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The Republican primary is all but over, and this race is on. Are you ready? http://OFA.BO/Gy5WxT
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That's the only thing America has seen from you in the last 4 years! #turnedyourbackonus
That picture is so completely open to misinterpretation that it beggars belief. The zero looks like a target. Are you sure that you want to roll with this?
I'll get your back if you get my front.
You see a target... I see his logo.
Ole Olson
We got your back Barack!
Exit stage left, along with your anti-freedom/pro-censorship laws.
We are ready. But I am not sure with SOPA/PIPA what is your stand on Internet Freedom.
what's going on with the embargo on cuba uh?
I got his back cuz those other guys are front'n!
Could also be interpreted as, "Hey Haters, Kiss My A$$!" I'm just sayin...
It's like Will Smith of Man In Black
I've got your's, as long as you have mine!
but dose he has our back??
Michael Lake
Any one who believes Mitt Romney is a good candidate for president or thinks he will win this election, has obviously never achieved anything more than a high school education or is a just an ignorant racist.
He turned his back on every promise he made and is trashing the Constitution
O B A M A = One Big Ass Mistake America

We will not be so foolish again. 
The only place Mitt Romney will walk into is the new elevators in his house. The flip flopper will flip and flip the mindless Americans who are foolish to believe his mindless rants. Unless most Americans are stupid enough to go back to the 8 mindless war years during the GWB moronic years and create yet another world meltdown. Thanks but no thanks Paul. You seem to have shares in Halliburton, and perhaps related to the heartless Cheney.
HA HA....How can you back on united state resident!!
We accept you, Gooble Gobble, one of us.
前排了也~ 哈哈
+WT Gator and +Paul Jewkes probably defended Palin's targets on Gabby Gifford by trying to claim they were "survey markers" too!
+Ole Olson He posted a picture that lent itself to misinterpretation. Just like the Mcdonalds tweet that went sour. +WT Gator was just pointing that out, and I was just capitalizing on it.
Excuse me? I am not some fascist with a gun. Your comment is deeply offensive to me +Ole Olson . I merely commented on the picture. It's a very poor design.
Then you are just as simple minded. You should try being more human, that will show you have mercy on those less fortunate. Funny, I have yet to meet a republican with a heart, they'll rip the heart out of their mother for the sake of a few green backs. Funny...too funny. Evil, vile creatures!
Absolutely Obama will be winner!
+Otto Holland You don't know me. You don't know what I do for the less fortunate. Why don't you try being more human... The only thing you have done on here is judge. As a matter of fact you don't even know what party I claim if any!

Think about what you are claiming before you do so please.
+WT Gator never called you a fascist, but it sounded like you were trying to say that's a target on his back. If I misinterpreted your intentions here, I apologize. I tend to deal with a lot of right wing nut jobs on the internet, and that just sounded exactly like what one of them would say.

+Paul Jewkes perhaps you would like clarify your statement.
The coming of Obama to power in USA has really saved the world from deadly wars.I strongly believe as long as he is president the world will be peaceful.From Kampala.
Eric Bird
Does anyone else miss when differing with someone politically simply meant a philosophical difference and not a reason for personal attacks?

Goal of the Democrats: Make America a better place.
Goal of the Republicans: Make America a better place.

What that even means doesn't differ that much. Want to see what a REAL difference between left and right is? Go to most any other country.

We're Americans. We're one team. Quit snipping at each other like Red Sox and Yankee fans. I have who I'd LIKE to see win the election, but whoever does, they have my support.

That said, whoever does the president's social media makes him sound like a dick.
totally has my vote and the votes of my entire family...
lol@ Obama "breaking every campaign promise" first, that just not true. But b. CONGRESS makes laws NOT THE PRESIDENT. The president promised to do what he can whiting the confines of the law to get CONGRESS to enact the laws HE PROMISED. ... but look at the congress he had/has even with majorities in both houses, the senate NEVER had 60 votes. You people blaming obama show stunning level of political ignorance and clearly shipped your HS civics class smoking weed behind the gym.
People are being a bit unfair to Obama with regards to the economy. It isn't like he had a magic wand that would immediately fix all of our problems. Economic distress takes time, and sometimes there isn't anything that can be done other than to wait it out. Had McCain won 4 years ago, the economy probably wouldn't be significantly different from what it is now.

