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Baker's Gas and Welding Supplies has all of your welding needs.
Baker's Gas and Welding Supplies has all of your welding needs.


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Why #BakersGas is Your One-Stop-Shop for All Your Torch Cutting Needs (

If you're in the #welding and fabricating industry, you've likely handled your fair share of torch cutters in your day. And if so, you likely know that it's critically important that the equipment and tools needed for that kind of work must be of the highest quality.

A big issue is finding the right tip for your cutting's a bit of advice:

"When shopping for tips, finding the right tip for a job can cause major confusion. The American Welding Society (AWS) issued a Uniform Designation System for Oxy-Fuel Nozzles back in 2000. In it, they asked that all standard tips have the manufacturer's name stamped on them as well as the identifying fuel symbol, maximum material thickness, and part number for data and reference, however, many manufacturers still do not follow it due to the extra cost it would entail in the making of the tips. Make sure, when shopping for tips, you check the oxygen bore size, orifice size, and fuel gas required to run the tip."

Click here for more torch cutting tips as well as to browse the full line of Baker's Gas and Welding gear:

#torch #torchcutting #workgear
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Tips for Creating the Ultimate Welding Setup in Your Home Workshop (

Most people try to get a job that doesn't require them to take their work home with them If you're a #welder though, you know that you will often find yourself welding at home - not because you have to, but because you want to!

However, some welders have a home "shop" that is in need of some serious upgrades. We get it - you're busy and life can get in the way of you making those needed fixes and additions to where you weld at home. Thankfully, #BakersGas has your back and have put together a blog article that details everything you need to make your home shop the ultimate welding destination.

It's chock-full of tips, including this important one about personal safety:

"The last thing you want to worry about when injured while welding is where to find the right bandages and disinfectants. Afassco offers a full line of industrial strength bandages, wraps, and wipes for all first aid situations that may come up in your welding shop. Before tackling a big project, take a look at the full line of first aid products from Afassco to make sure you have everything you need within reach."

Click here to read the rest:

#welding #DIY #weld
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Mother of Three, Professional Welder, All-Around Badass (

Ask any couple that's recently had even just one child and you know how much work it is. Talk to a couple with three children and they'll likely fall asleep while you're talking to them because of how exhausted they are.

Now, talk to a single parent of three children and you're talking to a certified badass - it's so much hard work, but ultimately rewarding. And speaking of hard work, if you're a #welder your life is filled with it.

Now, imagine if you can, a single parent of three children who's also a welder. Considering it's a female welder in a male-dominated industry and you've got the making for a great story, as this article from The Lewiston Tribune highlights:

"The 2000 West Albany High graduate has since gone on to enjoy a career welding everything from structural steel building projects to sawmills and even a rock screen used on the TV show 'Gold Rush.' For the last two years, she has used her metal melting skills for Albany-based Tekfab, which fabricates machinery used in steel rollforming - such as making steel studs used in high-rise buildings, corner brackets used in drywalling, and roof flashing."

"When she isn't working at Tekfab, Bledsoe, 36, can be found in her home shop - which includes a small forge - crafting garden flowers out of metal and experimenting with art deco-like visual arts made from nuts, washers, and other common materials. Bledsoe said she realized while at LBCC that being a female, she was going to be a minority among her co-workers, but she enjoys her work because 'it requires so much fine-tuning. We have to be on the spot and pretty.'"

Click the link above to read the rest of the story, or click here to browse the #BakersGas selection of welding gear and equipment:

#welder #weld #singleparent
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Organize Your Books with these Four Easy Welding Projects (

It's Friday, everyone, so allow us to be the first to wish you a very happy Friday! We hope you had a great and productive work week and are getting ready for a nice, relaxing weekend.

Just yesterday, we shared some tips for welding projects that are all about spring cleaning and getting organized. And while those were more geared toward organizing your workshop or garage, we like offering ideas that can help get all parts of your life organized - even your books.

In this "Weld My World" blog entry, we share four great, easy ideas that you could easily tackle this weekend for some cool, homemade, welded bookends. Here's just one:

"Vintage Industrial Pipe Bookend Welding Project: This project uses flat steel sheeting, socket weld fittings and 1¼ in pipe. Start by TIG welding your base at a 90-degree angle, you may want to use some magnetic holders for this and other bookend projects to secure your base while you tack it together. When it comes to attaching your pipe to the base, be sure to leave a 1/16 inch gap in your socket joints to avoid cracking. When you have the piece assembled, use a grinder to smooth your joints for a polished look."

Click here to check out the other three:

#welding #organization #bookends
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Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze with Welding Projects All Based on Getting Organized (

It's April and right in the middle of spring. We're not exactly sure how this season came to be the official season of cleaning and organizing, but what we do know, is that welders - and particularly the workshop of a welder - can get messy all year round. So now it's that #springcleaning time of year, why not get in the spirit and clean up your act?

If you're looking to get your shop organized and clutter-free, a recent installment of the #BakersGas blog, WeldMyWorld, has several welding projects that can help you get any workspace more neat and tidy. Here's one project we'll share that's for a great work table with storage:

"A welder's table is an essential part of the shop, but are you using it to it's fullest potential? To create storage you can easily access while working, weld bars, cubbies, and racks onto your table. This way you can easily grab your clamps, bits, and angle grinders, eliminating work stop and streamlining your every project. Use the space underneath your table to store scrap metal, spare tools, safety gear and more. Organization is essential to any welder but using space wisely is a must for the hobby welder without a dedicated workshop."

Click here to check out the rest!

#welding #getorganized #organization
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Browse Our Selection of Engine-Driven Welders and Generators (

As many welders know, sometimes the job requires you to perform #welding outside and far away from your shop or garage. If you're trying to repair a metal fence out on a large cattle ranch, for example, you might find yourself miles away from an outlet in which to plug your welder.

