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Online Marketing for SMB Companies
Online Marketing for SMB Companies

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"Let's Meet for Milkshakes": How I Increased My Cold Email Conversion Rate by 30%. By Aaron Dinin, Aaron Dinin

As a person who doesn't drink coffee, but loves milkshakes, I wholeheartedly agree with Aaron! A little bit of unconventional wisdom can go a long way!

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11 Reasons Why Your Website Doesn't Sell

Among scores of articles every week dealing with lists of website issues, this one really stands out. Why? This is for every business and not just for ecommerce & retail sites. But mostly, it's because it's practical, simple advice that every website should follow. This is a must read article!

Take a look at your company's website and see how you measure up against these standards. Show this to your website team or your website agency and get the discussion going. And please share your thoughts or comments!

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18 Useful Tips Every Craigslist User Should Know

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New video produced by for

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MADE in DAYTON blog: Manufacturing’s Multiplier Effect: It’s like Magic

If you're involved in manufacturing, share this article and spread the word. There's usually more to manufacturing than meets the eye!

"You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want." - Zig Ziglar

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BREAKING: Google removes video thumbnails from SERPs. How much does this affect video SEO? Do schema & video sitemaps still count? This article and the links in it answer these and other questions. What does this mean for your website videos? • Yoast

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(Infographic) YouTube is not just a bunch of videos... It's the 2nd Largest Search Engine! In fact, it's bigger than Bing, Yahoo & AOL combined!

So my advice? Do the easy things right!
• Put your URL/link as 1st thing in your description. If viewers like your video, they might click through to your website.
• Make your description meaningful and descriptive. If viewers like your video, they might want more info. Plus, it helps with YouTube search.
• Make your title descriptive and meaningful for the same reason
• Add some annotations to your video using the YouTube tools
• Post a transcript in the Subtitles section
• Be sure to add keyword tags
• Choose a custom thumbnail image

So do your videos right to maximize their value!

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6 Tactics To Drive Traffic To Your Tradeshow Booth

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Why we don't speak up at work
by Claire Lew of Basecamp

I'm always amazed and dismayed by companies where suggestions are seen as subversion and ideas are considered a threat to the power structure. And I've worked at too many of them.

But yet, when a few of my ideas were accepted or where I relentlessly pushed them through, I saved one company $60,000 per year in paper costs, reduced sales returns by 8% and then helped us survive/thrive when our client made reductions from 5 vendors to 3, resulting in our sales revenue almost doubling to $15 million.

Ideas matter and being open to ideas matters even more! So if you have employees, READ THIS ARTICLE!
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