Let's try not to resort to name calling here.

Also, +Paul Jewkes , re: "simply pointing out...": that's why you posted your demagoguery so many times up there, right? There are better ways to "simply point out that this post ... might not have been the wisest choice". It seems a little bit like you want to post somewhat inflammatory remarks yet not have to stand by what you say.
Silly Republicans, Mitts are for baseball. (not Presidency) - Jeff Dowell
Nope. Still not buying the crap he's selling.
Yeah, +Tommy McGuire , what a loser. So what years were you the president of the Harvard Law review? When did you save the auto industry, repeal don't as do'nt tell, enact universal health care?
Our economy has steadily improved for the past six months, job growth increases, stocks doing well, getting out of costly wars, taking down enemies and the only reason to vote for Mitt is to vote against Obama. Romney has no stable platform; it shifts with the weather.
D Scott
You winning sir #
I will vote for you Mr. Obama, Keep up with your good works.
The perfect example of the prefect Republican is Richard Dick Cheney. Another example is Sarah Palin I Betcha! Greed, selfishness, the bible that they don't understand, don't read ;yet preach insane things for the ignorant masses to follow. Hmmm...silly people who live by socialism, yet denies their socialistic nature. They hate people having God given choices; yet preach about the Good Lord WHO mind you, had mercy on those less fortunate.
So, given their vile interpretation of Christianity, Jesus would have killed all those he healed, would have called down fire and brimstone on the sinners. Their idea of faith is not the size of the mustard seed; rather, the size of kick backs and making sure the majority remain poor to serve their immoral tendencies. I Love being a Christian, my way or the high way; just give me the bucks and I will say and do anything.
+Paul Jewkes anybody can find something wrong with anything. The fact that some folks went straight after the fact that they think the Obama logo looks like a "bullseye" on his back is telling however. It's the Obama logo, not a target. There has already been a 400% increase in death threats against Obama thanks to conservative fear and hate mongering. No need to add fuel to their fire.
whoever gonna boost the real estate economy....
How about we exclude Dem and Repubs from this election? They can sit in the corner.
j wang
国人竟然如此之少了- -
I love how people go in on POTUS...but when you ask them what does Mitt have to offer...all you hear are crickets. Stop looking at the bad and what you feel the president has given you and start focusing on what he has done

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. JFK

+Ole Olson I wasn't referencing the bullseye. Mine were about his back. Turning his back. I'm not sayin'...i'm just sayin'...
First of all Mitt Romney is traitor because he has hidden this country's
money and wealth in foreign land. Also he is biggest tax evader as well as flip flop-er.
Obama is a communist! Just take a look at who he has associated with all of his life.
Obama estará en Colombia que Buena visita
Obama 2012! His intentions are right and legit.
People VOTE for any one BUT Obama, because if you dont vote it goes towards his votes!!
Thanks for you opinion Bailey but are you old enough to vote?
虽然有时差但还是要问好!总统先生早上好!good night!
I'm with you Sir!
Well, Obama is the only reasonable alternative. Romney=no thank you at this point in my life. Unfortunately, I need a job, and not even BO's campaign is calling me.
yes,sir.I am ready for the hard race.
You definitely won't be getting my family's vote... 
+Otto Holland inspired me to repost this that I read here a couple of months back: "Obama is NOT some brown skinned anti-war socialist who gives away free health care! You're thinking of Jesus."
if you make less than $150,000 a year, and you vote republican, you're ignorant and need to read more facts.
Should be an easy win this Year but you got me and my family support.
OMG I cant belive Im talking to u
Whatever happened to Guantanamo Bay promise? Along with many other promises.

