We all know that metabolic conditioning, or “cardio” is very important to have on your fitness schedule, for losing weight and for your overall health.

With cardio the goal is to raise your heart rate and sustain that heart rate through the entire exercise time. Cardio is often used as a way for people to stay fit or keep their hearts healthy. However, through the years we have come to think of cardio as exercises such as running, the elliptical machine or some other forms of stand still exercise that we are forced to do on our own.

Here at BodyFit KC we offer one of the most enjoyable and entertaining cardio experiences you will ever find: Hip Hop Cardio

Check out the reasons we know you’ll love HIP HOP CARDIO:
- We play great music the entire time, it’s always more fun to work out to music you enjoy.
- We incorporate a lot of dance moves into the class so it never feels like you’re working out.
- Hip Hop Cardio is one of the most popular classes so you’ll never feel like you’re in this alone.
- Hip Hop Cardio is made up of all sorts of moves so not only will you get all of the cardio benefits but your core and your muscle mass will love you too!

We offer Hip Hop Cardio on Tuesday and Friday evenings. We are excited to see you soon!

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