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Baguio businessman stabbed dead inside house

BAGUIO CITY – A 68-year old well-known local businessman died after he was repeatedly stabbed to death by a still unidentified lone assailant who was able to barge inside his house at 232 Ferdinand barangay here at around 11 pm Monday.

Senior Superintendent Rolando F. Miranda, officer-in-charge of the Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) identified the victim as Henry Tan Lao, 68, a local businessman who owns a number of the Tiong San chain of stores in Baguio and the capital town of La Trinidad, Benguet and a resident of No. 232 Ferdinand barangay, Baguio City.

Initial police investigation showed that at around 11 pm Monday, Lao’s neighbors reportedly heard loud noises emanating from his residence and then saw a male individual who came rushing outside and fled towards an undisclosed direction.

However, the neighbors did not report the said noisy neighborhood to the police because it has been a normal occurrence when Lao and his male companions quarrel inside his house.

At around 10:30 am Tuesday, his relatives and concerned residents informed personnel of the BCPO Station 5 of the discovery of Lao’s lifeless body inside his house.

Miranda revealed Lao sustained multiple stab wounds on the different parts of his body but the motive of the stabbing incident is yet unknown, thus, probers are conducting further investigation in order to ascertain the possible identity of the male individual who was seen rushing out of the victim’s residence Monday night.

It was learned that Lao’s cellphone and a huge sum of money that was inside his wallet were missing during the conduct of the investigation in the crime scene, thus, the conduct of a more in-depth  investigation is underway considering that there was no forcible entry in the businessman’s residence. Probers theorized that the suspect was known to the businessman.

The police official said probers will provide updates on the developments of the in-depth investigation that is now underway to ascertain the identity of the suspect and the motive behind the stabbing incident. By Dexter A. See (Herald Express) 
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The sudden spike in the demand for cement in Northern Luzon due to simultaneous implementation of infrastructure projects has created a supply shortage.
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Civilian gang rape suspect says ‘they are not stupid’

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – One of the five civilians linked to the alleged abduction and gang rape of a 26-year old single mother in a house in Tuding, Itogon town vehemently denied his involvement in the obviously fabricated crime and claimed “we are not that stupid that after we have sexually abused her for several times and detained her for about six days, we just released her after instructing her to get her things and go back to the place where we detained her.”

In his 6-pagesworn affidavit, Jude Samson Saydawan, a native of Binanga, Tuding, Itogon, Benguet, one of the four suspects named in the abduction and gang rape case, cited the victim’s allegations against them are purely ridiculous and absurd, and contrary to human behavior and experience as he adopted most of the contentions of his co-accused being material to their overall defense of their case.

Furthermore, he pointed out the victim’s allegations and the statements of her own witnesses are “baseless, concocted, absurd, distorted, malicious and fabricated stories”, saying that the victim’s sworn statement would readily show that there was no forcible abduction and rape that transpired.

Saydawan, who has two children and engaged in the ordinary buy and sell of second hand vehicles, disclosed that in the morning of May 23, he was at their house and then he brought her wife to Mines View Park to attend to her grocery.

At around 3 pm of the same day, he reportedly went to Wright Park, Pacdal, Baguio City purposely to meet a client, Marvin Cayatoc, a businessman who has more than 20 horses for hire at the park, who was to give an advance payment of a second hand vehicle which he previously sold to him.

Upon arrival in Cayatoc’s place, he revealed Cayatoc reportedly handed to him the amount of P130,000 for the second hand vehicle which he was going to buy from him, after which, he stayed in the place until 6 pm of the same day, May 23, together with several bystanders and friends of Cayatoc and even partook of two bottles of gin while exchanging some pleasantries.

At past 6 pm of the same day, Saydawan asked permission from Cayatoc and his friends that he will go ahead as he was to fetch his wife at her grocery in Mines View Park and while waiting for the closing time of his wife’s grocery, he played at the mahjong area nearby up to 7:30 pm.

In the morning of May 24, he again brought his wife to her grocery after spending the night in their house and he was able to receive a text message from a certain Paul Marcos, Jr. at around 9 am asking him if he could help in the repair of a pickup owned by a certain Darwin Feliciano, of which he agreed.

