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Energy – Working out – Fat loss
A quick tutorial on where it all comes from for Bodyfit.

By Stuart Salomon – Bodyfit Co-Owner

Our muscles have several different pathways they use to get energy to produce work. One way we lose weight is to work our muscles, which in turn takes energy(calories) to make them work. We are going to discuss how that energy is produced by the body and used by the muscles.

ATP is the source of energy for muscular contraction.

So, it is ATP that makes our muscles work. – Think of ATP as the energy molecule for muscles to contract. We have enough ATP in our muscles to work for about 4-6 seconds, after that we need to replenish that ATP.

First source of energy (or pathway) is CP

After the ATP pathway is exhausted, now we need to turn to the next pathway- which is the CP Pathway (Creatine Phosphate) – the CP is turned into ATP and we then gain about 15 seconds of muscular work out of this pathway before it is exhausted and we need to go to the next pathway.

Second Pathway of energy is Anaerobic Glycolysis

The Anaerobic pathway gets us about 40 seconds of energy for muscular contraction. This pathway is where we are breaking down Glucose in our blood to turn it into ATP to power our muscles. This is an extremely fast (but not as efficient as aerobic) conversion of glucose to ATP. This pathway does not use oxygen in it to convert the glucose to ATP. (hense the name anaerobic(without oxygen)). The byproduct of this conversion is lactic acid. We can only have so much lactic acid in our blood before we will be unable to use our muscles any more (burning sensation) and we need Oxygen to flush the lactic acid out. This is why we GASP for air when we do INTENSE exercise. We are sucking the oxygen in, to help flush that lactic acid out of our system. (oxygen is the critical ingredient to rid us of lactic acid) When we do Anaerobic exercise we create both oxygen debt, and lactic acid. This is when we do intense exercise (above our VO2 max).

***Note*** What is VO2? And what is VO2 Max?
VO2 Max is the maximum amount(volume) of oxygen that you can use during your maximum most strenuous exercise.

The third pathway of energy for muscles is Aerobic Respiration

This is when we replenish ATP from aerobic respiration. After about two minutes we have to switch from anaerobic glycolysis over to aerobic, and we have to start using oxygen to convert fuel to energy. In this case we are using Oxygen to create ATP, and it uses Glucose as the fuel – the byproducts are CO2 and Water- so the advantage is we do not make any toxic byproducts (lactic acid), and so therefore you can sustain aerobic exercise for a much longer period. In Aerobic Respiration- blood glucose is the primary fuel used, BUT your body can also use fat as an energy source (or protein in extreme cases, when no other fuel supply is available) You are always going to use the sugar (glucose) in your blood first to power aerobic respiration, but as the duration of exercise gets longer, and when it is of low intensity (50 to 60% of VO2 max) then your body will switch to fats as the energy source. This is why people talk about the “fat burning zone” where you do low intensity cardio for a long period of time. It is important to noted that the key component of Aerobic Respiration is that you must have oxygen for this process- and also this process can continue indefinitely.

OK…. So how do I take all this info and use it? How do I know what phase I am even in?
Forget science…Lets get to the good stuff!

Where do I want to train at? In an anaerobic zone? Or an aerobic zone?

This depends on how hard you want to work. HIIT is the rage these days, and HIIT operates in the ANAEROBIC PHASE OF ATP PRODUCTION. It is important to understand what HIIT is- this stands for high intensity interval training, and the key to this training is, we are taking our body to a state of exceeding our VO2 max for a short period of time (typically 30 seconds, usually one minute max) There is a difference between interval training and HIIT- in interval training we do not get to our VO2 max- in HIIT- we do. In this type of training we must rest after each interval- if the training is done right- then you MUST rest. The question is- Why do we need to rest? You must rest to clear your body of the lactic acid that is built up from the extreme training, this is caused by the anaerobic conversion of glucose to ATP to power your muscles. In HIIT training we only use about 35% of the energy from fat, and we use 65% of the energy from glucose in our blood.

