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If you missed it last night, or want to watch it again, here’s President Obama’s Democratic National Convention acceptance speech.
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You're a good man Mr President,

Just for God's sake, do something to help the world!
I admit that I do not envy the position of President of the United States  at all.  It's like being the scapegoat for everything.
+Michael Bruin He's the President of the United States of America, not the world. That's God deal and responsibility Not the President of The United States of America.
America, be smart, vote Barack!!!
Great speech. Great Convention. :-)
Barack Obama / Joe Biden 2012
arithmetics and plain english
Congratulations to President Obama and First Lady!
Sir, you'll win more votes if you #ReformIPR, and get rid of the PATRIOT act and the NDAA. Those last two are scaring people and putting a lot of supporters off.
Thank you, Mr. President, for talking to the American public as adults during your speech -- and during your presidency.
Obama has confidence all standards and will work already for the strength of its program and deal with great confidence with the challenges of a major crisis all categories with him until the poor people in American society
Great speech. Ready to power through to November 
Sorry missed it...oh and by the way GO MITT!!!!!!!
Mitt doesn't know what it feels like to struggle. He should go eat a pile of shit. GO OBAMA!
Hope you dont break as many promises as last time around.
Please people. No matter who you want to see run the country lets be more civil.
Be proud of your President and vote for him again! I'd love to see a man like him running my country Germany!
+Russell Donahue .. Go join mitt to eat a pile of shit.Obama knows what it's like struggling, and mitt's been a spoiled bitch ass millionaire for quite some time.  Do us a favor. If you don't like Obama, stop commenting on his shit? GO OBAMA! P.s sorry for my language.
both of them suck - Barack and Mitt - we will never have a choice that's not the lesser of 2 evils.. either way we're f'd.
Obama will never get rid of the NDAA and neither will Romney.

Gary Johnson 2012. The only one that supports liberty!
Go see the movie 2016 Obama's America. It will scare the hell out of you and perhaps you will go out and recruit eligable voters to oust this cockroach from the highest post in our land!
Watch it again? Actually I just may, if only to confirm that the only difference between you and Romney is that you're a marginally slicker phoney.
Anyone who's watched southpark knows that it's always a choice between a douche and tird sandwich. No matter how much they say they're going to fix things or that you really care about you - they don't. Everyone just wants to be king and do the least amount of work.
+Russell Donahue  And I suppose you don't believe in arithmetic either, huh? Honestly, they're right, the hate you people show is some of the most un-American one can be.