The suspect then proceeded to where the vehicle was, which was along the road at Binanga, and he was able to meet Marcos and the vehicle owner and subsequently repaired the vehicle.

He narrated at around 11 am of May 24, while he and Marcos were repairing the said vehicle, Christopher Tamayo, passed by and stopped to help and they all continued fixing the vehicle until 5 pm that day when they decided to retire.

The suspect and Marcos then proceed to Mines View Park using his vehicle to fetch his wife but stayed in the mahjong place until 8 pm that evening while waiting for his wife to be dismissed from work.

On May 25, from 8 am to 5 pm, he was again with Marcos and Tamayo continuing to fix the pickup truck and at past 5 pm, he left the duo and went home to prepare dinner considering that it was his daughter’s birthday.

On May 26, Saydawan stayed home and at 1 pm, he went to Mines View purposely to help his wife in her grocery and to accompany her in going home in the evening.

On May 27, he accompanied his wife in going to her grocery at Mines View Park and stayed in the establishment the whole morning before again deciding to play mahjong nearby for the whole afternoon until they went home after his wife retired from work that day.

On May 28, he accompanied his wife to Hilltop to buy some goods before the couple proceeded to their grocery and stayed there the whole afternoon of the same day up to the grocery’s closing time of 7:30 and then proceeded home.

After doing errands for his wife on May 29, he proceeded to Tuding where he was supposed to meet a certain Randy Boy Tamayo who was dealing him a second hand pickup of which he was interested to buy.

When he was at Tuding at around 10 am of the same day, he met Paul Marcos along the Tuding main road, and he joined him looking at a taxi that fell into the ravine.

At that point, he was caught by surprise when a guy stood beside him and poked a gun at him and that the said armed individual was later identified as SPO1 Paulino Abance Lubos, Jr., a member of the PNP intelligence branch, with another man who was identified as SPO3 Patricio Eswag, while their companion whom he later knew to be a certain Jomar Aganon, an asset of SPO1 Lubos, Jr., was already at the driver’s seat of his gray Tamaraw FX, and SPO1 Lubos, Jr. forced them to board his own vehicle.

According to him, SPO1 Lubos, Jr. instructed Marcos to sit in front beside the driver, while he sat on the back passenger’s seat.
While his vehicle which was commandeered by Aganon, the asset of SPO1 Lubos, Jr. was going down the main Tuding Road, Saydawan kept on asking the police officer if what was his fault and SPO1 Lubos, Jr. pointed his gun to him and said it’s rape.

Upon reaching the Tuding police station, Saydawan narrated that he handed his money to Marcos for safekeeping which he was supposed to use in buying the second hand vehicle from Tamayo amounting to around P98,500 but the driver, who happens to be the asset of Lubos, grabbed the money from Marcos even as he was explaining that the money was for the payment of the vehicle which he was about to buy.

At that point, SPO1 Lubos, Jr. ordered Marcos to just give the money to the driver to which he acceded.

When he was about to alight from his vehicle upon reaching the police station, Saydawan revealed SPO1 Lubos, Jr. reportedly got his wallet containing around P27,000 and other personal belongings and his mobile phone and when he proceeded to the Tuding police station for safety. SPO1 Lubos, Jr. followed him and grabbed him in order for him to board another vehicle, a white Adventure and proceeded to Mines View Park.

While at Mines View Park, he claimed SPO1 Lubos, Jr. alighted from the vehicle, and boarded a green owner-type jeep and stayed there for more than an hour, after which, the police officer returned to their vehicle, and just said to him that he was ‘the one’, of which he actually did not understand what he was saying, more so, that he did not understand what was going on.

The suspect averred that they then proceeded to the Baguio General Hospital (BGH) for medical checkup and stayed at the BGH parking area for about four hours, before he was brought to the Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) Station No. 3, then to the Itogon police station.

While at the Itogon police station, Saydawan demanded that his money which was taken by SPO1 Lubos, Jr. and his companion totaling to P125,500 be returned but to his surprise, only around P2,000 was returned, together with his cellphone, the remaining balance was still with the police officer and his companions and up to this time, his money has yet to be fully returned.