So what about jogging on the treadmill or riding the bike, or any other activity that is considered traditional aerobic training? Is this good exercise? And what about that magic “fat loss zone” that everyone talks about. First off- any exercise is good exercise! The question is- how much is our time worth? If you have lots and lots of time- you can get results out of 60 minutes on the treadmill- absolutely. You will lose fat. Fat loss training is when we are at about 50% to 60% of our VO2 max. This is what we would call low intensity training and the key is that the primary energy pathway comes from stored fat in our body.

So why do HIIT? Why not just take a jog on the treadmill? It is a hell of a lot easier, that is for sure!

OK… so here is the trick- even though HIIT training does not use fat as the primary energy source, because your overall intensity of exercise is WAY WAY higher- you are overall using a lot more calories in the same given time. Even though you are using glucose as opposed to fat as your primary fuel- you are still burning more fat over the same period of time, because your overall calorie usage is so much higher because you are outputting so much more work. As a matter of fact, in doing HIIT training- you will burn the same amount of calories in one half to one third the time you would doing fat burning exercise where you stay at 50% of VO2 max. There is another important fact to note, in HIIT training you also supercharge your metabolism for about 19 hours after, after a 20 minute HIIT session- you will continue to burn calories for many hours after. At bodyfit we primarily focus on HIIT training.

Both traditional aerobic and HIIT as well as IT training are all going to have great health benefits, as a matter of fact the most recent research has revealed some interesting findings, ”IT ONLY TAKES 10 MINUTES A DAY OF MODERATE EXERCISE TO REAP MOST OF THE LONGEVITY AND DISEASE PREVENTION BENEFITS OF EXERCISE” Now that does not mean your going to have a great body, or lose weight- that just means even a small amount of exercise does wonders for you!

“There is no free lunch!”

Listen- you want to look good- u have to work hard. Do not think that a mild little work out is going to get you the body you want. That takes hard exhausting work- but for general health benefits, a little exercise goes a long way.


Here are some solid general guidelines.

1. Fat burning zone (aerobic respiration) – 50%60% of VO2 max – you can carry on a conversation with someone.
2. Moderate to right below high intensity (still aerobic respiration but right on the verge of the lactic threshold) – You can answer short yes or no questions- but cannot carry on a conversation
3. High intensity zone – above the lactic threshold. – (you are now producing lactic acid)- above 70% of VO2 max. – this is when you are gasping for air- your body needs the oxygen so badly to clear the lactic acid that you are not even able to utter a word till you get the O2 in you to clear the lactic acid from your mucles.


This depends on a few things- how good a condition you are in, how close you are really getting to HIIT vs IT training – are you REALLY getting to your VO2 max? a good start is double the amount of rest time to training time. 1 minute of intense training, 2 minutes of rest, a well conditioned athlete will actually do shorter cycles- such as 30 seconds on- 30 seconds off- and the 30 on/30 off cycle happens to correspond to the maximum calories that can can typically be used. Now here is a trick- when you are using short super intense cycles- exercise rotation becomes very important- this allows each muscle group to have more time to recover even though the overall amount of lactic acid in the body is increasing. Basically this rotation of exercise allows you to keep an overall higher intensity, closer to VO2 max, and more calorie burning.

Remember – intensity is key. So as an example – 30 seconds of clean and presses/30 rest/30 seconds of pull ups/30 rest/30 seconds of box jumps/30 rest - so the idea is that you are spreading the lactic acid buildup over your whole body, vs a single muscle group – and it allows for faster recovery of each muscle group while still keeping the intensity to your entire system up. For me- I am a big fan of 1 minute on, 1 minute off- because quite frankly that 30 on/30 off is hard! LOL – but remember- this is all about intensity- and all about how hard you push yourself to hit VO2 max and enter that anaerobic zone.
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Every parent knows, there are a million activities for your kids to get involved in. So why consider Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? While we could give you a million reasons, here are our top 8:

Jiu Jitsu Builds Both Mind + Body

The first benefit most people think of when it comes to the martial arts — and any sport or athletic event — is physical fitness. And it’s true that Jiu Jitsu is a terrific workout; a typical class will see your child active from start to finish, with warm-ups and stretching, practicing moves, and some active games.

