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+1 this photo to make sure your friends know exactly how Mitt Romney would roll back the progress we've made.
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Outlawing abortion would require a Supreme Court decision. The President has only the power to nominate appointees.
Other than that, the graphic is probably accurate.
Inaccuracies like that take away the credibility of the poster, don't they?
Though given that we're still in Korea after the Korean War, what are the odds of a timely withdraw from any, more recent, war?
Xyc Ben
bao dan
What's wrong with outlawing the murder of babies?
How could you NOT are anything wrong with leaving troops away from their families? Or ending medicare, leaving the elderly, and knowledge to die? What????
As if our economy can sustain our current spending and debt!!! Something needs to be done. The problem is No One really wants to be the one to do it because it looks bad on them. We are on a downward spiral and no one wants to admit it or own up to it.
Ron Paul? The guy with no basic understanding of economics?
Wait... that list is supposed to be a bad thing? Wow, you are in trouble come November!
José Sá
Way to vague.... this isn't the right way to do politics.
yes i still want him there, cus he also going to destroy iran's nuclear programs!!!!!!
JJ Chou
前排 嘎嘎
You'd have to be mental to vote Romney. Or any other Republican candidate, for that matter
Bryan M.
1) Not without Congressional approval
2) Not without Congressional approval
3) Not without Congressional approval
4) Not without Congressional approval
5) Not without Congressional approval

Presidents are not kings with carte blanche authority, despite what they would rather have us believe.
But presidents can make passing anything impossible.
+John Hanlon: Murder is already against the law, but you have to be alive first. Life begins at birth, before that you're just a collection of vestigial organs. Why outlaw reproductive choice?
It's sad that Mitt sold out and move further to the right. He was a pretty solid moderate.
bq y
+Nate Cress: The problem isn't the spending so much as the lack of revenue. If we reinstated tariffs and went back to the tax plans we had in the 50s and 60s, most Americans would pay less and the country would be able to cover existing spending.
Kevin Su
Great, Obama make sure you don't lose. I (from The Netherlands) definitely want to see you get 4 more years, because all the other republicans seem.. strange really, they aren't open for other people's views and religions.. while the US is based on that freedom.
I actually like some those reasons he lists as negative! Obamacare definitely needs to be repealed or we will end up with socialized medicine which is no healthcare at all since insurance is not really healthcare; I think someone needs to keep an eye on Afghanistan. If not us, who? Planned Parenthood definitely needs to go. It is the worst excuse for a government organization. So I agree with keeping Medicare and having millionaires pay more taxes. Not only millionaires, but everyone needs to pay their share. Let's see what Obama does about that.
+s.bradford colson That's a good point. It applies to almost any set of rules created by agencies for public law. Add in PDs and we have an imbalance of power. It doesn't matter whether it's a Republican or Democrat, the majority of the population have less of a say as a result. Are we still a representative democracy? #ImJustSayin
+Ashley Curtis: Not mental. Either rich and manipulative, or an easily-manipulated working stiff. If you're not the former, and you vote Republican, you're voting against your self interest.
Jim Ellis
So delivering a "fetus" half way then drilling a whole into the base of the skull so that its born dead is a safe, clean, completely normal thing to do? Get real. Ripping apart, injecting with saline, drilling holes into skulls. What is the difference. If you stop a beating heart its murder!!
We already have socialized medicine +Pedro Gelabert it's just done as inefficiently as possible. Perhaps you want to die if you can't afford to visit a doctor, but I don't think the rest of us are as suicidal.
1. Obamacares already lost, we all know the supreme court won't uphold it.
2. WAIT WHAT?! Keep them there indefinitely? So there still there? Then why don't YOU do something about it.
3. I'm not sure where the correlation comes from. But maybe this is the most true.
4. Well good cuz medicare sucks
5. No he said he'd leave it up the the states.
Dew Hao
The supreme court would have to totally reverse itself to not uphold the healthcare law, but the activists on it now, may very well do that.
Jim Ellis
s. bradford. We are NOT talking about your vag we are talking about a life! What is so hard to understand.
+Pedro Gelabert: Leaving healthcare to the free market is no healthcare at all, either. That said, making that system mandatory isn't the answer. Universal, single-payer healthcare is. I mean, we already have universal, single-payer K-12 education and universal, single-payer freeways...
+John Hanlon because outlawing murdering fetuses (babies) means you have to doom the women who carry them. The grown women who carry fetuses count more than a cell that may or may not survive (a fair percentage do not naturally).
I agree with 4 of 5, so I guess I should support him. Thanks for the update! As for #2 +Barack Obama can bring the troops home right now if he wants, so why give Romney the chance to leave them there?
+Jim Ellis: So, stopping a beating heart is murder now? I guess that means it wouldn't be a crime to kill off Dick Cheney by that definition. If you want to change the biological and legal definition of what it means to be born, then go ahead and go full retard. But don't be shocked when the world points out that you're being silly and living in the bad old days.
In Arizona now, the heart doesn't even need to be beating yet. A woman is considered pregnant two weeks before she even has sex.
I'm willing to accept fiscally conservative policies, so long as it applies to ALL spending and not just social safe net programs. As far as outlawing abortions, that is absurdly unfeasible and simply false information. With that in mind...I support you, Obama for 2012.
+Nate Meyers:

1) When did you get appointed to the Supreme Court?
2) He is, ending wars takes longer than it does to start them.
4) Medicare sucks less than letting the private market solve the problem, hence why everyone not on Medicare is paying the most money for the least amount of care in the developed world.
5) The states aren't always right about everything. Something as critical as reproductive choice shouldn't be something anyone other than the people involved in reproduction and their doctor should have any say in.
After reading your 5 points I feel the sudden urge to send a campaign contribution... to Mitt Romney.
Code Su
哎呦 该睡觉了!说好的绿卡呢
Let modify this list a little, as everything in here is a lie or a half-truth.
1. He'd repeal Obamacare and replace it with constitutional free market solutions making health insurance more affordable for people who actually want to purchase it.
2. He opposes the President's timeline to end the war in Afghanistan. A small number of troops may stay indefinately similar to how Obama has dealt with the ending of the Iraq war and similar to how we left Germany, South Korea, Japan, etc.
3. He'd cut taxes for ALL Americans, paid for by the resulting lower unemployment rate and higher number of Americans with taxable income.
4. Medicare as we know it is a failure. He'd end medicare as we know it. It will not change for seniors currently enrolled, but other Americans will see benefits tied to their incomes. Insurance companies will need to provide comparable coverage and seniors will be able to choose between the government plan or a private plan.
5. A president cannot "get rid of" any company, but Mitt he does not support the federal government providing to Planned Parenthood. They will continue to exist, but will have to raise money elsewhere. A president cannot outlaw abortion. SCOTUS would have to reverse their decision or there would need to be a Constitutional Amendment to outlaw abortion. Neither of which are likely to happen in the foreseeable future.
funny, he's saying most of these things himself. Unfortunately though, there's no way he's gonna outlaw abortion.
+Pedro Gelabert >> Obamacare definitely needs to be repealed or we will end up with socialized medicine which is no healthcare at all << Six out of Seven of the countries in the G7 (France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom and Canada) have socialized medicine; pay less per person for healthcare (most half or less than we pay); live longer than we do and have a higher opinion of the quality of their healthcare than we do. You've been conned by the people who are getting rich off the current system into the false believe that government run or provided healthcare is inferior. The countries of the G7 are the largest, most sophisticated Western Democracies in the world. The other six know something that we don't.

We can have an individual mandate (Obamacare as passed), or a single payor system (Medicare) or a government run and supplied system (VA - Veteran's Administration). Of these three, the individual mandate was actually invented and proposed by a conservative think tank and for years was promoted by conservatives as the preferred solution.

You've been drinking the Faux-Ade.
#1 Fact - Less people have Healthcare now than before this law. Businesses create the opportunity for Health Care not government. A good economy allows businesses to grow and by competition offer better health care for their employees. A fundamental difference. Just because Obamacare exists (if the Supreme Court does not pronounce it unconstitutional) does not make Obama's claims truthful. Less people have healthcare under Obama since he either got into the Presidency or Senate, pick your starting point.
It's interesting how statements with no basis in fact are portrayed as fact during elections.
If Mitt Romney told you what he would do, you wouldn't vote for him.... Just gives me a reason to vote for him if u ask me.. Some people might just need to be fired.
#2 Fact - Obama promised - "the president promised his Afghan occupation would conclude in July 2011" - ummm it's 2012 ....
Hey, B-dog. Please go back to being an empty suit and stay off Google. It's for big kids. You were elected because we knew you wouldn't do anything and we didn't want things worse with our economy. You'll get re-elected on the same principle. You're useless and we can appreciate that about you. Don't screw up the free meal and housing.
#3 Fact - adding $5 trillion in debt in 3 years is more or less gonna make # 3 impossible to do anyhow, let alone it's so filled with untruths it would be as thick as the health care law to print.
+Wayne Zill >> #1 Fact - Less people have Healthcare now than before this law. >>

In what way? How? Any authority you can cite for this statement? Because letting over 20 Million kids stay on their parent's insurance to age 26 seems like more, not less. Because eliminating the old "pre-existing condition" exclusion now assures that nobody loses access to healthcare just because he changes jobs and gets on a new healthcare plan and that seems like more, not less.
#4 - Good- It massively exceeded it's original projected costs anyhow just like Obamacare is now being shown to do. It needs an overhaul.
+Ginger Disciple: On the other hand, drone attacks are cheaper, faster and more prone to success than a protracted military engagement on the ground. Given that the Bush Administration was no closer to finishing the fight than when they started, and the Obama administration shut out both in short order and is now bringing our boys home, I really have to wonder if the Bush Administration had a vested interest in dragging it out as long as possible.
Wayne, prove it, or shut up. MORE people in my family have healthcare now. I haven't seen a single statistic anywhere to support your claims.
#5 - Never said that, he said he would end Federal funding for Planned Parenthood. Any organization doing abortions is prohibited by Federal Law to fund abortions. How they ever received federal funding by saying "that money is not sued for that program" is a great political trick. And since the Roe vs. Wade decision deperaate Democrats always say their opponent is goign to end abortion, and guess what, hasn't happened, and very unlikely the Supreme Court will tackle that again.
+Wayne Zill Your point conveniently ignores the massive economic collapse, which, had Obama been on the moon at the time, would have still resulted in less healthcare by virtue of the private and public sectors laying off workers.

Meaning, there is no relationship between Obama, and any drop in coverage.

Under full implementation, more people would will be covered, and that's Fact #1. And, as the economy improves, and assuming the private sector does not continue in it's long slow roll back of benefits, coverage will rise still further.

