Ah, Spring Break — that beacon of hope at the end of a long, grey winter. By now, your tropical destination is booked and you’re counting down the weeks until you first feel the sun-warmed sand on your feet, but meanwhile in Kansas City, it’s still heavy sweater season and you have Chinese takeout on speed-dial.

About six weeks from the start of your vacation is the perfect time to hit refresh and start getting your body ready for warmer weather and fewer clothes. While most people recommend starting a month before, starting six weeks before gives you a bit of a buffer that can be helpful while we’re still in winter’s doldrums.

The other upside is that because we know it only takes 21 days to make a habit, halfway through your six week workout plan, finding the motivation to work out and eat right should start to feel a little more like second nature.

Ahead, find more of our tips and tricks from the expert for getting your best beach body:

Visualize a goal. Maybe you want to start making fitness a part of your daily/weekly routine, or maybe you want to get stronger, or faster, or take your existing workout to the next level. Whatever that goal is, visualizing it, writing it down, and keeping it in mind as you work through the rest of the winter can help your motivation stay high.

Be mindful of the food you eat every day. Diet and nutrition are just as important as fitness; eating right will not only help you feel better and recover faster from your workouts, you’ll feel more energetic and see the results on your body if you’re getting all the nutrients it needs.

So try checking in with yourself before grabbing a snack or second helping — you may find either you don’t need it, or you’d be just as satisfied grabbing an apple instead.

Emphasize protein, fresh produce, and healthy fats and carbs. Keep a food diary, or use a food tracker app like Wholesome or MyFitnessPal to help you understand your eating habits better. If you want help refreshing your diet, we offer Nutritional Support and can help you assess any changes you want to make.

Find a buddy or group of friends. Friends make everything better! Finding a workout buddy or support group helps keep you accountable and your workout sessions lighthearted and fun. It’s why we consider BodyFit a fitness community — we’re all here to help each other out on our fitness journey.

Pick up some new gear. Research has started to show that when we don certain items of clothing, we associate a symbolic meaning, affecting our performance. So pick up some new gear that makes you feel like amazing and let that feeling help you not only make it into the gym, but rock your workout as well.

Drink plenty of water. At least 8-10 glasses a day!

Make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep. Along with exercising regularly and eating right, getting all your hours of sleep in will leave you feeling great.

Stretch and move throughout the day. Getting fit isn’t just about finding time to hit the gym — it’s equally important to keep it moving throughout the day. So if you’re stuck at a desk from 8-5, take regular breaks to stretch, walk around the office, or better yet, break outside for a quick walk around the block. The sunshine will help you get your daily dose of Vitamin D and the fresh air and movement will help winter not feel so dreary.

Mix it up. Not only is it smart to mix both cardio and strength training into your fitness routine — both cardio and strength training will help you torch calories; cardio will also help your muscles recover and rest from your strength workouts, while adding strength will add the muscle tone you’re looking for — adding some variety into your workout can help keep things fun and interesting.

We offer a mix of classes and personal training that make it easy and fun for you to try something new. Drop in on a yoga or weightlifting class, or try out metabolic conditioning for state-of-the-art training that helps you burn your max amount of fat calories. You never know when you might find a class you’ll end up loving that’ll help keep you feeling excited on the path to fitness and a tip top spring break body.

Have fun! Remember, this is most of all about putting yourself — mind and body — first so you’ll feel even more confident at the beach. Don’t forget to share your progress and check in with us because we’re all here to encourage you and help you excel at fitness.
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