Go hide in your conservative hole. This round I'm voting for Obama!
Obama wants to spend and tax. They go together people. Hello !! Obama care is really a tax to cover his outrageous spending our money. U ever heard beer wallet wine taste. 
all at the cost of the people who really matter... fuck we're fucked
Romney gave his inheritance from his dad to the poor. What a horrible man. 
Wish I could un-plus these posts... Sorry Barack, missed it last night and I'll miss it for the rest of my earthly life. Nobama 2012!
Jesus L
Jesus L
Yeah.. you know he just has a 2.9 billion net..
Mitt Romney makes millions of dollars a year doing nothing.. all of these political piggies do.. they exploit us in return and then promise they're going to save us.. it's all bullshit, it's all about the money and the fame. it's been forever since someone actually cared. 
i know what a horrible man if i was the vice president i would have gave my mom and dad  my inheritance.
we should revolt and actually take the power back
All i'm just saying is, i think Obama would atleast try harder than Mitt. 
send all of our money overseas where he thinks it belongs anyway !
politics are all BS, they just want our money and want us to continue doing the work to keep society going. They sit around and pretend to care and pretend to want to solve issues but these rich f**ks just waste time, money, lives and resources arguing about who's right and who's wrong instead of actually caring about US!
the extremists aren't the problem, it's the repubs and dems.
we need a completely new agenda that is actually run by the people
We are with Mr president four more years four more beers Obama forward 2012.
Fred Rapp
You can count on me voting for Romney
I am talking about the extremists on both sides - the republicans and democrats - all they do is argue and poiunt fingers instead of working together to fix the problem.  I want them all gone and start fresh - no one would be beholden to any groups - fix the country.
it doesn't even matter who you vote for people, it's the stupid rest of congress that decides who's going to be president. the people don't actually decide that anymore and it's BS.
Oh blow it out your ass, "Fred", racist jerk. You don't even want to show your face. Figures. Jealous because Mittens/Eddie Munster are shitheads?
I'd rather not, but thanks. I heard it was empty and full of .. the usual, promises and no real truth.
your vote is disregarded and not even taken into account! It only matters who you elect to your local and state government, even then they can flip their votes and go against you. it's so messed up it's beyond repair at this point. soooo sooo sad
I hope Obama wins, i don't trust Mitt Romney at all.
If you believe in founding father of this great USA. Do not vote this man in office for four more years.
I know - I hate bad pubs that are been there done that.  As well as democrats.  They are bad also.
+Steve Adams , You know most of them are Illuminati freaks right? That's why the're in for the money. It's on the back of a dollar. I mean if we know about how could they not know? They want a new world order to take over all the countries so that they can make more money. The're so much to this Illuminati stuff but you gotta go look it up for yourself. That's all this government is about. When America first became America, we wanted change and freedom.. and we're not getting it. 
Fred Rapp
Not a racist..just against socialism...
About 3 billion in debt A DAY!!! Thanks Mr. Obama
100th comment bitches! :)
I can't wait for another 4 years of wars with the middle east, gitmo, patriot act and our very own war on drugs! These drug dealers and terrorists need to be shown we have a strong president! 
loser or a loser, either way we all lose
Why does this garbage keep showing up on my page?
And trust Obama? Isn't he the one that told the people that he wouldn't run for another term, if he couldn't uphold what he promised? I agree, he did inherit a lot of shit, but let's face it, he has driven the country further in depth. Unemployment still ceases to decrease to a tolerable number and our respect as a nation on a global level is damn near comical.
Fred Rapp
Obama will go down as the worst president in US other president ever pushed such a socialistic agenda 
Action speaks louder than words. The Obama administrations only actions have been giving away our hard earned money to those that want a free ride.
And bowing to another leader, really? WTF happened to the American way of a hand shake? Fuck that. I am American, and I would bow to NO man.
The president Has spoken!
You mean the president has lied
Obama for PRESIDENT, Clinton for VICE PRESIDENT, Biden for SECRETARY!
+Dave Hardee Ikr? I mean people keep asking Obama "what have you done for this country?" pfft. What have you done? You think one man can clean up nearly a billion people's messes? Don't blame the president for your stupid choice of getting a job, rather then having your own business! That's all alot people seem to do nowadays is blame the president for every little thing that goes on in their life. Take some responsibility losers. OBAMA 2012
This guy hasn't done crap for our country!!..
Um this "genius" freakin promised a whole lot of sh*t and of course here we are and its worse then before like our national debt
No substance. More talk. Have had enough of that, thank you very much.
More promises. Please, cut me a break.
What a Boob. I won't vote for him again.
Highest non-participation rate in the jobs market right now, since the Carter era. Let's use our heads here.
I have one question for you people who was president when that dude died that was terrorizing people fighting wars home what ask yourself that question
+Michael Mooney , One man. Cannot.Clean up. bmillions of peoples shit. If you think you can do it, run for president you yourself dumbass.
+Dave Pugh suppose he does get sh*t done for the country? Do you have the "seeing is believing" approach?
Ok're entitled to your opinion. As are we. +Anthony So  wasn't it GREAT to see a president who didn't NEED to lie....???!!!
Welfare is at a all time high. Food stamps are at a all time high. Oil has been and is returning to all time highs. The national debt is beyond reason. Throw out all the incumbents and let's see if new blood can help. NoObama2012.
Best Republican president since Clinton!
this guy sucks worse than that guy who sucks worse than this guy. Why do we always get stuck picking between two people who suck!?!?!?!?
You clown. Employment has always been much better during Democratic Administrations as has the stock market.
Great speech, great person, great president. AMERICA IS WITH YOU MR. PRESIDENT!!
All I'm saying Is that he shouldn't make promises he can't keep
The lesser of two evils. And to think, he just may go another term. What's next to be toyed with? 2nd amendment?
The Democrats like to state how many private sector jobs were created over the last three and a half years but they don't face the fact that unemployment is still well over 8% not even counting those who have given up "hope" of finding a job!
They do face that fact, that's why they constantly say the work isn't done.
there is no LESSER of two evil's.. shitty is still shitty
No MR president I'm still under the bridge.While you are in office let tell you that I have said it fefore and many times why my design of airplaine if it fall from the sky it does not come crashing down it come down like a falling leaf.And I think even if it is shot with a rocket,It is very possible.
+Matt Calay Honestly, you make it sound like he's a saint about the dad inheritance thing.

His father left him $1 million, which is a pebble of the wealth. AND, he donated it to a scholarship in his dad's name, AND THEN Mitt was put on the board on the school. So donation? Purchase? What would a normal person call that?
If you liked NDAA, then you're going to LOVE four more years of Obama. Vote for the lesser of evils between Romney & Obama in November. Because •obviously• THAT tactic always works out so well. They count on the people who try to "vote against" a candidate they dislike more. Stop falling for it.
Oh my god u r angle we never and ever see gentleman like u gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo forward
+Steve Adams What exactly are you contributing here? We're faced with a choice between two, if you don't like either, well, don't vote? And then you can't complain about either of them.
8.1% is not well over 8%.  granted much of that is people leaving the work force.
The Right Man For The Right Job At The Right Time. To move this country forward and for generations to come. Thank you, Sir.
There are only two choices? People who think like that have no business voting. They are a very big part of what's wrong with the U.S..
lets focus on the issues, he took money out of SS just like clinton took money out of medicare. when will he balance our spending? answer: when he's done bankrupting the country.
Da Ha
Canada is the U.S.'s "Closest Ally", not Britain . Culturally and Physically. Romney/Ryan camp will make "Hay" out of this foreign policy blunder...Palin's "Russia from my porch" mis-step kinda dictated her foreign policy attitude, why should the POTUS be exempt from "mis-speak" scrutiny...
Until he gets the finger out and legalises cannabis, I retain a poor interest in this man.
Beautiful speech my @#$ if you like being lied too or if you are just that stupid to believe that none loving American citizen another time.
Blah Blah Blah  Same old BS. He had 4 years. Like Clint said "When somebody doesn't do the job you gotta let him go! It's time for Obama to go.
U guys don't have a clue on wht u saying about Obama stupid ass people . :P
dog and pony show.. politics is where left = right.  I won't vote for any of you because it just encourages you to continue to control me with your endless lies, propaganda, laws, media and commercials.  I swear, the singularity can't come soon enough.
Fact also remains, that Americans are getting fed up. No, he cannot "fix millions of people". What he can do is step out respectfully before this country is completely bankrupt. Education, economy, foreign affairs, and traditional American values have went to the way side. In his defense (as bad as I hate it), he isn't the only one at fault. I say dismantle both parties from any executive power position and reestablish the entire government. This administration, in my eyes, has achieved this position and has exploited it in every way.
+Francisco Ayala it's the other way around. Why want a president who is against homosexual relationships?
More empty promises... Obama isn't the right choice. He promises change but it's the same BS we've got for the past 12 years!! there's NOTHING different except healthcare!! we don't need Him anymore. #VotingRomney
Now why would I want to watch that?  Waste of my time....
Who would want to watch his lies again.  Seriously just take a minute and think about it.  ARE YOU BETTER OFF NOW THEN WHEN HE TOOK OFFICE?
you're dumb dude.. i could give my inheritance if i made millions of dollars a year too..
Weli A
We are better off and we are moving in the right direction.
If the serpent bites before it is charmed, there is no advantage to the charmer.   Just Sayin!!!!!!
When he took office, I had a good job, almost 20 years, that I enjoyed. Now, the company is gone, my job is gone, my insurance is gone, my company vehicle is gone, but I have a really long vacation ahead of me. Pretty sure who I will be voting for.
Why're all the Obama dislike white male haters?

