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Baby Boomer Fitness Challenge
Photographing The Evolution Of People and their Fitness
Photographing The Evolution Of People and their Fitness

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"Good habits are worth being fanatical about." ~ John Irving: American novelist and Academy Award-winning screenwriter #quotes #habits

Some people think they are concentrating when they're merely worrying. ~ Bobby Jones #quotes #focus

The secret of golf is to turn three shots into two. ~ Bobby Jones #quotes #winning

It is nothing new or original to say that golf is played one stroke at a time. But it took me many years to realize it. ~Bobby Jones #quotes #success

The integrity of the game is everything.
~ Peter Ueberroth #quotes #integrity

I'll let the racket do the talking.
~ John McEnroe #quotes #leadership

A lifetime of training for just ten seconds.
~ Jesse Owens #quotes #leadership

Champions keep playing until they get it right.
~ Billie Jean King #quotes #leadership

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.
~ Warren G. Bennis #quotes #leadership

A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd.
~ Max Lucado #quotes #leadership
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