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Lookin' good 
My book Expiration Date 2076 has gotten a little over 150 views!!! Thanks to everyone who has read it or shared it :) Let's try to get 50 more views. Please read and share!!!
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"Events that appear solid may be more fluid and events that appear fluid may be more solid."

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Congrats #BobDylan! "for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition…""

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Please go to one of these worldwide events to help try to end the genocide in #Aleppo - A weekend of action. ❤️🙏🏽

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Oh, to be whisked to peaceful, pristine pastures to pen eclogues with my beloved. ❤️😊

Word of the Day: Eclogue

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Then please go this You Tube link and thumbs down this video falsely denouncing the #WhiteHelmets!

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Please counter the defamatory campaign that White Helmets are going through! Go to this YouTube link and thumbs up!

After finally able to best splash SURF, my 2008 #iMac is finally refusing to play at all with #AdobeCC. Alas, it now must wait on a new Mac.

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While I'm deliberating til next window of time, here: a fun union of two faves, #Marimekko textile illustrator Metsola's #Woolf #bookcovers.

SO, photos are ready to share for my SURF splashdown. Now I want your vote - share final cover first or pics of process leading there first?
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