So in relation to the post we are actually commenting on, those 5 talking points are relatively truthful.
Oh sure, because the President actually has the power to do any of these things amirite?
Please tell me 5 things that you are going to do, Mr. President. And I want details of how we are going to pay for it.
#1 Only congress can do that.. just like congress was the only one to enact it.
i think the supreme court is going to beat Romney to getting rid of obamacare.
Obamacare gives insurance to a couple of million.. Screws over the rest of the people. Thanks for causing my insurance to sky rocket. Glad to know someone else can stay on their parent's insurance until they are 26 now.......
To the many Republican platform enthusiasts on this thread... Yes, please continue to support the erosion of the middle class and elimination of the safety net for less-fortunate Americans to the benefit of the wealthy "job creators" -- who have failed to create jobs despite historic low tax rates. And by all means, you "conservative" men out there, continue to educate women on what is right and wrong in their reproductive choices. You are doing a bang up job for the DNC.
To T Alexander - I am not ignoring that the economic collapse has had a major impact on it at all, that is exactly the point, if you want more people to be insured, provide the absolute best economic environment to operate a business in the U.S.. I would also add that all Non-Profits since they do not pay Corporate Income tax, should have to provide health insurance for their employees in order to maintain Non-Profit status.
You are terrified of Ron Paul, as you should be!
In Mitt Romney's defense, he will most likely change his views on all these issues before I even finish typing this sentence.
And he was in favor of NDAA just like you. More of the same. Meh.
Sounds great! I'm ready to vote for and take him on as our next president on just those 5 issues. Thanks for the infographic. I'll be sure to share it with my conservative friends.
Almost all of those things listed are good. Obamacare is the worst idea ever. Obama has been one of the worst presidents in the history of America.
#'s 1, 2, 4, and especially 5 are exactly what I would hope would happen. WE NEED the troops to stay there, or else we would be defensless!!!! And how is our President supposed to protect his country is he has no troops!? And as for #5, don't even get me started...
Socialist extremist, no one has ever won an election promising higher taxes. wake up Obama!
Yes, it's cheaper to kill the accused before the trial, too, and not that I agree with the move, the constitution does only apply within our borders. No, I don't believe Obamacare is more effective than universal, single-payer healthcare (especially when universal, single-payer freeways have been such a success compared to what it replaced). Are we alienating religious organizations, or are religious organizations alienating society?
Obamacare gone? Sounds good. Where do I sign up?
1, 3, 4. YAYYYY ROMNEY!!!
2. I think we need to stay...I'm sorry I just do.
5. Well nobodys perfect, but the consolation is he couldn't even if he tried.
+Spencer Kelty - "one of the worst presidents in the history of America."??
So, you've done a tremendous amount of historical reading to make that judgement, no doubt. So I'm curious as to your insights on why Obama is worse than, say, Ulysses Grant, Franklin Pierce, Warren Harding, Herbert Hoover, or George W Bush...
Awesome reasons to vote for Mitt Romney. Especially #5... We need to STOP this genocide of our children....
I'd vote for Romney over obama every time. obama will go down as one of the most ineffectual presidents ever. It's too bad, he was poised to bring the country together, but instead he just tore it apart.
I am finding it humors that a very large chunk of the comments on the post are from people who dont even live in the USA. LOL
If you are passionate about something, pursue it.
It's amazing that a constitutional scholar doesn't know that all of these initiatives must be started in Congress, and the president cannot just do it... another scare tactic lie to the american people... much like the TSA
+Vincent Chiarella: Or, heck, Abraham Lincoln given the whole Removal thing that led to Custer getting his shit kicked in for all the right reasons at the Battle of Greasy Grass.
our hole gov. need's to be cut by 75%, and put there ass to work in the privet sector!
3 out of 5 of these things sound fantastic, Mr. President.
Also, for the men here, I challenge you to come up with a legitimate reason to ban abortion given that it doesn't affect your body. Difficulty: Arguments that consider fetus synonymous with a person are biologically and legally invalid.
Ummm, yeah. That's why I voted for him.
Oddly enough I hated Mitt Romney but after seeing this.... Well, I am having a change of heart. There are 1 or 2 things that I have some issues with but I think those can be controlled for.
How did this moron get on my page!
I'm ready! Let's help Mitt Romney spend a whole lot of money for nothing, he's used to it anyway!
What programs does our current president supply for middle class families? I know its not jobs...
What is it with people bandying about historical comparisons: "most ineffectual ever" "worst president ever"...
Do you people READ? It's one thing to not like him, I didn't vote for him in '08 myself (lifelong 3rd-party voter), but don't co-op the entire history of the presidency to make your point. In all reality, from a real historical perspective he's actually done a fair job, particularly in comparison to his predecessor. Obviously some have ideological disagreements with his policies - that's fine, that's what democracy is all about. SO, either make your arguments substantive ones or just can it. Do we really need more hyperbole? Really?
it's not as if Romney would be on easy street if he's elected in November. Obama has had to struggle against an openly hostile Republican legislature while not having very many Democrats with spine on his side.
Looks like this is going to be a messy election year; sigh... Mr. President, can you please compete on features and benefits instead of fear and scare tactics?
Mr President do you have no shame? Why aren't you running on your GREAT record. If in fact what you have done is so great...All you can do is throw mud and hope for the best...your a joke.
when did obama get in my circles ?=L
Most of these are positive points in the eyes of most conservatives...just having a different perspective on the consequences of those policies...
巴马哥 我要来美国么钱能否赞助点
down with romney for sure. obama 2012
good point grant. I'm not a huge obama fan and a few of those seam like a good idea actually haha. maybe not what he was looking for
Who is running on their "GREAT" record. No one is. The GOP is doing the same thing in their own party Obama is doing here to get nominated to run against Obama. It's politic's, it's just smear tactics now and has been for quite some time.
+Brayden Shaw: You have more control over gas prices than the president does, because you're the consumer. Don't like the price? Don't buy it. Go by transit, bicycle, team up and carpool, live closer to work and walk. You have choices.
I don't like Mitt Romney, but I still find this rather one-sided.
zheng yao, does your post mean we bore you? 大家快点睡吧
You aren't fooling anyone, Barry. Pretty sure the guy flipping burgers at the McDonalds around the corner would do your job better.
To S Bradford - My comment was not a reflection of how Non-Profits are currently structured, rather a means to increase health care insurance in the applying the rule that, to be a Non-Profit, requires giving health insurance to it's employees.
I think the President knows that if you are in favor of outlawing abortion, ending Medicare, and cutting taxes for millionaires on the backs of the middle class, then you're already going to vote for Mitt Romney. He's not trying to win you over. He's looking for moderates and independents who see these things as extreme, which they are.
I'm conservative, and almost all of those seem like really good things to me. You just endorsed Romney in my opinion
The things listed that Mitt Romney might do if he were elected president are precisely the things I would like done. GO ROMNEY!!!
+Wayne Zill Your link to the CNN story about the Census Bureau report which gives details on how many are uninsured is completely irrelevant to the discussion of Obamacare. The report shows statistics as of 2010 (not now), despite being published in Sept. 2011. Although the raw number of people without health insurance rose from 2009 (49 Million) to 2010 (49.9 Million), as a percentage of population it was "statistically unchanged."

