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Extra $100 savings until Dec. 2nd.Total instant savings of $400!

If you search for it on our site, be sure to use this code: SHCA7020028L

Question: Since we're just getting started on Google+, we'd like to know if you're interested in receiving announcements about specials and rebates. Thanks!
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Yes, and please also, pass the Nikon goodness!
That's (part of) what business pages are for right? Keep 'em coming :-)
absolutely! And don't forget the Pentax goodness, either ;-)
No Stick with more deals for us #Canon users :)
Absolutely! All of the stuff you've posted so far has been great!
Yes, yes, yes! And if you keep dropping the price of my dream lens I just may have to pull the trigger!
there is no option to enter this code anywhere in the order process ?
Love the announcements. Please keep doing so! :-)
of course this kind of announcements is more than welcome :)
D.r.o.o.l. :-) Would love to see more of these kind of announcements.
Oh, yes please provide announcements! B&H is awesome!
As long as they are real specials and legitimate discounts, and not just an excuse to send meaningless spam...if the special or discount isn't at last equal to the sales tax in NY, then don't bother
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