Welcome to 2017, where hopes are high and resolutions are set. The health industry is booming now that January 1st has hit and people from everywhere and in all walks of life have now set their goals to make this the best year yet!

However, no matter how high your goals or lofty your resolutions there is always the follow-up of making them happen. Long after the first few days and weeks of the year have passed and the nostalgia of our resolution has worn off, the reason we set the goal still looms in front of us and making that goal into a reality is when the hard work begins.

Here are the top 3 tips to setting goals and more importantly on how to keep them:

Mean It
Setting goals that we really mean, or rather are passionate about achieving, is the most important step of setting the right goal. If you aren’t truly passionate about changing this part of your life or getting to the next step then the chances of meeting the goal plummet. The more you “mean it”, the higher you will rank your goal in your priority lists and you will do whatever it takes to achieve it.

Make Your Goal Realistic
Do you have multiple goals? Or the loftiest goal ever? Although they may seem like the perfect goals to set in place if a goal or resolution is too extreme of a change or requires a complete lifestyle change, then it can become intimidating and you will lose sight very quickly. Start off with a realistic goal that you know you can achieve and then move on to the next step of the goal after you have achieved step 1. Remember, sometimes small battles are what finally wins the war. Take one battle at a time

Plan It Out
We’ve all heard the quote “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” This quote is so important because it is absolutely true. You can set the most realistic goals that you are incredibly passionate about, but without a plan to achieve the goal you really are just wishing. When you set your goal it is just as important to implement a plan that will help you achieve that goal. The more detailed the plan the higher the chance of conquering your goal so start planning now!

Using these tips to turn your goals and resolutions into reality will assure you that 2017 is your best year yet!!!
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