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“Barack Obama is honest, and I love him for it.”—Margaret, who just turned 106, on why she’s voting for President Obama this fall
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+Barack Obama 
“Barack Obama is honest, and I love him for it.”—Margaret, who just turned 106, on why she’s voting for President Obama this fall

LOL, This is so laughable!!

The Obama Administration's "Fast and Furious" scandal
The Untold Story
“Furthermore, some of these guns — none of which were reported by congressional investigators — were put in the hands of drug traffickers in Honduras, Puerto Rico, and Colombia. A person familiar with the recent congressional hearings called Univision’s findings ‘the holy grail’ that Congress had been searching for.”

Read more:

Watch video:
My great aunt will be 107 next month, I don't think she bothers with voting any longer. She's seen about 24 different Prime Ministers (starting with Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, remember him?)
I am shedding tears of hope, joy, admiration and other emotions I can't define yet. 
J Barnes
I am voting for Obama; I think he is the right candidate.

However, he does believe he has the right to unilaterally assassinate US citizens without trial, and I think that is messed up.
Hey +Xaser Nixeus, cut down on the meth it's having an obvious affect on you. Fast and Furious was a republitard program carried over by some ignorant lower level people.
Go back to faux news, they cater to the ignorant people like you
+Brian Serviss, +George Ito, do you all have a problem with Obama's expansion of warrantless wiretaps? 

This is something I think we need to stop.  What do you think?
Since when has Obama been honest? He has blatantly lied to the American people about important issues on several occasions during his presidency
Obama has been a great president and I will vote for him again.  The GOP isn't a viable national party anymore.  They run on the politics of fear and hatred.  Romney is an empty suit without any ideas. 
+Jacob Bendixen like what? Anyone can say "several things," how about listing some. Other than that go troll somewhere else. I'm sure there are plenty of g+ pages where various low intelligence types such as you can gather.

Lies such as the welfare reform misinformation campaign? Of wait, that's from the republitards
Ray Zzy
Sorry, but he is not honest. No president is perfect but obama isnt even close and dont get me started on Romney. 
Talking about lying ?
What not referring to GWB ? who lied constantly !!
J Barnes
+Edward Jordan, Obama has accomplished a lot of things.  I support him.  If McCain and Palin had won the last election, we would be swimming in it right now, so Obama was the better choice.

But, Obama is not perfect, and I think that we need to remind him that we do not agree with every decision he has made.  I'll still vote for the guy, but I won't pretend that I agree with the drone strikes in Pakistan, the foot dragging on same sex marriage, warrantless wiretaps or the killing of US citizens without trial.  These are things that we would rage against if a Republican president did them.  In fact, we did rage against the Patriot Act, and called Bush a fascist for implementing it.  But, somehow when a Democratic president does the same thing we give him a pass and call him a "great president".

It's a double standard.
How about everything that this President has said to the American people from his promises to his taking full credit of things he didn't do. He goes from partial skewed truth to completely false.
Ray Zzy
Yeah I was focusing on this election though. I just wish Ron Paul got the nomination, there is an honest guy.
`Yes, very honest. Fuck the poor ! Kill the sick people and put Homosexuals in concentration camps !!
+George Ito, did you have a problem with the Patriot Act?  Is the 4th Amendment just a quaint, outdated concept?

Warrantless  wiretaps are unconstitutional, I don't care how you frame it.
The folks around here who fly a rebel flag have Romney signs in their yards. Enough said for me.
tee dee
I can't wait for full government control.,!' I'm voting for Castro.,!'
tee dee
I like the cash clunkers program.,!such a wast.,!' I'm here to buy car,.! Pay check stub don't have one but I got a pink slip from work.,'!'
I guess it depends on one's definition of honest
+Ray Jaber I tend to agree with you. But better to vote for the less of two evil than have Obama another term. 
God bless her heart. If only she knew that Obama supports same sex marriage & ABORTION. Oh & medicare funds are being used for ObamaCare.
Well said George :-) vote for the one of less evils.
what is wrong with Same Sex marriage and abortion ?
+Brian Serviss 
"Hey +Xaser Nixeus, cut down on the meth it's having an obvious affect on you. Fast and Furious was a republitard program carried over by some ignorant lower level people."

Seems to me the only ignorant here is you. The fact is that the program you refer as started by republicans and not Demo-rats was called “Operation Wide Receiver,” the case was run out of Tucson between 2006 and 2007. It was closed because the program was a failure and didn't give the results they were expecting

The Obama Administration via ATF and the DoJ decided to activate a similar program called “Operation Fast and Furious” knowing well the previous program was a failure . After hundreds of dead Mexicans and a US agent dead, now is when they are trying to cover-up their mistakes and trying to put the blame on the previous administration for their own failure.

Then again what can people expect some Obamazombies like you. Doesn't matter how true facts are presented to you, Obama’s hip and coolness will blind you tiny brain.

