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I just downloaded the new "Pulse" app from Linkedin.  Really impressed so far.  I've also noticed in he past week that Groups have become a lot more prominent.   In the past, I might have visited Linkedin once every month or so, but in the past week, I've found myself going back several times to check the group posts. Looking forward to using it more.

Somehow just seeing this. Is anyone still here :) Thanks for the invite anyway

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New shirt from

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I've had the site for almost 10 years now. It has been hacked about 5 times. It was extremely frustrating, but I always thought it was because I didn't upgrade fast enough each time an update came out.  This was definitely the case for the first hack, but I learned last night that there was another reason it kept getting hacked.   I always thought that by finding and removing one backdoor / compromised file, and upgrading WordPress, the site was pretty much secured again. I had no idea how wrong I was.  Last night I found a total of 8 compromised plugins and other files scattered all over. Some of them had been there for years! Evidently, the hackers aren't just putting one backdoor on your site. They are adding several at t time! Anyhow, I think I got them all, and hopefully, the tools that came out of my struggles can help someone else clean out the nasty scripts before you get hacked again.

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My favorite cat picture on the internet.  Also, my current favorite project.

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