He asserted the victim’s allegations of forcible abduction with rape is ‘too good to be true, as the allegations therein are contrary to ordinary human nature and experience,’ since her statement was crafted and orchestrated as a grand design and conspiracy purposely to extort money from him and from the other respondents.

“The truth is that there was no forcible abduction with rape as pictured out by the victim in her statement,” Saydawan stressed.

He emphasized that he had not known nor had seen the victim’s face and that the victim’s statement was taken at around 5:30 pm of May 29 after he was illegally apprehended by the group of SPO1 Lubos, Jr. in the same morning, citing that her mind was already pre-conditioned by her supposed boyfriend known as alias Amboy and SPO1 Lubos, Jr. to mention him in her statement and made him part of her orchestrated story.

Moreover, a certain Arnel Palangdan, whom the victim likewise mentioned in her statement, has vehemently denied the allegations in the complaint, as he only came to know of her only in the morning of May 28 contrary to her allegations of the complainant.

Saydawan emphasized the straight-forward statement of Palangdan would support the fact that her allegations are mere fabrications.

Saydawan argued there is no truth to the victim’s allegations that she was abducted on May 23 and was only released on May 28 as there were several people who have seen her on May 24 at Gail’s mini mart at Purok 5, Mines View Park.

Three eye witnesses were categorical in stating that they saw the victim in the mini mart in the afternoon of May 24 so how could she claim that she was abducted on May 23 to May 28.

He lamented the victim’s allegations trying to picture them as drug users contrary to the results of the medical tests which turned out to be negative, especially on the drug test done on him and other suspects.

Moreover, Saydawan cited the victim has the propensity of concocting and fabricating stories when she was the one actually involved in the use of shabu pursuant to available police reports.

He rebutted that the victim’s boyfriend tried to make it appear that he did the barbaric thing to his girlfriend because of a previous quarrel he had with him and such allegation is baseless, as the said misunderstanding was already settled in the barangay.

He countered that the information regarding his personal circumstances was not actually from the victim herself but supplied by her boyfriend and SPO1 Lubos, Jr. after he was illegally arrested and moreover, during the time that the victim was allegedly abducted at around 4:30 pm of May 23, he was with the company of friends at Wright park so he was not one of the abductors.

He branded the victim’s allegations that he raped her on May 24 at gunpoint is more imaginary than real because she portrayed herself to be totally helpless, hence, why would he threaten her with a gun before he would actually rape her and he could just have raped her at will and that the same is just part of the grand design of the victim of fabricating stories.

Saydawan prayed for the outright dismissal of the cases filed against them before the provincial prosecutor’s office considering that the victim’s allegations are mere products of the mind and not real happenings based on the pieces of evidence he submitted. By Herald Express News Team

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Brother shoots brother in Baguio

BAGUIO CITY June 27 – A 26-year old miner is now in serious condition in a hospital after he was reportedly shot by his 22-year old younger brother for still unknown motive inside their house at No. 80 Zigzag, Camp 7 here around 11 pm Friday.

However, the incident was only reported to the personnel of the Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) Station No. 8 at around 3:30 am Saturday by the security guard of the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center (BGHMC).

Senior Inspector Katelyn Mae Awingan, BCPO Station No. 8 officer-in-charge, identified the shooting incident victim as Jeffrey Waig Sawang, 26, single, miner and a resident of the aforesaid place while the suspect, who reportedly fled after the incident, was named as Jackson Waig Sawang, 22, single, miner, also a resident of the aforesaid address.

PO1 May Ann Mabanang, investigator on case, said initial police investigation showed the mother of the Sawang brothers reportedly heard a gunshot emanating from inside their house that prompted her to go out of her room and see what was going on outside.

When she was not able to see something unusual, she tried to go to Jeffrey’s room to check on him and found him lying on his bed with his body covered by his blanket.

Not satisfied on what she saw, she pulled down the victim’s blanket and was surprised to see blood oozing from his head causing her to seek assistance to rush him to the BGHMC for medical treatment.

Mabanag cited probers are still ascertaining what weapon was used by the suspect in the perpetration of the crime as they were not able to recover any spent shell or slug of a firearm in the crime scene.