The Obama Administration's "Fast and Furious" scandal
The Untold Story
"Get the full story on "Fast and Furious" on a special edition of Univision's "Aquí y Ahora" (Here and Now) this Sunday, September 30, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT (6 p.m. Central), which will be aired with closed captioning in English
I'm to young to vote but if I could I would vote Obama!
+Josh Barnes I agree with you completely.  Unfortunately political compromise sometimes forces the hand of a president to take stands that infuriate their supporters.  His caving in on continuing the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans is a good example. Another one is dropping the "public option" during the debate for the ACA.  He would not have been able to pass the ACA without the support of weak Southern Democrats such as Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas. Overall, the ACA is a good first move. It isn't universal health care like most of us wanted, but it was a compromise with centrists who didn't have the support of their constituents back home. I hope that the law can be modified so the goal of universal coverage will come to pass. If we give this president our support and let him know when we feel he is not doing the right thing, I think things will get better.
51 comments in. Republicans, I'm still waiting! You must be straining at the leash. It's only a matter of time. You know what I'm talking about! Who'll be first?
Wow this is so beautiful, she's so strong!! I hope she lives many more years!!!
Pathological liars are not honest people and the president is no exception.
+Isaiah Johnson   
"Wow this is so beautiful, she's so strong!! I hope she lives many more years!!!"
With the new Obamacare I doubt it..
My dad is 89, lives in the inner city of Detroit and hates that is beautiful. Republicans didn't start fast and furious...they started gun walking but fast and furious was started in this admin.
Here it is another proof of Obama's honesty:
Obama's Benghazi-Gate and the killing of the US ambassador to Libya
The chronology of a cover-up
“It was just unbelievable that Ambassador Rice and Secretary Clinton and the White House spokesman and others would say that there was no evidence – that this was a spontaneous attack, yet they say, ‘come on, honey, bring your mortars, we’re going to a spontaneous demonstration"
Read more:
Watch Video: Special Report details an up to date extensive time line
Anyone who calls themselves a "True-Blue Patriot American" would never vote for Obama, He is not what this needs, and this country doesn't need to bow down to what other countries want for our survival.  After all isn't that what our Fore-Fahter's fought against to gain our independence? 
Actaully, if you actually knew your history, it's what the Founding Fathers counted on. 
Wait til that Obama fellar thows that old woman under the bus like he plannin for all old people!
+Freddy Cahue - I am atheist and I have common sense. I don't believe, that anyone should tell woman to have a child or not, it's her decision, and God is nothing to do with it, particular nothing to do with her decision, people like you. About same sex marriage, if person love another person, why not to let them marry each other? Some of them lives with each other for 30 years! You think they will stop been Gay or Lesbian, if you will not allow them to get married?
And about God, please keep your God out of me, and my children, I am atheist, and US was formed on Freedom of Religion, meaning you have a right to warship your God, or Not !
Pirmyn,amerikieti! Ne tam atejom cia kad sedeti rankas sudeje!
She thinks he's honest!? WTF
I wonder why so many republitard trolls are reading an Obama post
cause they know they will lose the elections +Brian Serviss

too dumb to hold a fork properly, but trying to get involved in politics.
+Brian Serviss I, too, have wondered why people follow stuff they don't like and/or disagree with
now +Clayton Thompson
are you the ugly old man on the left who's best years were over before they started or the ugly brat on the right ?

When you look at your face then one knows that intelligence has been given elsewhere !!!
This story reminds me that all hope is not gone I too have voted once in my life and realize that together we will not stand back and watch our world fall apart. I will vote this election and will continue till I leave this world. Thank you ....Obama 2012
+Thomas Savickas does your father knows, that Obama saved Detroit with his stimulus and restructure of GM? Republicans, was ready to bankrupt it, and 2 mil people would end up Jobless, would you think city of Detroit have enough funding to support elderly people? 
Because that republican agenda is so much more convincing. Right, Travis? /sarcasm
Excuse me!,  I do know my Countries history, I am Native American Cherokee, and my Ancestor fought for the right live in their own land and as a Fourth Generation Air Force Veteran, and Cherokee Elder, I don't need someone who was not born in this country to tell me what the history of this country is or what rights I have. Thank-You!
In other more important news:
Chavez to Obama: I'd vote for you, and you for me
"I hope this doesn't harm Obama, but if I was from the United States, I'd vote for Obama," the socialist Chavez said of a man he first reached out to in 2009 but to whom he has since generally been insulting"
Read more:
+Victoria Robin
you know that I am old enough to choose my own words.

Judgment day is only for religious nuts, not for people who are able to make up their own mind and think for themselves.

RELIGION MUST BE FORBIDDEN !!!!  that is the only way how people can live in peace !!!
this is a magical feeling that how she expirenced 106 years of that, and now she's here to vote for barack obama
So; I guess you [Vlad Markov] not a deep rooted american; think you know more than those of us who fought to keep people like
Obama out of our government, knows more than we do? Get Real. As Long as he is in office, and Congress continues to sit on their hands, our economy and the integrity of this countries workoforce will suffer. That's my opinion; Obama, wouldn't know the truth or how to be honest unless it was scripted for him.
That's sweet, but grandma is clueless. Bless her sweet misguided heart. Obama is not getting my vote and neither is Romney.
Lol at presidents telling the truth when the president start talking about the truth they get assassinated...or never become the president in the first place.
Well, yea it would be grate, if your body didn't fail or your brain does not shrink to much and the neurons keep firing. Good Luck.
+Russell Oliver kudos to your Air Force family dedication, and Cherokee heritage (no joke here). But with all due respect, this country was formed by Immigrants, and we can tribute a lot of glory to the immigrants as well, for example Albert Einstein, Sergey Brin and many more, you can't possibly dismiss impact of immigrants to US. You don't believe Immigrants 1st generations should have a voice, because they were not dedicated to US and prosperity of the country?
Obama sucks. Down with Socialism!! Bring back true Capitalism!! Romney 2012!!!!
you were the one starting to judge on looks +Clayton Thompson

why is my weight important to you ? i was reacting to your idiotic comment in the same fashion you started it. You will otherwise not understand.

