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<B> WHY? were the Nazca Lines Created - It is not for Aliens! </B>

Every once in a while we realize what is being said without the talkers knowing what they have said. You see it first here - 4/14/2016 by B. Stott (Or I'm a twit.)

I have discovered Who? created the Nazca lines and Why?

Reminder: The Nazca lines are the mysterious figures carved into the South American desert landscape of Nazca, Peru, which can only be seen from the sky. Commonly viewed from an airplane and now we can see them via satellite.

Here are the Who? and Why? answers:

Who created the lines? The Nazcas did. This is commonly believed and accurate.

Why were the lines created?

* Not for UFO Aliens *

The lines were an attraction created for trade and tourists.

How is this if they can only be viewed from the air? The ancients could not fly we are told.

The ancients were not as dumb as we think ->

How did the tourists of ancient Nazca see the figures from the sky? Via Balloons!

- It turns out that Nazca was within a large trade area. Maybe trade merchants came from as far North as Oregon. Conjecture based on materials found in the area within pottery which are plentiful up north.

- The Nazcas could make a cloth of a very tight weave and high thread count that it is nearly air tight. Recent experimenters have found that if they subject the cloth to smoke the soot will fill in the porous material making it air tight.

- The locals did make air balloons and they are depicted in pottery art of the period.

So, the Why? the figures were cut.

The Nazca's sold balloon rides to travelers through the area as a money making attraction and created the figures to sell the adventure and add to the fun.

Imagine the Nazca Tourist advertising. "Go to Nazca. Fly high into the sky. See the figures for the Gods." Or simply go to Nazca's balloon rides: fly up and see the monkey, spider and figures. Drink Wine, have dinner and watch the sun set. LOL.

Read the comments of the article and see how this comes together.

And comment with links and sources for supporting this answer. Thanks!

Brian Stott

Read 'Comments' of article to find out - Who? created the #Nazca_Lines and Why? Most enlightening. Not for UFOs.

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This camera is being operated wirelessly via a Head Tracker and 3D Robotics APM 2.5 flight controller.

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This could really add to the growth of a better life and living.

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Commercial UAV Industry opening? FAA has no authority to ban?

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