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On-Time Service, Up-Front Pricing

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Clogged sink drain? Why call a plumber? There are a few ways to try and unlcog the drain, HOWEVER, in most cases you will need to call the plumber that will already have the necessary equipment needed to get the job done. Watch this video that shows the steps you can take first before calling BMW Plumbing.
source: FamilyHandyMan

Fun Fact:
The terms Faucet and Spigot were once used only in the Northern and Southern U.S., respectively. The terms have come to be used interchangeably (although spigot is more commonly used for outdoor connections.

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DIY Tip: You may think that you have a leak when in fact, it could just be the water pipes "sweating" - especially as outside temps rise.

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Warm weather will soon be here- Enjoy a Fresh Fruit Salad In An Orange Bowl on a nice Spring day:

A nice and tasty orange also doubles as a cool looking fruit bowl. Use these bowls to serve up your fruit salad at the next gathering or party. These bowls will also remove the hassle of washing all those dishes.

Ingredients (6 servings)
3 oranges
6 strawberries
6 kiwis
3 handful blueberries
3 handful grapes, seedless


Slice the oranges in half, remove the inside and place them in a bowl
Slice the strawberries in half and place them with the oranges
Peel the kiwi and cut into bite size portions, and place them in the bowl
Place grapes and blueberries in the bowl
Mix the fruit together
Place fruit into the halves of the oranges
Garnish with mint leaves

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If you did not take advantage of our "Sump Pump Check-Up Special Offer" already- now is the time- More rains on the way! Make sure your pumps are in working order before the water ends up in your basement.

HELPFUL TIP: Ready for Spring? Don't just turn on your outside hose connections and assume everything is ok. Just because you did not see any leaking from a burst pipe this Winter does not mean there wasn't any freeze damage. When you turn on your hose connections for the first time, PAY ATTENTION to see if there is any water dripping or leaking inside your house BEFORE you continue to water those plants, wash the car, etc.

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