But one of the best lessons jiu jitsu has to offer is the pairing of mind and body — it has earned the nickname, “the gentle art,” naturally, as the number one jiu jitsu principal is about control and awareness of the situation at hand. Kids will learn the importance and practice of a disciplined mind, including control over their breath and their emotions.

2) Jiu Jitsu is Diverse and Inclusive

Jiu Jitsu is one of the few sports where girls and boys — including brothers and sisters — participate together. As kids progress through the levels, there will be girl instructors and girls with higher belts, as well as vice versa. You’ll also see younger students giving instruction to older ones. The martial arts teach us to respect ourselves and others, including our differences.

3) Your Kids Will Learn Resiliency

In Jiu Jitsu, one of the most important lessons we learn is how to take hits and then get back up — which is more than just a great lesson for the martial arts, it’s a terrific life lesson as well, and one that isn’t easy to teach. But because jiu jitsu is a puzzle, we’re forced to problem solve constantly. We’re also beat constantly — sometimes when we least expect it — and we must learn to accept the outcome, and then keep moving with our practice.

4) Peaceful Conflict Resolution and Self-Defense

Jiu Jitsu classes focus on balancing our emotions and reading situations. One of the most important lessons to learn is awareness of any potentially dangerous situation; kids will learn how to anticipate and then avoid those potential dangers. Although there is sparring and it is a great tool for self-defense — especially because it makes it possible for a smaller person to defeat a much larger person — the emphasis is on avoiding those physical conflicts at all and instead seeking the peaceful resolution.

5) You Can Practice Jiu Jitsu with them

Many parents volunteer to coach their children’s athletic teams and those are absolutely great ways to connect with your kids and participate in physical fitness together. But the martial arts and jiu jitsu are unique in that you can actively be training as well; though your classes may not be together, as a family, you can hang out at a gym like Bodyfit and watch each other, then take your own turn. You can also practice together at home, and have a unique understanding of the process your child is going through as you experience it yourself.

6) The Seasonless Sport

Because jiu jitsu is indoors and does not revolve around a season of games or matches, you and your kids can count on its availability year-round.

7) Goal-Setting and Hard Work

Because of the jiu jitsu system of belts and rankings, your kids will always have a clear goal to be working towards. They’ll learn how to be still and focused; setting goals, working through setbacks, and then achieving those goals will not only help them understand the value of hard work, but it will also develop their self-confidence and respect.

8) Everyone Participates
There are no bench players in jiu jitsu, and the entire class will always participate in a workout and training, no matter their level of skill or talent. Jiu Jitsu classes foster a sense of belonging for their members and encourage everyone to support and help each other, even when preparing to spar against each other.
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Ah, Spring Break — that beacon of hope at the end of a long, grey winter. By now, your tropical destination is booked and you’re counting down the weeks until you first feel the sun-warmed sand on your feet, but meanwhile in Kansas City, it’s still heavy sweater season and you have Chinese takeout on speed-dial.

About six weeks from the start of your vacation is the perfect time to hit refresh and start getting your body ready for warmer weather and fewer clothes. While most people recommend starting a month before, starting six weeks before gives you a bit of a buffer that can be helpful while we’re still in winter’s doldrums.

The other upside is that because we know it only takes 21 days to make a habit, halfway through your six week workout plan, finding the motivation to work out and eat right should start to feel a little more like second nature.

Ahead, find more of our tips and tricks from the expert for getting your best beach body:

Visualize a goal. Maybe you want to start making fitness a part of your daily/weekly routine, or maybe you want to get stronger, or faster, or take your existing workout to the next level. Whatever that goal is, visualizing it, writing it down, and keeping it in mind as you work through the rest of the winter can help your motivation stay high.

Be mindful of the food you eat every day. Diet and nutrition are just as important as fitness; eating right will not only help you feel better and recover faster from your workouts, you’ll feel more energetic and see the results on your body if you’re getting all the nutrients it needs.

