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Sri Lanka Holidays Tour Operator -inbound based in Kandana ( 5 mnts drive from CMB Colombo Int'l airport) in Sri Lanka
  • Riolta Lanka Holidays (Pvt.) Ltd., Sri Lanka
    Sri Lanka Holidays Inbound Tour Operator based in Sri Lanka. Personalized service to greater heights, present
  • Aitken Spence Travels Ltd., Colombo, Sri Lanka,
    Aitken Spence Travels Ltd., has been the top tour operator in Sri Lanka
  • Mackinnon Mackenzie GSA for Gulf Air, Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Mackinons of John Keells has been one of the top 5 tour operators in Sri Lanka
  • Ceylon Tours then GSA for Emirates, Colombo, Sri Lanka
    Ceylon Tours is the oldest Tour Operator (Genuine Pioneer) in Sri Lanka
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Sri Lanka Holidays tour operator bunpeiris is at Kandana -9km 5mnts drive from CMB airport
My Sri Lanka Holidays Dot Com bunpeiris, Moratuwa and Kandana,
Riolta Lanka Holidays (Pvt.) Ltd., Sri Lanka
Web ID: bunpeiris
Inbound tour operator in Sri Lanka


I am the dispossessed, a grain of the suppressed masses of my motherland: nobody. The huge sacks of high and mighty run over me.
I am the dispossessed, a drop of the hungry and angry tide: nobody.The tsunamis of the high and mighty carry me off to non-existence.
I am the dispossessed: a falling leaf of a giant tree:nobody. The storms of the high and mighty sweep me off the earth.
I am you, the suppressed.Still I am free, free enough to tell the high and mighty, NO
They cannot buy me off. I don't sell my people, my motherland for few dollars.

Amra Kara? (Who are we?)
Bastuhara (We are the dispossessed)
Bengali novelist Amitav Ghosh: "The Hungry Tide" The Author of "The Glass Palace" & "Sea of Poppies"

“ What can we do except taking up arms when the causes of our suffering are not addressed & our grievances are not redressed? Asks the baby of the family.

 “Suffer them,” replies the mother of ten. She is not educated but, far from it, she is not even literate. but she never misses the Sunday sermon by the local parish priest.

It is not up to you to finish the work. But neither are you free not to take it up. (Avot 2:16)
My Sri Lanka Holidays Dot Com begins.

'Write & record" 
His dying message to fellow Jews by Simon Dubnow, an aged Jewish historian who was shot dead by the Nazis in Latvia in 1949.
bunpeiris begins.


Robert Knox, escaping in 1679 from a long captivity among the Sinhalese, had brought home stories of “a world of hewn stone pillars” he had passed during his flight through Anuradhapura of Sri Lanka Holidays. His narrative was printed in 1817. Nearly a century & a half after Knox’s journey, a pioneer officer, Lieutenant Mitchell Henry Fagan of the 2nd Ceylon Regiment, forcing his way through almost impenetrable undergrowth in 1820 had come face to face with a colossal statue gazing out at him from the foliage: Gal Vihara.
A colossal figure of Buddha cut from a granite wall was most serenely gazing at him from out of the foliage. “I cannot describe what I felt at that moment,” he wrote.

Neither could I when I first saw the great statues at the tender age of 8. It was like dream that you dream when just about to wake up. And you wake up with the dream & still on a cloud. But the upright Big Buddha most definitely smiled at me. Am I dreaming? No, Big Buddha smiled again. bunpeiris