Move to France where you belong.
10 trillion in debt and counting, unemployment figured as it was in the Bush years would be 11.5%, and gas over $4/gal. Yes sir this is my guy (NOT)
the back of him is what I'd like to see as he leaves the White House
>if you make less than $150,000 a year, and you vote republican, you're ignorant and need to read more facts.

Anyone of such informational challenges that they believe that is unlikely to benefit from any reading of facts, regardless of quantity. Obama is more than likely how I'll vote, but it will cost me, and I don't make that magic figure.
Always Mr. President..4 more years... we got you :)..never mind those haters out there
let's just go with :( cuz there could be a lot of other things to say
Although I do not live in your country, I believe in you and your politics to lead with certainty.
I support
+Eric Bird I wish I could see things that way. Unfortunately, I see waaaay too many differences between Dems and Republicans that I just can't join hands and say "we're in this together." From the moment President Obama took office, there was a concerted and consistent effort to make sure he failed. Every. Single. Issue that Obama took up met near universal stonewalling from Republicans.

After 9/11 there was a period of time where Democrats did put aside partisan differences to make sure our country was safe. When President Obama took office, the entire world's economy was in tailspin and Republicans' actions in Congress seemed to convey that it was in their interest to make sure Obama did not get his way-- everyone else be damned.

When you add in things like the "birthers", Congressmen yelling at the President during a joint session of Congress, consistently insinuating that the President just "isn't like us"-- it's clear that Republicans at best have no respect for the man holding office, and at their worst are allowing a racist element into their party's dialogue.

I don't even have to contemplate who I'm voting for. The choice has has been made abundantly clear over the past 3 years.
Found out Obama freaking shared info on one of our stealth fighters with some China whatever and now there is a photo of sort of the chinese (cant remember but maybe red china) buildinig a stealth aircraft with recognizable parts....all because he wanted a frienship going.....nice going Obama why dont you just give them your favorite taxi, Airforce One.....
Just the way I'd like to see him...walking out the door. Heck, all he left us with was change. Inherited $1.80 gas and now at $4.00 plus. SAD!
Weli A
I sure got your back. Sorry Mitt, you just don't tell the truth.
All but over? That's just what you want people to think. Ron Paul 2012! END THE FED!
Really, Rob? Gas prices is what you're going on? Something NO US President has ever had control over? You're a perfect example of prices being manipulated by OPEC according to election cycles and the people that buy in to it as the President's fault... hook, line and sinker. Click this link, which is the history of gas prices, then change the chart to six years.
Fa Lee



+Paul Jewkes if u read my post correctly, you would realize that I already assumed u graduated. What i said was that you have done nothing further with your life other than graduate high school like attend a college or university. Also if your not ignorant or racist you should definatley consult your parents about them dropping you on your head as a baby, okay...? Cool.
Better yet, add a line for the Canadian cost of fuel. Funny how it matches the US. I'm sure you'll blame Obama for Canadian gas prices too. #idiot
I'm in and I can't wait for the next chapter.
Can someone tell me how this man got a Nobel peace prize?
sure if you can tell me how Bush ever became President
+Fabio Bandini What about the off shore drilling? The oil pipeline? Presidents have never had direct control, but through their actions have affected it.

Many an ignorant Democrat and Republican in this thread....

