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Baker's Gas and Welding Supplies has all of your welding needs.
Baker's Gas and Welding Supplies has all of your welding needs.

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Great Deal on the ESAB Rebel EMP 215ic Multiprocess Welder-3in1 (

It's #friday and most of us are probably already in a better mood than normal. We hope so, at least. The weekend is here and we're in that sweet spot of weather in late spring where it's pretty much guaranteed to be nice but not so swelteringly hot.

And in case you were thinking the day couldn't get any better, +Baker's Gas and Welding is here with another great deal on a great welder! This time, it's the +ESAB Rebel EMP 215ic Multiprocess Welder 3-In-1.

You know you're getting quality and performance when you buy an #ESAB welder, but what else makes the Rebel EMP 215ic so special? Let's examine the specs and key features:

- Versatility: Whether you need to perform MIG, Flux-Cored, Stick (even 6010 stick electrodes), or Lift TIG welding, this welder has you covered.

- High Tech: As you can see from this picture, it features a color display - 4.3" with a higher pixel density than most other welders. It also features ESAB's famous "Smart MIG" technology that "continuously learns and adapts to the operator's welding technique to provide a stable arc and superior, repeatable welds."

There's lots more than we have room to talk about here, so do yourself a favor and click the following link to see all the specs and order yours today:

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Considering a Career in Welding? Read This Article to See if It's Right for You (

There's no denying that a career in #welding can be a fun, rewarding, and prosperous one. You'll be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn't have a bit of respect for men and women who work with their hands and actually create things, and you'll be doing plenty of that when you weld. Some of the biggest "things" you'll ever see are the result of skilled and talented welders simply doing their thing.

But even though welding can be great for a lot of us, how do you know if it will be right for you? +Baker's Gas and Welding thinks it's a great career, but we're obviously biased and we'd hate for someone to jump head-first into a career path only for them to find out a few months or years later they're miserable.

As such, we've put together a blog entry than can help you determine if you'd make a good, happy welder. Here's a brief excerpt:

"If you prefer a more hands-on approach to a welding career, then a welding job in fabrication or manufacturing may have a stronger appeal. These skilled trades can be demanding and may require some travel, depending on your industry. However, for young welders looking to make a serious profit, some of the traveling and construction careers can prove to be the most lucrative."

"Pipeline work and construction work may provide a significant income for the short term before settling into a more stable long term position. Fabrication shops and manufacturers may be among those hit the hardest with the shortage of welders so these may provide some of the best opportunities in the future."

There are lots of different ways a welder can make a living, and we cover quite a few of them in this piece. Read the full story here:

#jobs #weld #welder #career #bakersgas

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56 Killer Barbecue Ideas for the Summer (

In case you didn't get the memo, today (June 21) is the Summer Solstice, which kicks off the #summer season! Depending on where you're located, you may have been dealing with the hot summer temps for a while now (we're looking in your direction, Phoenix and the Southwest region), but now it's official.

And while it's always a good time to grill if you ask +Baker's Gas and Welding - there's nothing beating grilling outside in the warm summer, flinging out dogs, burgers, ribs, chicken, or anything else to your family and friends.

If you're a backyard barbecue master and are looking for some great recipes and ideas to carry you through this summer grilling season, this +Country Living article has you covered with not just a few but 56 ideas. One of our favorite things to eat off the grill is ribs, and this recipe looks pretty amazing:

"Smothered on grilled baby back ribs, this Cheerwine glaze is finger-lickin' good. Better stock up on the napkins."

A rib rub that uses the famous Cheerwine soda? Count us in! Click the following link for the recipe...and if you're in need of an amazing grill, be sure to head over to the #bakersgas site for great deals on the well-built Holland Grills:

#grilling #bbq #food #recipe #barbecue

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Father's Day Welding Project Ideas (

We hope everyone here had a great #fathersday yesterday. For all you dads out there, we hope you got to spend the time relaxing and enjoying time with your children and families. For those of you out here who aren't dads yet, we hope you had a chance to show your love and appreciation to your fathers. And for those whose dads are no longer with them, we hope you were able to get through what may have been a tough day.