... who have no idea what they're talking about. See that statistics of the past 30 years for added debt, by party, added jobs, by party. You don't think things are better after than before? You must be choosing to ignore the facts.

And talk about free handouts. Every millionaire paying 10% on capital gains when they should be paying 35%, why don't any of you fools criticize THOSE handouts? In fact, they cost us MORE.

And I wish there could be a real 3rd party in federal elections, I do. But the reality is, the two parties at hand simply have too much money to drown anybody else's chances out, and I'm not taking the chance that my 3rd-party vote allows someone like Romney to take over, by having had split Obama votes.

The man has taken us OUT of wars, has signed additional tax cuts for MOST of us, and has implemented health law that has slowed the exponential rate of growth of insurer's premiums. We are NOT ONLY better today than we were when Obama was given the reigns, we are WAY better than we were years before that. Thank the Pubs for taking a budget surplus and turning it around to destroy our kids' futures.

America was being sold when our businessmen starting valuing profit over supporting Americans, which sadly happened decades ago. Tell me a Republican is going to stop outsourcing, I dare you.

I don't think any one person is perfect for this job. Heck, if you want this job, you should probably be immediately disqualified. :)  But, I do believe that one party has an agenda to buffer up their own wealth, and that scares the daylights out of me, there's no stopping Republican greed if we don't keep them out of the White House.

I don't vote for my own well being, or for supposed "job-creators". I vote for my children, and for the people looking forward enough to at least put thought into a better day for them. Today, that means Democrat.

The end.
This speech was just ok.  2004 and 2008 convention speeches were much better.
Nik SM
TheZoo, 60-80% of this country is religious. That should tell you something!
brainy and perfect wife, mother and first lady! lucky you Mr. President she is behind your success..keep it up your good governance! GOD bless your country and family..
we lost america a long time ago.. continuing down the same path of the current state of political leadership only digs a deeper hole. we need to reform the entire system... the repubs and dems both suck. they've had their chance, tons of them and keep failing so why do we keep trusting and believing in system that has continuously failed us. neither one of these douches are going to heal us or america. 
Fuck Obama! I've seen friends go from bad to worse from Obama's fucked up policies.
Anyone who thinks our current situation is Obama's fault and not GWB coupled with a piece of shit Republican Congress has the memory of a goldfish and/or is willfully ignorant.
Best part of it is you're probably poor and badly off so your dumb-ass vote for Romney is participating in your own degradation.
The why Im a horrible president speech.

They and them and those guys you know who they are its not me its everybody else.

Please just go away and take your ineffective policies with you.

Wake Up America
+Craig Brunetti wow, you actually listened to your grandparents when they said "if you don't vote, you can't complain"  .... utter nonsense.  ...oh, i'll complain's not about the 'elected' official though,  it's about all you ignorant, blind faith sheep out there who prop up an archaic, tried and failed system.  Open your eyes, do some questioning, and quit sprouting cliches that have no merit. away capitalism with circus clowns at the wheel!  
+Craig Brunetti - my problem is that our vote doesn't even count - wake up dude. makes no difference if i voted for scooby-do, the people in power would still pick who they want
It is my understanding that he has accomplished 36% of the things he promised in the lasst election, and most of the things he has not accomplished is due to opposition from the republicans, many of which offered their support only to flip-flop later.
U may not like him, but letteing Romney in will bury the middle class and u can forget about anyone under that class.
+Steve Adams What if everyone says their vote doesn't count?  Then what?  GO ROMNEY, RYAN!
yep, it should be popular vote that gets the job, not that damn electoral crap.  then everyone vote counts!
I missed it.....awe and I don't need to watch it thanks for wasting the internet with this crap.
+Franklyn Rae Robinson Are you counting the "saved" jobs as gain?  I think that is about the only way you can get anything remotely close to positive.  That figure in itself is misleading.  You can't have an unemployment rate higher of 8.3% and say he put in a bunch of great jobs...sorry, the math doesn't work right.
if you actually think that your vote DOES count, then you're a multi-billion dollar CEO!  Congrats!!! 
@Jordan Beachy - it's a FACT that your vote for president doesn't count! Look at the election between bush and gore! the people voted for gore but still bush was elected. do some homework, our vote is decided for us for the senate and house. it only matters who you elect to congress
As a president you are an scapegoat which people aren't realizing it takes a lot more to build than to teardown and with congress fighting him and having to play ball to make certain people of position happy what do you expect.

