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NahidRains with Bangladeshism
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Inspiring Patriotism, building social awareness in Bangladesh in innovative ways to build a better new generation. A Sister Concern of NahidRains Pictures
Who we are? 

Bangladeshism Project is a non-profit organisation which is a  Sister Concern of NahidRains Pictures - one of the most inspiring Film Company in Bangladesh. The CEO & Founder of NahidRains Pictures [NRP] Mr. Nahid Helal founded Bangladeshism Project on 21st February 2013. "Bangladeshism" is a registered trademark of NahidRains Pictures. 

What is Bangladeshism?

The word "Bangladeshism" was solely invented by Nahid Helal [CEO, NahidRains Pictures]. Bangladeshism means doing anything for Bangladesh and Bangladeshi. Anything which is positive. It could be one simple social works to a big award winning activities which, end of the day, brings something positive for Bangladesh. Saying, doing or working anything that is positive for Bangladesh and the People of Bangladesh is Bangladeshism. 

What do we do?

In one simple line - We promote Bangladesh and Bangladeshis in and around the world without the expectation of any profit or financial advantages. Means, if you do anything which is positive or good for Bangladesh, we will share your activities or works to show the world. We believe, if we can show your positive attitude for Bangladesh to other Bangladeshis, more and more people will be eventually follow your path someday. 

Inspiring Patriotism is our main objective for promoting anything positive. Even a beautiful picture of any Bangladeshi Landscape could be a positive thing for the nation. How? It's simple, it might bring attention to Bangladeshi Tourism Industry.