Ron Paul 2012.
And how does that have anything to do with Obama's Nobel prize Jim? I hated Bush too. I'm just wondering how a man who promised to get us out of war actually got us into more undeclared wars then when he started gets a god damn nobel peace prize?
Considering the horrors the Bush administration put you through, it's gonna take a while for Obama to rid himself of the republican ninnies who constantly spew forth negativity and evil - yet have no ideas on how to improve things - other than to cater to a new generation of capitalist pigs ready to rort taxpayers in another round of "pass the parcel of debt"!!!
He didn't win it he was awarded it.
You look like you're leaving, Mr. President!
LMFAO!!! Even those that voted for Obama last time around feel burned. Why? Let's see here..... The ACLU determined that Obama is actually WORSE THAN BUSH on civil liberties. That's pretty hard to do but with indefinite detention, claiming the right to assassinate American citizens, stepping up federal enforcement of Marijuana prohibition in California, supporting harsh regulation of speech on the internet, etc Obama has stepped up to the plate and given Bush a run for his money! But Americans are waking up and saying "NO!" to the Republicrats. Even Kucinich supports Ron Paul!
maybe you'd better try to solve the safety problems first, don't always think about how to live in the White House for another four years without doing any other thing.
blind americans! we need to support ron paul, the only legit politician out there. ....but i can guarantee we wont ever get him in office :( oh well, i guess we'll just keep getting raped by the same pres.
Ron Paul should run as a independent because the republican establishment will never allow him to win.
Win award same fucking thing. He didn't deserve it.
Morning guys. Morning, the president of America.
ron paul sucks obama should stay in the white house as long as he can
Leo T
Those EARS
+marco pelayo You do realize that Ron Paul would harm more people than he would help, right? He is the only candidate whose platform would dramatically increase unemployment, and increase the cost of daily living for most Americans.

Thankfully, even if he somehow was elected, a large portion of what he wants to do goes beyond the powers granted to the president in this country. If he was the constitutional expert he claims to be, he would realize that.
I got your back IF you got the people's back. Reverse the gains of the top 1%--make it better for the 90%. Pretty simple, now use the bully pulpit and make it happen.
I'm in, even if I've been disappointed in the accomplishments so far. I felt the same about Clinton, if I recall correctly.
I feel the main problem is not the presidents decision it is the infighting against and for the decisions. If we were to come together as a nation then we could make most plans work.
Obama should stay for the next 8 years or 30 however long it actually takes. Because the changes need to keep happening in this country, for our people. for our Kids. and for Everyone who is completely abusing the system. It's disgusting watching people collecting money from the Government who anyone can go see them cash there checks @ wal mart then go buy whatever they feel a need. It's getting old.
+Ryan Vaterlaus You're right Ryan if we could all come together we could make changes and turn this country around. However that's what the Government wants they want the Nation fighting over silly things like this so it keeps us all distracted from what's really going on. That's what the parties are for.....
People do you realize why US currency ain't worth shit? It's because of the federal reserve.
Im niot ready. and Of course i dont have Obamas back. ROMNEY!!
you would vote for that flip flopper? i don't agree 100% with Obama but I have to respect what he is doing. the economy is starting to turn around. its not there yet but you can't fix 8 yrs worth of mistakes in 3 yrs.
I have absolute confidence in Obama. He'll make it to a second term.
love that january 2013 view of obama's exit.
I just don't like the fact that he lies to us. His whole campaign was about change and bringing the troops home. He hasn't done any of those fact he's done the opposite. Him and his secretary of defense told congress they didn't need their approval to go to war.
+Dennis Phillips It's very simple. Ron Paul wants to abolish a significant number of government departments (which the president does not have independent power to abolish). That leads to thousands of people losing their jobs immediately.

That is followed by Ron Paul abolishing all the federal expenditures that make civilized life possible in this country (road work, public education, and the like). When people who are in the lower 90% of the economy have to pay for them out of pocket rather than through taxes, their cost of living goes up.
The Obama Plan: 12 trillion in debt in a mere eight years. The historians will never forget you!
This is how Obama got elected. Perfecting the image of cool rather than being a good leader.
You, the American people have to decide what you really want for the future: the stupid policies of the Bush "era", or someone who tries to change things for the better!
Obama cannot do what he set out to accomplish, because the GOP has, from the start, said NO to everything or watered down the legislation... Old-style republican politics and policies will just not work for the 99%... suck it up my friends!
+Lee S Parsons He wants to leave those things up to the state that's why. And with him getting rid of those Federal departments they'll have more money. It's up to the states to take care of whats going on in their borders. Can't keep spending money that doesn't exist. You don't think state departments would arise from this creating more jobs?
In my opinion we're worse off with the Republicans running things. I stood behind Obama 4 years ago, and I'm staying put. I have faith that the next four years will be better.