There is no where to go but up from here unless you completely avoid all issues and do nothing. Whatever the results just keep doing the best you can
You refer to yourself in the third person?
Are you people insane? Of course your vote counts. I mean, even if you're voting Republican, which I can't imagine why, it counts! The system is quite obviously not perfectly representative, with the college in the way, but even that's on purpose... I wish we could do without the college, but that's not really the bigger problem, it's the fact that some (most?) states whole-heartedly dedicate their electorate to the local majority winner, even if it's only 51-49%. That crap has to stop.

And I stand by the line I've heard (NOT from my grandparents, you arrogant fool), because if you're not participating in the process, then you aren't going to change anything. Sitting back and declare the State as the enemy does not good -- because nobody's really listening to you.

It's time for Americans to grow up, take a stance, represent their own interests by voting for the people who are the best fit, even when that fit isn't perfect. We are not going to become a country of complainers, or else we are all doomed to the fate of the do-nothings.
Hello I am from France, I saw what you did even if it is only a small party then I do not USA.Mais life, does not prevent cla encourage you hoping your reelection . Sincerely
+Steve Adams really man, the Constitution lays the rules for the election. If you don't like it, start a campaign to amend the rule. And good luck with that.

I don't like the rule either, as I wish majority vote would do the trick. But then I fear majority vote count, especially in a country where Pubs can write laws to intimidate people from even voting (any law that puts the government's need to identify AHEAD of a person's right to vote is purely intimidation, not accommodation).

I believe Obama has his heart in the right place, even if we're not all feeling the affects of it today. But the trends show that we will. You want to put your faith in Pubs instead? In their beloved Wall Street, Big Oil, and elite free market? Then go vote that way, it is your right.
Thanks for service! The United States needs more people with heart, compassion and determination! You exemplify all those traits and so much more!
i would if i could, but i'm not one of the 1% who controls the world.. i can yell as loud as i want but money (sadly) speaks louder than words. it's reality that i live in, where are you?
Steve, you are WRONG.  When you vote you are helping to selecting a set of electors for your state, either the republican or democratic set.  They get together after the popular vote and cast the real ballot.  Most states are winner take all, but some states split their electoral votes.  "W" got more electoral votes because he won Florida, declared by the Florida secretary of state.
re: Steve says below there is no guarantee they will vote as they have pledged. OK your right about that even though no state has EVER went against the popular vote of it's state. that makes your point pointless. thing is he knows the truth just wants to agitate. 
Yes, we should get rid of the electoral college so that the three most populous states can dictate every election. Brilliant. Try again.
+Steve Rouse I am sorry to hear about your friend(s).

I'm interested, exactly which policy do you blame?
+Craig Brunetti I would 'lmao' if this wasn't so sad.  You vote on people to 'represent' your thoughts/beliefs/etc, you don't vote on those actual thoughts/beliefs/etc...and you think that's a good idea.  You've bought the lie.  "Derp, the news man said this is my guy, so this is my guy!!"   ...shame on you.
@Farrell Aultman - i'm not wrong, there's not guaranteeing that the people i elect are going to vote my way, hence my vote is cast aside. bahhhhhhhhhhh like the rest of the sheep
Less campaigning more fixing things.
sounds like you might have had trouble breast feeding as a child. 
+Steve Adams I'm part of the citizenry of the United States, putting my vote in because I know my vote, plus those of others, come together to make the statement.

If you choose not to participate, where are YOU?
g'night smart people, leave before you go crazy listening to the unintelligible nonsense 
Watch again . . . or shove a stick in my eye. . . .hmmm
President Obama; U Hit a home run!!!!!!! Mr. Christensen U need a reality check!!!
He is too stupid for me. Can't stand the Guy. I didn't think there would be that much support for this moron!  Then I looked at some of the profiles of the people that support him!  Thanks for the comedy entertainment :)

Anyone who would vote for this idiot a second time is just that.... and IDIOT!!!  You crackhead pieces of crap are going to get what's coming to you.  Unfortunately the rest of the country will too because of your stupidity!  Obama is a loser and has no business in office..... PERIOD!

Also, unfortunately, the election comes down to a vote between a turd sandwich and a giant douche...
Fraud and better start packing your bags, cause November 7th will be a very bad day for you
Anyone can get a canned speech chock full of lies in lots of places
+Jacob Sewell I said no such extrapolation. You're an idiot trying to make a ridiculous point.

I vote for people who share my interests, who make the kind of decisions I think my family needs to see right now. I think health care needed to get reigned in, and it did. I think my daughters shouldn't be told by government what to do with their bodies, and they won't. Nor should they pay more for health care, and get paid less for doing the same work as my son. And they won't, all thanks to law passed in the past 3.5 years.

What beliefs do YOU vote for, beyond the right to complain? Maybe you like the idea of lowered tax rates for wealthy people? Or adding billions to the military budget that they don't need? Or voting for a party that thinks they have a right to tell you WHO you can and cannot marry...

