make sweet, passionate sappy sex with it for the rest of our days?), reduce drinking age to 18 so kids can grow up faster and learn moderation is the key; to everything really. Those are the things Id like to see Obama try and accomplish in these next four years, cause hes already won.
Why is this nonsense showing up on my stream?
+Papa, are you high? President Obama has a job record with a net loss of almost a million jobs. That's the bottom line.
Mitt Romney is actually smart barrack Obama stinks he is ruining our country
they will be gridlock for four more years if obama wins.. It will then only get worse.
I agree. A country of Jim Taggart and Wesley Mouch vs Ronald Reagan, George Washington and John Galt. 
We wake up sheeples .... Which asshole would vote for this Destructive President ??? He lies & he ain't transparent !!!!!!
Nope actually its just pure facts. From 750,000 jobs lost the month before president Obama took office to positive growth in the opposite direction and the only reason we are in this economic mess is due to Republican policies and now mitt romney (not realised tax returns?) Says he can do better when the very party that didn't help to improve our situation after they destroyed it. So why do I support president Obama simple he produces results from nothing and Republicans want to destroy our way of life. Obama forward 2012.
Pak Obama saya dari Indonesia dukung anda memimpin kembali Amerika, semoga anda lebih mempererat kembali hubungan Barat dengan Dunia Islam. Jadikan Amerika mempunyai kebijakan yang merdeka jangan mau diatur oleh sebuah negara kecil di timur tengah sana yang tidak pernah mendambakan kedamaian dalam hubungan berbangsa dan bernegara. Semoga hubungan Indonesia Amerika lebih baik dan saling menguntungkan.Amien.
Yes, there is a choice.

A) Do you believe in big Gov't?  Do you believe the Gov't should make the important decisions in your life, such as healthcare?  Do you believe Gov't should take care of us?  Do you believe that wealth should be distributed by the Gov't from the wealthy to the poor?

B) Do you believe in free markets?  Do you believe people should make decisions for themselves?  Do you believe in free enterprise?  Do you believe that we all learn, work, and strive for ourselves for what we earn?

Basically, that is our choice.  Though Obama doesn't quite word it that way.
@ Som Verma U r the smartest person i have seen all day
Gary Johnson For President 2012 !!!!!!! No damn Obonga 
Don't believe a word that either Romney or Obama say. The choice in my opinion is nonexistent. Two different horses running the same direction.
+Catherine Haessig YEAAAAA! i love hoping for things that have zero percent chance of occurring that way i can be both disappointed and retarded at the same time.
There needs to be an option on here to not include 'what's hot' in 'all circles'. I think that's why this mindless dribble is showing up on my feed.
This is sad, I see something from obama about the election, then I see a post from Gabriel Iglesias, guess which one took priority
I will vote president Obama we are just getting out of the mess Republicans put us in they didn't help get us out and now they say the same policies that created mass economic problems now we should go back to. That's the exact definition of insanity doing something over and over again expecting a different result. Well president Obama provided different results. From a 750,000 jobs lost the month before president Obama took office to positive growth to over 4,400,000 million jobs created so far. Don't believe what people are saying well it can't get any worse if we vote for mitt Romney. Actually it will. We will be at war almost immediately after he takes office. Why well how else do you justify pumping money into the defense budget. Second mass layoffs in government which some people will like but that means no regulations no one watching when corporations and big business destroy the little guy. We will go back to no jobs just war and fear. We need to keep going and president Obama is the man.
Chad S
enjoy your last few months obama
Not voting for this guy. May be a nice person but has no clue how to run this country
Mitt Romney produce your taxes be open and honest that's what is expected of the president of the free world. Like president Obama has done be honest. He has done a great job so far and considering how bad Republicans under bush jr destroyed our financial stability and created all our problems in 2008. Let us keep our momentum going we are moving forward 2012.
We don't need any more anti America presidents! I don't think we can take another four years..
This is what I hate about a lot of people. Most people love Gary Johnson but they won't vote for him because they don't think he has a chance of winning. You're not betting on a horse, you're gambling on your future...
+Martin Simson: As opposed to the Bush years, which lost over ten times that many jobs over the same period.  The fact the economy is now job-neutral is a vast improvement over the last administration.
Not a real big Obama fan, either. Man likes to hear himself talk too much and he doesn't really do much else. 
Well Mr hamm. Bush Jr loved hearing himself talk too. He just was funny. He was president for 8 years the material is vast. Its unbelievable that a guy that dumb could be voted in twice. Well once you learn how that is you learn how the Republican party works. Its not about the individual its about the party agenda. Mitt Romney is a company man he can follow the manual and that's why he is the candidate. He is a spine less company man. I will vote for the man that makes his own choices. Obama forward 2012.
Barak is my daddy . ..#RESPECT the prince
+Barack Obama I'm a member of the national socialist movement and I'm here to stay what have you been doing all your presents see if I'm not here to relieve rack on you sir I'm here to understand why should people really liked you I mean come on I 16 years old and I know this I'm not a republican or democrat like I said I am the national socialist so make up your mind what you want to f*** tard you have a nice day cuz I know I'm not because you're my president
You lost me on the health care issue.
The big O will not be getting my vote this time. His transparency is as clear as mud and our.....HIS added debt make Everest look like an ant hill. Yeah, its time for those winds of "change" to blow again!
He will win the Presidential Elections again. He is very smart and his speech touch and captivate most of the people.
Not choice. Life. 
How come every president becomes gray after 3 years in office irrespective of age.
You may be right Christian. If Americans have no memory of the last 4 years and respond only to lip service, he may get the chance to do more damage at our expense.
كن للناس معين.
تجد من حولك طائعين.
Obama forward. Great that we have health care reform. We are doing much better than 2008 .this same time last election most people didn't know if they would be fired or laid off. Now people are getting hired. And most very optimistic for next year. No way I am voting for a business man that puts his money in Swiss bank account. That reminds me of Gadaffi. Fidel Castro. Hugo chaves. Arap. Moi. All dictators in their own countries and they where vilified for that now I believe its because it was $ that was obtained illegally. Mitt Romney cant be trusted.
+steve gustin: Sure, but the only educated people on the Republican side are the rich, manipulative kind looking to manipulate the uneducated rednecks.  And they're pretty bald-faced about it to a point I'm surprised even they're not insulted by it: The Republicans just focus on God, Guns, Gays and wrap the whole lot of bullshit in an American flag and slather it down with country music just to distract from the fact that they've just outsourced that poor bastard's job to China.
My friends always said Re-Elect Obama.