What people don't understand is that the President is not fully at fault for the mess we're in. We have checks and balances for a reason people. If you try to blame one part, you have to blame all of it... that means the House, the Senate and the Supreme Court.

Mister President... you have tried to help us, and the House and Senate blocked you. They are the ones who are making you look bad. It's time to get rid of the Republican element in the House and Senate so that we may finally get something done in this country.

Of the past 5 Presidents we've had we have had only one other Democrat... Bill Clinton. Say what you want about Clinton, but when he left office we had a surplus, not a deficit. He was also the only other Democratic President we've had... Are we seeing a pattern?

I don't normally get involved in these sorts of things, but only the truly ignorant would blame all of our problems on Obama. Do your homework before you trash talk.
I don't know about yall but Obama can't even control his wife form going crazy on like 6 vacations in four years. Not to mention she used our money and a lot of us can't even find work. How am I going to stand behind a man who lets his wife use our hard earned money to have fun with her friends and family and a lot of Americans can hardly put food on the table for there kids. Dennis the reason the money's not there is because they used a lot of it on pleasure insted of using it for the good of the Americans. I voted for him but I learn from my mistakes. He can keep his change I like America just the way it was before him and Bush destroyed it.
Hey!!! D:< Leave me alone!!! I can't even vote!!! (And I would'nt anyway!!!)
It p's me off to no end how the republicans put up road blocks at every move the President made and worse yet the dems did nothing to help out! Yes I'm backing our Pres but I wish the Democratic part would grow a spine!
+Joanne Valasek The Fed makes money out of thin air. They always have money. Obama makes what $400,000 a year. You know how much Ron Paul said he'd take as salary if elected $39,336 the median personal income of an American worker.
According to presidential watcher Mark Knoller of CBS, George W. Bush, at this time of his presidency, had made 30 visits to his Texas ranch spanning all or part of 220 days. The Obama’s vacation day count is less than half of that.
Don't get your news from the TV news networks do some research online. The networks will keep feeding you what "The Man" wants you to hear. Why do you think you hear nothing about Ron Paul?
interesting,are you ready to pay back National debt though EQ3,EQ4,EQ5……EQ1000000?
Ron Paul is a few tacos short of a combination plate.
I'm ready. It all depends on if you're ready to lose, Mr. President.
I hope we can be rid of this pompous ass soon.
+Yamell Rodriguez Yes but I'm expressing opinions with out calling people idiots and what not. I can't translate your shitty spanish so if you could translate for me go ahead. The GOP fucked shit up? shit got fucked up in 1913 that's where this all started. Do yourself a favor turn of the TV and do your own research.
The Republicans never, ever talk about 2007 and 2008 when the economy cratered because of the greed and the dismantling of financial regulation. They had their turn for 8 years. Now Obama is working hard to repair the damage, and he deserves 8 years to recover from the worst recession since the 1930's. The fat cats have had a great 30 years. It's about time we had a president who knows that a
country without a strong middle class is doomed to ruin.
No thank you Mr President. This country cannot afford four more years.
For those of you wondering what good this President has done; for those of you saying he's done nothing in office please go to this site, watch the video, scroll down the list of the many incredible things he's accomplished in his first term:
Obama supporters please....what about these undeclared wars? I haven't read a post that touches that. I though he was bringing the troops home?
+Charlie Harris, the problem is that a lot of people don't believe a lot of those things are good for America, such as "Invested in clean energy." What does that mean, first off. And how did he invest? Putting the money we pay in taxes to subsidize Chevy Volts ($250,000 per car made)? We the People will invest in clean energy when gas goes flying out of control or they can lower the price to something we can afford.