Further, the police officer cited the motive behind the shooting incident is also being established and that the suspect has been subjected to manhunt operation. By Dexter A. See
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Businessman arrested for illegal drugs in Baguio

BAGUIO CITY – A 46-year old ‘wag-wag’ businessman was arrested by combined police operatives and anti-narcotics agents during an anti-drub buy bust operation along Carantes Street here Sunday night.

Senior Inspector Norbert Holman, chief of the Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) City Anti-Drug Special Operations Task Group, identified the arrested drug pusher as Lucas Colla-ag Felipe, 46, single, a trader who lives in Camp 6, Tuba, Benguet but is a native of Bauko, Mountain Province.

Confiscated from the direct possession of the victim were two sachets containing suspected shabu weighing a total of 1.7 grams having a market value of at least P10,000, buddle money amounting to P1,000, assorted drug paraphernalia and the mobile phone used in the transaction.

In 2003, Felipe was arrested for a similar drug case but the same was subsequently dismissed by the Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 61. In 2005, he was also arrested for a case of robbery.

The arrested drug pusher was subsequently detained at the Baguio City jail awaiting the filing of charges for violation of the provisions of Republic Act (RA) 9165 or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Law against him.

The confiscated drugs were also brought to the PNP crime laboratory for the conduct of qualitative and chemical tests to ascertain the presence of shabu in the seized drugs from the suspect. By Dexter A. See
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UK-based Igorots to hold 2nd Lang-ay festival July 25

BAGUIO CITY – More than 500 Igorots based in the United Kingdom (UK) will be holding their 2nd Lang-ay festival at Camden, London on July 25.

The theme of this year’s event as per the organizers is “Moving Forward Towards One Community, One Heritage, and One Culture.” 

The 2nd UK Lang-ay festival is organized by the Mountain Province Federation of Municipalities – UK with coordinators Robert Cadiogan, Jr., Melchor Fagyan, Naomi Pespes and Jackie Lao-e.

Aside from the members of the organization from different parts of UK, expected participants of the second staging of the UK Lang-ay festival will be members of the sub-tribes of the different member organizations of the Igorot Global Organization (IGO) in UK. Mountain Province Fed-UK is one subgroup of the IGO-UK.

It was learned that the UK Lang-ay festival was supposed to coincide with the celebration of the Lang-ay festival in Mountain Province last April but due to the problem with synchronizing the schedules of the members plus the need to prioritize their work schedules, the members agreed to conduct the celebration on July 25.

The Mountain Province Federation of Municipalities – UK started in 2012 with Edward Tulgade and Vicky Malinias as coordinators but there was less participation from the members because of the need to concentrate on their respective work assignments and that members had also to concentrate on their respective municipal organizations.

The first UK Lang-ay festival was held in June 2013 and it was supposed to be held annually but they were not able to hold it last year because of the absence of sufficient coordinators and the numerous conduct of Igorot festivals in UK.

In order to guarantee the maximum participation of members from the different municipalities of Mountain Province, the organization decided to install the four coordinators who will take charge of ensuring the successful conduct of this year’s Lang-ay festival in order to strengthen the bond of Igorots in the United Kingdom.

According to Cadiogan, the IGO-UK vice president and the coordinator of the Mountain Province Federation of Municipalities – UK, “The aim of the celebration will not only promote our rich and unique culture but will also educate our community about the importance and significance of our culture in maintaining unity and camaraderie. We are proud to be one in our dreams and aspirations in moving forward despite our different cultures and traditions.” By Dexter A. See
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Skeletal remains recovered in Balacbac ravine

BAGUIO CITY – Police recovered the skeletal remains of a young individual who was reported to have gone missing by his relatives through the social media since the first day of this month in a 50-meter deep ravine at Interior C, Balacbac, Sto. Tomas Proper here around 6:45 am Saturday.

Senior Inspector Ronaldo Wacnang, chief of the Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) Station No. 10, said Sto. Tomas punong barangay Miguel Kiswa called the attention of law enforcers after a concerned citizen who went to look for mushroom in the area was able to discover the skeletal remains and assorted clothing which were scattered in the area.

