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Some very kind words from a recent patient !
Thought I would post some news about my foot. I started with a problem back in
November and was diagnosed tendonitis. Got so bad I stopped walking the dog, gardening and a lot of other stuff. Had Xrays and echography. My options? Rest, anti-inflammatories, injections ..... That was beginning of June and I was feeling mighty depressed at this point. I couldn't see the logic in treating the symptons and not the problem. So I went to see Tina Hall of

Well what a breath of fresh air. Not only could she tell me why I had the problem but gave me answers as to what I could do to help myself recover. I have now had 3 hands on treatments and I am now walking and gardening and took Mable for a walk today for the first time in about 3 months without pain. I'm under no illusion, this condition will not go away completely but I can understand how to manage it and better improve my other muscles to support my week tendons.

All I can say is if you have any physical injury or problem and you have been round the system and all you are being offered is a bottle of painkillers, get yourself booked in. She will save you time and money in the long run but best of all give you your life back. Thanks Tina 
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