This is where engine-driven welders come into play. These babies incorporate an engine (powered by diesel, gasoline, or propane) that is coupled to an electrical generator which then produces the power needed for the weld:

"Why Engine-Driven? Construction job sites, field fabrication, maintenance/repair and weather emergencies demand generator and welding power in locations where electrical outlets aren't available. In these instances, professionals, farmers, ranchers, and homeowners rely on the output of an engine-driven welding generator. These "two-in-one" machines feature a gas-, diesel- or LP-driven engine that produces 3,500 to 20,000 watts of 120/240 VAC generator power (depending on the model) to run tools, lights, appliances, and motors. They also produce Stick, TIG, MIG, and flux-cored outputs, so you can tackle every field welding challenge."

We carry a wide selection of these types of welders at very competitive prices. Click here to learn more and browse our current selection:

#welder #weld #bakersgas
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Why It's Worth Investing in a Holland for Your Next Grill (

As a welding and gas supply company, we definitely don't specialize in grills. However, we do carry only one brand here at #BakersGas - the amazing Holland grills.

We see no need to provide anything else as these grills are about as good as it gets. Why? Funny you should ask, as we laid out the top five reasons why Holland is a cut above the are just three:

"1. Holland's signature smoke stacks help pull air into the grill where it is heated and circulated much like a convection oven. They also allow enough heat to escape to maintain a constant temperature in Holland's hassle-free one-temperature setting."

"2. The stainless steel cooking grid is guaranteed for the life of the grill, is easy to clean and its diamond-shaped pattern prevents small food items from falling through."

"3. The rust-free aluminum drip pan catches the juices from the food where they sizzle and smoke back up on the food, giving it that distinctive Holland-Grill flavor. There's no charcoal, lava rock, ceramic tiles, etc. to clean. The drip pan slopes slightly to channel all the excess grease down a 3/4" drain pipe and away from the flame."

With spring right here and summer right around the corner, #grilling season is officially here! Click here to learn more about Holland Grills and check out the other two reasons why they're the best:

#hollandgrills #barbecue #grill
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Looking for a Cutting Torch with Lots of Versatility? We've Got You Covered (

When you're a #welder = or do any type of work where tools play a critical role in what you do - you want to make sure you're not only buying and using the best possible but that your selections are versatile as well.

They say that only a poor carpenter blames his tools, which is true in a way because people who take their job seriously invest in good tools. And as welders often need to cut metal, a good torch is nearly as important as a good welding machine.

If you're looking for a reliable, high-quality, and versatile torch, look no further than the The Detroit Torch Cobra DHC2000:

"The Detroit Torch Cobra DHC2000 is fast becoming one of the most talked about Oxy-Acetylene cutting systems on the market. This simple, ergonomic pistol-grip torch is designed to efficiently deliver heat in a low velocity, highly concentrated flame that can weld most common metals, even aluminum, and cut through metal, such as mild steel, that is up to one inch thick."

"The highly efficient mixing chamber of this torch set ensures that you'll use your gas efficiently, saving on fuel costs. But even more importantly, the ergonomic pistol-grip design of the torch ensures that metal-workers can operate in a natural position and minimize fatigue while on the job. It runs on 4 lbs of Oxygen and 4 lbs of Acetylene fuel."

And as if all that wasn't enough, we've got two more reasons why this torch makes for an attractive addition to your arsenal. One - it's 100% American made. Two - #BakersGas is currently offering a discount and free shipping! Click here to learn more:

#cuttingtorch #detroittorch #welding
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YETI Up for Spring and Summer with Baker's Gas and Miller Welders (

Happy Friday everyone! We have been known to have a cold adult beverage from time to time, but when it's Friday we're especially fond of a delicious drink.

And when it's hot out, a cold drink is even better. Sure, it's only April, but we all know summer is coming sooner or later. And if you're a welder, it's especially important that you stay hydrated because welding in the heat can be brutal. Not only are you close enough to a heat source that melts metal, but you've got all your protective gear on as well. Things can get very sweaty, very quickly.

Thankfully, you can enjoy ice cold drinks all day if you have a YETI 30-ounce Tumbler! These babies keep cold drinks amazingly cold (as well as hot drinks hot) for a long time. And right now, #BakersGas is giving them away for free!

"Get a FREE 30oz YETI Rambler with the purchase of ALL Miller Electric machines. On top of HOT rebates we are going to send you a top of the line cup! If you have not heard of YETI, they are known for being wildly stronger and keeping ice longer. The coolers are bear proof and we can guarantee these cups will keep your drink ice cold! All machines qualify for the YETI promo. Limited time only!"

Click here for the full details:

#welding #welder #yeti
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Need Help Deciding which ESAB Rebel is Right for You? We Can Help (

Buying a #welder can be a big decision. Whether you're a professional full-timer or just a weekend warrior looking to pick welding up as a hobby, you'll need to think long and hard about what machine is right for you.

For many welders in America, the answer for them is the ESAB Rebel line of welders - they're one of our best-sellers here at #BakersGas and for good reason.

But there are several different Rebels to choose from, all with distinct feature sets. Which one is right for you? We take a look in our most recent blog article:

"The Rebel is extremely easy to use, with a highly intuitive and clear color display screen that makes it a snap to choose your settings. Once you're ready to weld, additional options such as smart MIG (sMIG) technology learns and adapts to your technique and tendencies. This leads to an arc that is far more stable and welds that are cleaner and stronger."

We not only provide an overview of the entire Rebel line, but detail individual models such as the 215ic, 235ic, 205ic, and the 285ic. And to top it all off, we've got a sweet promo code you can enter to save money on your next Rebel purchase! Click here to learn more:

#esab #esabrebel #welding
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