Shame on you, you have made no stand. I don't have any doubt that Obama stands for the little guy more than any Republican ticket ever could.
jet wu
How can anyone get sucked in by such an egotistical fool?
worship satan pal...!! ha ha fuck the 1% er's
Welldone Mr President Gods blessing go with you.
Obama would get more votes if: 1) stands his ground with out compromise. 2) Veto's any republican backed bill as a retaliation 3) increase transparency 4) increase the standard of education while reducing cost. 5) Increase the taxes for the upper 1%.
We need one less communist in the white house. 
When you vote with black box electronic voting machines, then +Steve Adams is 100% right. Your vote doesn't count, they create the results. Bring back real paper ballots!!

Gary Johnson 2012!!
Does anyone actually do any real thinking anymore? I am pretty lucky that I went to school when they still actually taught something. Before the "intellectuals" took over with there hate everything that is good and right. 
Maybe, but doesn't that:
1) make him Republican
2) make him Republican
3) require money he's not going to get from Republican House
4) require pixie dust?
5) require pixie dust?

I'd love to see those things too, well except the no-compromise part, compromise is supposed to be the key to our Congress. But I fear none of them can happen while the GOP are controlled by such extreme hate.

But, I do hold him a better man for trying. :)
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+Craig Brunetti You think you're voting on this guy because of those issues?  You don't think that guy is bought and paid for?'s bad enough that these corporate tools have literally NO legal obligation to do ANYTHING they say, but it's worse that you actually vote on them with the BLIND HOPE that they MIGHT do a PORTION of what they say.   I stand as an individual who works as hard as I can to make the local environment around me a better place for me, my family, and everyone else.  I stand for a better WORLD.  I stand for TEAM PEOPLE.  I stand for the 'us vs them' nonsense to end.  I stand for everything that politics can NEVER fix.  You....are brainwashed.
No man who sends troops to kill muslims is a good man! Obama go die!
Obama is the worst kind of terrorist, he makes stupid people believe in him.
I think he will follow his word. He stopped the war. He killed Bin Ladin. He cut our crisis in half. 
The war had to end sometime. It fizzled out. 
This is addressed to Steve Adam, you ever wonder why nothing gets done, because of people like you that don't stand for anything, nor try to make a difference. Someone who spends their time disagreeing just to disagree. "Stand for Something, or FALL for anything" 
He said he would get us out of debt
I believe that Obama is not paid for. I have to, because if I didn't, and I know Republicans are paid for, then all is lost, and there is nowhere to put my faith. That kind of thinking leads to madness.

+Charles Jones Actually, it's the party that "won't be dictated by fact-checkers" that's piling up the stupid people. It's practically they're motto.

+Matt Calay Oh, yes, and I suppose Bin Laden HAD to sometime just turn himself in from not wanting to hide anymore... you think wars just end like poof, where do you get your history from?!?
Obama has created this crisis....WAKE UP LIBS, can u really handle 4 more years of being broke? Having no job or any prospects for a job,then to top it off when you can't afford the MANDATED health insurance you get to pay a fine..... NICE WORK.....
I'm with Jorge ! Not a good comparison. 
+Jorge Veloz Obama DID present a budget. Many times. But Republicans consistently used filibusters in the Senate to keep it from even reaching a vote.

And those warriors of ours in the Middle East, try to remember, it's not Obama who put them there. If anything, it's Obama trying to take them out. We can't just tell everybody to go home, the chaos would spread beyond the region.

Stop placing fault on those who don't deserve it. The guy's had 4 years to clean up a gigantic mess with a House that won't work with them (again, one of their mottos!). TELL me how Romney, or any silver-spoon-fed Republican, would do better.
+Craig Brunetti
Name me specifically wat he did ? Some credit goes to Bush. Why was he even looking for him. He said he would pull us out right away
Democrats have never vote for their President budget.
+Amy Kiker When you can't afford the insurance, you get it for free. That's part of the law.

It's only when you COULD afford it, and choose not to participate, is when you pay the fine (now, "tax"). Us in Massachusetts know, because the law is modeled after what we've been running for years. And it's working here. Why would anyone assume it would be otherwise elsewhere?
No Muslim that sends out suicide bombers, kills and enslaves other Muslims or people of the book is a true Muslim. Farihin Fong Sho Ghi Abdullah, you are an idiot that needs to study the teaching of the Prophet. Ignorance is not blessed nor will your stupidity bring you closer to Allah.

Sorry! You, sir, will NEVER get my vote!
awesome just awesome.... u idiots should stop hating b get a life.. God bless Obama..
Obama is a muslim extremist and a socialist, anybody that votes vor him is an idiot.
Kiss ur money good bye. If u go for Obama
Every president has to deal with the opposite party. There he goes again pointing fingers. 
People keep using those words. I do not think they mean what you think they mean.
I don't even know what's goin on since I'm 13 but vote for Obama old ppl!(since I can't -.-)
+Matt Calay Credit for what? For putting us in Iraq when we shouldn't have been there? Obama cleared that mess up last year.

Or maybe, for leaving office with job loss in a freefall? The current adminstration cleaned that up too.

OR, possibly for deregulation the financial industry, so they could screw with everybody's 401ks and take our economy with it? Obama signed regulation to tackle that as well.

It's so easy to attack, isn't it? When you have no proof of your own to stand on? That is how children debate.
We don't need an ok president ( witch I dot think he is). We need a better president. 
While I don't agree with some of his decisions I don't get the feeling that he has ulterior motive. It seems as though he honestly wants to help people. In my entire life I've never gotten that impression from a politician. Even from someone on the city council much less the president of the united states. This is a first for me.
+Matt Calay  Quite the contrary, I've been kissing my money hello with Obama at the head, we're doing quite better now.