So try checking in with yourself before grabbing a snack or second helping — you may find either you don’t need it, or you’d be just as satisfied grabbing an apple instead.

Emphasize protein, fresh produce, and healthy fats and carbs. Keep a food diary, or use a food tracker app like Wholesome or MyFitnessPal to help you understand your eating habits better. If you want help refreshing your diet, we offer Nutritional Support and can help you assess any changes you want to make.

Find a buddy or group of friends. Friends make everything better! Finding a workout buddy or support group helps keep you accountable and your workout sessions lighthearted and fun. It’s why we consider BodyFit a fitness community — we’re all here to help each other out on our fitness journey.

Pick up some new gear. Research has started to show that when we don certain items of clothing, we associate a symbolic meaning, affecting our performance. So pick up some new gear that makes you feel like amazing and let that feeling help you not only make it into the gym, but rock your workout as well.

Drink plenty of water. At least 8-10 glasses a day!

Make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep. Along with exercising regularly and eating right, getting all your hours of sleep in will leave you feeling great.

Stretch and move throughout the day. Getting fit isn’t just about finding time to hit the gym — it’s equally important to keep it moving throughout the day. So if you’re stuck at a desk from 8-5, take regular breaks to stretch, walk around the office, or better yet, break outside for a quick walk around the block. The sunshine will help you get your daily dose of Vitamin D and the fresh air and movement will help winter not feel so dreary.

Mix it up. Not only is it smart to mix both cardio and strength training into your fitness routine — both cardio and strength training will help you torch calories; cardio will also help your muscles recover and rest from your strength workouts, while adding strength will add the muscle tone you’re looking for — adding some variety into your workout can help keep things fun and interesting.

We offer a mix of classes and personal training that make it easy and fun for you to try something new. Drop in on a yoga or weightlifting class, or try out metabolic conditioning for state-of-the-art training that helps you burn your max amount of fat calories. You never know when you might find a class you’ll end up loving that’ll help keep you feeling excited on the path to fitness and a tip top spring break body.

Have fun! Remember, this is most of all about putting yourself — mind and body — first so you’ll feel even more confident at the beach. Don’t forget to share your progress and check in with us because we’re all here to encourage you and help you excel at fitness.
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It’s 2017 and fitness is on the top of everyone’s mind. However, much of the excitement of a new year and a new you has worn off by mid month in January and now you have to come up with a plan to really meet your goals. Many people consider different fitness options to help them get to their desired weight and body shape. May we suggest fitness classes? Many times people think that a ton of money has to be spent to learn how to work out or that a personal trainer is essential for success, however, here at Bodyfit we find our classes to be a huge benefit to many of our clients. Here is our list of the top reasons you should consider a group fitness class this year:

Stay Motivated
Staying motivated is already tough with everything life throws at us. Even if we can get ourselves to the gym it can still be tough to push ourselves hard enough that it will make a difference. Group classes force us to do this. The ambiance and culture of each group class makes you want to strive to your highest expectations while keeping you motivated through the energy of others. Staying motivated should never be a problem with a group class atmosphere.

Save Money
Hiring a personal trainer for one on one training can really break your wallet. However, if you find a good group class many times the trainer will work with each individual at some point throughout the class. A good group fitness session can give you the benefit of having someone help guide you to the right form and push your limits but also will help you save a lot of money while reaching your goals.

Be Held Accountable
Finding a group fitness class that you enjoy and that you make friends in can also work as an accountability partner as well. If you find a class that you are able to schedule on a weekly or more basis you will start to count on your friends showing up and in turn they will count on you showing up. This eliminates the excuse that no one will notice if you skip a workout, you have fitness friends waiting on you!!!

It’s Fun
Group fitness classes can be the most fun types of workouts there are. Between accomplishing goals with others, sweating and boosting your endorphins and the fun music that is played in many of these classes many times you will feel that you are socializing rather than getting in a great workout. The good news is, you’re doing both!