Obama 2012.
Hahaha Mr Johnson I can't take it so true. So true. They are like America,America......... ( national anthem by mitt romney.) While him and his friends make profit and stash it away in Swiss bank accounts and outsource jobs to India. Haha. So true.
Recent polls have already showed that romney is ahead of Obama. i hope you all are happy now that America will do the following:
end up going into war again, destroy another country again so that we can build revenue(thats so cool)
take away rights of people in the country that have the right to live the way they want and choose a life that they want without being judged by jesus lovers
give rich people more money so that they can get even richer than they already are, and
my middle class family will struggle to make their ends meet for the rest of their lives
education will always be up the ass expensive, so americans will stay at the lower scale of education compared to the world and
nothing in our social system will change, which is actually needed if any of you have noticed how much this world has changed due to this phenomena called the internet.
.thank you republicans, u win. 
my only suggestion: after reading all these posts, i realized how much people DONT KNOW what they are talking about. Just because you don't support obama because he allegedly "lies" (when in reality he hasn't been able to keep up his promises cuz of Congress), then at least look at the person you ARE supporting.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WATCH THE DEBATES this year. and THEN choose what you want... don't choose based on if you are a democrat or a republican... this year's election is much more important than having pride for your party. just because youre a republican does not mean your candidate is better for the future of this country. don't vote for romney based on him being mormon or republican, read his views, his thoughts and his plans, and if u still support romney, then im sorry, i hope you fall off the planet of this earth because as a humanitarian i dont believe in killing others for my own benefit. 
hope for the best but prepare for the worst. 
R u people serious? What has this man done for us? He said himself that if he couldn't turn the economy around in 3 years he wouldn't run again and u could call him Former President Obama! Guess we need 4 more years of lies and Socialism to turn us around in ur eyes huh?
LMAO +papa githiomi suggest you re-check the unemployment rates by year. Hussein's best numbers are still worse in comparison.
+Frank Hazelton guess what if we were national socialist we wouldn't have to worried u look like a great person y not u follow me I always update with government everyday and I'm only 16 but all n all I'm smart for my age and political shit is my life
Well if religion is your problem. Then Mormons are crazy. You know they believe that Jesus christ came to America and his the basis if their religion now in his infinite wisdom if Jesus christ was here in America he probably would have mentioned it in his diary the bible. Its the most ludicrous thing I have heard from any religious group in America just plain stupid. I vote for Obama.
And on another matter Rick fugtard is not getting any support from me he has private bank accounts over sea... wow what a poser saying he will lead us out of set? Oh cool guess what america He supports NAFTA .... get educated
+Paul Mancine  I'm feeling generous today, so I'll feed the troll.