I dont care about your conservative senator. Did he have undercover butt sex as well, as many of the other republican politicians ??
If you vote for Obama, you're either lazy, ignorant, or just pain stupid
and Danielle- you know what else would be GREAT- TOO??? if you could actually SPELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How did I end up with Obama in my circles, and how do I get rispd of him? Unload him in 2012.
what is a basic freedom ?
That you have potatoes in the house ?
+Toni Nezi Oh but you see you are so WRONG just because you turn away from truth does not mean eventually it will NOT come to you ....too many different religions has created this separation and control when the only one that was, is, and ever will be is The Almighty. Repent
+Clayton Thompson you are correct about taxpayers bailing out GM, but let's play scenario with bankruptcy. 2 mil people get immediately restructured - unemployed. You know SAAB, it was part of GM, do you have any idea, how devastated employees in Sweden was, when GM shutdown division in Sweden? Only one substantial difference, Sweden has ability to put people to other places, US does not, we not social economy like Sweden, so it would have ripple effect, because out of blue all this people would have to sale houses, and find other job, move out to other more prominent area. Now imagine 20% of your city would start moving out, what would happened with stores barbers, gas stations schools etc. Also this is conservative estimate, with impact, now think how it would be all over the country?
i am able to look after myself +Clayton Thompson
Don't worry about me. Would be better if you looked after other people who needed your support.
Toni why dont you go lay down you obviously are very sick today try a little
^ forbidding anything is as bad.
takes away freedom.
so much for an "intellectual"
LOL +Toni Nezi what a way to hijack your own idol message with your nonsense comments. Keep it up!!
wow she totally supports a liar and a leader that completely neglects the safety of its citizens!
+Toni Nezi You are correct then you realize religions has separated people but you see I am not religious I am person who FEARS The Almighty and so many has come as messengers or prophets not for separation with the same message about The Almighty oh I see you have been convicted by him so ok I will leave you alone now but remember brother be kind with your words.;-)
Basic freedom is speech, religion, right to bear arms, etc. have you ever even looked at the bill of rights or the declaration of independence? In this country I have the freedom to be rich, I don't feel like paying for your triple bypass +Toni Nezi and I don't feel like paying for everyone else's stupid mistakes. Any stupid girl can have get abortion, I just don't want to pay for it. THAT is freedom. I will be paying more for health insurance through this government "tax" than I would be on my own, because I don't smoke, drink, I eat healthy, I exercise, and I'm not obese. My premiums are low, and I'm smart enough to shop around and get good insurance. But with Obamacare my mandatory tax will drive costs through the roof because I'll be supporting idiots like you and every girl that wants a free abortion.

That is not freedom. Don't be ignorant. I promise you that in time, the government will decide what we can eat (like with New York banning larger drinks) because they will want their costs to go down. It's why companies that provide medical insurance give incentives like gym passes and healthy eating programs.
This is so pointless. She's 107. What are her current mental capabilities? I doubt this, but, was this script "fed" to her? Was she just indoctrinated by the news or people around her? Was she told to say this by the reporter or family? This is just way too sketchy. And obviously untrue to say that Obama is honest...
well, another well informed American. I'am a Obama supporter,I could write a list of what he has done, I know i would    be wasting my time, he has made mistakes though, the very first was backing down on his original health care plan, which would gotten rid of money hungry bastard insurance companies. now Romney, did a fairly good job as Governor of Massachusetts, but is now gone so right, to make the new and nastier Republican party happy, he has to be some one he is not, and it is making him look very disingenuous. Good Luck  to all of us.
Really want you +Barack Obama to stop showing up in my news feed...
And everyone who is sticking their head in the sand supporting you makes me question the intelligence of our collective society.
Another thing, just because she is old, doesn't make her "credible".
+Xaser Nixeus Don't forget about the Iraqi insurgents who ended up with American made weapons that were used on American soldiers, who were sent to Iraq on a lie. Oh! Tens of thousands of American soldiers were killed as well, they stopped counting the wounded. I'm sure you know who was president back then, not to mention several of Romney's companies benefited from the war. Go ahead and waste your vote on the guy who believes we were brought here by aliens.
I think all you woud have a good government. Right
If you are a president you are not honest, your their to please people by telling them what they want to hear and try to win. No such thing as honest clean presidents. Research it. Thought you should know.
"He's got my vote Obama 2013!"
I guess for some Americans the $16 trillion U.S. national debt is not that important... 
The clock still ticking
People. Give Obama a chance to finish what he started less that 4 years ago. When he took over the economy was in free fall and the onset of the world economic recession. Things are stable now and are looking up.

With Obama as well he will pick fights he sees is need to fought instead of letting others dictate what wars the US should fight like Romney will do by following what Israel wants.

Romney is Bush Jr Part 2. I am sure you are all aware of what a disaster he was. 
+Chase Hendrickson - btw you will not going to support +Toni Nezi, simply because he is German from Germany. And we have something to learn from him and his Social country, which btw making serious investment in Siemens factory and Mercedes assembly line in Alabama for example, and educating for free our labor workers to perform serious jobs. In Germany unemployment rate about 6.8% and youth about 5%. Btw, Toni must pay ~15% fixed tax in Germany regardless on his income to his medical insurance (yes this is worse then Obamacare), and I don't see him complaining about it, in fact German medical system probably the most progressive in this world, our Stanford Medical Hospital are children by all means, compare with Erlangen Medical Center. One more part about California, I live here for 15 years, I would love to move to TX, but I could not find any job there, so I have to remain in my overinflated state by all means.
all Obama does is blame everyone else. that why my parents are voting for Romney... and because he made my parents life worse.

and honestly i'd vote for Romney too :P
"People. Give Obama a chance to finish what he started less that 4 years ago"
Yeah give him 4 more years so he can finish destroying the US. by the end of his second term, The US will have more than $20 trillions on Debt
Obviously this is a case of senility at work.
He's a Muslim no one likes him if u do then u r a jerk and a drugy
Question to those that will vote Romney.

