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Did you catch our HTML5 Rocks Live Hangout Yesterday? If not, we just posted the video with +Boris Smus, +Eric Bidelman, and +Paul Irish on the Google Developers YouTube channel.

+Paul Irish talks about using Chrome's developer tools to improve rendering performance at about 1:30.
+Boris Smus talks about his new device.js library for mobile development starting at 21:25.
+Eric Bidelman talks about his new idb.filesystem.js library starting at about 40:00.

Here's a list of all the links mentioned during the hangout:

02:15 Scroll Effects Demo
23:04 - Media Queries Site
24:15 - WURFL
26:40 - Boris' Device Library
29:28 - Device.js Demo
33:25 - Bug to add touch-enabled media query to Chrome, please star
35:00 - Chrome's DevTools for Mobile Development
38:56 - Paul Irish's Touch Demos
40:43 - File System API Book
43:10 - Eric's idb.filesystem.js
44:27 - idb.filesystem HTML5 File System Demo
47:33 - HTML5 Filesystem Playground
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