First, thank you for the compliment. Glenn Beck is a brilliant man who went from being a broke drunk, to the head of an empire whose subscription based television service has more PAYING subscribers than CNN has viewers. You don't get there without telling the truth (as CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, etc, are discovering.)

Second, Fox is a whole network. You compare me to an entire network? You think I am as good at debating as dozens of people? Fox has O'reilly, Hannity and Colmes, and The Five. My two lines impressed you enough to put me on par with the combination of all those people and more? (I don't watch fox or any other news network, for the record. I get all of my news from multiple sources on my twitter stream, including most all of the above mentioned.)

If your intent was to compliment me (it wasn't) then you did a fine job. If your intent was to insult me then your insult skills are on par with those of a small child yelling: "You're a poopy head! You're a poopy head!"
+papa githiomi dude I have no idea what the heck you are talking about but right now were talking about how obama sucks ass at being a present and house brick romney won't be a good present either now what the f*** you talkin about religion I have no idea why
+Devin Christensen hey man let me tell you something about fox news fox news bull s*** out of it a**** all it does is lie to the american people because number 1 its republican news said station

Another matter is I can tell u a lot about socialist ideas and how America should be ran
Again, LMAO +papa githiomi religion? You never heard the insane rants of Obama's preacher Jeremiah Wright? Do you still wonder why Obama distanced himself from Wright when his rants went public? Oh yeah, we know about that too!
Obama is our future we will keep him in office to keep Republicans out of our lives and destroying our great nation
Do Obama supporters make any attempt at all to think for themselves?
Dear sir my name is jay Edwards I have been having lot of problems out of the Philadelphia police becuse I m black and gay I have more then 25 incidents I am going after a police lutenet. McWilliams Williams and his clan and the big towing company call ed rob s using a police officers badge to get the police to mistreat or set me up
+Tristen Clark I don't know if they lie or not, though I wouldn't be too surprised since EVERY single major news network is guilty of the same shenanigans.
Thank you, President Obama for your leadership. You are an inspiration.
Glen beck for president
Don't hate <(--)>
Actually Mr hazelton. I have heard the rants and they don't compare to religious beliefs of Mormons you can't even get into the Mormon church for a Sunday service. Jesus christ himself spent the night at a tax collectors house as the son of man. But Mormons believe they are superior to Jesus himself. You can go to Jeremiah wright's sermon this Sunday no exclusivity just God. The reason mitt Romney didn't want that brought up in campaign is because his religion is far worse than a rantings of one preacher.
+papa githiomi As a mormon, I can factually inform everyone here that your portrayal of mormonism is a 100% lie. (whether you are perpetuating in ignorance or in sedition.)

The LDS church (mormons) sends out missionaries that bring new people to church every week. Just find a mormon church and go on sunday, all of the doors are unlocked and anyone is welcome.