How is Romney any different from Bush Jr?.  
+Mckaryn Cross Even if he was a Muslim, (which ONLY he knows, and all signs point to 'no,') who cares? Quit being a bigot- the 50's are over.
Obama Rocks for doing what he has in the 4 years he has been President!!! He became President in a resection so I think he is pretty  awesome!!!
If you don't vote Obama, you'll probably go back to a feudal and aristocratic society...Your choice!
Do you know,that believing in your countries peoples for they good will,will bring you a success?
True but I think Gm bailout  at the time was necessary, for more than one reason, I'am not, an expert on economics. It's what My, for what it's worth.
Politics is like a gang war. The weapons are people dreams, ignorance and money. Its disgusting that people find ways to hate someone or try to make someone an outcast because of their religion. I know it sounds like a random comment, but the comment above mine is the reason why I even commented.   
Bring back the space program, thanks President Obama for all the jobs lost!
thank u Margaret, that is awsome of u. Need to show us young how important it is to vote.
+Nomeneta Saili  George W. Bush increased the US national debt $4.9 trillion over 2 terms, which is bad enough.
Obama increased the US national debt $6 trillion in 3.5 years, and you still think we need to give him another 4 years to finish what he started? 
ok no thats not right look at leaders fores can hurt you so stop to think becuse is that was you pepole commeted bad things you wont be happyyou would be mad amanda no hes the best one now so stop that and keep your anser to your self it is not funny to me 
+Xaser Nixeus I guess you do not get it, your beloved republicans allowed the banks to do what they wanted with deregulation. Any monies added to the current debt is the residual affect from the previous administration. I suggest you go watch "Inside Job", it is a perfect example of how Bush and his cronies are directly responsible for the state of America's economy. Not to mention, just about every economist worth their spit have said it will take 40 years to recover. In this situation you do not change the president. You certainly do not elect a radical like Bush or Romney.
I look at all these comments and I realize just why our country is so screwed...
@Amanda Throckmorton Yeah...bc the dead would want to and be able to vote right? And i bet if those old people you mention voted for the guy you want to vote, im sure you wouldnt say anything that bitchy about them. How insulting.
+Clayton Thompson I don't think good VP's would ignore GM, because after few years investment in giant like GM, will allow them to establish enough contacts to move on to Entrepreneurial direction, and having VP of GM in his portfolio, would play substantial difference in raising money for start up, and for my opinion this exactly type of people we need in GM.
Now, about bankruptcy, I think we all looking in the wrong direction, Wall Street base investment of the companies strictly on analytical data, companies stop paying dividends long time ago, for my opinion, analytical data too much disconnected from reality. Wall Street will punish companies for small mistake, deflating stock 20-30% for not reaching revenue goal by 5%. We have too much hysteria in the stock market, and not much real predictions.
Chase You Need A Nap Too!! You are So Cranky Childrrn Squabbles have got
to stop!!
It's a shame how this Great Imposter has fooled so many otherwise intelligent people; especially among the young voters. This elitist socialist even had the ego and arrogance to author a book on himself, full of untruths, inaccuracies and inflated stories of his own greatness. What a sad commentary on the deterioration of this great country's political environment!
I think I'll have another drink!
Go ahead sweetheart! She looks great for 106. God continue to bless her!
+Pete Belvin I'm gonna copy and paste just for you: 
George W. Bush increased the US national debt $4.9 trillion over 2 terms, which is bad enough.
Obama increased the US national debt $6 trillion in 3.5 years, and you still think we need to give him another 4 years to finish what he started?

How many more trillion dollars will take for Obama to fix the economy,  $6 trillion more will make you happy? 
Obama, have some COJONES and stop blaming others for your shortcomings. You FAILED and it is time to let you go.
+Xaser Nixeus Bush jr came in power with a surplus with an american and world economy firing on fully cylinders.

Obama came in with a national debt of 4.9 Trillion, 2 very costly wars, an american economy in free fall and the onset of the world economic crisis not seen before the great depression.

The bailouts needed managed to minimized the damage. Obama couldn't just cut and run away from Iraq and Afghanistan. The bailouts which is a big chunk of the debt help stabilized the economy. 

You guys are being so unfair. 
I just hope that all the foolish Americans here that can do nothing but bitch and complain, actually get off their bum and VOTE when you have the opportunity. To not do so is denying yourself of a voice, so you really only have yourselves to blame if someone gets in that you don't like.
Here in Australia, everyone votes, because some politician somewhere along the line got sick of lazy people not bothering to do so, and so made it law! Maybe America should do the same?

And remember, Obama got handed a train wreck. It had been broken for a very long time. To fix something like that is not going to happen overnight. It's going to take many years to fix something that fucked up. To fix the bigger problems long term, he's going to have to make some not so popular decisions for now to keep everything afloat, but you all can't seem to see past what's affecting you now.

I think the poor guy is doing the best he can with a mangled mess of what's left of your government. Instead of complaining, how about getting up and giving him a hand? Or do you think it's your god given right to sit there like a retarded child and scream while the government wipes the dribble from your chin and the shit from your bum, because you have a strong aversion to responsibility and doing things for yourself?
Put down the french fries, turn off the tv and get out there and do something that matters! Your country needs you!
tee dee
it's unfortunate the world was built by war's.,! we have no control over mans barbaric acts.,!''but what we do have is control of America an the way Americans should live.,! It's time to bring to play American policies that work for the ppl not the worlds ppl.,! we as ppl can only do so much an suffer so much.,! starting policies one I dooooont like full government" control an don't take from me are'make it hard for me to live there's so much sharing policies that don't make sense.,!'there's a lot of ppl suffering the elderly, the children more cuts because your trying to spread wealth where in the hell I don't no where it goes.,!''
Honest? I hope Obama feels guilty for tricking little old ladies like that!
tee dee
Lololo!!ppl ppl keep it civil.,!
Wow, I bet Margret will enjoy his next term.

All power to you Ma'am.
Ah, Mr. Margaret you may be senile.  That's OK, am almost there myself.
Oh Margaret!  I applaud your incredible age and voting but simply not your choice of candidates...Wishing you many more birthdays..
This is what presidential races have got? Honest my ass.
+Xaser Nixeus You still do not get it, what about "residual affect" do you not understand. Obama assumed a lot of responsibility. Bush signed bills which were still in effect when Obama took office. Bills of which, are responsible for a great majority of the debt. It's funny how people forget when Bush took office there was a surplus.
tee dee
everybody turn to Disney channel.,' good luck mitts on.,! I mean charley 
+Nomeneta Saili 
"The bailouts needed managed to minimized the damage. Obama couldn't just cut and run away from Iraq and Afghanistan. The bailouts which is a big chunk of the debt help stabilized the economy. "
This only shows how incompetent and naive this President is and how dishonest he has been to the american people. He promised shovel ready jobs and when he couldn't deliver those jobs, his answer was this: Obama: Shovel-Ready Not as Shovel-Ready as We Expected  
She wont even be alive long enough to deal with his "honesty" during the 4 years if he wins the election... Mitt Romney has my vote for President 2012 just to get Obama out of office.
+Nomeneta Saili You scare me.  You really don't know what has been going on, do you?  What happend int 2008/2009 was a direct result of Clinton policy.  GW asked congress (Dem btw) 14 times to reign in on Fanny and Freddy.  If you want to blame someone, start with Clinton.  

