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Swimming Pools, Pool Supplies, Equipment, Covers, Pumps, Filters, Cleaners & more.
Swimming Pools, Pool Supplies, Equipment, Covers, Pumps, Filters, Cleaners & more.

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Swimming Pool Water Volume
Needed for knowing how much chemicals you need to add to your pool

Save time and find your Pool Water Volume in or mobile friendly FAST Lookup Charts.

EZ Mobile / Online Calculator for Custom Sizes and ALL Shapes too

We have the formulas posted as well for the math nerds too. =)
#swimming #saltwaterpools #poolcalc #pools #poolopening

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You wont find Better Prices anywhere than these On Clearance!....ends November 17th.

Get your Christmas Swimming Pool gifts now.

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SOL Pool Float
New 2016!! by TRC Recreation

- Vinyl Covered Closed-Cell Foam that is Unsinkable  
- Industry First "Air-Pocket Pillow" Pillow design for better comfort. 
- Oval shaped to reduce cost. 
- Attached Rope for Boat Tie-Off or Hanging Storage
- 26in W x 70in H x 1-1/2in thick

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Check out these fun pool themed #Christmas cards.  

Dont forget to look at our below cost clearance items either

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If you started to close your pool and noticed a hole in the cover, or water tubes that have burst....tested a cover pump and its not working or decided that you want to make the move to a Safety cover.....then check us out

#wintercovers   #poolcovers   #safetycovers  

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We've had a rash of questions, this week, of how much filter sand to put into this filter or that response, we've nearly tripled the number of sand filters we now show in our chart.

Check it out

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Swimming Pools used as an architectural design element!

Very artistic!    Wonder if the cleaning staff is trained on pool care?

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20 of the worlds most spectacular Swimming Pools

How many have you visited?    Which ones would you like to go visit?

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Super cool use of a swimming pool on a sunny day to learn a little about Physics.

Of course this time of year most pools are covered by winter cover or safety covers....but its still cool to try when you can!

H/T to +Ambassador Pools 

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