And if you would like to see our beliefs then visit and watch a couple of the general conference sermons given by our prophet and apostles. I doubt you'll do it, but it was worth a try.
Who gave the moral right to a few extreme right wing religious fanatics to judge others. Jesus mingled with the outcasts and was compassionate towards the poor and the weak. Jesus didn't desire the company of religious nuts, who interpret the bible to suit their own agenda (Even the devil can quote the bible).When someone steps out to help the poor he/she is regarded as a Socialist, if this is so, then Jesus Christ was a Socialist.
It's about time for me to step up to the plate this has been going on sence 2003 filed federal law suit in 2006 in philadelphia federal court setelled out hoping it would stop It has not the name of my company is jays heavy duty towing located in philadelphia pa and bensailem pa.19020 in a rezalt I might Evan have a hit on my life now becuse of the tow company and the police people and police are telling me in a nice way to watch my back McWilliams runs Philadelphia tow squid. And all over turn trucks that take place in philadelphia pa.
+Noel Saravanamuthu The right is all about helping the poor. See Glenn Beck's event this week; 'Restoring Love.' We just think its the peoples' responsibility, not the governments' (and for good reason).
there is no politics, just need n benefit
+Martin Simson are you kidding me? YOU'RE TALKING?! people who think america is the greatest country in the world? land of the free home of the brave? romney supporter? do you think for yourself? if anything, liberals do think for themselves, cuz they want change, the appreciate and acknowledge change and human rights, unlike you guys who think the laws that were written in the 1700s works perfectly fine in 2012. so start thinking outside of the bible before you accuse others to not think. 
BS. I watched a documentary about the origins of the Mormon. Religion. They believe Jesus christ came to America and left an unpublished version of the bible somewhere in the Americas. They also don't believe that women should say anything or hold positions of leadership. And a black man forget it. I am a Christian but I follow christ unlike most that follow the doctrine. Obama forward 2012
Haha fuck off Obomber you criminal
+Frank Hazelton you must be rich as shit. and you prolly never donated a penny out of your pocket for the less fortunate.  typical. 
Amen Devin and have a good time
You fuck off. You look like a pedophiles. Your the criminal does your parole office know where you are. Obama forward.
WOW, i hope everyone in here ignores Tristen Clark. That was uncalled for and wow. im disgusted that people like this exist. 
lol +papa githiomi Your information is only as good as its source, which was obviously an anti-mormon propoganda film. There are women very high up in the LDS church. The president of the Relief Society is pretty much a general authority. She speaks at general conference twice a year with the rest of the general authorities.

A black man can do anything a white man can do in the LDS faith.

Read the book of mormon if you doubt its validity.

Quit spewing your ignorance, it's sad and it makes you look like an idiot to the people who actually research and think.
Pooja, I've been thinking for myself for 46 years. I've learned a lot over the years. I also served over ten years in the USAF protecting YOU from foreign enemies. Try showing some respect.
I wasn't the one who disrespected first. You were. You just got a taste of your own medicine, don't be a hypocrit. 
+Pooja Singh I'm not to start that Lil kid stuff but he started it by calling me a shithead n stuff total bus on him
Tristen Clark: "+Devin Christensen BTW I hate people like you because your a moromond and I think is worse than a flight rich jew"

The tolerance and love of liberals. Classic.
I dont think so +Noel Saravanamuthu Jesus requested that help come from the kindness of ones own heart, not from the attack dogs of Socialisms ever growing government.
+Tristen Clark oh then my bad. I just didn't appreciate your racist comment and didn't read all of it. I apologize... stay easy.. smoke something.. ull feel better. wooosaaa
Mr Simpson thank you for the service but I personally wish you didn't have to be protecting us. End the wars. Like president Obama did with Iraq and Afghanistan .that's what we voted Obama for. So I guess you don't like that president Obama is cutting defense spending well since you saved us time to live a regular American. Oww wait while you fought to save us Republicans outsourced all the jobs. I am not supporting invading sovereign nations and killing innocent civilians.
Pooja, stop and think before you speak. Do some reading; study history. We need someone who actually knows something about the economy to attempt to stop this sinking ship. Mitt is certainly not my first choice, but he'd be VASTLY better than Barack Hussein Obama.
+Martin Simson I do appreciate your service. But before worrying about foreign enemies, does anyone go to wonder why we have them? As you are clearly experienced and know WAY more about these things than I do, I just didn't understand what your purpose was of telling Obama supporters that they don't think for themselves. Where as I personally believe that people who are so indulged into the Constitution, the history of america and the Bible don't think outside of anything than those things, to the point that they won't accept anything else.
+papa githiomi please stop the Obama stuff OK he cut shit an lind his pockets for his private organizations aka the green movement he proposed in 11
+papa githiomi but you support obama? who got the us involved in two more wars illegally. And he didn't end the afghanistan war, it's still going on.

