The holidays are right around the corner and we hear year after year “after the holidays I’ll get healthy”, “after the holidays I’ll start my diet”, “after the holidays I’ll start working out”. Although we love to hear that all of these things are on your radar we suggest that you work on staying healthy THROUGH the holidays! Here are some suggestions to help you accomplish the goal of staying healthy no matter what the holiday season may throw at you:

Cold weather does not mean that the Gym is closed! Remember that getting in your daily workout is essential to both your physical and mental health. The winter time can be the best time to get ahead of your goals as well as help your body warm up.

Just because there are treats everywhere DOESN’T mean you have to eat them. Be conscious of what nutrition substance you are putting in your body. Don’t deprive yourself of your grandma’s famous brownies but maybe stick to one or half of one instead of half of the pan. Your body will thank you later!

Don’t let the stress of the holidays get to you! Come up with a conscious plan to negate the stress that can come with each holiday season. Yoga and meditation are always a good way to manage your stress and help you keep the “happy” part in “happy holidays”

Rest up! You know from years past the holiday season can be a crazy time of parties and social gatherings. Our bodies are already busy trying to fight off all of the viruses and sickness that comes with cold weather and when we start to wear it down even more with avoiding rest we are only asking for them to crash. Manage your schedule to include rest and the holiday season should be more enjoyable for you this year

Always remember your body is the most important thing you have, put it first and take extra special care of it! Enjoy your healthy and happy holiday season!
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