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Awesome. What topped it off for me was the unexpected(?) marriage proposal on the side of the structure. :-) 
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Thank you, your crime report has been submitted.
Your online report reference number isCR03-00139556
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that is cool how do you do it
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New Constitution Of Christ

This Is The Supreme ELOHIM'S And Supreme Yahweh's Perfect Constitution Of Supreme ELOHIM And Supreme Yahweh For Their Own Crowning Pleasure, And For Our Pleasure Of Our Most High God Omnipotent And For Us Citizens And Residence Of 

The Church Of Jesus Christ ....

To Be Applied By Any Government As Essential, Necesity Of Translation Into The Glory Of Supreme ELOHIM And Supreme Yahweh And To Now To, Or Due To Ascend Into The Presence Of Our Most High God Omnipotent Into The Highest Heaven 1.) Honour Is Dignity, Mean To Ascend Into Highest Heaven Eternaly To Live  Me (Me Is Our Most High God)! 2.) My Images Ought To Marry In The True Order Of Prayer! 3.) Take My Children In My Name By My Word Into My Presence! 4.) Remember Sabath Sanctify Seventh Keep It Holy 5.) Honour Thine Parents Let Them Ascend! 6.) Kind On Earth As In Highest Heaven - Equitous, Equalitous, (Genesis 1:29! 2:9, 16; St Matthew 26:26-28!)! 7.) Chaste On Earth As In Highest Heaven! 8.) Generous In Forgiving! 9.) Humble, Courigous, Grateful Edknowlwdgement Every Perfect Gift Is Of God! 10.) Diligent In Performencies Of Charity
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"I've realized my greatest asset is my mind. Football is always going to be a means to an end...There's life after football..."

Taysom Hill didn't let injury stop him - both on and off the field. While recovering, Hill, a finance major, excelled in an internship with Pelion Venture Partners, an experience that helped shape his future.