GM is not healthy, not by a long shot. We got NOTHING  for the trillions of dollars Obama borrowed except for a huge debt to China.  Any clue how dangerous that is?  Things are not as simple as you think they are.

Solendra - Need I expand on that little embarassment?

As far as Iraq and Afganistan goes, his lack of leadership and resolve has unnecessarily prolonged those wars.  

Get off of Bush and look at your canidate.  He is an imposter or as Clinton would say.. an amature.
tee dee
Tiny nezi are you a comedian.,,
+Toni Nezi No, religion must not be forbidden; just as it must not be enforced. The government should not be in religion at all. That was point of the "separation of church and state". It should also not be in marriage, healthcare, auto sales, or much of anything else not listed in section 8 of the constitution.

You really should calm down before you stress yourself into a heart attack.
obama is a good pres. u got 2 admit it 
Just because you are super old, doesn't mean you're smart.
It is clear the Romney supporters are agitators, who in their right mind can say "Obama is the worst president, Obama is not honest"? Bush came into office with a surplus, Bush lied to the American people about the Iraq war. How is that for honesty.
I really don't get republicans. They supported Bush jr and the two wars and want to increase defense spending. Once Obama is in power they wanted him to cut and run away from Iraq and Afghanistan and reduce defense spending which contributed a lot to the national debt. 

Then when Obama wanted to cut defense spending they are again against him for wanting to do so. So what gives?.

The bail out stablelized the financial and auto industry. Two very important industry to the US economy. If they had collapsed like the housing market it would have been catastrophic.  

Obama can not magically overnight solve all of these problems he inherited. He might not have done as good as we hoped but at least things are getting better. 
I can't believe how somebody can listen to Romney for 10 min and still want to vote for him... it is a presidential election. The elected candidate will lead America. Think about it...
This is not about how sweet or how good he sounds or looks on TV, but about creating jobs for the American people.
tee dee
ppl "understand policies of the "parties dem have policies that, had huge effect on "America just the same maybe rep!!just as well as you blame rep' for some of are down fall but to let you know also dem had a impact also with some of there policies,
+Josh Barnes Yes, I certainly agree with you about the unrelenting assault on the Constitution of the United States. It helps create a framework for unjust imprisonment just for dissent, and for the “military industrial complex” to forever kill the American dream.
Happy Birthday dear Margaret. I don't know you, but I'm in for OBAMA!
+Manuel Arzuaga The “one” to do what? I respect your position, but what has the President done that deserves reelection?
Can anyone from the Conservative side actually say anything that will favor Mitt??? Anything besides bashing President Obama?

Complain, complain about taxpayer money, the bailout, blah blah blah, I and so many pay taxes, and?? Taxes are a rule, when a Republican is president he chooses where taxpayer money is allocated to, and same for a Democratic president, so, the whining is illogical.

Some of these conservees think and talk out of their ass!!!!
If only you were honest Mr. President. So, was it the film or a planned attack in Libya?
+Josh Barnes You're so right—the President has taken the anti-constitutional tactics of George W. Bush to new levels with the pushing of NDAA, SOPA, the Cybersecurity Act, Fast and Furious, maintaining the Kyoto Accords, and bad foreign policy by not standing with Israel.
Good Lord please no more Obama.... but that lady is very inspiring. :)
+Jenni Buccio 4 more years and $6 trillion more on national debt!! who cares, it is not our money, it is the tax payer's money!! WOOT!
Most likely your last presidential vote. You sure you wanna waste it.
+Joseph Payne and that information benefits you how?? The media and the people have this entitlement issue to everything the government does regarding intel, without considering the implications on security, get a grip, we have classifications for particular information, for a reason!
+George Ito Even of it were true that “he” has kept the nation safe—what about his disastrous domestic policies that have further weakened the economic infrastructure of America?
You obviously know nothing past what you hear. If I charged for every time I heard the same rhetoric from conservatives, I'd be richer than Romney!!!
Vote Obama, and ONLY Obama! He's got my vote, even though I can't vote yet.
Woah guys enough with the hate
“Honest” and “politician” don't go together. May God continue to bless this dear woman, however. (She should be honored rather than used as a political leveraging tool.)
Sorry where are my manners. Happy birthday Margret. May God's continual blessing be upon you and your family. 
Why are people so ignorant? What has he done for America besides make empty promises????
Obama lies. Romney lies. Politicians lie. That's the TRUTH.
+Jenni Buccio Are you kidding me?  He knew it was a terrorist attack within 24 hrs, yet for the next week he insisted it was because of the video.  What does HE gain from that?  Why lie about it?  

You want to talk about Intel?  Why is the White House leaking intel? Dishonorable Disclosures
I do not agree.  He considers the killing of unborn children sacrosanct.
The American Presidential race has become just another Superbowl moment.  Few really know why each "team" is in the final game and choose a favorite based on team mascot or because their buddies are cheering for them.  Having said that, I urge all of my fellow Americans to read the issues at hand, blocking out names and parties first.  Stop the name calling, stop the propaganda, stop believing everything you hear from the news. It's tactless, classless, and getting us nowhere. Look at what the candidates are willing to show you, not what you are willing to see. Don't be blinded by the Hollywood factors of the campaigns or the slick practiced rhetoric.  Read credible sources, THINK, look at what is important to you and yours, and most important of all...VOTE.  If you don't vote, DON'T COMPLAIN.
good for what. blaming others for his mistakes
+Joseph Payne again, how does it benefit you, to know???? I gave a logical response and all you gave back was talking points.

If you have proof from a source that he lied, give it. All there is out there is speculation. When investigation occurs, it takes time, like the Eric Holder situation, for example!!
Conservees always jumping ahead of an investigation!
Yah that was sure a botched up mess and he got away with it.
+Jenni Buccio Kind of like Romney coming out against the attacks in Libya, only to find out he was right.  Obama just apologizes for our Freedom of thanks.
+Joseph Payne weak, that's not even an argument, that's a opinion, and opinions are a dime a dozen!
Oh and he wasn't right, Obama never made any apologies. Think when you listen to a speaker.
Am I not allowed an opinion?