Get some current and relevant stats or stop spewing the talking points you pick up listening to Limbaugh's lies and Faux News's propaganda. The bulk of ObamaCare wasn't even in force yet in 2010. See the calendar for the phase in:
OBAMA IS A JOKE ! The worst President that this country has very that's way he will be a one term President.
+Grant Ewing: No doubt. Kind of shows the difference between progressives (which don't have a major party), conservatives (Democrats) and regressives (Republicans, Libertarians).
Well who ever wrote this does not understand how our government and its system of checks and balances works.
Could everyone upstairs speak Chinese, so my fellow Chinese can understand you guys' talking? Thanks for understanding...
I would like to point to Herbert Hoover as an example of deregulation and government and business being a little too close together. I would also like someone to tell me how having offensive troop assignments pulled makes our defensive troops obsolete? I would like to think those troops actively engaged in defending us on our own land and our territories are not so poor at it that we must take the fight to the women and children elsewhere.
Some of those things don't sound to bad at this point
Thanks! You just helped me make up my mind about who I'm voting for in November. Instead of attacking your opponent, why don't you try coming up with a plan to fix some things like gas prices or creating jobs (and not government or failed "green" jobs)? Just a thought.
Partisan, even for a guy like me outside the US. Cant Obama simply concentrate on constructive things, instead of trying to sell fear?
Sounds like Obama's getting a little scared!
Romney and Obama support the same exact things , bet you didnt know that
I assume that, with #5, you actually mean "he would specifically appoint new Supreme Court justices (when possible) with the goal of over-turning Roe v. Wade" ... it is illegal for the President to directly outlaw abortion at the federal level. Don't start taking those kind of shortcuts, Mr. President ... I support you, but don't want to see dumbed-down rhetoric in the upcoming election season.
haha you guys saying taking health care away from millions is a positive, april 1st has passed now but I like your sense of irony!
It's times like this that a -1 button would be nice. I really wish candidates would focus on what they are doing and plan to do and stop trying to win by making the other person look bad. But FYI I completely agree with everything on this list. You're only making me more sure of my decision to vote for Romney.
Vote Ron Paul for more Liberties and Freedom!
haha. Romney won't get rid of Obamacare. The Supreme court will.
The Supreme Court will take care of Obamacare.
Kelly C
I always loved you and think you would be the best president ever! keep doing the right thing!
Mr. President please get off my news feed

I did not even vote for you
that is true
but once miloinares pay less taxes the mid-class people will have jobs!
I really don't like Romney, but this is total BS. Once in my life I would like to see two competent people run for the Presidency..... Just once.
OK. First let him retrive the 3tn worth bonds from China. then only his economy will grow.
The American people are not stupid, they know what they will loose if they vote for Romney. Either going back 100 years or moving forward 100 years with Obama. It's your choice.
outlaw abortion? i think every single unborn babies have the right to live, the right to fight on. abortion is an excused murder. no matter what excuse you have to kill these babies, ABORTION IS NOT THE RIGHT THING TO DO.
Ahhh, I see, G+ has attracted the Yahoo! crowd... O, btw, your Caps Lock is on...
Businesses create jobs, btw, not people who happen to have a million dollars...
Don't forget he'll be able to turn the country around and get it on a POSITIVE cashflow.... or you can just vote for the great Obamadeficit
I'm not an American, but I would have no objections to any of these items. The sooner abortion is outlawed the better.
These are the five reasons that I use now against Mitt Romney, so my vote goes to Obama.
well, scare tactics and a little bit of yellow journalism overstatement there. If you can't be reasonable, you aren't going to convince me of much.
Funny, we used to be the country that set the standards. The rest of the world caught up. But like the Tortoise and the Hare, we are still standing around on our extended breaking thinking how great we are. The country as a whole is guilty of this, and the Democratic party is guilty of this. The Republicans... have a plan, but it's insane, and they keep trying to get idiots elected instead of any one intelligent. It's no suprise that even Canada is passing us up.
Judging by the US-based comments. This campaign is not going well. Pop this trial balloon.
And the only progress you've made is steering this country closer to bankruptcy. But I'm sure you'll find something you can spend money on to fix it. Maybe pouring money into more failing "Green" energy companies would be a good investment.
What is wrong with ANY of this? Seems to me like Romney wants to shrink the size of the federal government which is never a bad thing
Seems a bit extreme for one man to accomplish.
Totally fine with #s 1, 4, & 5. #2 is speculative. #3 needs to be more specific than "programs that middle -class families rely on"
How do I get rid of the Chinese Comments?
Go Romney! Let's bring the country back to what made it great. Work hard or fall behind.
+Micah Nordland Get over it. It's decided law and abortions are going no where.

