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Orange Peel Vinegar Cleaner. A jar, orange peels, and regular vinegar. Makes a very good "green" cleaner. Bio degradable, eco friendly, people friendly, animal friendly, everything friendly!!
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I know you can use vinegar to clean stuff and I've heard of orange oil.. but Orange Peel Vinegar.... man!! double the power!! 
I believe the active agent in the peels is called d-limonene, and it is so effective and eco-friendly that some factories have started using it to remove grease in the metal part-making process.

Replace vinegar with alcohol and you're closer to the orange version of limoncello, which isn't bad as an internal de-greaser.  :)
What happens in most households is that people uses all kinds of costly and toxic chemicals to clean everywhere. But they fail to realize that when you add a thousand households together, each using two or three different chemicals every day, and then flush it down the toilet or drain, you have mega tons of toxic chemicals daily from any city. Where does the "used" household cleaner goes, after it has been used?
It goes back into our water supply, into our air, into our foods.
It's a small cyanide pill every time we pull the trigger on a bottle of cleaner.
It's like playing Russian roulette with a clip-loaded pistol; only it take longer to die.
+Jon Pederson , you are correct. And did you know, the same active agent is used to "recycle" polystyrene safely! Like in Japan, Taiwan and other areas in the east, a little truck like a VW Caddy is used as the mobile recycling plant. The driver stop at a take out place like KFC, collect the discarded polystyrene containers from the bins, place it in a container on board the vehicle, dissolve the polystyrene on the spot, and when the liquid is saturated, it can be drained direct into any drain, or on any plant. A person can take a cup full of the liquid and drink it. It is completely safe!
When you look around, you will find a great number of very safe and friendly natural products to use for any and every cleaning task!
You know +Nicholas Venditti , when we (The Bamboric Foundation) has a hiking, healthy living and meditation workshop, we teach the people how to clean their own environment at the camp daily. Most, if not all, go away back to their homes, knowing the good and the bad of how they used to live. 
Vinegar is fantastic !!! My wife use it to clean many things in the Kitchen !!!