Since then, for a decade, I had been traveling yearly with my maternal grandfather who used to take all his relations & friends numbering around 30 for pilgrimage of fortnight at his expense on yearly basis during his prosperous days. Imagine 4 a.m. Lakshpatiya, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, 1970s, young & old relations & friends all in full swing, pilgrim mode, spellbinding stories of village serpent medic Grand uncle Romeal (still tall and as straight as an arrow in Clint Eastwood style), Pol mal (coconut fronds), Ebert Silva passenger bus, Buddhist Homage Gathas (Thunyam sarane), large metal cauldrons & large clay pots, stuff & goods, baskets & sacks, dhal & dry fish, spices & local Palm honey sweet. How do you begin to write, how do you end writing? I have no idea.
My father (Baminahennadige Donald Benedict Peiris, Lakshapatiya Rd., Moratuwa read “THERE’S A KIND OF HUSH by bunpeiris” in had been warning my maternal grandfather against excessive advertisements. Headstrong & flamboyant to the boot, my maternal grand father (Prangige Silmon Peter Peiris Gunaratne, Lakshapatiya, Moratuwa) had a devil may care attitude & paid scent respect to book keeping. Somebody had been following his two page advertisements in newspapers, musical advertisement at 11 am on Radio Ceylon: Aswaya gone tik tik. (then kids hit song Come’n Let’s ride the horse) Kumara Shanthiya (meaning Blessings to the Prince in Sanskrit) sure-fire Ayurvedic medication syrup of infants, toddlers, the tender young for all stomach upsets. The high flying stalwart was destined, most unfortunately, to have his wings clipped.
Another decade later, the greatest spoil sport of all time, Department of Inland Revenue of Ceylon made Ayu. Dr. Prangige Silmon Peter Peiris Gunaratne of Sri Vijaya Oushada Shalwa (Shri Vijaya Medical Hall, next to Vijitha Cinema, Ratmalana, Sri Lanka) bankrupt. How the mighty have fallen! Like an enormous tree that gave shade to all who came. My flamboyant philanthropist grandfather who had a couple of 1 Shri licence plate British made Austin Cambridge cars & a sizeable property of lands & houses lost all.
The concept of Sri Lanka Holidays commenced forming in the hearts of hearts.
Another decade later when I remarked I would love to set up luxury tour operations to draw in foreign tourists to show off my land & name the tour packages My Sri Lanka Holidays and Peter Peiris Fortnight, my father chuckled that my maternal grandfather would turn in his grave: his was charity pilgrimage with no pretensions of comforts at all; my dreams were of luxury travel with a view to profit. Not exactly, this is Sri Lanka Holidays, the Total Holiday Experience, I protested. I went on pushing my point. All the same, it’s a fair deal, I take my country to them, or rather bring them to my land, I argued. I reveal for them to revel with Sri Lanka Holidays.

It is possible you are right, the way you see it-reveal our country to the world, or enlightening the others of our heritage.. oh! yes that's a higher calling. That doesn't fall anywhere in the spheres of a banal businessman. My father pondered.
The concept of Sri Lanka Holidays commenced simmering in my mind. bunpeiris

Riolta Lanka Holidays: We Reveal For You To Revel is presented by bunpeiris of My Sri Lanka Holidays and Skanda Pandia Lanka Light and Enlightenment.
In time, my grandfather was to provide me the inspiration to compose 108 web page website on Sri Lanka with great emphasis on the numerous Buddhist cultural attractions of Sri Lanka Holidays.

Unlike the German tourists, the British tourists seek for touring holiday packages with cultural orientation. After all it was them who rediscovered the lost cities of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa & Sigiriya of Sri Lanka Holidays.

Then, by nature, bunpeiris is a nationalist. That is only in the true form and good form of nationalism. Sir Herbert Stanley, Governor General of Ceylon in 1929 narrated bunpeiris's style of nationalism.
"That is one form of nationalism to which all of can subscribe in any circumstances, a love of one's own country, interest in one's own history, and the desire to to elucidate what is obscure in it."

Father: Baminahenadige Donald Benedict Peiris of Lakshaptiya, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
Mother: Prangige Lalitha Peiris Gunaratne of Lakshaptiya, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
Paternal grandfather: Baminahennedige Sebastian Peiris of Lakshapatiya, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
Maternal grandfather: Prangige Silmon Peter Peiris Gunaratne (Ayu. Dr. P.S. P. Gunaratne, Sri Wijaya Medical Hall, next to Vijitha Cinema, Galle Road, Ratmalana, Sri Lanka) of Lakshapatiya, Moratuwa
Maternal grandmother: Baminahennadige Cecilin Emelia Peiris of Lakshaptiya, Moratuwa.