Read more from USA Today:
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Dating to 1875, this private Mormon school is known for its picturesque campus & athletics programs.- Google
"Deep thinkers can exist and do exist within the honor code."
"Too maney dam mormons all ofer the place its like living in utah."
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Andrew Van Leuven's profile photo
Andrew Van Leuven
a week ago
I received my B.S. in Geography from BYU. I met my best pals at BYU. I met my wife at BYU. Can't give it anything other than the full 5 stars.
Response from the owner - a week ago
Thanks for your contributions to the BYU experience for others, Andrew!
Brett Noorda's profile photo
Brett Noorda
a month ago
BYU offers the best atmosphere for learning anywhere--excellent and knowledgable professors, high-achieving students with high moral standards, beautiful campus and state-of-the-art facilities, emphasis on ALL aspects of learning and personal development (educational, physical, mental, social AND spiritual). With the largest intramural sports program in the country, the many extracurricular programs, and nearby mountains and outdoor activities, FUN is always available. The motto is "Enter to learn, go forth to SERVE," which sets BYU apart as its goal is to produce quality graduates who focus on the welfare of others, not just themselves. And tuition is a fraction of the cost of most other universities, public or private, so it is VERY affordable. I LOVE THIS PLACE.
• • •
Response from the owner - a month ago
Thanks, Brett.
Lillian Angelo
a month ago
Recently, showing interest in BYU and LDS, I have emailed, written letters as far back as 3 months. Recent contacting the above might have been for Smith interest, The Book of Mormons interest, The theatre play which I undertand is wonderful, out of my region, and the most important "The Free Book of Mormons" requested. I have lost faith in those who should be responding. I must, now, research elsewhere. Lillian Angelo
Response from the owner - a month ago
Lillian, If you are interested in attending BYU, please visit Most common questions are already answered there, but they will also respond to question submitted on their Contact page:
Michael Nelson
3 months ago
Wonderful university with a beautiful camps! Nowhere can you gain such an amazing education for such an affordable tuition. Great academics and an awesome environment. Religion classes are a requirement to graduate but are absolutely worth it. I spent 4 years there and going to graduate school I felt so much more prepared than other graduate classmates who went to other big name schools. Once you get out of General Education courses with 300 people in them the classes are much smaller and you get to know and work with the faculty. Most students work part-time to help pay for school.
• • •
M Taylor
a month ago
I hope that this is a helpful critical review from someone who actually went there and appreciates standards. The claim that BYU encourages moms to drop out is wrong and yet true. False because your teachers will treat you like dirt if you drop out, there are scholarships for moms, and if you are determined then they try to get you to complete your Bachelor’s from home (but why make us wait 2 years, it's easier to study with an infant over a toddler, and why no Associate Degree option?). However, it’s true in an indirect sense. The discrimination against married people was one of the many reasons I was glad to leave. Pretend marrieds are another minority in these situations: They created a policy that had all singles living near campus, forcing most marrieds to commute. They also have most of their amenities located on single-housing and cheaper coin-op laundry, plus there’s special housing arrangements you’re only admitted to if single. They rebuilt all of the singles housing to protect them from old construction, but avoided remodeling the older Wymount, and then kicked out the marrieds from the nicer Wyview, and dramatically lowered the prices for rent and laundry. Singles could defer two years to serve in their calling but mothers got no such deferrment. I couldn’t join RMYL because it required study abroad and families are denied this opportunity. BYU is the only school I know that quadruples your insurance rates if you plan on getting pregnant (on top of expensive married insurance). The health center also threatened me with an invasive exam if I didn’t purchase birth control when I got married. BYU shamed parents for not attending devotional or skipping optional classes. And why reserve the on-campus preschool for rich professors instead of moms in need? The nursing couches were located in the bathrooms where it's unsanitary and loud. Most of the time students were sleeping and eating on the furniture making them completely unusable for moms. The fauxminists on campus didn’t care. They had a practice of judging married women and their majors, and watch out if you skipped a mission. My opinion as to why so few church leaders come out of BYU is that their unofficial motto is image over everything else. I used to serve in the Cannon Center and I remember a student who lost it when I told her she didn’t have enough money on her card, shouting profanities. The cars in on-campus housing often had couples in them doing... Just about everyone on-campus knew a dorm dweller who slept with their boyfriend. I was glad I never lived in the dorms and yet BYU is anxious to herd freshmen into these places claiming they’ll have a better experience. They shut things down for devotional claiming it was for the employees, but since I didn’t work in a place on display I didn’t get such a privilege and I know that Wilkinson Center employees had to pretend to shut down but really didn’t. BYU tries so hard to look good to the public but often fails. Many have heard about the football team assault, the previous ban on social media/YouTube, no acknowledgement of Easter (where's the Spring Break?), and the person who got fired for his beliefs about 9/11. I knew a professor that quit because BYU wanted him to focus efforts on research and not academics. BYU claimed that their classes were spiritually strengthening—which translates to “some classes start with prayer, but don’t expect much more because we don’t want to be weird.” I can't count how many teachers dismissed the gospel or made fun of it. Another disappointment: it was impossible to dispute my grades after the exam.
• • •
Jordan Lyman's profile photo
Jordan Lyman
a week ago
Current MPA graduate student and loving every minute. BYU teachers are willing to help create networking opportunities for their students. Safe and peaceful place.
Response from the owner - a week ago
Glad to hear that your experience is matching up with the aims of a BYU education:
Kristen Strom's profile photo
Kristen Strom
a month ago
great education for very cheap tuition. that alone is a huge incentive. the honor code can be a bit over the top in some ways, but it does create a professional environment and definitely teaches my generation a good lesson about 'entitlement issues'. If the code outweighs the benefit, move on. no big deal. It wasn't worth the investment for you. But for me it definitely is. Mormon culture is not as sheltered as many would like to believe, but it can leave room for some close minded philosophies. I've seen some irritating behaviour regarding certain social issues on campus. For the most part the religious presence creates friendly and service oriented people. It doesn't particularly bother me they don't know how to smoke pot or what being to a keggar is like. In fact I like that this is not a party school. But the dating culture is sort of ludicrous in my opinion. I enjoy the way classes for your major are oriented to prepare you for your field not just to pass the class, that's a huge boost for success. If you are a serious student, service oriented, and you are either Mormon, conservative, or not defensively liberal, (as in open and comfortable with conflicting opinions) then you will like this school. people don't waste their energy as much as people think being bigots. they're too busy trying to get a 4.0 for that!
• • •
Austin Benesh
2 months ago
I loved my experience at BYU. Dating culture is a little weird, but the school itself is second to none. Whoever said that there is "No academic freedom" is either lying, or didn't actually spend any time there. There is plenty of academic freedom, and even more so than many other schools because you are not required to believe the lies that most institutions shove down your throat. I had a non-Mormon professor who loved it there and said he would never leave.
• • •