Enjoy the +Mountain Photos' second release of AMAZING MOUNTAIN PHOTOGRAPHERS (AMP) circle from around the globe!

The Amazing Mountain Photographers (AMP) is 100% validated quality circle of 267 selected photographers who produce astonishing mountain photography. Each of them was picked up manually by +Carsten Kopp and me (+Baki Karacay) with respect to their high quality works above average level. These are the people that we follow because we appreciate their great quality mountain photography and their interaction. We are proud to promote these great photographers and are sure all of them will post lots of great and stunning mountain photos, mountain landscapes and sceneries to your streams.

Click the link to view the fascinating slideshow of mountain photos contributed by some of these great photographers.

There are no requirements to share this circle but we would appreciate the people in this circle plus the post, leave a comment and share the circle as public. Please also feel free to share your suggestions with us to enrich the circle!

If you are not included and want to be included in the next circle, simply comment on this post for your inclusion. Before you ask for inclusion, please make sure that you love to take and post mountain photos in particular, you mainly share your own original photography in your stream and also avoid the domination of your stream with irrelevant clips, animations, etc.

Remember, once you circled +Mountain Photos theme page you can simply add your photo to theme page stream and album by tagging it with +Mountain Photos or letting us tag it for you. See the +Mountain Photos Theme “About” Page for more.

Thank you!

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