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Baber Afzal
Film Maker, Experimentalist and an HDR/Portrait Photographer
Film Maker, Experimentalist and an HDR/Portrait Photographer


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From Vision to Execution Workshop - January 29th to 30th 2016

A 2 day workshop which will help improve your photography skills by taking you through Baber Afzal's personal workflow and the techniques he has used in enhancing his images. 

Facebook event page:

Course Level: Intermediate/Advance
Applications used: Adobe Camera RAW, Adobe Photoshop & Nik Software

Day 1: Envision
Location Scouting & Shooting, The art of framing

Day 2: Execution
Focus Blending, Understanding Luminosity masks, Compositing, Creating the right mood & feel. Best filters to use in Nik Software

Entry Fees: AED 1199 
(Each student should have their own laptop and gear)

Emirates Training College - Building C - room 511
Dubai, UAE

For Bookings, contact:
Sherouk Magdy

For all other enquiries:

Managing Partner:
Photowalk Dubai

Supporting Partners:
The Empty Quarter Gallery
Photography Live
Emirates Group Photography Club
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To receive EXCLUSIVE previews of my upcoming video tutorials, sign up on my website below:

Thank you and feel free to share it too! :) <3
+Baber Afzal just released a video tutorial trailer. Anyone who signs up for it will receive an EXCLUSIVE preview of his video tutorials on a monthly basis. To sign up, go to Baber’s website at:
#photographytips #photography #tutorials    
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Video Tutorials - Fine Art Photography by +Baber Afzal 

Sign up for your FREE Exclusive Preview of my video tutorial!
Sign up at

Hope you enjoy the video and feel free to share it too! :)

+Al Ebnereza +Eric Stoliker +Eren Mckay +Joel Tjintjelaar +Julia Anna Gospodarou +Dubie Bacino +Linda Dee +Peter G McDermott +Annika O'Brien 
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Transformation I
"Stepping Sand" by Baber Afzal

Since I have received some queries on how my images look unedited, I decided to make an album dedicated to such photos to show the amount of effort that has gone into creating such images. smile emoticon 

The Left image is totally untouched while the right is after focus and exposure blending 2 images together. 

Total time taken to create the image? 
12 Hours

A lot of time is spent in bringing out the right tones but most importantly to create more light in the image since in reality due to the haze, the sun's light is not strong enough. 

The other reason why it takes a long time is because every time I come back to my image, I find it a bit off and then I have to make some adjustments again. That takes the most time in order to achieve the right tones and colour. 

At the end, one has to be satisfied with the result by making sure it is exactly how you perceived it when you took the shot. Pre-visualisation is the key to success.
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Hey Everyone! I am giving away 3 of my Best Desertscape images for FREE as a wallpaper for your phones! :)

Feel free to download them from the link below and share it with your friends too!! :) 

I hope you like them and Love you all! 
+Dubie Bacino +Eren Mckay +Steve-Maxx landeros +Julia Anna Gospodarou +Nathan Wirth +Olga Kafka +Jessica Lark +Andrea H +Hermine Ngnomire +Bethany DiTecco +Linda Dee 
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My latest image! :) 
Stepping Sand - Photography by +Baber Afzal Here is another perspective I shot on the same day when I went out shooting with Daniel. This time I came across one interesting dune which had a step on it instead of a complete smooth slope downward. The texture on it is what really attracted me to it. The reason for me to choose such a perspective is because I wanted to highlight the step that existed on this sand dune along with the curves that complement it as well. - Baber Afzal

#desert #sand #sunrise
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I feel truly humbled & honoured for my work to be published by +Dark Beauty Magazine! :)
“The Golden Gate” — 
Photographer/Retoucher: +Baber Afzal 
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