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Baldur McQueen

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Athena & Athena

- on the train, earlier today.

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shared :) 
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Baldur McQueen

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You can't see it in the picture, but the guy on the beach is carrying a lens larger than my thigh.

Seriously - it made my 55-300mm look like a toothpick.

I still feel slightly insulted.


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Fantastic and disturbing, I love it.
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Baldur McQueen

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Stunning +Baldur McQueen 
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Baldur McQueen

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great work

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Baldur McQueen

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Since my hard drive failure, I've been busy setting things up properly (I've now signed up for Crashplan, who will have everything backed up in 2-3 months).

Whilst moving and deleting files, I've been looking at shots from when I started getting into photography - and it's been very informative. Firstly, I see I've become incredibly boring in a very short time. I used get silly ideas and run with them; now it's all become proper and boring.

Secondly, I love how old shots - shots I sneered at "back then", have limitless possibilities when looked at a few years later. Certainly experience plays a part there - I am quicker at identifying which process would suit a certain shot , and today I know more about how to get the results I want.

More on all of this later. Off to look at mattresses with the missus. Out with backaches, in with sleep :-)

(Victor on a beach in Wales, UK - 2011)

#b&w #beach #memories #wales #blackandwhitephotography 
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Thank you kindly +Dylan Johnson :-)
Much appreciated +Liz C, thank you - and, yes, that is indeed  my son ;-)
Very true, +Carolyn Fahm - momentarily lost, I'm afraid. Computer games have taken over!
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Baldur McQueen

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The Destruction of a Common Man

- St Anne's beach (the old pier)

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Amazing +Baldur McQueen As always!
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Baldur McQueen

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Our boy, Castro, on Burley Moor.

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Nice to see Castro, missed him :-)
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Baldur McQueen

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The B&W Project - The Rule of Odds

+The B&W Project #bwproject2016 hosted by +Al Chris and +Lauri Novak

I've taken a lot of shots for this project in the last week or so - I had planned to post a shot of wind turbines (3), but "someone" beat me to it (should teach me not to take family members on photo trips!) :-D

The shot below is taken at Teesmouth beach - a fantastic place if you are into wildlife, surrounded by huge factories, smoke and ships.
I'm not sure if I've even got the theme right - as I'm not sure how you count the "odds". One man, one dog, one ship and one branch - all one, but make up four. Two "dead" items (ship & branch) and two life items (man & dog). That's a double even!
I see it as a ship, man and dog - making up three items..... so odd number ;-) - I haven't had a chance to look at what's been posted, but hopefully I'll have the time to enjoy your shots later tonight.

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Thank you kindly +Eve Aebi, +Al Chris and +Sonali Dalal :-)
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Baldur McQueen

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Week 3/26 - Emotion
+The B&W Project - Curated by +Lauri Novak and +Al Chris

Taken a couple of days ago, in (what I consider) perfect weather. I actually shot this for another project (on FB), but when I noticed the expression on the sheep's face, just as it grabbed a mouthful of hay, I felt the shot fitting for this theme as well ;-)
I'll admit to letting a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny bit of colour through, around the sheep's head/hay, just to guide the eye of the viewer, but as it's only brownish/yellow..... I'm classifying it as "sepia" :-D

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Thank you all very much - I'm embarrassingly late at replying, as so often before :-D
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Baldur McQueen

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+The B&W Project / #bwproject2016 hosted by +Al Chris and +Lauri Novak

Once again I am late (I've got a valid excuse, but I won't tire you with it). I'm probably cheating a bit here - by reading the theme a bit too literally..... :-D

Many thanks to my little helper, +Athena McQueen ;-)

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fantastic light +Baldur McQueen
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Baldur McQueen

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Four in the fog
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Ania W
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Baldur McQueen

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A curious little building, found on New Years Eve near Arthington Park, Yorkshire.

I've spent the evening going through most of my previous posts, moving many into Collections. I've got one question, if anyone can help; do I have any control over the order of my collections (my least used collection - After Hours - is listed first, whilst the one I use the most - B&W Land & Water - is near the bottom)?

Anyway - after all this work, Google better not make any major changes for a few years.... :-)

#yorkshire #b&w #blackandwhite

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Pigeons (or gulls rather) will not stop there... In France we call that kind of building "folie" = madness
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I was born and raised in Akureyri, North-East Iceland, in 1972 - I am half-Scottish and half-Icelandic, currently living in Yorkshire, England UK. Photography is my passion; without it I can neither relax nor feel fulfilled.

I am an introvert by nature, constantly pretending (and often failing) to be an extrovert, as society demands. I will never understand how, or why, it became fashionable to use 50 words, when three can deliver the meaning perfectly. That, is probably why I love, live and breathe photography.

You don't get extra points for cramming in superfluous garbage. When successfully done, you deliver meaning and purpose by one click of a button. It can be a single object, or it can be three. But very rarely 50.

If you are interested in seeing some of my daily posts (with no guarantee of quality!) please follow me on Google+InstagramFacebook and Twitter (note regarding the last two: I frequently post about politics and often these posts are in Icelandic). I also have an account with 500px and Flickr - which I will, at some point, update, and share the links.

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