Wacnang revealed police personnel and elements of the Scene of the Crime Operation (SOCO) team recovered an identification card in the name of Raynan Marco Balantin Gumihid, 17, and a native of Benguet and Ifugao, who is reportedly taking up the course Bachelor of Science (BS) Psychology at the St. Louis University (SLU).

According to Wacnang, the said person in the ID car reportedly went missing since June 1 as per the post of his relative in social media.

However, he ruled out that the recovered skeletal remains is that of the missing student considering that there is a need for the recovered skeletal remains to undergo the mandatory DNA tests, thus, he called on those who have missing relatives to visit the nearest police station to inform them about the details of their missing kin and present appropriate pieces of evidence that will prove that the remains is that of their loved ones. By Dexter A. See
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Gang rape described as ‘unbelievable and contrary to human experience’

BAGUIO CITY– One of the police officers of the Baguio City Police Office (BCPO) Station 3 being forcibly linked to an alleged abduction and gang rape of a 26-year old single mother in Tuding from May 23-27 vehemently denied the accusation of the victim that he was one of the seven male individuals who allegedly abducted and gang raped her, saying that the victim’s allegations are unbelievable and contrary to human experience.

On duty during the incident

In his sworn affidavit submitted before the Benguet provincial prosecutor’s office, SPO3 Alvaro Bedking Perez cited on the dates May 23, 24, 25 and 26 when the victim was allegedly gang raped, he was able render duty from 4 pm to 12 midnight, except for May 25 which fall on his day off.

He was able to support his claim by presenting various attendance sheets duly signed by his superior officers indicating his service of his duty hours with the BCPO Station No. 3.

On the victim’s allegations that she was abducted at around 5:30 pm of May 23 in Mines View and was subsequently raped by three male individuals and a police officer, he argued that he was not among the persons who allegedly abducted her because he rendered official duty from 4 pm to 12 midnight on the said date as the station’s mobile driver, asserting that he and PO3 Jesus Gajeton, PO3 Arn Mangangey and PO1 Moises Ducusin conducted routine mobile patrol within the area of responsibility of their station at 5 pm onwards.

Aside from rendering duty on May 23, he claimed the victim was not able to identify who were the three male persons who allegedly raped her and neither did she describe what these three men look like, emphasizing that he was not the police officer named by the victim to have allegedly raped her on the said dates.

Inconsistencies in the victim’s statements 

He cited there was no mention of whatsoever of him by the victim in her narration of events the day of May 24 when she was again raped by a male person with colored hair at gunpoint before proceeding to Mines view where he was handed an item by another male person.

Contrary to the victim’s allegations that she was raped by a medium built person with blond hair, the policeman cited that he was not the person being referred to because he is considered tall and that he does not sport a blond hair.

While it is fact that he was on day off on May 25, he was not identified by the victim as among the individuals who were with her on the said date and that she was only able to described two male individuals none of who was the suspect.

On the occasion of alleged rape on May 26, the suspect cited that the victim was able to name the said police officer which happens not to be him.

Further, he asserted the negative results of the drug test conducted on the police officer negates the victim’s claim that her abductors used shabu before allegedly raping her.

He claimed the same individuals that the victim claimed to have texted her that day of May 23 and whom she met before she was made to board the gray van categorically denied her allegations.

According to him, a careful review of the victim’s allegations would reveal more questionable incidents contrary to human nature.

Likewise, he disclosed all the various allegations of the victim that she was brought in and out of the room where she was held captive and that those who allegedly raped her packed shabu inside the room were contradicted by three witnesses who also submitted their respective affidavits before the provincial prosecutor.

He questioned the victim on how she was able to know that a certain Arnel Palangdan was from Tuding when she only met her once and after stating that she was to be brought to Arnel’s place, the place she and SPO1 Paulino Lubos, Jr., a member of the Benguet Provincial Police Office intelligence branch, now claims to be the place where the alleged gang rape transpired is in the house of a certain Kenmark Alberto Pinas, one of the suspects in the case.