The Prince and Princess of Wales’ Colleges of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka were established to commemorate the arrival, in 1875, of H. R. H. The Prince of Wales, the eldest son of Queen Victoria and the Princess of Wales to Sri Lanka ( then called Ceylon) by the Rothschild of Ceylon, the greatest philanthropist ever in Sri Lanka,  Sir Charles Henry de Soysa Dharmagunawardhana Vipula Jayasuriya Karunaratne Dissanayake (3rd March 1836 , Idama, Moratuwa -29th September 1890). Sir Charles Henry de Soysa was a grandson of philanthropist Warusa Hennedige Joseph de Soysa, originally of Devinuwara or Devundara and HennedigeFrancisca Peiris of Moratuwa. 

The Warusa Hennedige families had their origins in Devinuwara and during the Portuguese era (1505-1640), migrated to Panadura, the city immediately to the south of Moratuwa. The citizens of Pandaura, Kalutara and Wadduwa to the south and Ratmalana and Mount Lavinia - Dehiwala to the north of densely populated Moratuwa, has been in interaction with each other and Moratuwa to a very significant extent for centuries.Since the days of the Dutch (1640- 1796) and through the colonial era of the British (1796-1948), the Warusa Hennedige de Soysa's in association with the Hennediege Peiris's Moratuwa of were engaged in transportation of essential provisions and food stuffs to the Central Highlands. On the return journey, the plantation products were taken to the low lands.During the Dutch era  Ceylon Cinnamon and Ceylon Tobacco became major trading commodities.Then again during the British era Ceylon Coffee, which became popular as the legendary Moka Coffee of Yemen and Brazilian Coffee in the European markets, was the kingpin of the plantation industry and trade of Ceylon. De Soysa family made fortunes. Following the Coffee blight, the lionhearted planters found Ceylon Tea the most lucrative business ever in Ceylon.(1640-1796)

bunpeiris [B. U. N. Peiris]
[Baminahennadige Upul Nanda Peiris] 
Alma Mater:Prince of Wales’ College, Moratuwa, Colombo district, Sri Lanka (Estb. in the year 1876)
Former employee of
M/s Walkers Ceylon Ltd. P.O. Box 166, Colombo, Sri Lanka
M/s Aitken Spence Travels Ltd. Lloyd’s building, P. O. Box 5,Colombo, Sri Lanka
M/s Mackinnon Mackenzie Co. Ltd. No. 11, York Street, Colombo - G. S. A. Gulf Air Subsd. of John Keells Ltd., Colombo, Sri Lanka
M/s Crossworld Ltd- G. S.A. Emirates Subsd. of Ceylon Tours, Hotel Galadari Meridian, Lotus Road, Colombo, Sri Lanka

