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Yin Style Bagua, London
Martial Arts Classes for Self-Defence, Fitness & Health
Martial Arts Classes for Self-Defence, Fitness & Health


Sunday extra training and curry...this has been postponed, watch this space though, it's coming soon.

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Sat 17/10 10.30-4.30
We will complete revision of the foundations of Lion system with seizing (QIN) & grasping (NA)

Tomorrow's class will focus on physical and structural development, so tons of repetitions of simple things!

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October classes will be held at the Conker Tree location.
Map link:


Just a reminder that there is no class tomorrow and on Sat 10th Oct.
There will be a basics class next week (3rd Oct) taught by Ket, then regular classes will recommence on 17th Oct.

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Dinner with He Jinbao.
Wed 29th July, The Prince of Wales Feathers.

Open to everyone, you don't have to be training on the day to join us.

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Back to our usual training location at the Pine trees from tomorrow. Last class before the intensive!!

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On 4/7/2015 we will train SHOCKING attacks of the Phoenix and Bear systems, and their usage. Standing, turning and forms may also be studied as far as time allows. I am still in Japan but thinking ahead! - Phil

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On 20/6/2015 we will train the first (and most representational) strike of the BEAR, ROOSTER and PHOENIX. Also associated topics will be explored as far as time allows: standing, turning, direction changes and applications.
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