"Conservees always jumping ahead of an investigation!"  That's your opinion.  Am I allowed to have one?
Andy L
I'm sorry you've been duped Margaret. Don't feel bad though, millions of others who voted for this man were duped too. Luckily our Presidents have four year terms. A chance to undo our mistake.
Mr President B. Obama is the best man for the job. Everything happen? You American people need to just relax. You all loved it when the Bush's Sr.&Jr.recked this country getting us into other nations wars, raised taxes ,didn give the
middle class nor the poor a chance. Now that we have a Black Man in charge everyone wants to have second thoughts he's. Done a excellent job in te past 4yrs. And he'll continue in the next 4. This I know you all will see that
This is a beautiful and moving story that brings many memories to mind:
"..... A little girl, almost naked, his clothes torn and his face full of dust, with tears in his eyes, supporting the weight of a Soviet flag, and the devastation left behind by the rest of the 2nd World War ..... "
This photo and many others toured the world with the sole purpose of communist propaganda.
I couldn't help but admire as a human, that methods of propaganda have not evolved, and now who promised so many changes in his first presidential campaign, use these methods to make human sensitivity THROUGH some votes for its new campaign. "Yes we can" was his old slogan, and other reports and communist slogans come to mind.
But he proved he could:
•   Increase the U.S. debt to its maximum
•  Changes in the unemployment rate have also been noted.
•  The growing number of citizens who receive government benefits as a result.
•  The unjustified increase in fuel prices.
•  And thus the unexpected increase in the cost of living in the United States.
But what has not changed in four years, what is contradicting is that this very respectable lady who speaks in his favor in the video above, gets so worked in his life, and her pension has not changed in four years. Such pension has not increased precisely because the same "honest and reliable gentleman", argues that the cost of living in the land of dreams has not increased.
Now I only laugh at the irony, and give the opportunity for someone else to try other things, other than just saying: "yes we can".
#voteromney   #romneyforpresident  
That old hag can't even think straight.
Mare K
It's not so much about conservative vs liberal - it's a fisade and both parties are for the most part, guilty of corruption, buyouts, and deceiving the people whom their supposed to be representing. I voted for Obama. I thought he was doing a great job until I watched the "Obama Deception", researched to verify the validity of facts presented, and started watching Cspan on tv and YouTube. He's continuing the SAME policys and "program"?president George W Bush was. There are A HANDFULL of GENUINE reps that have OUR best interest at heart but you will not hear about them on the news or mainstream media. I challenge everyone/anyone to spend as much time watching our congress/senate hearings as you do bashing republicans/democrats and my point will be proven 
+Toni Nezi 
"you are a bloody parrot +Xaser Nixeus"
"sorry, I meant a propaganda parrot"

LOL you little mindless man.. keep it up!
I find it odd that the US is so  dominated by Conservative vs Liberal. Sure in the UK we are now suffering from similar problems and Obama certainly should not be given a free ride until election. However, who you vote for should be based on a reasoned debate and argument e.g. is this a leader for all Americans or the few party donors. Is this a man I trust the country to who as far as possible stands by what he says AND does this for the right reasons. 

If all people can do is shout "you liberal" or "you conservative" and have nothing else to add then I am not even sure if they should allowed to vote?
There is nothing wrong with SAME SEX MARRIAGE!! let people love who they want to love... Its none of your BUSINESS so why are you worried about it!! YES I AM A LESBIAN AND I SEE NOTHING WRONG WITH IT!!! IM not affecting you life in any type of way! PEOPLE need to mind there OWN BUSINESS and the world would be filled with less problems!!!! And I quote"" the hardest part about the business is MINDING YOUR OWN"" Get a life and worry about you and yours not ME AND MINES!! DUMB FUCKS
Obama is an IDIOT! Does he relize that without coal we would not have electricity or the phones in our hands! COAL KEEPS OUR LIGHTS ON. DO NOT BE AN IDIOT COAL KEEPS OUR LIGHTS ON PEOPLE!!!!
Another good family getting deceived by Obama is just sad. He's a good liar to get you to like him. I guess being an attorney before helps. Please if any of you are pro God, then don't vote for Obama. He doesn't care for us, and the beings who can't speak yet to defend themselves. I'm sure you would of liked to have been aborted too right? He likes the freebie votes from people who don't know anything and think he's a good person. If you don't know about Obama taking our economy down then just don't vote for him! He's putting our country in a bad to worse direction.
dang, we should all be so lucky, wonder if it's all genetics  etc what she drinks or eats
I know what? Screw it! There are too many utter morons on this post. A pox on both your houses. Happy birthday Margaret.
you seem to be a real thinker +Xaser Nixeus

as you state it in your profile. obviously you need to remind yourself about it.
You're just a hater, you non-educated white idiots can't stand to see a black person with so much swagg and brilliance.  Get over it! 
U call others hatters then white idiots, what does that make u?? ... a hatter, no?? .. Probably even an idiot!?!?
Margeret made me cry. I'm happy for her, as a woman, as a minority, as a 106 year old American citizen God bless her and I think she is amazing and beautiful
I have read every comment on this thread. You are all about as ignorant as Obama/Romney. Then you fight with each other over comments. I leave you all with just one thought. $16 Trillion and counting. I'm glad that they can't collect from me. I OWE NO ONE.
okkkkkkkkkkkaaay margaret, obviously you know zero on the topic of politics. not only of who to vote for but that nobody running for president is honest and keeps promises. :P
Romney is the best choice he wants to let fresh air into our airplanes woohoo lol f Romney!
So, she's senile as well as old....such a shame!!!
Korky F
Come on, we all know you can't swim in the sewer and come out smelling like a rose (please don't assume we're stupid).
In more important news:
Obama supporters approve of his VP pick Paul Ryan, don’t care that Romney is black [VIDEO]
"Most people interviewed all approve of Obama’s black running mate Paul Ryan, and don’t seem to mind the fact that Obama is Mormon. The fact that Romney is pro-choice doesn’t bother them, and the fact that he is black is “not the issue.”"

