It’s 2017 and fitness is on the top of everyone’s mind. However, much of the excitement of a new year and a new you has worn off by mid month in January and now you have to come up with a plan to really meet your goals. Many people consider different fitness options to help them get to their desired weight and body shape. May we suggest fitness classes? Many times people think that a ton of money has to be spent to learn how to work out or that a personal trainer is essential for success, however, here at Bodyfit we find our classes to be a huge benefit to many of our clients. Here is our list of the top reasons you should consider a group fitness class this year:

Stay Motivated
Staying motivated is already tough with everything life throws at us. Even if we can get ourselves to the gym it can still be tough to push ourselves hard enough that it will make a difference. Group classes force us to do this. The ambiance and culture of each group class makes you want to strive to your highest expectations while keeping you motivated through the energy of others. Staying motivated should never be a problem with a group class atmosphere.

Save Money
Hiring a personal trainer for one on one training can really break your wallet. However, if you find a good group class many times the trainer will work with each individual at some point throughout the class. A good group fitness session can give you the benefit of having someone help guide you to the right form and push your limits but also will help you save a lot of money while reaching your goals.

Be Held Accountable
Finding a group fitness class that you enjoy and that you make friends in can also work as an accountability partner as well. If you find a class that you are able to schedule on a weekly or more basis you will start to count on your friends showing up and in turn they will count on you showing up. This eliminates the excuse that no one will notice if you skip a workout, you have fitness friends waiting on you!!!

It’s Fun
Group fitness classes can be the most fun types of workouts there are. Between accomplishing goals with others, sweating and boosting your endorphins and the fun music that is played in many of these classes many times you will feel that you are socializing rather than getting in a great workout. The good news is, you’re doing both!

We have many great group fitness classes at Bodyfit, to see which one is the best fit for you check out our site:
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