THE bunpeiris TRUTH
The following neat dozen is compiled by bunpeiris of My Sri Lanka Holidays.
1. There is no way that you can create a just society by wounding people, maiming people, killing people.
Former IRA terrorist, the master bomber Shane Paul O'Doherty, renouncing violence
2. "When I was 16, nothing seemed so romantically self-sacrificial as a fight against the odds for an ideal. But I didn't realize that militaristic activities repudiated the democratic process and the will of the people."
Former IRA terrorist, the master bomber Shane Paul O'Doherty, renouncing violence
3. In my view, one of the principal lessons is that the end, no matter how noble and attractive it may seem, never justifies indiscriminate means.
The man who brought an end to the cold war, President Mikhail Gorbachev (Noble Prize for Peace in 1990)
4. My message would be that there are things worth fighting for. There always will be, just as there will always be people who think that there is nothing worth fighting or dying for.
A world in which brutality and lawlessness are allowed to go unchecked is not the kind of world we are going to want to live in.
Someone has to say, "This isn't right, you can't get away with doing this. And if you never stand up, more lives can be lost farther down the road."
Lt. Gen Walter Boomer, Commander of the U. S. Marine forces then camped in the Saudi Arabian desert in 1990
5. 1.7 million Cambodians were killed (1975-1979) by the terrorist Khmer Rouge Pol Pot. Nobody was there to save the innocent. Since China has allied with Cambodian government, USA had to turn the blind eye to the mass murderers of the killing fields. Today you have museum of human skulls, thousands in glass cupboards. We agree with the illustrious general.
Skanda Pandia Lanka Light and Enlightenment
6. You know what's wrong with the world today, Andy? People aren't true to any one philosophy. They pick and choose among all different ones.
They choose loyalty when it suits them
They choose change when it suits them
They do exactly as they please, and they can always find and justify what they're doing
They can make it seem like, no matter what, they're being true to some morality or other.
But you can't just pick little pieces of the package, Andy, You go with the whole program, or it doesn't mean a thing,
Like this business with Tommy Agro- supposedly he's got this certain set of rules, this code of honour. He lives by it until there's a crunch, then what happens? Uh-Oh, the rules just changed. Now it's survival, the law of the jungle, saving his own skin.
Well, okay that sounds fine too. Only, what happened to the first code? He hasn't just left it behind, he's damaged it. That's what people don't realize. You take this pick and choose attitude, you drain the life out of your own beliefs. After a while, what's left?
Mafia Captain Joseph "Pinney" Armone in a conversation with FBI Agent Andy Kurins
7. What the terrorists do: to correct one supposedly an injustice, bring about millions of forms of injustice; to bring about so called liberty, put millions into the prison of terror; to bring about so called freedom, bring misery and tragedy to millions. Are you the so called Liberator? bunpeiris
Skanda Pandia Lanka Light and Enlightenment
8. The country is exhausted from 30 years of war. We have not even built one kilometer of road; there are no schools, no clinics, no employment, no security. All leaders have to respond to the needs, pressures and anxieties of their own people. Our people now feel that armed struggle is no longer the road. So we could not lead them anymore if we still insisted on armed struggle
Rebel leader Jonas Savimbi of Angola in 1995, having lost 500,000 humans
9. Time passes, and marathon runners get tired. This has been a very long race-too long. I feel I am a slave of the revolution
President Fidel Castro in 1993
10. Following this Castro, undid his military fatigues and for the first time, wore a three-piece suit and attended a Paris Fashion Show. Hail Castro!
11. At the core of the Greek belief system lies the conviction that there are unchanging absolutes in the world, ageless and immune from situation and interpretation, a small but vital body of knowledge that is largely agree-on and indisputable. It is this moral universe which Antigone called 'agrapta nomima' the unwritten laws
12. One of the most important things in the Torah is "Do not murder"
Baruch Goldstein, the gunman who killed 29 Muslim worshipers at the Hebron Mosque, in an antiwar essay he wrote at age 13 in Brooklyn , New York, U. S. A.
Sri Lanka Holidays mince no words.Quotations are compiled by bunpeiris

THE bunpeiris TRUTH plus
"People don't want to know. They have to be made to know. Whether they act on what they know is up to them. But they have to know."
Concetta Campanati to Kenneth Toomy in Anthony Burgess's Earthly Powers
"It may be that you are not yourself luminous, but you are a conductor of light. Some people without possessing genius have a remarkable power of stimulating it."
Sherlock Holmes to Dr. Watson : The Hound of Baskervilles
"Every man has his use, even if only to gather dried cow dung in the Gobi for fuel" Chinggis(Ghengis Khan)
"I may be a bum, but my dog will still love me" American swimmer Matt Biondi, five times gold medalist in Seoul in 1988,prior to his events in Barcelona, 1999. Mr. Biondi lost his Tarzan title to the Russian Alexander Popov yet collected a gold for relay which brought his carrer medal total to 11, tying him with legendary Mark Spitz-
"Therefore, always perform actions which should be done, without attachment; for by performing action without attachment, man attains the supreme" Sri Krishna to Arjuna: Mahabarata.
"I was born among human beings. I am a human being. I have loved. I was loved." Bernadette Nitakirutinka
"No I am still a bum" American Director, Robert Altman, having won awards at Cannes France in 1996.
Quotations are compiled by bunpeiris of Sri Lanka Holidays.