OK, WHICH better president? Name him. Then go vote for him.
+Gabe Goldstein put down the bong and open your mind, can you feed your kids on those two things if so tell everyone elce how to do it
Meaning wat did he do to get Ben Ladin ?
He takes credit for that. Wen we got no business for being there ! He ain't no better than bush then. By the way they blew up buildings. 
Obama is a Socialist and a national embarrassment!~
If you like being spied on by nation-wide patrol drone aircraft, then you'll LOVE four more years of Obama!
•Almost anyone but Obamney 2012•
i vote for kim kardashian
I am taxed enough !! I don't need Obama putting a camera on me ! Making sure I pay tax on a gum ball. 
lolz @ +Matt Calay Are you confusing Iraq, Al Queda, and Pakistan?

Maybe you should take your confusion elsewhere.

+Thomas DeKade Sir, it was Republican rule that lets the government tap your phone and intercept your internet traffic without a warrant. And yes, I want patrol aircraft. On the borders, where they currently are.
We're out of Iraq? REALLY? Is that what you call it when you pull out most of the troops and then just stop calling the ones STILL THERE "combat troops". Suckers.
+Michael Reason Actual socialists would disagree, since Obama has done nothing to democratize the means of production.
Fact: When you factor in the number of people who quit looking for work because they weren't FINDING any (which the "official" numbers do not reflect), the actual unemployment rate is well over 14%. Do your homework and verify it yourself.
Hey, guess what. Were still at war, even though bin laden is dead. (And Obama didn't kill him.) And general motors is doing well because WE THE PEOPLE built it that way. OBAMA didn't build it. THEY worked for something and THEY achieved it. Because THEY put the work into it, it was not given to THEM. 
4 more years Mr President!...Let's keep moving forward...Obama 2012...Biden 2016  Republicans are bad for America!
WORST.... PRESIDENT..... EVER..... NEXT!'s a lot like watching a religious battle:  I worship the dems, I worship the reps....meanwhile nothing is getting done in the real world and problems are compounding exponentially.  ...keep having your politics battle....i'll be over here working.
+Jorge Veloz To be fair, you said he didn't present a budget. In fact, he did. That's all I'm rebutting.

However, if you're questioning sending Curiosity to Mars, then you don't get the scope of the problem. Curiosity is a crowning American achievement, costiing ~$2.5 billion. The federal deficit is $1,100 billion. That's you complaining about 0.25%. Subsidies for oil companies (that don't need it) are $20 billion. Why aren't you picking on that instead of our interests in furthering science?
Someone hasn't done their homework. It has been signed in to law, that by 2014, there will be a fleet of tens of thousands of drone aircraft spying on America, •from coast to coast•. Look it up.
•Almost anyone but Obamney 2012•
Speech sucked almost as bad as your presidency!
craig you say worst ever ......... well what would you do to make it better ? 
hope he goes to H E double hockey sticks NUMTALBOUT
...and that my friends is how you rock a fucking speech. say what you want about his politics. He's a fuckin MASTERFUL public speaker. 
If you like that the president claims the power to assassinate ANY U.S. citizen without trial, anywhere in the world (including on U.S. soil) just because he says they did bad things, then you'll LOVE 4 more years of Obama.
•Almost anyone but Obamney 2012•
Good job Mr.president. let GOD lead u in these difficult time let him guide u in ur leadership of this country that we love...and I know u will do ok..GOD Bless u
+vince anderton Guess what, the problem isn't that the government saved GM (which they did. With cash), it's that they invested in GM and Chrysler to save an entire industry of supporting companies (stop thinking cars, think car parts!) which, if GM would have been left to fail, would have dried up like a raisin. Or prune, if that's your preference.

I do feel religious about this., but not about Dem vs Pub. It's about making choices based on facts instead of heresay. And I try to post those facts as links in conversations like this.

+Thomas DeKade That's a wild assertion. Where's a link for your proof? Wait, I'll do it for you, you lazy oaf.

That's the bill people are saying will allow 30,000 "spy aircraft". But I just scanned the law, the only part I could find was in "Subtitle B--Unmanned Aircraft Systems", which mandates plans for supporting "civil unmanned aircraft". That means not government.

Can you point out the part of the bill (or a different bill) that supports your flavor of crazy?
In case i missed it? Thank god i missed it. Ill never vote for a candidate who advocates or turns away when federal agents raid medical marijuana facilities. Its fucking stupid, and i hope homeboy loses his job
FLUFF. I wouldn't let Biden speak anymore either. There were no new ideas, and the only people who will vote for him are those who don't know what's going on in this country nor care. The next 4 years will be the most important years in our history and also that of the world, or pretty close to it. From the global economy to world war. 
It's the economy Mr. President! Sorry you failed. 
Wait, what new ideas came out of the OTHER convention??
Shut up thomas, jd, kirby, and hanfiell you probably don't understand the meaning of the speeches. Pres Obama, 4 more years!!!
Keep up the great work Another 96.000 Americans are working this month because of you. "the truth"
I would love to see more money invested n our schools. But $2.5 billion ain't gonna do it. Let's start talking $100, $150 billion, and where we're going to get that from, and I'm pretty sure NASA isn't going to end up on the top of your list.