Where do you get your news? I need to know so that I can delete them from my twitter stream.
+Martin Simson I have studied history. I know exactly what America has done since the 1700s. I am an analyzer, if I didn't attain all that knowledge, I wouldn't be on here speaking my mind. I do believe that Obama did not keep the promises and has not done a good job building the economy up, but I don't see how it's so hard to understand the difficulty he is having. His focus right now is domestic issues, where as Romney supporters would like to focus more on foreign. He's a different type of President. Bombing another country and going into war is NOT the only way to generate revenue. 
+Pooja Singh making ignorant assumptions are we? Typical indeed! Baseless accusations make your arguments even weaker.
I accept facts. Things that are true. There will always be enemies because evil exists. I suppose you'd sit down and negotiate with Hitler?
+Frank Hazelton They were assumptions, which means that if I was wrong for the shot I took, then I accept that. I apologize for generalizing, but maybe I don't understand Republican's views on why it's so wrong for the rich to pay more taxes and for the middle class to become more a part of the economy than just the super pacs. 
The FACT is, Obama has FAILED. Time to give someone else a shot.
Someone with experience turning around bad economic situations (i.e. Olympics, businesses, individuals.)
give him another term. and change up the congress so that his bills can get passed. if he fails, then fine. if bush can get 2 terms, i don't see why obama shouldnt. fair right? 
+Devin Christensen I can respect someone who is nice see devin my only objective in my life right now is to make sure that america in my community is to be safe in the only way to accomplish that this was national socialism so please add and follow me I have plenty of updates that I do about national socialism regular socialism note ever stinks about life no it's such a nice touch on b***** about obama and the b***** about rick romney and how both of them will fail but I will say this thank you for respecting me and I did how to respect you now
+Pooja Singh As a person who loves history, tell me; what was america declaring its independence from (what didn't they like about england)? Why did they want their own country?

"if bush can get 2 terms, i don't see why obama shouldnt. fair right? "

No. did you like bush?
+Pooja Singh look obama tried any cell he put a stint trillions and trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars and that he tried he felt so sad winnie so what else I mean I respect you and I respect everybody else you point that we just had a car that we are still conversating about yes I am the youngest 1 here debating about national socialism because I am a national socialist I am 16 years old yeah I'm able to keep up with you like minded people who have ideas that I want to share it with you should add me as far as me I have regular updates on what I have going on about bs about obama bs about rick romney and everything else you need to know
All he has been doing is cleaning after dam BUSH. give him a break at least he's passed on the health thing in the USA...that is a step which BUSH could not do. @ Martin Simson.
+Devin Christensen are you mocking me? is that relevant? I'm more into economics, leadership, the government, international affairs, and global economics. I do not feel the need to answer a question a kid from middle school can answer to define the validity of my knowledge. 
+Devin Christensen i hated bush. so its mind boggling to me that americans chose him for 2 terms. so im asking for fairness. 
+Pooja Singh No, I was not mocking you. I was going to teach you the mindset of the right that you claim you don't understand. 

So please, just answer the question so we can move on to the concept.
+Tristen Clark good for you............
+Tristen Clark I find fault with your logic. You want your community to be safe? Socialist countries don't have the reputation of safety.

You say that you think regular socialism sucks, so what socialism doesnt?
No way mitt Romney can do anything positive in fact look at his finances. While he stashes his money away in Bermuda,Cayman islands, Swiss bank accounts. I don't know its all so shady. I mean most of us pay taxes and we don't have the luxury of not paying our dues. I guess paying 10% in tithes makes up for it. (Mitt Romney) I pay atleast 30% I can't get loopholes or move my money to Swiss bank accounts but he says lets not change anything keep me paying and him with no taxes. No NO its done. I say vote Obama
Add me both u two we can have a ERM talk conversion.. um called hangout I think
Pooja, he had the house and senate for TWO years. He could've rammed through all of his promised changes. He didn't. He's FAILED.
RON PAUL 2012. Obama signed the NDAA, he is an unconstitutional politician and not worthy of serving as president for the American people.
+Devin Christensen +Pooja Singh add me tomorrow I he we can continue tomorrow but I'm tired it's 1 o'clock in the morning and I need a paper research and see what I'm going to do tomorrow is lager and I'll go from there but yeah I want to hang out with you too and have a conversation on google plus so we could talk about this some more I find that fun

The reason why I save regular socialism suxz because everyone thinks that obama's quote on quote socialism b***** that he is is not really socialism I'm in national socialist if you would just go to the link that I've put up several times and read some of our stuff and look what were doing for america we are the truth patriots