We have many great group fitness classes at Bodyfit, to see which one is the best fit for you check out our site:
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Welcome to 2017, where hopes are high and resolutions are set. The health industry is booming now that January 1st has hit and people from everywhere and in all walks of life have now set their goals to make this the best year yet!

However, no matter how high your goals or lofty your resolutions there is always the follow-up of making them happen. Long after the first few days and weeks of the year have passed and the nostalgia of our resolution has worn off, the reason we set the goal still looms in front of us and making that goal into a reality is when the hard work begins.

Here are the top 3 tips to setting goals and more importantly on how to keep them:

Mean It
Setting goals that we really mean, or rather are passionate about achieving, is the most important step of setting the right goal. If you aren’t truly passionate about changing this part of your life or getting to the next step then the chances of meeting the goal plummet. The more you “mean it”, the higher you will rank your goal in your priority lists and you will do whatever it takes to achieve it.

Make Your Goal Realistic
Do you have multiple goals? Or the loftiest goal ever? Although they may seem like the perfect goals to set in place if a goal or resolution is too extreme of a change or requires a complete lifestyle change, then it can become intimidating and you will lose sight very quickly. Start off with a realistic goal that you know you can achieve and then move on to the next step of the goal after you have achieved step 1. Remember, sometimes small battles are what finally wins the war. Take one battle at a time

Plan It Out
We’ve all heard the quote “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” This quote is so important because it is absolutely true. You can set the most realistic goals that you are incredibly passionate about, but without a plan to achieve the goal you really are just wishing. When you set your goal it is just as important to implement a plan that will help you achieve that goal. The more detailed the plan the higher the chance of conquering your goal so start planning now!

Using these tips to turn your goals and resolutions into reality will assure you that 2017 is your best year yet!!!
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We all know that metabolic conditioning, or “cardio” is very important to have on your fitness schedule, for losing weight and for your overall health.

With cardio the goal is to raise your heart rate and sustain that heart rate through the entire exercise time. Cardio is often used as a way for people to stay fit or keep their hearts healthy. However, through the years we have come to think of cardio as exercises such as running, the elliptical machine or some other forms of stand still exercise that we are forced to do on our own.

Here at BodyFit KC we offer one of the most enjoyable and entertaining cardio experiences you will ever find: Hip Hop Cardio

Check out the reasons we know you’ll love HIP HOP CARDIO:
- We play great music the entire time, it’s always more fun to work out to music you enjoy.
- We incorporate a lot of dance moves into the class so it never feels like you’re working out.
- Hip Hop Cardio is one of the most popular classes so you’ll never feel like you’re in this alone.
- Hip Hop Cardio is made up of all sorts of moves so not only will you get all of the cardio benefits but your core and your muscle mass will love you too!

We offer Hip Hop Cardio on Tuesday and Friday evenings. We are excited to see you soon!

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Many think of Yoga as a way to relax as well as exercise. However, yoga is primarily made up of three main factors: posture, meditation and breathing. These 3 elements combine to offer both a fantastic body work out as well as way for your body to slow down and take some time for itself.

Yoga has been around for centuries and has greatly evolved over time. Many have heard of yoga but don’t know much about it. Here are some fun facts about this multi-generation practice

Yoga is used for many patients that struggle with arthritis. The slow pace of using your body to accomplish goals helps with the strain many people suffering from arthritis can feel.

Studies have shown that yoga improves social functioning in people who are diagnosed with schizophrenia

A study done out of the state of Washington proved that Yoga reduces food cravings

Yoga has been known to improve cardiovascular health which in turn reduces the risk of heart disease

There is a type of Yoga called Doga in which people bring their dog to yoga and do pose with them in order to build harmony with their pet

Bodyfit KC offers both deep stretch yoga and hot yoga at our location. Please check our calendar for the next class:

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Stress Relief the Bodyfit Way

Did you know that in the U.S. 77% percent of people report suffering physical symptoms and 73% of people report suffering psychological symptoms, all due to stress (Statistic Brain)?

We hear it all the time, “I’m stressed about work,” “running the kids around to all of their activities is stressing me out,” even “this vacation planning is stressful.” We have become one nation under STRESS.

