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Thanks to all the diners who have helped Bar Mingo earn @OpenTable Diners’ Choice local pick this month.
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Bar Mingo consistently promotes Italian food. Hot dogs in Rome?? No hot dogs here. Monday is 40% off bottle of wine. Join us.
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More love stories? Several love notes found were those of Bar Mingo staff, you'll have to guess who. 40% off bottles of wine tonight.
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Hello Mingonians
Welcome to Jesus and Emily's Italian adventure.
Welcome to Sicily and welcome to Jesus's articulate musings.
Low and away, down and out. Don't worry, we didn't forget about you Sicily. Sometimes as a cook, hidden away in the back of the house it's easy to get R.D.M. (Rodney Dangerfield Syndrom) "I don't get no respect 'round here." But when no one notices what you're doing, you can get away with alot more! You look at the food of Sicily and you see something unexpected for the land of Italia, dishes perfumed with cinnamon, saffron, cloves and other bold Arabic, Spanish and Greek flavors, all claimed from a rich history with an abundance of invasions . It's an outside of the fold style of cooking, the kind of food that speaks to me and whispers sweet nothings into my eardrums... food just the way I like it! No spotlight, no problem...An island never cries, and oh lordy, you better not as a cook!
Featured Sicilian Ingredients:
*Saffron. The much prized spice
*Bread Crumbs. Bread crumbs is sacred. The joke amongst the people and what used to be said was that if one was to drop even a single bread crumb, you would spend 100 years in purgatory sweeping up crumbs with ones own eye lashes!!!
*Swordfish and Calamari. Due to greek influence .
Fried Caccio de roma w/ sweet vinegar salsa
Sword fish & Calamari with pureed saffron potatoes and anchovy almond sauce

See you Tuesday,
Jesus and Emily
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Welcome to Jesus and Emily's Italian adventure week due,
During Jesus's research of Tuscany this week he has discovered that the Tuscans are called the "mangiafagioli" (bean eaters) by other Italians, needless to say, they eat beans and eat beans often! They are also completely unbashful about their affinity for meat, which is usually grilled. If not grilled and braised. 
We will be drinking a white blend from "Antinori" paired with Gnudi (don't worry Jesus will be clothed–the jury is still out on me though) Delicata squash, Chanterelles and shaved beets.
Then on to a Sangoviese from "Canalicchio di Sopra" with a Hanger steak, dried porcini, cannellini beans (of course) and fried Brussel sprouts.
Come celebrate fall with us.
Jesus and Emily
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Tuesday Night Wine Pairings
We are starting up again with a little twist! Jesus and Emily will be taking over for a while to further their knowledge.
Emily chose to start their adventure with Veneto, home of Prosecco! Jesus will be serving up a frito misto to pair with the delicious bubbles. Then moving on to braised pork cheeks paired with Allegrini's Ripasso.
Hope to see you,
Jesus and Emily
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Bar Mingo Winemaker Dinner
Tuesday  October 7th, 2014—6:30 PM

Valter Scarbolo, Scarbolo Winery
Fruili, Italy

Hello Mingonians

     I will go out on a limb and say that the region of Italy that will soon be on the top of the "Travel Charts" will be Friuli- Venezia Guilia.
     Sitting on the top of the Adriatric Sea, bounded by Slovenia to the East, Anstria to the North, and Venice and the Veneto to the West and South, this compact region has it all:  great food and wine, warm, hospitable people, culture, geography that includes Alps, seacoasts, beautiful rolling vineyard lands; sophisticated, midsized university towns.  What more could you ask for?
     Dead center is the Scarbolo winery and famous restaurant, La Frasca.  Valter does it all: runs his terrific osteria; his shed where 50 or so pigs are raised each year for prosciutto and salami, his eponymous winery, where his estate grown grapes are converted to beautiful Friulian wines.
     Our guest this Tuesday is Valter Scarbolo, dynamic and passionate winemaker; great representative of the region; and a great guy!
     Please do yourself a favor and come Tuesday for a Friulian Italian dinner with Scarbolo wines.
Cost: $65 per person plus gratuity.  Limited to 32 people.  6:30 PM Tuesday, October 7th at Bar Mingo.  Call 445-4646 or e-mail your reservation to

                                  Mike Cronan
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    Tuesday Wine Pairing
Salad of apples, Asian pears and radicchio in a buttermilk dressing
Sauteed razor clams with broccoli in filbert brown butter
Sardinian Vermentino from Argiolas   $28
Wednesday Insalatone - marinated prawns and scallop, field greens, 
egg, avocado, tomatoes, citrus vinaigrette $17

MC and Jerry
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Wine pairing menu for Tuesday August 19
Chopped salad with romaine, radicchio, gorgonzola and red wine vinaigrette
Penne with mixed meats and "gravy" - boneless pork ribs, beef chuck, sausage and meatballs
Wash this down with Selvapiana's Chianti Rufina Cost $28.
Insalatone Wednesday - grilled flat iron steak with a chopped salad, mixed cherry tomatoes, pickled onion and gorgonzola cheese $17

Hope to see you,
MC and Jerry
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