We stand with america we are americans we are the white americans the true americans okay fighting for white civil rights that's what we're here for not racist b***** that people think we are
+Devin Christensen Okay well then I would love to have this conversation with you. Simply put, I would say American wanted independence because they were oppressed, they had to pay taxes for the British which aroused anger i think after the stamp act... leading to the boston tea party, leading to the revolution. do i get an A+ or is that not specific enough? =P 
+Connor Goulet I would love to vote for paul, but this election is too important. We have to get the communist out so that in the future we can still have elections to put someone like paul in the whitehouse.
Actually this president did what most couldn't do health care reform. That most didn't Want to deal with he tackled it and yes it cost a lot .we are moving forward and we need president Obama now more than ever.
BS. The current administration is not Communists . That's just wrong to say. We are voting president Obama back to power. You can move to Canada
Papa I feel so sorry for you sir I really do this to me it's like someone stabbed in the back your head so f**** bad that you can I see what the f*** is going on homes seriously man what the f*** up obama is not the answer hello if anyone is the answer is the leader of the nsm 88 jeff sheop
Isn't it always great how good any of the politicians talk and promise, making things better just before an election. Sorry both candidates make no difference. Paul would have been the only candidate who do more as just talk. But let's just stick the same old way, something like a real CHANGE right?
+Tristen Clark hahaha im an IT college student and have a programming exam tomorrow, i was taking a break and now im back to studying, hence the slower replies. do you go to school in america tristen? when i was in middle school and high school, these facts were DRILLED in my head. they will never leave. i will never forget the reenactments we had to do of the tea party just for fun in our classes. although since im really bad at dates, i couldn't tell you which exact year those things happened without googling it =)
+Pooja Singh Exactly. I really wasn't judging your historical knowledge, but we have to go through each step for the whole thing to make sense.

So your answer is 'mainly taxes.' They didn't want to pay taxes to people not in their community. This is where the republican mindset of small federal gov. taxes begins.

Why wouldn't they want to pay taxes to England? There are a few answers for that, mainly: The king was not really sending much of that money back to the states and the people figured they could better provide for their communities if they administered the money. (any objections to this? any reasons you'd like to add)

Well since we are out of posts on here I'll make a long story short.

Capitalism and freedom from oppressive taxation and government led to the largest, fastest economic growth in recorded human history. We (on the right) believe that the rules of the game have not changed, just the gear.

We can take better care of each other at a better price in our own communities and states than the federal government can administer to all.

We know that punishing success breeds failure.