The argument that it's a viable fetus is a red Herring. The vast, vast, vast majority of abortions take place in the first trimester. If you're so concerned about fetuses and children I'm sure there's an adoption agency in your area you should visit this PM to do your part, right?
Adam L
The only thing that really scares me about Romney is his stance on gun control.
This page is the best anti-Obama page on the internet. Reading it you can see how unimportant they think honesty is, as well as how disconnected from reality they are. This may be the only time I say this but, thank you Obama.
Yeah, see, getting rid of Obamacare is good! And I'm very much middle class. Not that Mitt Romney's any good, but he can't be much worse.
WOW it's amazing how many people belive this bull.
Seriously? even you refer to the health care bill as Obamacare? I always thought that sort of took the focus off of the goal of the bill
WOW it's amazing how many people believe Mitt Romney's BULL!
I believe whole heartedly in giving the true majority of Americans the opportunity to enjoy the promises given to them by our founding fathers. The 99% deserve proper representation by a person who understands, has lived the Great American Struggle: Poverty, Unemployment, and Educational Disparity. Therefore, the American People need to be properly represented by a Political Organization, or Party that is centered on helping ALL Americans achieve financial, political, social, and personal freedom. America has greedy racketeering politicians. The American People deserve better representation in Congress.The American People need more than Republicanism, Democratization, and Tea Party Extremists. The American People need an organization that hears, sees, knows and feels their concerns. The American People need an organization that accurately represents and tends to their ideas and problems with deliberate speed. The American People need the American Party, which represents, supports, and fights to achieve the Ideal American Life for ALL AMERICANS, not just the wealthiest.
Millionaires can pay more taxes and still create more jobs and in the process make more money. They cannot lose either way. Why should we in the middle class bear the burden and still obtain fewer jobs? And in the process end up paying higher taxes and have nothing to fall back on. Why should the middle and lower class lose the little we have while the rich get richer? As a country, we should all pay our fair share, and never forget to help the poor, elderly, sick, and those in need. once we as a country get back to that state of being, this will truly be the greatest country in the world again. To many are trying to destroy our country from within. Pitting each race against each other. We need to learn to make them the minority voice, and those that love this country rise up and take our country back.
Jeez, talk about spreading hate on the wealthy. They already pay 3x the tax rate nearly all of us pay (even if you believe they avoid taxes by off-shoring, which is a very small part of the 1%)
Its not about cutting taxes on millionaires, its about putting them back in the same tax bracket as everyone else. I hear its an argument on fairness but it really isn't. Most of those people have worked hard their whole lives to get where they are at, to me that doesn't seem fair just to be taxed for your hard work when you have people that just want to kick back and sponge off others. I know that isn't everyone but there are a fair amount of people that do that. I know there are plenty of exceptions in this but you gotta think, some of these people studied, went to college, worked their ass off for it. Some people might not have the opportunity to go to college, but the Zuck was a drop out and look where he ended up. Should they really be taxed more for that?
What progress have You made? Tripled the debt, signed everyone into a service that they're forced to get, lowered the value of the American dollar, and lowered our credit rating? Yeah, real progress there.
1. So?
2. Bad
3. Good
4. Fine
5. Outlawing abortion federally is unconstitutional.
Dubious claims at best.
Is this an add for Obama or Romney?? Any chance we can just undo the last 4 years??
Oh dear. I didn't realize that the next elections were going to be fought with infographics.

This will end poorly.
I still like the idea of a FAIR FLAT TAX! Repeal the loopholes and make corps. and other "persons" pay the same tax rate. File your taxes on a postcard.
Wow, from the looks of this thread, your scare tactics aren't working and your in trouble come november...
They are all a bunch of lying, back-stabbing mongrels. I would mot trust anything they say, it deserves to be flushed down the toilet. All but one----who could that be I wonder?
America, you're like the Andrew Dice Clay of countries. YOU think you're important, YOU think what you say matters, but you've become a sad joke. Nobody cares about you anymore, we just watch from the sidelines as you self destruct, shaking our heads in amazement. The reality, you have a distorted view of what the world thinks of you because of your in-country media zoo. You're worse than the USSR was when it comes to knowing what's really going on in the world. Do yourself a favour, read/watch news reports from other countries to see how you're really perceived by the rest of the world. And btw Raymond Lulling, Canada passed you a very long time ago, we never got the whole "slave" thing, whether it was based on race or sex. And you still haven't figured that one out yet....
I find it hilarious to read comments from Republican sympathizers who are pointing the finger at this apparent "scare tactic"...?! BRILLIANT
This fraud frames the the points incorrectly - 1. Yep Mitt would end the boondoggle that is Obama care. In 2009 the Fraud in Chief said he wouldn't sign anything that "would add one dime" to the deficit. It didn't add one dime- according to the CBO it will add 2 Tuh-tuh-Trillion dollars. 2. Mitt has said he'd defer to the generals on the how about we do that before just putting in a time frame that gives our enemies a finish line. 3. Here is the creative re-phrase. He would let job creators keep more of their money - which would lead to jobs. The president continues to oppose jobs like the Keystone pipeline. A project that gets us closer to energy independence. 4. COMPLETE AND UTTER LIE. He'd fix it as opposed to kicking the can like the liar in chief does. 5. Another complete lie. Defunding planned parenthood is a budgetary issue, and in all honesty everything needs to be on the table.

In 4 years what has Obama done for us? Sure he got Bin Laden - but who got us there? G.W.Bush - he was the one who ordered waterboarding of Khalid Sheik Mohammed. He passed Obamacare - a blantantly unconstitutional law requiring citizens to purchase something simply for breathing. Complete against the Constitution and Bill of Right.