And to answer your question, Curiosity is aptly named. It has ALREADY re-sparked interests in science, and that means more interested kids in school, which will lead to a better educated population, and THAT helps unemployment.
Obama is the way to go! Cuz what is mitt romney doing? SENDING JOBS OVERSEAS. WE DONT WANT THT. GO OBAMAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Jorge Veloz That's not a problem if Obama's current ideas are the ones that are working (and, they are. Spending is coming down, unemployment is coming down, health care costs are reigning in, troops are coming home). Why on earth would someone declare their 4 years of ideas are working, and then say they're going to come up with NEW ideas?!?
now WTF does running a business have to do with running a country?  nothing, period.  
ONE TERM !! We will not survive another four years
The best of the best ;-p God bless america!
The speech was great. Obama definitely deserved to be president in American for another decade!
All he did was repeat what he has been saying since before he entered office but nothing has changed what a waste of a speech and four years
Agreed with Jay....ONE TERM...Obama wants to take God out of America and so do his cronies.
He said a whole heck of a lot with a lot of enthusiasm and he still didn't really say anything at all. Please Mr. President, how exactly do you plan to fix the problems, don't just tell us that you will fix them, please tell us how. Give us some insight sir. You already told us you would fix them 4 years ago and you have not. Why would we trust you now???  
D Cope
Obama killed it. He guaranteed his re-election. Romney is a joke!
+Jorge Veloz All of my college-educated friends have had steady jobs. In engineering, and sciences, and health care.

Maybe your friends don't have the degrees needed for our time? That's a huge problem with our current unemployment, there is over a million jobs available, sitting, because people don't have the right training for it.

And yet, Obama saw this coming. Tried to get legislation to provide money, to coordinate with community colleges to help re-train people and get employment up. But thanks to the Republican friends, the bill never saw the light of day.

The problems are GETTING fixed. One administration can't undo two decades of Republican ethic.
IDC wat u guys say OBAMA is the BEST and always will be stop sipping that haterade
+Rick Collins : No, the liberals are taking the fascism out of America. Church and government don't go together. Last time it did, hitler took control of Germany, and we all know how that ended. Too bad Obama isn't a liberal, though.
Not voting for Obama is death sentence for Americans.
Why does this crap show up in my G+ stream?
Hey where are the critics? This is definitely one for the history books, I guess both the US and the world will have something to learn from this. OBAMA FORWARD 2012 !!!
Obama would have fulfilled his promises had the republicans in the senate not kept refusing his laws and argue all the time. Nothing happens and we are 16 trillion or somthing in debt!!!!
Mr. Obama.  How dare you talk of unity.  You are the most partisan president this country has ever seen.  Not only will Bill Clinton's lies not help you ( US economy put back on track in less than 2 years after recessions in 1919, 1945, 1976) the American people gave you your chance to step up and keep your promises and you failed miserably and completely.  Not only did you fail.  But you made a bad situation much, much worse. It's your ideology that is poison to this country.  No sir. I have heard quite enough from you over the last 3.9 years Mr.Obama.  
Obama aint shit and he AINT SAYIN Nuthin, ( hey hayden, this is on goole plus, but you are un my circles, so u see wat i post)
I've seen this on my local tv in Indonesia. Seems like the whole citizens there support him ^^. nice to know that
^ what an idiot, Dems had the house and the senate for 2 years dip shit
Folks - the Dems control Congress - remember?? Nothing gets done because nothing worthwhile has been proposed - even to the Democratic majority!
Great comments.  Republicans have been stonewalling so they could blame it on Obama. Funny strategy.  Seems like everyone would see through that. 
Hopefully he'll fullfill his promise of being a one time president if he didn't reduce the deficit by half in the first three years in office.  He didn't do it yet managed to INCREASE the debt by more than five trillion.  Don't blame the Republicans for Obamas insane spending policies!!!
No they don't. Repubs rule the House, and own enough Senate to filibuster anything. Get your facts straight.
Lynn H
I Tivo'd the speech so I wouldn't miss it! So proud to have +Barack Obama and +Michelle Obama in the White House. I laughed when he told his girls they still had to go to school the next day! Sasha is a month younger than my older son.
Voting for Obama is a death sentence for Americans. Obama is the one killing Americans with drones and no trial....
they had enough power to cram Obama-care up this nations ass with every republican against it. it's a bullshit whine that the republicans blocked everything else when they could not stop the main thing they hated..
+Chris Cecil Are you defending these Americans that were killed?

Oh wait, I see, yeah in a country with a population of over 300 million, you're the MOST upset about killing, what, 3 (can you even name them?) Americans turned public terrorist. Yeah, because that's the biggest concern we all have.
+Steve Jackson really you can't find a more educated way to express your view. A cockroach I mean we can agree to disagree but we should do it with decency.
And in case you missed it, 368,000 Americans gave up hope in August and stopped looking for work.

So yet another month goes by under Mr. Obama's executive leadership where yet more U.S. Citizens give up hope and leave the workforce altogether.

Source: "U.S. Jobless Rate Drops for the Worst of All Reasons" - Businessweek -
No way I'd vote republican as they have spent the last 3 years blocking everything that would have helped us get out of this mess.
Good bye obamoron please go organize and leave the big decisons to people who don't hate America and make excuses for us
I'm sick of motivational speakers. Does this nation have a person who can lead, not just blah, blah, blah
DO GANGNAM STYLE!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Reynolds, it's all based on your beliefs.  Some believe that it would have heart us.  And it hasn't been 3 years.  The President had 2 years with a super-majority.   
+Dean Peters Yeah, because one month's performance ABSOLUTELY and definitively represents an entire administration's term of performance.

... that's what happens when you only look through the keyhole. Look up the numbers for monthly job loss during Bush's last month, too, if you're into looking one-month-at-a-time.
In case you missed it "US Manufacturing Sector Loses 15,000 Jobs in August." 