That sums it up very shortly
+Pooja Singh I am the german american pure white american citizen I go to high school I am in the 11th grade I have a high be sophisticated level of austin to see what it comes to public knowledge politics software engineering program inc c c plus tyson program inc I have a smart kid for my age the only downside is that I can speak english well and I can't spell english well
+Devin Christensen Whats the relevance to that? Communism is an old system and so is democracy, if you ask me they are both broken and fucked up. We need true reform. We need something new. Ron Paul is the only candidate who will give us the chance to restore the USA from fear mongering, money hungry corrupted politicians and corporations. That is the best start of a reform for our country that I can think of.
Silly Rabbit, tricks are for kids. Spamming the President’s campaign page is for jerks. 
Gan Lu
Politics is not a one size fits all. Thats why, politics will always benefit a politician.
Bain Capital ,The Salt Lake City Olympics ,and his China Relationship.
Bain Capital was originally created, Mr. Romney was given full control of the private equity firm’s new management company, Bain Capital Inc. When Mr. Romney went on leave in 1999, he retained ownership of that entity, and with it, in theory at least, the power to control Bain Capital’s funds.Romney appeared to be leaving open the possibility that he would return to Bain. His leave was originally characterized as part time, and he told The Boston Herald in 1999 that he would be providing input on investment and personnel decisions in his absence. Mr.Romney retained technical control of Bain Capital’s management and because his wealth remained heavily tied up with the firm, Mr. Romney’s name or signature appears on dozens of documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission between February 1999 and August 2001, when he finalized a retirement deal with the active Bain partners and transferred to them his shares of Bain’s management entity. Mr.Romney name were on the documents as the chief executive and sole owner of the company,” Edward W. Conard, a Bain partner at the time, said during an appearance on MSNBC on Sunday. “And it took several years for us to sort out how to put the management team in place.” Mr. Romney’s name appears on at least 142 such forms,on or AboutApproximetly by july 8 or 10th Mr. Romney’s “principal occupation” as “managing director” of Bain Capital Investors VI Inc., a private equity fund. There are filings that reflect's the complex nature of private equity funds: each Bain fund was run by a separate general partnership one that included all of Bain’s executives that in turn was legally controlled by Mr. Romney.
 through his management entity. Asimco Technologies, an auto parts manufacturer whose plants dot eastern China, would seem to underscore Mitt Romney’s campaign-trail complaint that China’s manufacturing juggernaut is costing America jobs. Nine years ago, the company bought two camshaft factories that employed about 500 people in Michigan. By 2007 both were shut down. Now Asimco manufactures the same components in China on government-donated land in a coastal region that China has designated an export base, where companies are eligible for the sort of subsidies Mr. Romney says create an unfair trade imbalance. But there is a twist to the Asimco story that would not fit neatly into a Romney stump speech: Since 2010, it has been owned by Bain Capital, the private equity firm founded by Mr. Romney, who has as much as $2.25 million invested in three Bain funds with large stakes in Asimco and at least seven other Chinese businesses, according to his 2012 candidate financial disclosure and other documents
 That and other China-related holdings by Bain funds in which Mr. Romney has invested are a reminder of how he inhabits two worlds that at times have come into conflict during his campaign for the White House. As a candidate, Mr. Romney uses China as a punching bag. He accuses Beijing of unfairly subsidizing Chinese exports, artificially holding down the value of its currency to keep exports cheap, stealing American technology and hacking into corporate and government computers. “How is it China’s been so successful in taking away our jobs?” he asked recently. “Well, let me tell you how: by cheating.” But his private equity dealings, both while he headed Bain and since, complicate that message. Mr. Romney sees any conflict between his Bain investments in China and his policy positions,Since “Only the president has the power to level the playing field with China. No private citizen can do that alone.” I don't get my facts from MSM , and that's one thing that why Mr. romney is hidding his tax returs I care less about how muchg he pay's in taxes but for one he should be more clear about his relationship now between Bain Capital and his Buisness Record,I'm White and I don't care if he is black or white I care about facts only and he has a lot of things that he is hidding ..The Salt Lake City Olympics that Romney ran received $1.5 billion in government funds"Mitt Romney's pledge to run the most transparent Olympic Games in history, the archival records of the 2002 Winter Olympics are either under lock and key at the University of Utah's Marriott Library or have been completely destroyed. Now the Boston Globe reports:So if you find them please let me know..Interestingly, Romney, who in recent months has been de-emphasizing the role of government in helping businesses function and survive, did use his success at getting government support as one of his qualifications when he was running for governor in Massachusetts,So much of the success of the 2002 Olympics depended on government support that some campaign videos have actually been made emphasizing that fact:Romney found himself stuck in a huge traffic backup on the road to the men’s downhill ski area, because some buses had not received the proper security-clearance placards and were being prevented from proceeding. Romney, who had organized the Salt Lake Olympics, jumped out to take charge. He started directing traffic, over the objections of a sheriff’s deputy, Kodi Taggart; she later filed a report on Romney’s interference. And he lit into an 18-year-old volunteering as a security officer, Shaun Knopp. Knopp told reporters that Romney had asked “who the fuck” he was and “what the f**k” he was doing and had then told him, “We got the Olympics going on, and we don’t need this shit going on.” Romney denied this at the time, saying he had not used such language since high school. “I would not, have not, and never would use the f-word,” he said. The worst word he used with Knopp, he said, was “H-E double hockey sticks.”In the days after the incident, the state’s top law enforcement official decided against an investigation. But the officer in charge of security at the downhill site, Weber County Sheriff’s Office Captain Terry Shaw, said a police sergeant from Colorado working under his command had corroborated Knopp’s account, and Shaw demanded an apology from Romney.Police were angered that Romney denied shouting the expletive and were further miffed when Romney later offered a partial apology to a sheriff's captain but not to Knopp.
 ''There were a lot of people in public safety who were extremely angry,'' said Peter Dawson, a lawyer today who served as an intern in a communications center at the time. ''The general consensus was, 'I hope he doesn't need any help from us because we aren't going to respond very quickly.'.''
Diaoyu islands belong to China ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
That is a lot of info Talal, this needs to be sent to reporters. The fact that a unstable man like Romney can call himself a better leader, and that many Americans would overlook his record and history is frightening.
Diaoyu islands belong to China ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Our President has been Re-elected We the People have spoken and We Gave Him A Mandate to help the Middle-Class Families That are working Hard..To try To Get Into the Middle Class. That's His Mandate.
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Hello president obama
thank God that you won the election and kindly Adriko needs your help to develop his community therefore for any financial assistance i will be grateful thanks.
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