Q.Do people respond when you appeal to them on the basis of atmosphere, good manners, good taste?
A I feel that this appeal of mine is finding a positive echo, but a very indirect one. here, as in every democracy, we witness all the aspirations, ambitions, battles & hunger for power. My position seems to be the one of a dreamer who mumbles something about ideals, completely untouched by real life, whereas politics takes a different course. But this is a very banal view. In reality it seems to me that my constant repetition of certain things planted seeds.
Vaclav Havel, Time, August 3, 1992

"A lover of my fellow creatures,a mere nameless worker for the cause-I aspire to be no more" End of the World News: Anthony Burgess
"What Mr.Toomy, do you seek out of life?" "To enjoy it. To fix the phenomena of human society in words" Earthly Powers: Anthony Burgess
"I am not bad, I'm just drawn that way" Hollywood animation Jessica Rabbit in the film "Who framed Roger Rabbit" In the film sultry Jessica get laid & rocked by ... no not by me... I am good, them.
"I have a Dream" - Martin Luther King, Jr. 28th Aug. 1963 Washington D. C.
"Can we all get along?" - Rodney King, 29th April 1992, Los Angeles
"They were human beings. They were killed like flies" - Archbishop Desmond Tutu
"Let us forgive these guys"- Nelson Mandela
"The more you develop nonviolence in your own being, the more infectious it becomes: we must become the change we seek."
Churchill's half- naked fakir
"In my view, one of the principal lessons is that the end, no matter how noble & attractive it may seem, never justfies indiscriminate means" Mikhail Gorbachev Time 4th June 1990.

"No I am still a bum" American Director, Robert Altman, having won awards at Cannes France in 1996.
Quotations are compiled by bunpeiris of My Sri Lanka Holidays that affords all visitors, all tourist the Total Holiday Experience.

THE bunpeiris ROOTS

During the period of relative peace between the warrior King Rajasinghe the Second (1634-1684 AD) of Senkadagalapura Kandy and the Dutch, at the request of the Dutch Governor of the western and southern coastal belts of Sri Lanka (then called Zeilan by the Dutch; Ceylon by the British who evicted the Dutch in 1805), most possibly Rijcklof van Goesns (1662-1663), (1665-1675) or Rijcklof van Goesns Junior (1675-1679), King Rajasinghe the Second sent the poet Alagiayawanna Mukaweti of Hiswella, Siyane Korale for the purpose of inscribing "Thombuwa" (Sinhala: consensus) in Dutch ruled areas of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Holidays

Having arrived at a residence of a family at Lakshapatiya, Moratuwa (Mura Atuwa : Sinhala-Sentry Turret) of South Western Coastal belt, the poet Alagiyawenna Mukaveti met the man of the house. The residents of the house belonged to the early medieval clan of Hennedige. Hennedige clan consisted of descendants of military commander Lak Vijaya Singukith Senevi (Senevi : Sinhala-Commander) of Queen Leelawathie (1208-1210 AD, 1221-1222 AD), the consort of King Parakramabu the Great (1164- 1197 AD), the greatest builder of irrigation reservoirs of Sri Lanka including in-land sea like Parakrama Samudra. The location of the one lakh (Sinhala: one hundred thousand) strong army of the commander ( Lakshadipathi: Sinhala-goveoner of one hundred thousand soldiers) became knows as Lakshaptiya (Sinhala: domain of one lakh or one hundred thousand) and the residence of the Commander became known as Senadige (Sinhala: the Commander's) or Henadige or Hennadgie (Sinhala: the well armed soldiers)
The residents at the said house consisted of the man of the house, his daughter and her two sons. Chandrabarathi, an Indian Brahmin, the husband of the lady of the house had passed away several years ago. Having heard of the family, the scribe Alagiavenna Mukaveti has proclaimed by marrying an Indian Brahmin, the Sinhalese girl of Hennedige family too has become a Brahmin. The poet went on to name the two sons as the descendants of the family of Bamina Hennedige. Since then the family was known by the name of Baminahennadige. Written by My Sri Lanka Holidays bunpeiris.

Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore ( Brahmin ), the Nobel Laureate for Literature in 1913 for Gitanjali, the finest ever poem-ancient, medieval or modern) upbraided Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Mahathma Gandhi) for declaring that a massive 15 January 1934 earthquake in Bihar, India leaving thousands dead, was divine retribution brought on by the oppression of Dalits of India.

Bragging rights
Survivor. Born and bred in Moratuwa. Schooled at Prince of Wales' College, Moratuwa. I identify myself with Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. Read Sinhala translations of Homer's The Iliad,The Odyssey; Bengali poet (Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913) Rabindranath Tagore's Gora and Mangal Yatra at the age of 8 and went in pilgrimage all over the island for fortnight on yearly basis since then with my grand father. Read Sinhala translations of Mahabarata, and Mahawamsa by the age of ten. Read English translations on a later stage., i.e. only after I read several dozens of my father's 200+ colllection of Reader's Digest. Exposed to tons of Second World War Literature in the childhood by my father, viewed movies starting from Tobruk with him. Accompanied my mother to cinema to view Hindi movies beginning with Mother India, Sangam resulting in a grand exposure to Hindi music. I am bunpeiris of My Sri Lanka Holidays dot Com.
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  • Prince of Wales' College, Moratuwa
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Lesson: introduction to phrasal verbs, a very complicated yet fascinating & colourful aspect of English language   Time duration: 1 school period of 45 minutes,  Class: grade 12 Task A : Develop a mind map indicating your PLAN to conduct a learning-teaching...
My Sri Lanka Holidays is presented by Riolta Lanka Holidays (Pvt.) Ltd., a tour operator based in Kandana [5mnts drive-9km from Colombo CMB Banadranyake Int'l Airport at Katunayake] on Katunayake-Negombo-Cololmbo-A3 Main Road, Sri Lanka. ...
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AHdli Bl arbai rani mni H faHmak
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First & foremost, let me tell you Dr., you are in the minority as far as the Timothy McVeigh’s sentence is concerned. A recent Gallup-CNN poll found that the horror Mcveigh unleashed made him an exception even for some people who generally oppose the death penalty. Eighty percent said they thought McVeigh should die. Then to a few people of my level of barbarism, it appears that if a simpler punishment than the death by 3 killer injections existed, perhaps it would have been to hack off his two arms from the shoulders itself so that he wouldn't be able to load loads of explosives any longer to rented trucks & saw off his legs from the waist joints itself so that he wouldn't be able to drive trucks any longer to huge buildings that house playschools among others. Arrangements could have been done at great Automated American butchers where mass slaughtering of cows done by guillotine as it is being the USA with the best of technology & the best & highest of everything produced invented & discovered since Columbus from Colt 42 at High Noon to two Nuclear Bombs to a country defending itself & to the Micro Processor with incredible 35 million transistors thanks to which this message is transmitted to your goodself on the double, double quick, in real battle speed. Now the modified version of Mr. Mcveigh, or rather dead stump could be immersed in a glass vat borrowed from the so called British artist Damien Hurst & could be exhibited at one of the top modern arts museums amidst audio-video displays of McVeigh’s Oklahoma bombing & by the side of Mr.Hurst’s cross section of a pregnant cow in a glass vat containig gallons of formaldehyde. Just in case you still have not heard of Mr. Hurst’s , let me tell of his masterpiece: all you need is bit of twisted imagination & a chainsaw. That is his art in his own words & that's art for you. Now Mr. Hurst, to which tradition, to which cannon, to which school does your masterpiece belong? That is nothing less than the gullibility of the human nature exploited to ridicules lengths: one of the finest weapons of mass murderers is the unimaginable stretch of credulity of the human race.
Sri Lanka Holidays is touring holidays in Sri Lanka served with superior personalized service by Riolta Lanka Holidays (Pvt.) Ltd, Sri Lanka. bunpeiris
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Sri Lanka Holidays is touring holidays in Sri Lanka served with superior personalized service by Riolta Lanka Holidays (Pvt.) Ltd, Sri Lanka. bunpeiris
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Ruwanweliseya Stupa (Ruwanveli Seya Stupa), the foremost of the supremely glorious ancient living monuments of Sinhalese Buddhist Heritage at the city of Anuradhapura (a UNESCO World Heritage Site-Culture) was built by King Dutugamunu (161-137 BC), the Hero of the Nation, who hailed from Ruhuna, which was destined to give birth to most of the glorious heroes of the island nation of Sri Lanka from the ancient era to the modern day. Ruwanweliseya Stupa (Ruwanveli Seya Stupa) also called Maha Stupa (Sinhala: the great dagoba) or Ratnapali Stupa or Swarnamali stupa has been the most adored, most venerated among the great ancient stupas (dagobas) of Sri Lanka. Anuradhapura is replete with the ancient cultural monuments located in between the River Malwatu Oya and two great ancient man-made irrigation reservoirs called Tissa Wewa and Abhaya Wewa (Basawakkulama Wewa). These two ancient irrigation reservoirs, together with ancient Nuwara Wewa reservoir on the eastern flank of the River Malwatu Oya, extend the lifeline to the agricultural district of Anuradhapura.