No wonder that not a single month of the Obama Administration has seen unemployment drop below 8%.

Source: IndustryWeek -
+Ben Hammer Like what? Having Obamacare go into full effect & take $716 billion out of Medicare for Obamacare? Or maybe after taking money out of Medicare rise Medicare payments and take even more money out of Medicare?!! That's democrats only solution to everything! The only cuts Obama's made are to the military. And I watched 5 minutes of Michelle Obama's speech and I was ready for bed. She was telling a sob story! That's all. Who is happy with over $6 trillion in obama debt? If you are than you need to call a scientist because you have a severely rare disease in your head. See this is just a stepping stone for Obama. If he's reelected he'll start throwing things out there then all hell will break loose. Because at that time the stock market would be dead and each and every one of us would be out of work. The only thing Obama's fixed is....... Nothing. And he and Biden know that. Biden was sponsoring a rally to help elect Obama and he said, "Me and president Obama have done so much to help America. And if it weren't so hot out, I'd tell you." See!!!!!! They can't tell us 1 thing they've fixed because they haven't fixed anything!!!!!!
Ugh, so just make him president again to do more abortions... that sounds like a great idea 'NOT'
8 million jobs lost less than.4 replaced hmmm how about them facts ???
I didn't miss anything, by not seeing his speech
8 million lost?!? Since Obama took office? Are you just making that crap up? How about some evidence?
No more years! No more years!
In case you missed it -- though Mr. Obama promised to have unemployment to 7% by now --  currently 40.7% of the people counted as unemployed have been out of work for 27 weeks or more. That's 5.2 million "long-term" unemployed, numbers not seen since WWII.

Source: "Those Jobless Numbers Are Even Worse Than They Look" - -
yeah, he can make the gap larger..him and harry ried
In case you missed it, 41,000 fewer jobs were created in July and June than first estimated -- as the numbers were adjusted downwards ( meaning less jobs than first reported ).

Source: "Weak job growth makes bold Fed action more likely" - -
This is a waste of time and our lives.  Change is evident.
I feel sorry for obama if he gets reelected, think of the horrible mess he will be inheriting!

"Look, if I can't turn the economy around in three years, I will be looking at a one-term proposition."  bho 2008
Tenho o maior respeito por esse homem que, além do presidente OBAMA, é um exemplo de humanidade!
Support for President Obama's re-election campaign.
Who is with me???? Vote Romney not Obama! Obama shouldnt have a second chance!
In the end this poised, intelligent and compassionate man, somehow able  to balance the stress of the needs of the nation, combined with the energy required, the rigors of a brutal campaign,and his love for his family  was the only possible person we would consider and could inspire the hope an determination to lead the United States on the most complex, demanding, and soul-searching journey in history, and prepare it, after four years, to move forward and ready for the future
Are you kidding me? Are you blind?? Nice write up though, sounds like it could be a good term paper. You dont honestly believe that bullshit, do you? We are fucked with him as president again! Plain and simple! Cut through all the crap and you will see. You know what our forefathers would be doing if they knew we elected him (AGAIN) into office??? For real!!!
races why did in the hell u say that u said that cause he is black and ur are wihte
congrat!!!! i wanted you to win!!!! GO OMBAMA...YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!
Thanx sir Obama
Are all of you blind? Really? Do you not see this? Do you know what our forefathers would be doing right now if they knew that we elected him in the first place? Let alone re-elected him?? They would be turning over in their graves!! We are going to hell in a handbasket, courtesy of Mr. Obama that everyone seems to love for some god unknown reason. Really, people? Open your eyes and see what's happening here.
What's happening is a successful application  of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights and continued delegation  of power to Obama for a second term by the vote of the people and the rules of the Electoral College. This is a Republic, not a Democracy. If there is a potential issue that has been exposed again, it is whether or not we should continue the use of the Electoral  College. We have to put  limits on campaign spending, put into action regulations on the amounts of contributions to candidate campaigns and define, regulate, make transparent and audit who is legally allowed to contribute to a candidate campaign in any manner,
ad a limit on the time period campaigns may advertise and that equal time for both campaigns to advertise in all media.
We also need to regulate the access of lobbyists and disallow the impact of special interests on elections, legislation, and awards of government business along with making the process transparent and subject to government and independent audit and enforced by appropriate government agencies.and the judicial system.

.The only special interest tat counts is the people of the United States and they exercise their will by voting. We might also consider terms of six years for the Presidency.
The people elected Obama and now, as patriotic citizens, following the laws of te land, we must support him.
hey nick, you can get in the handbasket, they said they would make a special trip just for you.  rosy
If anyone needs a handbasket, it's going to be the US. He's takin us there in real short order.
God bless you Mr. President Obama.
Ocean from Wuhan ,Hubei Province ,China.
Mr president i'll speak for myself as well as my children our leader is our leader no matter what until the day an order is given that is against our moral code we will follow our leader until the end, you have my vote Horrah
+Steve Adams
 will you shut up your starting to sound like a whinny little brat he is STILL our commander and leader and me and my military children as well as the one who died in Afghanistan cant stand hearing you anymore so shut your trap already you over privileged sniffling little runt! I also reported you for your nice hate speaches on your profile and spam you love to do enjoy since you obviously 1 are NOT American and 2 wouldn't know what Patriotism was if it fell on you enjoy sitting with the rest of the traitors in my block list
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