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Bali Meditates
Yoga Beyond Asanas - Meditation 24/7
Yoga Beyond Asanas - Meditation 24/7


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Do you want to learn more about yoga?

Have you been doing yoga practices but still difficult to control the mind and emotion?
JOIN THIS EVENT! Anand Ashram Foundation (Affiliated with UN) presents International Day of Yoga Pre-Event for Harmony and Peace - Yoga Beyond Asanas-Meditation 24/7 in collaboration with the 9th International Bali Meditators' Festival (IBMF) at Anand Ashram Ubud, June 3rd, 2017, 2pm-9pm.

- Meeting with Yoga Master
- Understanding yoga philosophy to empower yourself & to know the immense power of yoga beyond asanas
- Practicing yoga for transformation of mind to change your life
- Learning how to attain the purpose of life through practicing yoga 24/7
- Immersing yourself into joyful and blissful cultural celebration evening (Samskriti Sindhu) with music, singing and dancing
- Enjoying delicious and healthy meals

- Satsang - Soul to Soul Dialogue with Yoga Master
- Yoga Asana & Pranayam- Practices & Philosophy
- Agnihotra- Fire Cleansing/Ego Trancending Ceremony
- Mantra Chanting- to Calm the Mind
- Samskirti Sindhu- Cultural Celebration Evening
- Dinner, Bazaars & Much More

Register now! IDR 200.000 only (including dinner). Don't miss this rare and valuable opportunity to change your life into a better one!

Registration & further information:
Mulia +6287861228171 (WA/Mobile)
or Adi +628174797927 (WA/Mobile)

Supported by JNICC (Jawaharlal Nehru Indian Cultural Centre) & Indian Embassy Jakarta

Do Good Karma!
Please pass this information to your friends & relatives. The more people do yoga as a way of life, the more peaceful this world would be.

Thank you 🙏🏼
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Face all your challenges joyously, gracefully, and turn them into experiences of joy and grace! | Hadapi semua tantangan dengan sukacita, dan penuh syukur, dan ubahlah semua tantangan tersebut menjadi pengalaman suka dan syukur! (47) – Swami Anand Krishna, 108 Power Pills of Wisdom.
8th #IBMF - International Bali Meditators' Festival 2016
#Meditation & #Yoga Workshop | #Satsang  |   #Kirtan  | #Ayurvedic  | #SelfHealing  | #EveningOfDevotion  
#Ubud #Bali, June, 18th - 19th, 2016 

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6th International Bali Meditators’ Festival presents 
Meditation & Yoga @ Anand Ashram
Jl. Sri Wedari Km. 3, Tegallantang, Ubud
2- 3 August 2014

Day 1 (2 August 2014)
Mind Culturing Meditation 
Wavering is mind’s business, but you don’t have to waver with it. This is the ultimate technique to align our breath with the heart beat, and the brain waves. Love your heart, and fill it with music and rhythm. Result: Holistic Health, Inner Satisfaction, Improved Relations, and True Abundance!

Emotion Culturing Meditation
Learn to keep you cool amidst the madding crowd of the world. Cleansing emotion and subconscious mind to cast out stress, trauma, and bad experiences and sense of guilty which so far have been troubling and burdening your soul. Then fill yourself with Divine Energy. This technique is to bring holistic health, thus you are not just physically healthy but also happy. 

Kundalini Yoga 
Yoga is not the same as physical workout. It works you ‘in’ - into your being, your inner self. It takes care of your mind, and your emotions. Once they are taken care of, your body responds. Yoga is the rhythm of life. This technique is meant to make our lives more rhythmic, and more responsive to all kinds of challenges we face, more grounded and responsible to our lives, of our thoughts, words, and actions. 

Day 2 (3 August 2014)

Taruna Yoga 
This technique is given to awaken the slumbering potential and activate the blocked energy knots that have made you uncreative, feel hopeless and inferior. Empower yourself by practicing this technique and make yourself become more confident, fearless, full of love and creative.

Sight Culturing Meditation
Looking is not always seeing. We look at things, but do not see them. This is the reason why we often fail in our ventures. Learn this technique to improve your sight, both physical and mental/emotional. Practicing this technique, your insight is broadened and you will do things more creatively and efficiently, for you have come to know your own potency. 

Offering Meditation 
Gratefulness is not merely given a lip service, but practiced. This technique will make you live your life gratefully and happily. Then all graces will come to you!

Gibberish Meditation 
Gibberish meditation is a simple yet powerful technique to clear your mind of all the rubbish it has accumulated, so that you can experience pure silence and peacefulness. It will give you a rejuvenating feeling. The essential aspect of this is the release and expression of blocked, repressed energies. You will feel certain lightness throughout your whole being afterwards. 

Day 1 & Day 2:

Morning Talks/Discussion
About meditation as a way of life, delivered by great speakers/ Masters.

Neo Zen Reiki
Regularizing better and better streams of energy to be attuned to Nature and Divine Energy, which in turn improves your health and yet you will be more sensible to your own body.

Evening of Devotion
(Kirtan/Bhajan/Devotional Songs, Agnihotra/Fire Ceremony and Mantra Chanting)

Bazaars are also available.

By Donation
Call 081933004581 now!
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