He rebutted that the victim’s description of the pathway leading to the room where she was allegedly raped for six days does not conform to the actual pathway leading to the house of Kenmark, arguing that there was no showing of “a stairs then a road then a stairs again” which was her description of the pathway where she was made to pass everytime she was brought to and from the house where she was allegedly raped.

On the victim’s claim that she was gang raped by the seven suspects inside a room that has no window, the suspect and his other colleagues were able to present photographs that the place where the gang rape incident happened has a window.

He reiterated his earlier allegations that the victim’s accusations are purely lies because she declared her date of birth as May 26, 1989 but her certificate of live birth revealed that her date of birth was November 15, 1989.

He pointed out being raped by seven men for six consecutive days would definitely reveal injuries on the victim, especially on different parts of her body, most probably on her legs and arms and also on her genital area, however, the victim’s medico legal certificate showed that there were no evident injury on her body at the time of examination.

Allegations branded as mere ‘fabrications’

On the other hand, the police officer branded the allegations on the sworn affidavit of the victim’s boyfriend, Rey Amboy Sabado Soda, are mere fabrications considering that his allegation that he saw hematoma on his girlfriend’s legs was negated by the result of the medico legal certificate which clearly states ‘no evident injury at the time of examination.’

By way of additional defenses, the policeman stated that the victim’s allegations should not be given appropriate weight because she has a history of having been allegedly forced to use shabu and has been allegedly dumped into the river sometime in November 2014 in Binalonan, Pangasinan and the police report of the incident further noted that the victim was fetched after four days by her father somewhere in Urdaneta City, Pangasinan.

He argued his inclusion as one of the male persons who allegedly abducted and raped the victim from May 23 to 28 was just a result of the unverified and mere assumption of a fellow police officer, SPO1 Paulino Lubos, Jr and his pinpointing as one of the suspects was based on the allegations of SPO1 Lubos that he received an information that Jude Saydawan is associated with another police officer assigned at BCPO Station No. 3 who is dark colored and unevenly –toned face and with big eyes.

“Clearly stated in the aforementioned affidavit of SPO1 Lubos, Jr. is his admission that his inclusion of the undersigned [as a suspect] in this case was merely based on an information he received. SPO1 Paulino Lubos, Jr. did not even care to elaborate as to the source of this information,” he added.

He accused SPO1 Lubos, Jr. to have mistaken the case to be similar to the drug cases he has usually handled during his career with the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) and now in the PNP wherein mere information from an asset would suffice for drug law enforcers to conduct a buy-bust operation.

Another BCPO Station 3 attested to the fact that the victim’s boyfriend went near SPO1 Lubos, Jr. and spoke to the latter in the Ibaloi dialect, saying that there is also another one that has the same description like Jojo who is their co-police and thereafter SPO1 Lubos, Jr. announced inside the police station that he was included in the case.

Ironically, the description of SPO1 Lubos, Jr. of the suspect in his sworn affidavit does not tally with the victim’s description of one of her abductors since the description provided to SPO1 Lubos by his informant was a police officer assigned at BCPO Station No. 3 who is dark colored and with unevenly-toned face and with big eyes, but her victim’s description of one of her abductors was a dark and thin person with an unevenly-toned face and with big eyes.

He countered that there also seems to be an assumption on the part of the arresting officer that since the alleged abduction happened in Mines View and that there was a mention of a police officer that police officers of BCPO Station 3 are the ones involved in the alleged crime.

Arrest highly questionable and irregular

Perez claimed his arrest and identification is highly questionable and irregular because his identification as one of the perpetrators of the alleged crime was determined by none other than SPO1 Lubos, Jr. and Chief Inspector Marlo Gasingan Evasco, BCPO Station 3 commander, attested to the fact that on June 1, 2015 at around 2:36 pm, he received a text message from SPO1 Lubos, Jr., stating among others, that the police officer will be arrested because of his involvement in the crime.

Evasco further attested that when the alleged victim came to the office of Station 3 on May 29 with SPO1 Paulino Lubos, Jr., the victim was not able to positively identify any of the police officers in the organizational chart photographs to be among those who abducted and raped her.

Moreover, Evasco attested to his utterances to SPO1 Lubos, Jr. when the latter came into his office.