The three main ancient stupas clustered south of the ruined Southern wall of Anuradhapura, namely Ruwanweliseya Stupa, Mirisavatiya Dagaba and Jetavana Stupa perfectly align with the celestial layout of Rigel, Mintaka and Bellatrix, three of the seven stars of the Orion constellation, which was associated with Osiris, the sun-god of rebirth and afterlife, by the ancient Egyptians (3150 BC-conventional Egyptian chronology).
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ENGLISH LITERATURE WITH bunpeiris  Cambridge, National, Edexcel - OL & AL "Literature is
the question minus the answer",  French literary theorist,
philosopher, linguist, critic, and semiotician   Roland Barthes .   [See, you are free to come up with your o...
Private Tuition in ENGLISH Literature, Language Cambridge IGCSE, OL, Edexcel & National OL Targeting “A” Grade, at Kandana Saturdays and Sundays small groups by an Int'l School Master. Printed tutorials of absolutely high quality content and past papers. Classes are supported with an outstanding ...
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“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed” I just happened to overhear a colleague from mine saying while I was passing his desk. ‘So, you had a fine Physics teacher, eh!” I butted in. I was pleased that my colleague could still remember his Physics lessons at college. Since The Fundamental theory of Physics, that preceded Newton’s three famous Laws of Physics, has withstood all the tests to date, I could safely say that my father too was not destroyed even in his death. After all, all of us are made of the same stuff: energy.
But then again, it is not acceptable my father is no longer with us: he has left us for a rebirth, according to the Buddhism, that is. As every action follows a reaction, as laid out in Newton’s third Law, the merits & demerits, virtues & vices of my father would warrant another birth in another form of a living being somewhere in the cosmos. Once again that is according to Buddhism. One can end the almost eternal cycle of birth & rebirth, suffering of living only if one could break free from all desires, free from all vices, animosity & pride, anger & enmity, jealousy & greed & reach the summit of all virtue & yield into the power of impermanence as Buddha & few of his disciples preached & reached: Arhath, the state of eternal enlightenment. Attempts to fit in the round peg of science into the square hole of religion would be a task beyond ordinary human perceptions. But then Buddhism is not an ordinary religion. It is an atheist religion that conforms to the scientific foundation; action & reaction, cause & effect, reason & result. As Tenzin Gyatso, his holiness the Dalai Lama proclaimed in his latest book “The Universe in a Single Atom” that if scientific analysis were conclusively to demonstrate certain claims in Buddhism to be false, then we must accept the findings of science & abandon those claims.” Dalai Lama doesn’t sound like a dogmatic religious leader, but rather like a sophisticated scientist in the tradition of Darwin: If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory (of evolution) would absolutely break down. Scientist Richard Dawkins, one of the most prominent proponent of atheism, would be pleased to hear those words of Tenzin Gytso, since he argues that God should be no less explicable than any other natural phenomenon. But then neither the creationist nor atheists ought be at the loggerheads, at each other’s throat since science & theology can coexist, side by side. I suppose the world is big enough. Perhaps not. Perhaps, The world is not enough (with apologies to Bond) for the battle. Rushdie (may