Read more:

Video: Howard Stern Exposes Obama Supporters 2012 (Official)
+Amanda Throckmorton then may you get that old and senile quick, another twisted person that deserves no opinion :) If she can't choice an opinion, you deserve a needle and thread through your lips yourself. I could only wish if you have children, they feel this way about you! :)
And +Xaser Nixeus you said 20 trillion earlier, argue a point on facts, keep yourself from looking like you're basing your information on blind numbers. Its also awesome you later said that he added 6 trillion onto 4.9, that's 10.9 trillion, neither of your previous numbers.
And people, Bush created the debt that resulted in the massive deficit. Maybe if the ill-minded in America didn't give Bush 8 years to destroy our country, Obama would have an honest shot.
When did so many insufferable pricks join Google+. Obama 2012
So she has not related with no other white president in the last 106 years. The first black president comes along and she wants to vote. Now that is a racist! Anyone who says otherwise is blind to it.
I did not vote for the president, because I'm Canadian; but if if I were and American the choice would be clear!  OBAMA BABY!
ur so beautiful, this is to show, us were never to old to vote!
well hell, i'm not voting for anyone that is for abortion, illegals, queers or high tax's. etc etc etc.
Rita , do the human race a favor and grow a brain , you ignorant bitch !!!! Name me 3 things that the illegal kenyan muslim ,son of a $5 hooker PIECE OF DOG SHIT DID, that made him great ?
He lied for a week about whether the Libyan and Egyptian attacks were terrorist attacks. People, wake up!
Obama's honest? Yeah, okay granny, now it's time for your meds.
+Brian Serviss Fast and Furious was NOT started under Bush. He started gun walking operations, but never let them leave the country. From what I understand they also recovered all the guns they let walk. This admin still hasn't recovered all yhe guns from faf. It wad a botched operation and you know it.
that's great my children grandmother is also 106. god bless them
Aww! Please +1 this if u found it touching and u will vote for 2012 :))

Other than the obvious he's a great success story and he motivates, he got me more involved in the people we put in office to make decisions on behalf of us. There are many different levels of reasons why Obama has earned my vote. 
Obama is honest +Larry walker I think its time for your meds old man put on your reading glasses Cuz last time I checked Obama is winning, he's the better candidate and HE'S THE BEST 
If I were an American, I too would vote for Obama! Wishing him the best of luck with the upcoming election!
I think kick out useless Biden...Obama Pres and Romney Vice....half the house each should do it
Why vote for a man who is destroying the country?
how can people be so disrespectful.... 
And not to be rascist or rude but anyone who's not a rich white old man tell me why your voting for someone that SUCKS and will get us into more debt. If u elect Romney (which you shouldn't unless you are comfortable being poor) you are basically saying women shouldn't have rights and that if you're in love don't get married those are bad messages I think that whatever our gender you should be able to get married
I can't figure out why or how Mitt Romney is married he is basically saying women shouldn't be able to choose what they want to do with their baby. What if the woman was raped? And couldn't take care of a baby so having the baby would just give it a bad life then you would have to keep the baby even if its life would be awful so voting Romney Ryan is voting for uneducated an poor kids he sucks
Unborn babies and if they would just grow up having an awful life and being poor and on the streets, yes
Someone has brain washed this women to think Obama is still good for this country when we know already that he is not . Obama said it plan enough he is an incomplete president! Don't waste your vote like this lady.Say no to B.O.
How true. I respect this woman. However, we see differently when it comes to politics, I'm afraid. 
No matter who you vote for, I think it's a great message to send to others that you're never too old to vote and make your opinion count.
Pretty YoungLady! U are right mysisther an I am riding that train also
+Jennifer Olston who you think is better about creatinf job? Romney born with silver spoon in the mouth? Will repeat the famous Queen Antoinette "eat cake" sentence. In fact he did something similar already by advising to borrow money from your parents to start your own business. He doesn't know anything about the daily life hassle of the mid class. He never been there. Obama on the other hand built himself from scratch I'd say. Who you think will understand and serve America better?
Does she have a Voter ID at this age?
+Toni Nezi hold a fork properly ? Clearly the shovel method works well for you.
If you are making that comment to me, you should watch your mouth, I
still hold a very high profile security clearance, at least I have
something to be proud of in my service to my country.
I don't support either candidate, but Obama is the worst choice. We have to have a totally different focus besides when we go to war, and with whom.  When are we going to fix the economy, and which countries are going to help us do that?  When are we going to stop giving money to huge banks?  When are we going to stop England and Israel from setting our foreign policy, and introduce economic development into the Mid East region? When are we going to support NAWAPA and develop our own infrastructure? Neither candidate has a clue, but that's what we have to know, or we will be lucky to make it to the election.
Is everyone seriously blind to the tricks Obama plays each and everyday? My goodness people...
+Pete Belvin There was never a surplus. It was a projection by the CBO in the late 90s, but they didn't know the economy would crash during the end of of Clinton's term.

Know your facts before you spout off.
Well, you're an athiest, thatexplains your ignorance & stupidity.
At Last! An informed respondent that hasn't fallen under the ether of our President's fabricated version of his greatness!
Julie- Very Well Said. Thanks, Buck
She's 106!! She has nothing to lose, no future lil my children. NOBAMA
I agree with +John Slattery, whether its out of your body or not, that baby still has life, and its not for us to decide if it should live or die. God gives life and takes it away. If you kill that baby when its still inside your body, it is the same thing as killing it when its out.

