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BajaSearch just got aware of this #LaPazBCS #fundraiser and of course do we share for such a case - the least we can do!
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2 million U.S. expats living in Mexico. And one of the main reasons is that the Mexican government makes it easy for foreigners to stay for extended periods.
There are 2 million U.S. expats living in Mexico. And one of the main reasons is that the Mexican government makes it easy for foreigners to stay for extended periods.
A tourist visa, given to you automatically at the airport in Mexico or at any land border crossing, gives you 180 days. Many expats, especially those who live part- time in their home country and part- time in Mexico, go this route.
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Factors led to the rising violence, such as an increasing production of heroin in Mexico amid epidemic opioid use in the United States.
Mexico’s new, deadlier crime warlords. Citizens are bearing the toll of increased violence as the drug cartels fragment into more lethal groups. Cartel fragmentation is one of the key reasons that Mexico is suffering a new high in overall violence. The nation's total body count has topped 20,800 in the first 10 months of 2017, the highest number this century.
Other factors have also led to the rising violence, such as an increasing production of heroin in Mexico amid epidemic opioid use in the United States.
The older drug traffickers such as "El Chapo" Guzman also enjoyed a certain support in impoverished communities, where people saw the benefits of drug money.
But the new crime warlords are unlikely to garner such backing. The gangs have become more predatory and this changes the politics of crime fighting," he says. "They pose a major threat to people's life, liberty and property. The support of sections of Mexican society to drug cartels will be gone."

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And the international media onslaught continues - unfortunately by stating facts..... "The once peaceful tourist destinations of Los Cabos and La Paz, are now dealing with a record-breaking number of murders. The murders are directly linked to rival Mexican drug cartels fighting for control while other drug cartels continue to fuel more violence throughout Mexico." writes #RobertRarce at Breitbart, continuing "The popular vacation spots have become ground zero for a war between Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación and factions of the Sinaloa cartel. The spike in violence has tainted the image of a quiet beach haven that was commonly associated with the area.
Authorities reported a record of 10 murders in a 24 hour period.
The state of Baja California Sur has gone from recording 147 murder cases between January and October in 2016 to having 409 murders during that same time frame in 2017.
How to argue against it? Narco fighting narco? That is old and BS and lost credibility since toddler got killed just recently.
They (authorities) better get their ducks in a row REAL fast before Baja Sur become as international declared "no good for tourism" declared zone. It's borderline already for many interested in booking....
Find the report here >>>

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Monarch butterflies annual migration to Mexico. The butterflies begin arriving in Mexico at the end of October and early November, close to the Day of the Dead. Some locals believe the butterflies are the souls of deceased ancestors.
Monarch populations are measured by the geographic size of the overwintering sites in Mexico. From a peak of about 45 acres in 1996-97, the size has been on a downward trend. In the 2016-17 winter, the area was estimated to be about 7 acres.

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Baja California Sur, a popular international tourist destination that has been rocked by gang violence and is leading Mexico’s “ranking” for the month of October 2017!
Confrontations between members of different armed groups have really become an everyday scenario in this part (BCS - Baja Sur state) of the country.
Violence already affects the tourism sector.
Baja California Sur, a popular international tourist destination leading Mexico's ranking for intentional homicide (murder) in October 2017!! By municipios's (equal to county's ie San Diego County) La Paz is 6th, since 1st of May 2017 more as 200, mostly execution style killings including "collateral damages" like a 1 year 4month old toddler. This has spread far beyond "narco killing narco" as often used by government officials.
Tourism is suffering despite often otherwise declared.
Violencia ya afecta al sector turístico >>>
+La Paz Baja California Sur BCS +Baja California Sur +Loscabos Cabo San Lucas +Cabo San Lucas +Todos Santos +Loreto #LaPazBCS

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Colorado State University-Pueblo, the Colorado State University Todos Santos Center and Autonomous University of Baja California will collaborate to establish an institution of ecotourism in Mexico.
The new institute in Baja California Sur, Mexico, will highlight the significance of ecotourism in the Baja California Sur region and in Colorado by providing education around the role and impact of tourism on local cultures and communities.

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The forces driving violence in Mexico, which is now on track for its worst year in decades, were first set in motion 20 years ago. The drug trade moved to Mexico just as its politics and institutions were in flux, leaving them unable to address a problem they have often made worse.
Last year there were more than 20,000 killings. This year is on track to be worse, exceeding the 2011 record, which was thought to be the drug war’s apex.
Since the beginning of crisis, said Alejandro Hope, a security analyst, “there has been a significant change in the way organized crime works in Mexico.” Drug trafficking required resources and infrastructure that the new groups lacked, leading many to turn to kidnapping, theft and extortion. Predatory crimes spiked.
Mexicans seem keenly aware that their government is growing less responsive just as streets are becoming more dangerous. Polls show growing dissatisfaction, particularly over corruption.

+Baja California Sur +La Paz Baja California Sur BCS +La Paz BCS Mexico +Loscabos Cabo San Lucas #BajCrime #BajaViolence #LaPazViolence

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The outcome of this negotiation will impact all of us! From the little pangero at the marina to multi-international corporations. Donald Trump may be about to end Nafta, plunging the US, Canada and Mexico into uncertainty
The Canadian foreign minister, Chrystia Freeland, put it this way: "We have seen proposals that would turn back the clock on 23 years of predictability, openness and collaboration under Nafta. This is troubling."
+La Paz Baja California Sur BCS +Tourism BCS +Baja Business

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A sad reality and unfortunately repeated way to often.... :)
The execution style murdering/killings in Baja Sur, particular in +San Jose del Cabo and +La Paz Baja California Sur BCS continues. All you need to do is check the #policiaca section in one of the opinion websites publishing news and you can do a count and may compare it with one of the global "crime hubs" and per capita statistics and you see how had it actually is.
Of course they (local media and authorities) try to to keep that low-key as their main concern is tourism. After all the years with significant crime they still no understand that sugar-coating does not help a bit.
It is not a question IF but WHEN the excuse of "this is just criminals infighting/turfwars" will no longer apply anymore and visiting foreigner will become targets of kidnappings and/or get killed.
Last night, a new twist in La Paz with the killing of 2 men on the roof of a house.
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