The physical symptoms are showing up in all sorts of capacities including the top 8 reported side effects:
Upset Stomach
Muscle Tension
Change In Appetite
Teeth Grinding
Change in Sex Drive
Feeling Dizzy

In a world full of stress, it’s a wonder any of us are able to get through our daily lives at all. Many people are willing to try to figure out all sorts of ways to relieve stress including working out, yoga classes, and massages. All of these stress relievers are offered at Bodyfit; however, we dare you to think outside of the box and try one of our favorite stress-relief courses: Brazilian Jiu-Jitzu.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu dates back as far as imperial Japan and is a direct descendent of Judo. It was known in the mainstream market when Mel Gibson used Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighting techniques in Lethal Weapon. However, with all of the glitz and glamor of the fighting, one of the most important facets of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can be lost, that being that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu truly is one of the ultimate stress relief outlets. With a mix of meditation and intense defensive movements, your body can both mentally relax as well as receive the euphoric endorphins that are essential in releasing stress. Combine the benefits of stress relief with the fact that it’s an incredible workout, then consider the endorphins that play a huge role in raising self-esteem, and you can understand why this could be the perfect fit for you and your fitness needs and goals.
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At Bodyfit we understand that the toughest part of keeping up with your fitness routine is staying motivated! In today’s world, there are so many distractions throughout the day that sometimes fitting in your fitness routine can often look as an option rather a priority.

With research proving that daily exercise helps your mood and adds to your energy levels all while helping your body combat health condition and diseases, we like to remind our members that your fitness is definitely a priority.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the hardest part of working out is staying motivated. Here is their list of the 7 best ways to keep yourself motivated!

1.Set Goals
2.Make it Fun
3.Make Physical Activity a Part of Your Daily Routine
4.Put It On Paper
5.Join Forces With Friends, Neighbors or Others
6.Reward Yourself
7.Be Flexible

Now check out our list, we have listed the 7 ways were going to help you follow the Mayo Clinic’s list.

1.We want to help you set your goals! Come in for a free evaluation and we can talk about where you want your fitness goals to be.

2.With a variety of classes from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu all the way to Hip Hop Cardio, you’re sure to have fun while sweating and reaching your goals!

3.We have classes as early as 5:15 am and go throughout the day. We will help you find a time to fit fitness into your daily schedule!

4. Let’s write it all down: your goals, your new schedule, your favorite class, whatever it is you want to achieve we’ll help you document how we’re going to get you there

5. We have introductory offers. This will help you get your friends and neighbors to join you. Once they see what a family Bodyfit KC is, they will want to stay.

6. We’ll reward you with lots of positive affirmation. Nothing feels better than reaching your body goals!

7. We understand stuff happens, that's why we’re here all day long. If something comes up and you have to miss your regular session remember you’re always invited to try another. We’ll make you feel more than comfortable

Let us help keep you motivated in reaching your fitness goals!
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Giving the Gift of Health

There is truly something magical about December and the Holiday season. The weather is chilly, colored lights light up the night and everyone is in the giving spirit.

However, not everyone is easy to shop for. We all know someone who has everything or the friend that is super picky or the aunt who only uses certain products or the friend with too many allergies to shop for. Finding the perfect holiday gift can be an art that many of us have yet to perfect.

Our favorite gift to give, is the gift of health!

Giving the gift of health is a gift that will literally last an entire lifetime. Giving your friends and family an avenue to treat their bodies to a physical and mental workout and break can help reduce their stress, help increases their endorphins and in turn increase their happiness. When the lights fade and we only have the cold wintery days to look forward to, the gift of health will get the adrenaline running like no others.

Fitness Memberships

Bodyfit KC offers the gift of health through our fitness memberships. With multiple choices of classes to attend your loved one won’t only be gaining a life of fitness but also a new family. Your gift of health will surely be appreciated and loved not only when they open the gift but for months and years to come.

This season step in for Santa Claus and let us help you give the gift of health for everyone on your list!
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