There are plans revealed - how far they are progressed is not clear, (we will investigate), to apply a 350,- pesos tax per person for visiting foreigners. In the report is no real plausible justification other as "tax is applied in many tourist destinations in the world".
Pablo Partida Escobosa, presidente del Consejo Coordinador Empresarial (Business Coordinating Council of La Paz) does support this motion.

This additional fee/tax slapped onto foreign tourists should benefice "substantive items that are directly related to tourism, especially in public security"
It is planned to "hide" this fee in airline- or cruise-ship fares.

Public security problems are a Mexican problem and need to be addressed by Mexico and not to be outsourced to visitors that bring revenue to the country already.

Very unwise motion of "creative financing" that has a high potential to back-fire and worsen the already tight situation to "sell" Baja California Sur up-road.

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