Obama has been an utter failure (apologies to failures everywhere) Un American and Anti American. I cannot wait for 11/7/12 where we cut that cancer out.
Hey, its Obama, the king of overblown hyperbole...jackass.
Obama, where are the change you promise, its promise for the worst.
Thank God that he will end abortion and Go Mitt Romney!
How about, he would make us all wear magic underwear and 'live the principle' by taking multiple wives.
I guess those are 5 reasons I'd have to vote for him, although I'm not planning to.
Progress???? I don't call ANYTHING 'achieved' by the Obama administration progress! I'm discussed by the endless string of let-downs from Obama!
RepubliCants are just venting because they know Obama will win. 2012 isn't a concern. We need a strong Democrat to focus on 2016.
Mr. Obama, you assume people think repealing your healthcare scheme would be a bad thing. Google+ needs a -1 button.
What about Obama's $16.5T debt w/projected $20T by 2016, high gas & food prices, 14.2M unemployed, 1 in 6 Americans on welfare! Obama could take all the money from American millionaires & billionaires & not be able to cover 1 yr of Obama deficit spending!
Only problem I have with the list is that next week, it might have to be changed because Romney tends to contradict himself....a lot.
And you, Mr. Connell, assume millions of people are all about losing their health insurance.
Sounds better then now.... And I'm not so keen on Supporting very well to do organizations like Planned Parenthood and not other great medical organizations who don't get so much money anyway. Maybe this wasn't Obama's crews best ad choice.
I'm voting for Ron Paul anyway....down with the Fed!
everything i am reading about mitt romney, I am liking.
i'm just gonna say that a sustainable fix to your situation in the States requires a long term process of small steps. you far to often jump in with both feet without even testing the waters first
Add to this list, he will end social security as well for anyone under age 55. And sign a bill to ban gay marriage.
Dear Genius,
The President, and I know you don't understand this, doesn't have the authority to do any of those things.
Concerned Voter
Obama is a freakin lier!!!!!!! All of these need to be done!! you demwit!!!!
We need progress on human rights freedoms, where this administration has failed abysmally. You can't blame the Republicans for all of it, Mr. President! As a constitutional lawyer, you should know better. Please reverse the trend towards an America run by and for the corporations. Repeal Citizens United and reform the IP laws to make CISPA and its inbred cousins irrelevant.
Hopefully, this will never come true!
I like all that stuff. Let's Go Romney!!!!!
Both Romney AND Obama are anti-gay, pro-war, pro-wall street, anti-campaign reform, pro-torture, anti-whistleblower, support indefinite detention of American citizens, pro-keystone pipeline, pro-deportation of immigrants, pro-Bush Tax cuts, pro military industrial complex.
Go ahead and vote for Obama, but don't delude yourself that he is a progressive or liberal candidate.
As long as we lefties are unwilling to criticize a democrat war mongerer and profiteer, we are just as bad as Bush war apologists.
This is a giant crock - anybody with a brain knows it. All of those points are a lie, or at least a HUGE stretch of the truth.
Dear Scot Rezsnyak,
Run and tell that.
Like-Minded Individual
It's almost as if Obama's campaign flunkies don't have any earthly clue what they are doing...
LIAR! We have to get rid of this moron!
Repealing Obamacare is not taking away health care. It's taking away health insurance, which is not health care. State-sponsored health insurance programs have driven up the cost of health care, as those care providers can charge whatever the state program is willing to pay. Additionally, state-run health programs limit people's choice of health providers, keeping innovations that would lower costs and increase quality out of the market.

That said, Romney is backed by the same contributors as Obama. If you want real change, real accountability, and more prosperity, you must support liberty. Vote Ron Paul.
if he wants get rid of abortion thn O YA i'm votin 4 him duh! i'm 100% against abortion, VOTE 4 ROMNEY!
James H
Is it just me or does any one else think its weird that "Obama" himself refers to the health care plan as "Obamacare"? And obviously noone still gets it that it doesn't matter WHO the prez is, its Congress and senate that actually finish and pass bills and laws. If you want change you can believe in...start there.
And what exactly is wrong here? America must stop paying bills of those who spent their lives on welfare. No more slums full of parasites.
Thanks for the clear explanation of the differences. Now I KNOW whom I am voting for. ;)
All I can say after reading these comments here is that no matter who wins, I need to get the heck out of this country ASAP.
I'm failing to see the problem with this... YES I WILL +1 it!
So.............I agree with Romney on all of these points. Thanks!
Yeah I'm all for number 5. The rest though... I'd also like to see this framed as things he might do and evidence as to why you are asserting those things as opposed to using five "absolutes" without evidence that function as scare tactics.
You can only use Medicare if you collect Social Security.
1) He would ensure that your current private health care (that most Americans are happy with) doesn't change.
2) The President is the one that sent the majority of the troops to Afghanistan anyway.
3) Middle-class families don't rely on programs, middle-class families work to pay for things they need.
4) Medicare as we know it needs to end because it is not sustainable, just like Social Security.
5) Government subsidized abortion mills need to be gotten rid of. Lower taxes and then people can use that money to pay for their own contraception and abortions. :)
Psh, like Romney is actually any different from Obama. 3 of those things Romney either can't do as president or wouldn't, and 2 of them Obama would probably do.
Both are terrible and false alternatives. But I guess I should watch what I say since NDAA was signed into law.
Where was this information obtained? Citing references would be beneficial to the reader that wants to confirm these statements.
1. He would create Romney Care?
2. He would keep troops in the area so war does not break out again?
3. He would cut taxes for millionaires and force middle class america to step there game up?
4. He would end Medicare as we know it meaning he would make it better?
5. Perhaps he has a better idea on how to plan for parenthood and what to do with all of these babies instead of killing them?
It seems to me that this marketing tactic could very easily be turned many different ways. Sir with all due respect if you want to gain the peoples vote focus on the people not your opponent. While everyone else is out talking about themselves and what they are gonna do, if you want to win this election stay out there and make sure we know what all your doing to make this country better for the people.
Mitt is the most genuinely compassionate politician out there. He will take care of people in need, don't let Obama tell you otherwise. Mitt is also incredibly smart and savvy and most importantly, honest. Put your money on him.
I personally think ending Planned Parenthood will lead to more displaced children in the streets. Not a wise choice. But this is what baffles me with American politics, they constantly cut down the person they're against. How about instead you talk to us about what your plan is with 30 million unemployed citizens?
Great! Makes voting for Gov. Romney easier!
Taking government out of our personal lives? Where do I sign. Sounds like what the Founding Fathers had in mind.
Seriously? Obama put us 5 Trillion dollars deeper in the hole so far. That is "progress"? We borrow money from China just to pay for the government we have already. Obama and Congress have to be stopped or the United States "as we know it" is what will cease to exist.
he wants to out law abortion what a heartless pig! hes got my vote!
Sounds good to me. Is this supposed to make us NOT vote for Romney?
He might make people accountable! Its our right to not be accountable for our own actions, or lack thereof!
Middle class families rely on programs? Really?

Uh, yeah, that's just like Romney.

