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No substitute for an introduction.
No substitute for an introduction.

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First day of spring, after a couple of hard freezes that killed every blossom but one on my poor magniolia. It's almost 80F and humid. It was supposed to be 65.

Summer is going to be awful this year, I think.

Ugh. Pressure is bottoming out, I have my usual barometer headache, and my poor ears are ringing like someone is blowing whistles in them.
(Shakes fist at sky)

I think my dog is conditioning me to go back to bed instead of working by barking incessantly out the window at birds when we're in my office in the mornings.

Drinking tea and eating shepherd's pie.

So, I am having the sort of morning in which soup catches fire. 

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This is a truth bomb. TW: body image, fatphobia, pregnancy

It's going to be just at freezing all day. For some reason, the (local, wireless, shared connection) internet is spotty. Hmmm.

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Not about the Rat Park experiment, but earlier ones.

This quote, and the one after it, reminds me of something going on in our own society (emphasis is mine):

"As new generations reached adulthood, many couldn’t find mates, or places in the social order—the mouse equivalent of a spouse and a job. [...] Washed-up males gathered in the center of the Universe, near the food, where they fretted, languished, and attacked each other."

"Most of the adolescent mice retreated even further from societal expectations, spending all their time eating, drinking, sleeping and grooming, and refusing to fight or to even attempt to mate. (These individuals were forever changed—when Calhoun’s colleague attempted to transplant some of them to more normal situations, they didn’t remember how to do anything.)"

ONE of my tonsils is on fire today. WTF.
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