BCPO Station 3 personnel attested to the fact that the identification of the suspect during the lineup was questionable and was prompted by the actuations of SPO1 Lubos, Jr. who had been reportedly issuing threatening words against some of them inside the office prior to the lineup.

During the lineup, two lady police officers observed that the victim kept texting using her cellphone and that she did not positively identify Perez as one of the suspects and instead, she continued texting and it was only when SPO1 Lubos, Jr. went near and stood in front of Perez during the lineup that she stopped texting and suddenly hesitantly pointing to him, saying that her uncle ‘Junior’ knows it, apparently referring to SPO1 Lubos, Jr.

The lady police officers further observed that the victim and SPO1 Lubos, Jr. were both busy texting and while texting, SPO1 Lubos, Jr. suddenly went near Perez and stood in front of him.

Even during the clarificatory investigation conducted before the investigating prosecutor, Perez asserted that it was SPO1 Lubos, Jr. who informed the investigating prosecutor that he was positively identified by the victim and that he even answered under oath the questions of the prosecutor.

He alleged that the admission of SPO1 Lubos, Jr to the prosecutor is contrary to the affidavit of arrest where he also stated that “I then asked PO1 Tongacan and she replied that it was that person who was wearing maong jacket who happened to be SPO3 Alvaro Perez.”

Perez explained clearly, it was not from the victim that SPO1 Lubos, Jr. confirmed his identification and none other than his colleagues speak of his integrity and good moral character.

Perez therefore prayed to the prosecutor to dismiss the complaint of abduction and rape against him for lack of merit and that he also prayed for such other reliefs just and equitable under the premises. By Herald Express News Team

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JUST IN: 2-year old girl drowns in Ifugao irrigation canal

ALFONSO LISTA, Ifugao – The lifeless body of a 2-year old girl, who was earlier reported to have drowned in a 7-feet deep irrigation canal, was recovered by rescuers floating in a portion of the canal at San Pascual here Tuesday morning.

Police authorities identified the victim as Queenie Rose Noque, 2 years old, a resident of San Pascuasl, Alfonso Lista, Ifugao.
Initial police investigation showed the victim, together with an older minor cousin, went to a portion near the irrigation canal to play yesterday morning but during lunch time, the grandmother of the two minors was surprised to see that only her cousin was able to go home.

The incident was immediately reported to concerned authorities who immediately conducted search and rescue operations along the stretch of the irrigation canal but their efforts were in vain overnight.
However, upon resumption of the rescue operations, the victim’s body was already retrieved floating in a portion of the irrigation canal.

It was learned that only the grandmother was looking after the welfare of the two children because her mother reportedly went to work abroad only a few days ago.

Elements of the Scene of the Crime Operation (SOCO) team found no signs of foul play in the body of the victim, thus, they concluded that she might have slipped in the irrigation canal and she was not able to be rescued by her slightly older minor companion. By Dexter A. See
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JUST IN: Taxi driver robbed in La Trinidad

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – A 50-year old taxi driver was robbed of his earnings by two still unidentified armed men along the Puguis-Longlong Road here Monday night.

Police authorities identified the victim as Anito Celestial, 50, a taxi driver who lives in Irisan, Baguio City and hails from Urdaneta City, Pangasinan.

Initial police investigation showed the victim reportedly picked up the two passengers along the circumferential road along Naguilian Road who asked him to bring them to Puguis for them to attend a wake of a relative.

However, while they were travelling along the Puguis-Longlong road, he noticed that there was no wake to speak of and then his two passengers suddenly requested him to stop the vehicle in a dark portion of the road.

After he stopped the vehicle, the male passenger seated at the back suddenly alighted while the passenger seated in front suddenly pulled out a still undisclosed type of gun, poked it on his head and announced a holdup.
He attempted to grab the firearm from the suspect but the scuffle between the two individuals resulted to the gun to fire off inflicting damage on the vehicle.

The suspects were able to divest from him over P2,600 in cash representing his daily earnings as they disappeared in the dark.
Responding police operatives tried to search the area where the incident happened but they were not able to locate the suspects, thus, a follow-up operation is still underway. By Dexter A. See
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