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Holy shit, but this Harry Potter thing has really gotten popular? I mean, even movies with not at all a shit to do with Old Scarface are getting sequel's greenlitten because JK "Just Kidding" Rowling writes some words.

This has gotten so out of control that people are already speculating on what characters that appeared in Prime HP are going to be in the far flung sequel. Of course, the director David Yates, teased it because what's he gonna do, not stay relevant? We had some ideas over on twitter and invite you to vote below.

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Look, I'm no scientist. Well, technically I am a Library and Information Scientist, but that's just something librarians tell each other to justify getting paid to read all day.


It's how we justify the soul crushing defeat of being screamed at over free services and having to justify tenure despite being the only reason any of these fucking academics will be searchable in two years. Google your dumbass if I don't put your metadata in right, shithead, see how far that gets you.

Sorry. Got off on a rant there. I'll start over.

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This is just awesome

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Melvil Dewey: Biography Of A Compulsive Creep

You know that guy in the back of the class that would organize his notes by the colors only he could see? Welcome to the biography of Melvil Dewey.

Mr. Dewey performed a great number of things for the library profession. There's that whole classification system, forming the American Library Association, creating mobile libraries, thinking up a library for the blind, making an interlibrary loan system... He just kept on doing stuff.

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Join me in the nonfiction section, please.

Hi, so I know you are wondering why there are tons of nonfiction books in the dumpster and a new graveyard on the library lawn. It's been a crazy day.

The reference librarian and I decided it was best to toss out all books that dealt with politics in any way. I know it sounds crazy, but wait until you hear what's been going down.

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A story of order and a nightgown with little anchors then a book about an anonymous diary full of lies about drugs and a life not worth living.

1982 - Florida - Challenged at Safety Harbor, St Petersburg Middle School Library where written parental permission was required to check out

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Advice and ghosts are in the library as well as the classic novel about a whiny jerk going out on the town and learning that life if full of hypocrisy, even himself.

1975 - Pennsylvania - Removed from reading list after parents complained about the language and content. The book was reinstated after the school board vote, orginally 5-4, was deemed illegal as they required a two-thirds vote in favor to remove a text.

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Some talk about moving on, then a novel about the upper crust of society wondering when all their glorious secrets will come spilling out.

2011 - Mississippi - Series was removed from all school libraries for language and in the Picayune School District after a complaint from the wife of Tony Smith, school board chairman and state senator. Smith also said he was drafting legislation so that the book selection process for Mississippi school libraries could be reviewed.

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We read an award winning book about a ghost haunting the life of an ex-slave and then talk about ghosts in the library.

2000 - Illinois - After a board member promised to bring Christian beliefs to board decision making at the Northwest Suburban High School District 214, a number of titles were challenged and retained. The board member had based her decisions on excerpts from the Internet.

Nice Guys is a great throwback comedy noir.
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