Game On, Election 2012, let the BS begin!
Maybe Mitt Romney will keep his promises? when he wins..
5 great reasons to vote against Obama.
You and Romney are both terrible. I will not be voting for either of you. Gary Johnson 2012.
Difference between a Constitutional lawyer and a shyster lawyer. A Constitutional lawyer upholds the Constitution and a shyster lawyer looks for ways to circumvent the Constitution!
Sounds like Obama's got in the bag
The difference between the two is abysmal at best. End the wars and our world police state and bring our debt to zero!
I'm a independent voter and in my life time I have never seen a party or people in this country so hell bent on revenge. People today could careless what's best for a country, instead they care for only their party. Today congress draw lines in the sand rather then work together and you guys blame the President. The truth is republicans from the Day the President took office have hated him, I month after he took office they said it's his economy now it's his fault and he needed to own it. You don't need to have much of a brain to know he didn't cause the bad economy we suffer from today. No President could have changed things in 4 years no matter the party. You should all be blaming the congress and greedy finical industries and companies who abandon the people of America and moved overseas for a better bottom line.
I don't like Romney but this is ridiculous.
1. Obamacare may be repealed by the SC, so even if not there may be good reasons to repeal it. Those millions will still have healthcare.
2. The war in Afghanistan was almost over before Obama sent extra troops. There is no sign this president wants to end any war in the ME
3. It was Obama who bailed out the big banks, opposed legal prosecution of those who profited the most.
4. Medicare 'as we know it' has to end anyway.
5. He couldn't outlaw abortion if the states had the right to allow it.
6 Romney will proceed with Patriot Acts and NDAA's just like Obama
7. he will proceed with SOPA-like Hollywood protections that will destroy the internet, just like this president.
8. he will protect the 0.01% from the people, just like Obama.
We as American's have not gave Obama enough time to undue the damages that have been done. He was elected at the worst time, he needs more time to change things. Come on people think about that for a minute.
Most of you people commenting here really are stupid. I don't like getting into political discussions but I'm sitting here with nothing to do. First off, +Dan McNeil who do you think runs and owns these "businesses", robots? Secondly when this country was founded how many gov programs and welfare programs were there? Were we in this much debt? Do you see the correlation? We've become a lazy country and if we don't reverse this we'll become just like every other fallen government before us. 
I made this as a way of summarizing some of the worst laws that come from Obama. Please note what I say there about NDRP in case you are not informed on that.

In Progress:

Pre-emptive Strike against Iran - WAR
(this will probably be without Congressional approval)

United Nations "Small Arms Treaty" (gun ban)
(being pushed by Hillary Clinton & Obama)


National Defense Resources Preparedness
In the name of national defense, our government can take control of private sector resources without consent of the owner. Keep in mind this is a refresh of old Martial Law BUT now "in peacetime" and "in non-emergency" are part of the law. In other words, our President can now at any time assume the powers of Martial Law.
Obama - Executive Order - March 16, 2012

Trespass Bill - HR 347
Free Speech / Protest Now a Felony - when Secret Service says so
Obama signed in March 2012
Obama Makes Free Speech A Felony

Indefinite Detention of US Citizens (in USA or abroad) without Right to Trial
Obama signed in January 2012
Obama signed "with serious reservations" and promises to not use the powers conveyed.

ACTA (multinational version of SOPA)
Internet Censorship
Obama signed in October 2011, characterizing it as a "executive agreement" and thus bypassing Congressional approval.
Some big players, including RIAA, MPAA, and Pharmaceutical Research and Mfgrs of America helped develop the treaty. Note: By April of 2009 Obama appointed 5 RIAA lawyers to the Justice Department.

ISP Snooping Bill - HR 1981
"Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act of 2011"
Obama signed in July 2011.

Patriot Act
Allows the Federal government to secretly search records and conduct roving wiretaps and raids in pursuit of alleged terrorists or their supporters.
Signed into law by Bush in October 2001.
Obama pushed for extension in 2009.
Obama signed 4 year extension in May 2011.

Obama orders attack on Libya without Congressional approval
(under the Constitution that Obama swore oath on, this is illegal)
March 2011

Obama sworn in as President in January 2009.

Obama campaigning 2007/2008: "I will bring our troops home..."
So long Barack and his suckered minions, never have I been so pleased to "Block This Person".
C Oh
+Rex Tomball It's the same in UK politics; all back biting and name calling, shouting about what the opposition would and would not do instead of what they themselves would do.
If you want to learn anything about a candidate, you almost have to learn it from their opposition and hope they haven't skewed the facts too much
Umm... i get taxed at 40% of my income and i am not a millionaire. How about just stop spending so much money? Speaking from experience (spent 6+ years working in healthcare, specifically in compliance with new healthcare laws), Obama's vision of healthcare is completely wrong. It forces companies to comply with convoluted laws and introduces security risks rather than addresses the issues everyone has with healthcare. (-__-)
+Milo Cooper , How is it "leftist b.s." that tax cuts have to be paid for. Also what's with the ideology of never raise taxes, lower the existing ones? How do you pay for anything after doing that? It'll all fine and good to say until you notice you don't have roads or public schools anymore.
I find it hilarious that people complain about the cost of the Affordable Care Act, but have no issue paying for tax breaks for the rich, paying higher insurance to cover the emergency care of the uninsured, and paying for an expensive war that has lost its purpose.
On top of that, you want to tell women what to do with their bodies, keep millions of soldiers away from their families for even longer and keep people with pre existing conditions from getting access to healthcare.....all because your life is so hard. Despite the fact that you seem to have time and access to the internet to comment on a social networking site! You people make me sick and are a great example of why this country is doomed to fail.
Why do I have to read Obama propaganda on my Google+ feed? He is not in any of my circles. I believe he is the worst president we have had in my lifetime; worse even than Jimmy Carter. Why isn't there a -1 button to click?
+Ginger Disciple: It's called equal access. If religion matters more than compassion, then healthcare (and arguably, Christianity) is not the right fight for them to pick.
I'm glad I don't vote. Our choices are a communist or a socialist.
There are no viable candidates on either party. After the election, no matter who wins...we are going to have an economic collapse. Maybe Paul is right, legalize pot and get us out of debt!
Sweet. Can he start tomorrow? He'd be much better than the bum we have now.
If mitt.gets elected I think it would b time to move to another country....he is so wish washy saying one thing one minute and the complete opposite the nxt...also having a republican as president will be the death of the middle class and poor as well as womens reproductive rights (no not just talking abt birth control)
If Ron Paul would actually do what he says he will, he's definitely the only one to vote for. Problem is he's a Republican candidate and Neo Conservatives have got a strangle hold on them. Oh yeah also the Aipac's got their grubby hands round their necks also, their got strangle holds on both sides. It's just ludicrous that if candidates don't support Israel they can't be elected. Go figure. Israel should mind its own political business like all other countries do. It's an American election, leave it to Americans.
bull shit......even though i dont like mitt
+Barack Obama +John Karl Nuttall

