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What is your favorite season of Bones?
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zack was very good on
the show,and nice to see.
Seasons 5 and 7, though they both had a terrible finale episode that I hated so much! All season were great actually, except for season 6, only episodes I liked there were after Hannah left. Hate Hannah so much!
Gravedigger/ Gormagon! Simply amazing storylines!
all of them, my most favorite is when booth and bones are together...
Dawn E
S1-3 overall.  Although this past season was pretty good. (Show lost me in end of S5 and most of S6, so S7 did pretty well to get me back.)
All of them.But I like especially seadon1.
Five would have to be where it all starts...that's so true
Season 1 with the pilot episode that opened everything. season 2 season 3 and 4 but I still haven't seen season 5, 6 and even 7. hoping that by the winter or so I can catch up with those seasons while watching the current season.
I think last season was my fav but the ones with Zach were great too. :-)
When I first saw the series, it was on Tuesday nights before House MD. After I saw it before moving it to Wednesday nights I called it the sister and brother. Both characters were amazing and just so similar but different in whys they think. 
love every episode...
best show ever!
I know I'm going off topic but what are your guys favorite epsiodes of the series? lets say top 10?
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