Then you got all the stuff he REALLY did, like didn't close Guantanamo even though he could through the general fund. Like how he supported SOPA and CISPA until people decided he shouldn't. Like how he continues drone attacks of countries we are not at war with on a daily basis. I could go on, and on, and on.
Lois B
Who do u think u are using such language. Get off the sight. No one wants or appreciate your nasty mouth.
No I will not have his back. He has done nothing more than ruin this country more than it was.
How about sporting teams? How much of the money is tied up in that? That's an issue that needs to be addressed. People making billions of money playing a game. I'm sorry I love sports always have but it's just crazy.
马哥早上好 啊 
I won't have his back. I rather have someone who is for the American people. Gary Johnson 2012.
Interesting picture - he's turned away from the American people.
I wish he will show us his back on his way out of the white house and hopefully our lives forever
I'd rather have a candidate that doesn't support the military industrial complex, myself. Since there isn't one, I might vote for Johnson. But if it comes down to the Rethuglican or Obama, I'll vote for Obama. Because I hate theocracy that much.
I got his back........we will move forward and we will have to see this side of a good leader to get there!
Obama made a promise to make change
The only change he has made is from the working class pockets to his own.
Oh wait, both sides do that
Nothing new has changed
The Hate is strong in this thread.
Anyone remember the early days of Google+ when only smart, nice people were here? Who's the dumb ass that invited all their Facebook friends?
Are you kidding? You people expect that a president can fix the mess Bush created in just a couple of years? Try a generation. If you go back to the Republicans then you deserve the poverty and resultant crime that ensues. The rich get richer, the poor get the picture. Every time you people get a president who has some vision you just can't give them the time to achieve it. You vote them out or shoot them.
Is Mr. Obama ready? He campaigned on the promise to make the hard choices and change the status quo. I'm still waiting.
Obama I need you for 4 more years!
he is leading our country into destruction. Obama must be defeated and not given any more chances our great country.
lively amusement and sometimes also of contempt or derision |
Have you fools figured out what i'm doing yet- it's a 8 letter word
You can keep the change. I will keep my freedom and my bank account, dwindling though it may be.
He is choosing where to have thier vacation,that is all he has accomplished while being President of the United States.
Both faces of the Doney/Elephant Empire are the same corrupt monsters. Abolish party politics as the archaic and useless tool it is. Force voting by individual instead of the fattening pot of the bipartisan system.
Show me an original piece of paper, Mr. President, not a faked up PDF, that proves you are who you say you are, that you meet Constitutional criteria to hold office - oh wait, you can't, because you do not meet the definition of "natural-born citizen," that is one who has two parents holding American citizenship. Open your college transcripts to scrutiny, Mr. President, so that we may see what sort of student you were - Fulbright Scholar perhaps? Explain to us how you managed to travel to Pakistan in the 1980's when Americans were barred entry - I'd like to see what passport got stamped upon landing in Islamabad. Mr. President, I believe you have perpetrated the greatest fraud ever upon the American people and I will do everything in my power to see that you cannot continue it.
There is no race. This election is over and done with. You won ! President Obama. These republicans have no chance in hell beating you. 
Looks more like he's turned his back. Same to ya bub!
I hope you birthers keep right on pushing that issue. I find it deeply amusing.
I got your back!切克闹!!
hey stop spending money on vacation's and lower taxes
Jit Fsu
I got my back, so I'm voting BHO out. 
I certainly have your back, Mr. President. (Sorry I didn't post in Chinese...)
I just want to say:envy、jealousy 、hate
No, I would never vote for you. But props to whatever member of your campaign made you a Google +, your slowly becoming less and less hate-able.
+yufy jasy: I am definitely envious and jealous - I would love to be able to read/speak Chinese.
I hope you have our backs and do what is right for the little ppl
Obama 把油价降了吧!
Let's move our backs a little more to the left please.'s already general election season? See you later, Internet; I'm going to log back on next year when everyone is done being a tool.
Not quite ready yet. For the first time ever, I am participating in the delegate process. District Convention is this coming weekend, and State is in May. Roughly half of the Republican delegates have been assigned so far, but that also means that the glass is half-full: Half of the delegates still have yet to be assigned. I'm not ready yet, but come August, I think I will be. Don't count your chickens 'til they hatch. ;)
I'm so sorry, but I need your help
we all want to work for CIA
its all over for u bud, hope u enjoyed the ride. 
CIA 和FBI出中文网页了!!!解决亚裔就业问题的?
OMG!!!! Are you really Barack Obama???!!!!!!
As a dog, all I hear is double speak. And they call US Pavlovian....all parties, talking point after talking point....ring ring ring....
Barack Obama posted this, so it therefore reads, "Barack has his own back". Am I missing something? I expected him to at least have the propaganda thing figured out by now.
继续关注马哥 欢迎来china 做总统
This kinda feels like he's kinda pushing it but I understand since he's up against nick Romney or whatever his name is
Kai Xu
Oh Yea. I am so ready to send Obama back to Chicago. Let him play golf all the time.
BO is such a self centered dousch bag socialist.
哦巴马来解放我们把 到时候14亿人给你投票
Andy L
...just too far left for America.
别说干2届 干8届都行 干到你想吐
He had my back, made sure the health insurance company didn’t drop my wife when she needed surgery, got my friends a few extra unemployment checks while they looked for work, fixed some of the old roads in my town, cut my taxes, Thank you Mr. President!
The amount of propaganda and marketing in elections makes me want to vomit all over myself. And we all have the privilege of being exposed to it for the next seven months! That's a lot of vomit.
+Dennis Phillips The states don't have the money to do the large projects that the federal government does, and the states have to balance their budgets. If the federal government stopped giving money to the states and subsidizing interstate infrastructure projects, the states would be forced to raise taxes, which would result in life costing more for everyone but the very wealthiest. On top of that, education costs would jump so dramatically that hardly anyone from the lower 90% of the population would be able to afford anything beyond high school - provided they could even afford to stay out of the workforce that long.