But if you're a #welder and you were short on gift ideas for the dads on your list - it's not too late! Yes, we know the holiday was yesterday but +Baker's Gas and Welding is of the opinion that you get a bit of leeway with deadlines if the gift is handmade - especially if it's welded. After all, quality welds *take time!

We recently compiled a list of eight great DIY project ideas that would be great for any dad out there, such as a fire pit:

"Summer is here and with it grilling and backyard barbecue season. Nothing ends a night of outdoor fun and yard games like sitting around a campfire with drinks, friends, and s’mores. Enhance your Dad’s backyard by creating a custom fire pit in your welding shop. You can make it from scratch with metal sheeting and new materials or repurpose old barrels or tire rims. This is easily one of the most customizable welding projects out there so don’t be afraid to get creative and create a pit that’s one of a kind for your dad."

And if you already gave your dad a Father's Day gift, don't worry - all of these would make for equally awesome Christmas or birthday gifts as well! Check out the full list here:

#welding #giftideas #dad #happyfathersday #bakersgas

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Tips for Preventing Dangerous Welding Fires (

Did you know that each year, October is National Fire Prevention Month? If you didn't, now you do. Now, as we sit here in the middle of June, you might be wondering why we're talking about October. Two reasons 1) Fires while #welding are always a concern, no matter what page the calendar is turned to, and 2) The fire danger for welding outside is highest during the hot and dry months of summer.

So, having said all of that, +Baker's Gas and Welding thought we'd share this blog article we wrote a while back about fire prevention now. Because let's face it, folks - welding can be dangerous and you can never have too much safety when it comes to welding. Here's a sneak preview, regarding proper welding attire:

"The bare minimum for welding safety would be a combination of a welding helmet, long sleeve cotton clothing, and welding gloves. The type of helmet you choose will depend on your welding position, process, and length of time spent welding. Of course the more sensors and shades you have, the safer your eyes will be. The higher end welding helmets offer significant upgrades in comfort, safety, and adaptation that make them worthwhile investments."

"Cotton clothing tends to be safer than synthetics that are more likely to catch fire, but it’s often ideal to get flame resistant jackets, bibs, vests, or shirts that are specially designed to protect you. By the same token, welding gloves with cuffs are essential for welding processes that give off lots of sparks and heat, such as MIG welding and stick welding."

Click here to read the rest:

#safe #safety #safetytips #work #weld #welders #fireprevention

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Get a Cool Gift for Dad that Will Actually Help Keep Him Cool (

It's #fathersday this weekend - June 18 - so just in case you haven't gotten the dads on your list a gift yet, now's the time!

If you have been slacking on your gift-giving duties AND you're in need of some top-of-the-line #welding equipment and gear, let us tell you that you're in luck.

That's because +Baker's Gas and Welding is running a special promotion just in time for Father's Day...starting today and running through Sunday, we're offering a free 30 oz. Yeti cup to all of our customers who make a purchase of $1,000 or more.

It's getting warmer each day out there, and if you're a welder you know how brutally hot it can be to weld in the high heat. You're bound to sweat more than normal, so it's doubly important you stay hydrated. The practically indestructible Yeti Rambler is the best way to do that as your drinks will stay icy cold all day!

Again, this is a very limited time offer, so if you've been putting off buying that new welder or safety gear, do it now and get a great gift on top of it all. Click here to get more information:

#gift #welding #welder #yeti #summer #bakersgas

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Your One-Stop TIG Welding Supply Shop (

Want to make some sexy stainless steel welds like you see here? Of course you do! But it's going to be hard to replicate this beauty without the proper equipment and supplies.

Luckily for you, +Baker's Gas and Welding is here to help.

Although similar to MIG welding, TIG (which stands for Tungsten Inert Gas) allows welders to work with a wider variety of materials, like the aforementioned stainless steel as well as aluminum, magnesium, bronze, brass, and much more - even *gold.