I think it's a little unfair, attempting to sway the judgement of people less intelligent than you not to vote for this man...if we're all for democracy, then think of all the mysongonistic red-knecks, the racists, and those who's lives have been hit and morally bankrupt through too many tax cuts, think of the mentally retarded and all those die-hard sheep-shaggers who might be hurt by this pitiless statement of facts...
+Chris Evans ... I run one, so does the guy 2 offices over from mine, in fact so does the guy one office over from mine... We're working on our millions, but I guarantee you until my business becomes massive, I will be unable to take my profits offshore and avoid taxation like these fictional millionaires who create jobs... People with large amounts of money create more money, whether by fleecing people who have no idea how money is generated, or by hiring people to do the actual work, and profiting off of said work. Mostly, the idea behind making money these days has nothing to do with paying anyone anything, it revolves around creating an "idea" and having someone else put money into your idea, then selling your idea to some bigger fish, rinse and repeat. Good luck with your world view, bud.
Stay out of our lives Obama. Mandate will be unconstitutional. If you want to play the rule of "fair share" then why did you get waivers to favorable companies for Obamacare? Why doesn't the lower class pay their fair share of taxes like everyone else does? Why do you continue to lie to the american people of the Buffet Rule? Reason they pay less is because of the dividend tax rate and not the marginal tax rate. Please stop creating fear and dividing our country into what you would like to become socialistic views. We will never work for a poor person so please stop taking wealthy people's money so that it can be handed down to entitlement rich individuals. Lift them out of poverty so they too can pay their "fair share" and grow our economy instead of hand me downs.
I love when I hear the term "Pay for taxbreaks". It's almost like government has conditioned the way we think. The government get involved in things a creates programs. These programs need to be paid for using taxes. Tax-breaks are a regression of those taxes. So it's not that someone has to pay for tax-breaks. That makes it sound like it's the government's money in the first place and we're getting a refund. No. Rather government is too big and can't sustain itself, so they take our money to accomplish their agendas. No one "pays" for tax breaks, that's just the government not taking AS MUCH money from us.

I really wish people understood economics, as I can't sit here and explain bubbles, market failures, and inflationary tax to everyone who doesn't understand that most social/government programs usually do more harm than they do good.
All the socialist programs are great until you run out of other peoples money. You could tax every americn tax payer 100% of their income and still not cover the goverments spending. I dont hear anyone complain that the left wing actors are making too much a movie. We cannot spend money like we are now period get over it and get obama out.
I have a better idea. How about we discuss how much YOU have fucked up the country? I hope Mitt buried the fuck out of you. fucking ignorant dumbass.
looks more like a great mitt add to me. but still would never vote for either
I would happily vote for all ficebof those, even though a President doesn't have the power to do any of them. Typical liberal propaganda.

By the way; Obama promised to remove all troops from Afghanistan immediately and to shut down Guantanamo Bay.. Anyone seen that happen yet?

NObama 2012
most of those are lies and thats good that he would outlaw obortion

Why should the middle-class have to rely on any programs???
Sorry Obama not listening to any more of your lies. You're through. Bye bye!
Mr. President it is an absolute disgrace that you would get on this social network and propagate half truths and distortions in this manner.

You say that Governor Romney will repeal your Healthcare bill. Well you're probably right. New evaluations of the bill suggest that it will add up to 500 billion dollars to the deficit while doing a poor job of fulfilling its established role. But guess what? The healthcare debate no longer matters. By summer's end your pinnacle achievement will be ruled unconstitutional. Your second point is a pure lie. In a recent interview, Romney said this: "The independence and security of Afghanistan is going to have to be secured and maintained by the Afghans themselves. We're not going to stay there forever." Your third point is a distortion as well. No one is talking about lowering income taxes for anybody, much less the rich. Romney would lower capital gains taxes to encourage economic reinvestment along with a moderate reduction in the corporate tax rate which is obscenely high. However, Romney has also stated that we are in dire need of tax reform that would include closing loopholes and ending the tax dodging practices by some companies. Mr. President, if Medicare and Social Security are not reformed, they will be insolvent in the near future. The promise that the government has made to my generation by the government will have failed. If somebody does not act to restore solvency to the social safety nets, they will collapse and young Americans will be faced with an uninsured future. If someone does not act to reform the welfare programs then yes, Medicare will end as we know it (although one could argue that Medicare has already ended as we know it with the passage of ObamaCare). Romney is willing to take on that challenge. The statement above about abortion is so preposterous that I will use Romney's words to refute it: “I am pro-life. I believe that abortion is the wrong choice except in cases of incest, rape, and to save the life of the mother.”

“But while the nation remains so divided over abortion, I believe that the states, through the democratic process, should determine their own abortion laws and not have them dictated by judicial mandate.”

It is clear to me now that Obama is willing to say and do anything it takes to win reelection. He has become the president of the ignorant. Because only the ignorant could blindly accept the claims he has made in this post as factual.
Government is not a business. No thanks Mitt.
Thanks again for all pluses
又一个500 烦啊
As I see it and probly most of my high-school class would. We are going to end up a communist country if obama care isnt repealed.
you ding bat dont make remarks about something you know nothing about or you are just lying
planned parent hood=don't have sexs unless you are planning on creating life. abortion=murder.
I completely agree with obama on removing troops in Afghanistan. He did the right thing.
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