In short, Ron Paul's economic plan is a total disaster for everyone who isn't very very wealthy in this country. Thankfully on top of the fact that he has no chance of winning, he is advocating for actions that are not within the rights and duties of the president. Hence even if he was somehow elected, he wouldn't be able to do this on his own.
maybe i can be a American in the future!
Google and AOL really have the ads going for Obama. His policies have been disastrous for America. His gun running scheme is criminal.
Next Presidential debate (Obama vs Romney)
Obama: I think that [insert political statement and answer to mod's question]
Romney: I agree, Mr. President. Also [insert additional reasons to agree with Obama]
O: Good point, Romney.
R: Thank you, Mr. President.
O: You and I aren't that much different, you know?
R: We aren't!
O: Hugz?
R: Hugz.
they hugz
Romney=Obama! Wake up America! They have the same policies, backers, and agendas! If you really want change vote for Ron Paul!!!
+Matthew McKee That's a good one there! If the world's going to end, why not go ahead and elect someone else to represent the US starting *after* the end of the world, right?
lol, nice pic it look like.... Obama?
Evan D.
Anybody but Obama!!
i've got his back ?
what does it mean?
+Adam DeMine So you're saying when the "choice" is between two highly conservative candidates who are pushing the same agenda, we should instead chose someone who is even more conservative? That's like saying death doesn't come quickly enough at 80mph, so everyone should instead try to drive 120mph!
robomney 2012!

umm whats the difference again?
马总 救救平西王吧
bo wen
bo wen
500 封楼思密达
哟 还有几楼啊
Who will come back?
As the buddha said in the end it doesn't matter. everybody forgets that your the same as everyone else. so why is everyone so worried
I will stand for Obama any day of the week vote people!!!!!!!
So appropriate. Like how he turned his back on his supporters when he delayed the health care law. And how he turned his back on Israel and all those poor refugee immigrants.

Where are you?
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