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Google Analytics: The New Segment Builder

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This could be huge.

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How are your digital contents fragmented ?

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Fast-foods, Evil, and Marketing

I don't always disagree with Seth Godin, but this time i feel he's a little off the mark.

His point in his blog today is that we should condemn people who use Marketing for "evil" purposes, and that in the end, marketers are responsible for "manipulating" people into acting against their own good. And he does this using the perfect example of Fast food chains.

Now, he's obviously right in a way, but what ticked me off is when he said "Organizations at scale do far more than give people choices... they change the culture".

In my opinion, organizations, with all their marketing might, can't change the culture, rather they twist their message to fit into the culture, but ultimately they adapt. His only point of reference in this case is the American people, but he fails to take into account that fast food chains are present in almost everywhere in the world without "causing" nearly as much damage as in the US.

Why is that ? Because the culture varies. In many countries McDonald's nearly went bust because their offer didn't fit right with the local country, and thus they had to adapt. In France for instance portions are much smaller and a greater emphasis is put on salads and whole bread sandwiches, hell the McDonalds logo even turned green in europe.

So maybe the health concerns in the United States are an issue that's deeper than marketing, even if it's a part of it.
I also think that if Fast foods were born and became succesful in the US first, that's because the local culture supported their apparition and success, predating any marketing efforts.

#culture #marketing  

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The topic of Online learning is dear to me, i have already experienced platforms such as codeacademy or duolingo, but now i just discovered Coursera

Coursera allow anyone to take classes from prestigious american universities in very specific topics such as "Social Network Analysis" (about the study and mapping of social networks) which i applied to.

It's entirely free, and each course is complete with video lectures, homework and a final test over the span of several weeks (there is a schedule to follow).

Of course i don't think it will ever replace a regular education, but it's an excellent way to complete what you already learned, no matter your age, occupation or your current location.

Check it out and try some courses for yourself !

Don't like the #newgoogleplus tiles ?

Just resize the window until there is only one column :)

This is genius.


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Don't do this, kids !

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