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This Mindblowing Photo of a World Map In a Water Drop Is Real
(photo réalisée sans trucages !)

You may think that this image recently posted on Reddit is a 3D rendering or some Photoshop trickery, but it's a real photo. A refraction of a world map through a water drop.

It was taken by Markus Reugels, who is an expert on capturing liquids in an awesome way, using a special rig created by himself. He spends weeks in creating images like these, taking about five hundred pictures before obtaining a couple of perfect images. [Flickr, Edemiya and Daily Mail via Reddit]
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freaking awesome!
hahaha im sorry i know it was supposed to be cool cuz its water but i think its funny cuz of what it reminds me of hahahaa
this is so cool i wish i could take a pic like that !!!
thats so amazing i need to work on taking pictures like that wow
Amazing wow. C'est énorme vraiment.
best use of water drops ive seen :) amazing shot ^.^
"taking about five hundred pictures before obtaining a couple of perfect images." so he buys some expensive toys and then pushes a button 500 times. GENIUS.

photography is not a art
Haha some people have to much spare time on there hands :-) ha
the map in the backround is upside down
i think im ready to come outta of the closet.
what the helll dude!!!!!!!CONGRADULATIONS!! but we didnt need to know tht
Lot of effort and work to get that exposure! Thanks for sharing, +Baptiste Oddos !
that's crazy! i like it ><V i want to be able to took pictures like that ♥
This person has far too much time on his hands.
i think that this is so cool!!
That is so awesome that blew my mind wow that's tiny ( that's what she said) ( it's international that's what she said week) LOLS
I'm skeptical. I don't think the image of a flat map would appear like this on a sphere. Will someone please prove me wrong?
magnifique!! bien vu terre est tributaire de le vie qu'est l'eau
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