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Salami Pizza at Cafe Divine, San Francisco

It's not even Friday yet but I'm already hungry for pizza.

#FoodFriday by +Lucretia Yeh +Bobbi Lance +Nicholas Ong +Natty Netsuwan
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That's a good looking pie..
ufff, one piece for me, please! Looks super, great shot!
Nice! I had pizza tonight as well, must have caught my craving from you! ;)
Oooh, I got to say, pizza has never looked better than this. Just wonderful...
How unique this pizza looks Yums
Save a slice for me pls. +Bao Ly , it's Friday 1:41pm here... Technically you are posting on Friday too...
I only want the 'meat' lol
It has to be good, especially with that smile!
Bao Ly
+Irmgard Hartmann Sure thing, saving a few slices for you!
+Michael Anderson Haha, we must be on the same wavelength. I crave pizza every Friday.
+Daniel Chen Ah, thanks! I just love how this picture came out.
+Nicholas Ong Haha, I knew it was Friday somewhere. I go to bed way too early so I had to get the post in when I can. :)
+Natty Netsuwan Yes, it was. :)))
I like your project 365. Tasty photos :)
Bao Ly
Thank you +Jana Tomilina. It has been a long and very tasty journey.
Great photo and the pizza looks wonderful.
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