all gods, big & small protect him!) argues that such a truce would have a chance of working only if it were reciprocal-if the world’s religions agreed to value the atheist position & and concede its ethical basis, if they respected the discoveries & achievements of modern science, even when these discoveries challenge religious sanctities, & if they agreed that art at its best reveals life’s multiple meanings at least as clearly as so-called “revealed’ texts. No such reciprocal arrangement exists, however, nor is there the slightest chance that such an accommodation could ever be reached. Rushdie could be wrong in terms of such a chance, since non other than Pope John Paul the second himself declared (in French) 'Aujourd'hui, pres d'un demisiecle après la parution de l'encyclique, de nouvelles connaisances condesuisent a reconnaitre dans la théorie de l'evolution plus qu'*une* hypothese.'('Today, almost half a century after the publication of the Encyclical [Humani generis, 1950], new knowledge has led to the recognition of more than a (a, as Vatican newspaper L’Osservatroe Romano translated-French “une” means a or one) hypothesis in the theory of evolution. The Pope appears to think there’s evidence to support evolution, hence it is “more than a hypothesis
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The report refers to Martha Stewart, billionaire chef, designer celebrity who fell from grace with tax evasion charges & on obstruction of justice as well as the NBC hit reality show “The Apprentice“ contestant audiences loved to hate, Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth who was ritually fired by real estate developer business tycoon Donald Trump. Two tragedies fell upon two women within the space of two days are twin joys (double schadenfreude) to most of other women as well as some men. Shameless Naked Apes!
R. C. Trench, etymologist and author of “English Past and Present and On the Study of Words” says “What a fearful thing that any language should have a word expressive of the pleasure which men feel at the calamities of others; for the existence of the word bears testimony to the existence of the thing.” Now you got the form & substance, honey, isn’t it? Didn’t I drive the point to the hilt, honey pot? The words decency & vulgarity exists together with the conceptions. Just remember, such little words & life would be much simpler to you, honey. Shut the f.. up man, treat the lady with some respect. Who the bloody hell are you to preach, what have you achieved? And the lady is in the top of the world.
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There is no transitional value except to hold Collective Civic Responsibility over & above Individual Freedom in the Third World. Until the undeveloped countries become developed countries, so called Universal Values of the Western Counties may best stand behind.

As Rodney King asked subsequent to Los Angeles Black American riots a decade ago, "can we all get along?'' Would it be possible for us to be magnanimous to the extent that we ourselves would suffer instead of making the others, even errant others suffer? One man did exactly that a couple of thousands years ago. Once I happened to view a part of a wonderful, beautiful film based on IRA. The young Irish Catholic, a would be terrorist argue with his mother in favour of taking up arms. "What else can we do if our grievances aren't redressed?" “Suffer it".
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Sri Lanka Holidays is touring holidays in Sri Lanka served with superior personalized service by Riolta Lanka Holidays (Pvt.) Ltd, Sri Lanka. bunpeiris
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