It generally produces a higher quality weld than MIG...why? Allow us to explain:

"You do not need to concern yourself with sparks or splatter because you only use the necessary amount of filler metal needed in the welding puddle. Because you do not need flux due to the Argon gas used, (most common gas used with TIG welders) there is no slag to block your view of your weld puddle."

Ready to get down to it? Click the following link to browse our huge selection of welders, helmets, gloves, rods, and just about everything else you could possibly need to make some great TIG welds at home or on the job:

#welding #weld #welder #bakersgas #TIGwelding

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Don't Forget - You Can Still Get a $500 Rebate with our Build with Blue Promotion (

First off, a clarification - yes, +Baker's Gas and Welding is partnering with +Miller Welders for this most recent "Build with Blue" promotion...and yes, you most certainly can get up to a $500 rebate. But it will not come via a $500 bill as pictured here.

As you probably have surmised since you've likely never seen one in circulation, these large currency notes have been discontinued for decades, so they're kind of hard to get your hands on. And if you do come across one, don't spend it! Collectors are willing to pay well over $1,000 for them due to their rarity...but interestingly enough, they can still be used as legal tender.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand - the great rebate offer with Miller. It's pretty simple, actually - from now until June 30, simply purchase any number of qualifying Miller or +Hobart Welding Products from us here at #bakersgas - then, fill out a rebate form (which you can download directly at the link above), and await your rebate!

Please note that while the promotion only runs through the end of June, you can submit your rebate claim all the way until July 15.

For a full list of eligible products, click here:

#miller #hobart #welding #welder #deals

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Scrap Metal + Talented Students = Welding Art (

Picking up where we left of last week in talking about how awesome it is to see talented young kids take up the art of #welding and be successful with it, this is a great story from Livingston County, New York.

Young welders are always great to hear about, but this is especially great because it raised a decent chunk of change for charity - nearly $22,000 as a matter of fact. This article in the +Livingston County News has all the details of the project, called "Welding for Wellness":

"What happens when you combine a pile of scrap metal with the welding abilities of more than 100 students from six different career and technical education centers in western New York? The result is a creation of more than 70 metal sculptures that are part of a project called 'Welding for Wellness.' Many of the participating students came from the Genesee Valley Educational Partnership’s Career and Technical Education centers in Mount Morris and Batavia."

"The pieces in the collaborative project represent work from 65 different schools districts. All of the students are in the metal trades programs at their respective educational center: GVEP, Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES, Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES, Monroe #1 BOCES and have been working on their sculptures since December 2016."

Click the following link to get more information and see more of the great sculptures these talented kids created:

#news #weld #kids #welder #charity

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Let's Revisit the Week that Was in Welding News and Events (

In one our previous Weekly Welding Roundup stories, we talked about an impressive young girl who at only age 17 was graduating from both high school AND a college level welding program. It was a great story, and +Baker's Gas and Welding commented on how much we loved sharing stories of young welders getting involved.

Well, we've got another one in this week's installment! This time, we head to the great state of Montana where many students - due to a growing construction market and a large part of the workforce set to retire by 2025 - are eagerly pursuing careers in welding. As such, we are sharing a story about a group of seven students who attempted to receive a national welding certification. Here's a bit from the Clark Valley Fork Press that covered the original story:

“The awesome thing about this certification is that some kids who were certified right out of high school got hired right away making $96 per hour,” said welding teacher, Jeff Shultz. “At Tricon (a lumber mill near St. Regis) they don’t have anyone in their welding staff who is certified. If you get certified it’s an automatic dollar raise. You can make some serious money doing welding where $40 an hour is not an uncommon wage.”

Great job kids! Although some of them are underclassmen and not old enough to work quite yet, they're well on their way to a bright and financially successful future.

Of course, we've covered the usual job openings and educational opportunities as well in this week's installment...check it all out here:

#jobs #kids #weld #welder #bakersgas
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