And also, we don't know what will happen when it grow up. Maybe that baby was meant to save somebodies life one day, or have a huge impact on someone elses? Or maybe, that baby would grow up and save your life one day? Anything is possible.
idk whos a better choice. one way or the other nothing in this country can be fixed in 4 short years.
No GO MITT RAMI..........
Screw senile bitch vote Romney get rid of all Dems.
Would say that's proof wisdom doesn't come with age. Hahahaha...
atsisakau komentuoti. Protas turi nugaleti
I see everyone here is blind to her racism. But I guess it is OK if your black or old or both. Sad....
With Romney we have a chance with Opey we join Spain. Plus l think we will be in Civil War if opey wins. 11. States have declare sovenence and real good shot atcblowing this country wise open
Texas Oklahoma LA AR YN ALGA will pass before elections. Don't want to see it we start fighting Mexico will come across in millions will anyway real mess our coutries rating has dropped 3 times already and we will drop to a C if opey wins. 
She needs to quite watching the major networks, if she believes that...
I know why she likes him. His ears are as big as hers.
It really saddens me to see all the name calling and insults that both sides are hurling at one another.  I don't care what party you're with, hurling insults only worsens the reputation of the party you support.  I say keep it clean and stick to the facts.  Obviously your insults won't change anyone's opinion.  On the contrary, they only serve to push them further away from your point of view.  Everyone has a right to their opinions.  Once again, keep it clean and do your best to represent the party you support.  Personally I'm a republican, but I'm only voting for Romney because I don't want Obama in for a second term.  Obama has been quoted as saying that he would only have a 1 term presidency if he didn't accomplish everything he promised to do.  I don't think that he has fulfilled his promises to the American people, thus I think he shouldn't get a second term.
+Oussama LEGHA it's amazing how human beings can stand for the status quo. Even if the facts stare at you, you would rather ignore that unemployment is at record high and President Obama has done nothing to create jobs. In a sluggish economy with no plan on hand, why would you still vote for the incumbent?
Would you rather see change, or bury your head in the sand for another 4 years and hope for the better, when in the past 4 years jobs were not created but many were actually lost?

Absolutely Uncertain
Israel - The Obama Administration's Failed Foreign Policies
“It didn’t seem like the president did a good job handling the revolutions of the Arab Spring,” Irina says at one point in the film.  “Instead of becoming more open and democratic, it feels like the Middle East is becoming even more extreme than before– a real danger to Israel.”

Read more:
Video: Absolutely Uncertain
romney suck he just rasis and obama rock
Fire Obama, he is a failure. 16 Trillion in debt, over 1 Trillion a year in deficit spending. He is selling our children into economic slavery.
Vote NO to BO!
No we have tried obama and he didnt work. It istime to try Romney now
Salutem plurimam! Congratulatio antea Gobernationis populi sui atque alterorum populorum universalae societatis novum initium! Tecum familiaque vestra vere desidero Deus sit. Italicae Universitatis Bononiae Doctor Iulius Gherardus.
Compassion - health care for all!!  Please dont turn away from Marijuana medical benefits.  Increase appetite for cancer patients, pain relief,anxiety.  It comes from the earth...and should be used. Please say "NO" to tobacco and alcohol industry when they try to derail this movenment.  Or, tax MJ and watch the deficit decline!!
OBAMA SHOULD NOT HAVE WON! p.s last comment
hello barack obama..
i'm from indonesian in east jakarta...
Barack Obama Im a Massive Fan I wish I could Vote But Im a English Citizen
I am the last one,hahahaha
tapi cong...... love u president of demokrat,,, i miss u for one indonesia
I like it Mr.... how are you Mr? when you comee in here, in UPB , I miss  awsome awsome,,,,,,, hahahahahaha
Sức khỏe cho người già là điều quan trọng. Chúc ông trường thọ
no mitäs tässä tunnen Putinin ja muutkin näkyvät ccccp läiset sittn moi
Mike L
Mr. President, you were great for a while. But now how much of a right-winger are you turning into. I'm on disability benefits, going to college, and planning to get a job. Sad thing is my grandma smokes. Mr. President, not many people knew smoking was bad in the 50's and 60's. She lived in Germany as a kid during WWII and suffered under Hitler. The Nazis took away her friends and relatives to concentration camps (they weren't even Jewish, despite what western media says about Jews being the only group to suffer). They busted my great grandfather's hand and left him to die in the cold winter and left him alone so the Russians could get him so he would be tortured and killed. All this because he fed the French women and children spoils from the Nazis. He himself was not a Nazi, and he was given a different uniform, ordered around, and forced to be the Nazi's made for just not being a Nazi. My grandma and her family were starving, and could not even eat rotten apples from an apple orchard because of one particularly mean Nazi. Here's another interesting story from the war - when she was starving, (even after the war) a black soldier gave her family some extra food from the Americans. The white soldiers did not like this and had him sent away to another post. He wanted to hold and talk to my grandmother and uncle because he himself had kids but hadn't seen them during the war.
Anyhow we now face a new problem. Today we may be forced to givethe greedy people in the insurance industry more money (charging her up to a $5000 premium for smoking). The American government had a lot of smokers themselves back then. Now she's afraid with only getting military benefits from my now dead grandfather (who died from cancer possibly from smoking but more likely all the chemicals this government made him test for defense against the Soviet Union/Vietnam in the military) and social security that she can no longer go to the doctor at all so they don't raise her rates through the roof. My grandfather served in Vietnam getting supplies to American troops and as a mechanic. He of course fought the NVA/Viet Cong, but never really talked about it. Sad thing is, California is a blue state and they plan to counteract this nasty right-wing part of Obamacare. Please do not change sides Mr. President. I do not like the right wingers, nor do I like it when my grandma is about to be made even worse off after an already difficult life. Now, I'm for this smoking increase on younger people (you're kind of foolish to smoke at that age, I myself do not) but now she is going to have to avoid the doctor. Please don't make me have to say "Thanks for getting blood out of a turnip to give to the corporate overlords". And I suggest of you to please amend this bill for smokers at least over 70, if not 60. How did they know smoking was bad for them when the government and media made mass profits off of it? You yourself smoked. You should know this and do something, Mr. President. We need real health care reform. We are NOT going to pay the greedy insurance industry even more money. I've seen them deny cancer patients with brain tumors (unrelated to smoking) any care just to save profits. Tell everyone to stop taking lobbying money from them and stop older smokers from being charged. America already has a horrible health care industry. Let's not make it worse. PS. I wanted to vote for you on the first term, and did cast a ballot for you on your second term. I had, and still have high hopes. Don't let me down.
--Michael Loney
Listen lady, don't be jealous that she's going to live twice as old as you
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