Every parent knows, there are a million activities for your kids to get involved in. So why consider Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? While we could give you a million reasons, here are our top 8:

Jiu Jitsu Builds Both Mind + Body

The first benefit most people think of when it comes to the martial arts — and any sport or athletic event — is physical fitness. And it’s true that Jiu Jitsu is a terrific workout; a typical class will see your child active from start to finish, with warm-ups and stretching, practicing moves, and some active games.

But one of the best lessons jiu jitsu has to offer is the pairing of mind and body — it has earned the nickname, “the gentle art,” naturally, as the number one jiu jitsu principal is about control and awareness of the situation at hand. Kids will learn the importance and practice of a disciplined mind, including control over their breath and their emotions.

2) Jiu Jitsu is Diverse and Inclusive

Jiu Jitsu is one of the few sports where girls and boys — including brothers and sisters — participate together. As kids progress through the levels, there will be girl instructors and girls with higher belts, as well as vice versa. You’ll also see younger students giving instruction to older ones. The martial arts teach us to respect ourselves and others, including our differences.

3) Your Kids Will Learn Resiliency

In Jiu Jitsu, one of the most important lessons we learn is how to take hits and then get back up — which is more than just a great lesson for the martial arts, it’s a terrific life lesson as well, and one that isn’t easy to teach. But because jiu jitsu is a puzzle, we’re forced to problem solve constantly. We’re also beat constantly — sometimes when we least expect it — and we must learn to accept the outcome, and then keep moving with our practice.

4) Peaceful Conflict Resolution and Self-Defense

Jiu Jitsu classes focus on balancing our emotions and reading situations. One of the most important lessons to learn is awareness of any potentially dangerous situation; kids will learn how to anticipate and then avoid those potential dangers. Although there is sparring and it is a great tool for self-defense — especially because it makes it possible for a smaller person to defeat a much larger person — the emphasis is on avoiding those physical conflicts at all and instead seeking the peaceful resolution.

5) You Can Practice Jiu Jitsu with them

Many parents volunteer to coach their children’s athletic teams and those are absolutely great ways to connect with your kids and participate in physical fitness together. But the martial arts and jiu jitsu are unique in that you can actively be training as well; though your classes may not be together, as a family, you can hang out at a gym like Bodyfit and watch each other, then take your own turn. You can also practice together at home, and have a unique understanding of the process your child is going through as you experience it yourself.

6) The Seasonless Sport

Because jiu jitsu is indoors and does not revolve around a season of games or matches, you and your kids can count on its availability year-round.

7) Goal-Setting and Hard Work

Because of the jiu jitsu system of belts and rankings, your kids will always have a clear goal to be working towards. They’ll learn how to be still and focused; setting goals, working through setbacks, and then achieving those goals will not only help them understand the value of hard work, but it will also develop their self-confidence and respect.

8) Everyone Participates
There are no bench players in jiu jitsu, and the entire class will always participate in a workout and training, no matter their level of skill or talent. Jiu Jitsu classes foster a sense of belonging for their members and encourage everyone to support and help each other, even when preparing to spar against each other.
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