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Need Patio Furniture, outdoor TVs, swing sets, umbrellas, Storage sheds, Shades, Awnings, Deck or Garden decor.
Need Patio Furniture, outdoor TVs, swing sets, umbrellas, Storage sheds, Shades, Awnings, Deck or Garden decor.

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Things to think about when considering a DIY wooden swing set kit for your children.

#DIY #swingsets #swingsets #woodswingset

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Revolutionary Design for Unsinkable Pool Floats
SOL Pool Float
New 2016!! by TRC Recreation

- Vinyl Covered Closed-Cell Foam that is Unsinkable  
- Industry First "Air-Pocket Pillow" Pillow design for better comfort. 
- Oval shaped to reduce cost. 
- Attached Rope for Boat Tie-Off or Hanging Storage
- 26in W x 70in H x 1-1/2in thick


1) Big Blue Bottle of Cheap mouthwash
2) 3 cups Epsom Salt
3) 3 x 12oz cans of cheap beer

Mix all 3 ingredients above together until the Epsom salt is completely dissolved.

Spray anywhere you sit/play out in your backyard or pool area.   It will not harm plants or flowers,     Mosquitoes and other bugs  hate this stuff and will leave the area.     One spray will last about 2 months.

It was heard on Paul Harvey years ago.   Leaves a nice minty smell.   Let us know if you try this and how it worked for you this summer.  

Share because it works!!

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We're sharing some ideas about shopping for a Fire Pit here.

#firepit   #fireplace  

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The links to the step by step guides are worth the read alone.
Common Questions about Pool Closings & Covers

Do I drain my pool?

Do I need a cover?

Links to step by step guides for closing your above or In ground swimming pools.

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Warehouse Clearance Sale
Below Wholesale Priced

We've done it!    We now have a list of Backyard/Patio products that are in our Collierville, TN warehouse that is now priced below our wholesale cost.      These aren't going to last long.    1st come 1st served.   Call to purchase for now.

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There really isn't a better fire pad or grill mat than this one to protect your  wood or composite decking!

Rot Proof, Fireproof, the largetst composite wood decking company tested and approved (TREX Decking)  

DeckProtect Fire Pit Pads  
_endorsed by TREX Decking _

All other grill mats or fire pit pads can and will catch on fire itself let alone protect your wood or composite decking.

Proprietary mix of Volcanic Rock & Carbon fibers in the pad make it Fireproof in prolong tests up 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.     Its no wonder that the makers of TREX composite decking gave out only one endorsement and it was for these DeckProtech Grill pads.

#Firepitpads   #Grillpads  

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One of own has faced the #alsicebucketchallenge        
I knew it was coming....yesterday it I answered ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE

My girls just had to "Help", so before my 24 hrs was up, I accepted the challenge.

Find out more about this challenge here:        

I challenge +Randy Sellers +Alan Richardson & +William Rock 

Hope you have fun, helping out #ALS  

#alsicebucketchallenge   #sharkweek  

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Introducing Coolhaven Shade Sails
Coolaroo's new line of Shade Sails

Made of AF230 Synthesis shade cloth fabric specifically designed for residential light weight use shade sails.

Awesomely affordable shade!

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We make a strong Canopy Tarp for a Fort or Swing set, as is shown here.

We DO NOT Recommend that you use it in this manner.   
New use for a Swing Set Canopy Tarp
How's this for a testament of its strength?

My youngest, Cate 8 years old, and her friend came up with a unique (and probably not recommended) use for her vinyl swing set topper.   

I was amazed of her ingenuity, to re-purpose it as a relaxing hammock.   This canopy top is 1 year old.      It replaced the first one that lasted 8 years.      I was further impressed that two girls, weighing about 60lbs each, didn't seem to have any adverse effect on the Tarp.     

I wouldn't recommend using these in this manner, but this is a pretty good testament to how good a product was made.

If your play-set canopy tarp is looking a little worn and may need a replacement......get a quote.
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