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aggressive style
It looks evil, seriously. It's a bad guy in the movie. They should re-design the lights. 
Thank gawd Bangle is gone!!
looks like a Camaro with a BMW grill...
Na pierwszy rzut oka dziwny... Aleee jak sie dłużej popatrzy to zaczyna mi sie podobać:D Bo przód niski, światła agresywne w tunelach wracają jak z lat 90 z powrotem w dół:)) a nie załażą tak dziwnie na maskę jak teraz panuje moda-,- Aaaa bym zapomniał te drzwi z szybami na dole to trochę przeginka...
Soberbio ejemplar, un pura raza sin lugar a dudas.
You see this doors only on show cars - never on cars that are actually sold by a dealer .....
Any better than Ferrari California 
That's really is cool! It does look like a shark on the beach
When can we purchase one and for how much??
Wow luving the car 4rom every side
I sant this car, but it seems impossible to sign up for it...
It almost has the face of the Chevy Camaro ZL1.... Haha, I think they both are cousins!
i think...will definitely created a new video with...J. Bond
put traditional doors on it and thats a slick badass looking bmw.
Hi +Juan Borrero and +apinsight R, the BMW i8 is expected to launch in 2014. Final pricing is not known yet, but we'll let you know in a timely manner before the rollout starts. Stay tuned - here and on +BMW i!
ya lo tengo en mi casa, saquen otro mas chingon!
Bad ass! Need to put up some more pics!!!
amazing photo shot, specially shadow
Przód przywodzi mi na myśl pysk rekina...
yeah, that’s “exactly” what your every day mobility will look like. lol
electric maybe will make it after all....petrol was the wrong path...?! most probably....
Woooow so nice. Lol I wish I can have one this. 
I think it's too much of fraser also I think so much expensive
It front looks like it did not get much sleep
Come get me when I can do a 500 mile road trip without having to stop for twelve hours to get a charge.
This was in the last mission impossible movie and I've been in love with the design ever since Bmw started running the commercials that feature this concept,
I know the front end is a staple of the BMW design but it really needs to go.
Tight concept indeed!
it looks very nice, I like to have one when I become a millionaire, LOL.
ale maszyna  ,wspaniale uskrzydlona,gotowa na wszystko wyjkapac sie w morzu lub frunac w przestworza ale jednak wymarzony kesek dla koneserow  niezawiedzie
word its the bmw spyder i8! no wonder it was featured in MI 4.
Oh snaps! A new Decepticon!
Looks like a bloody elephant, lately BMW car designs lack that special something. Not to keen on this 1.

This is the future! They should develop all electric cars rather than using gasoline or diesel that could harm the air.
Bring back the old skool styling.
looks like a dodge challenger wide mean but the doors are aston/lambo im sure its M series but i wonder why they didnt add......
Cool but I prefer Toyota 
Love the design would love it even more if I woke up to see that in my garage. hint hint
I want that sexy car
Now show it to the average car buyer with 25-30k to spend/finance.... yeah, thought so.... it will fail because most will not spend what it will be priced at.
I expect marty & doc brown to step out of it, hehe... :)
Nice, how fast is it? Can it turn corners?
Chris F
The car with the most expensive repairs
i so mush thank God that is mmy favourite.....i lov it there is notin like it........thank u BMW.....rule ur world....
Dear Santa (boy he is going to carry a lot of things this year)
Looks great. Imagine how many electric cars they would sell if they looked like this. But apparently it's impossible for car manufacturers to bring concepts to the public without changing and ruining them!
Looks like a bumble bee.
"Holy screeching machine Batman" It's toooo much. Damn dude !!!
2014! There is no way the car on sale in 2 years time will look anything like the concept car, think current design(s) with less internal space because of the batteries.
Camaro with rice doors. Keep the suicide doors in the Lamborghini where it belongs and keep the front just like you have it in the last Mission Impossible movie. BMW, are you going to make hydrogen cars available to the public?
Need more photos. Like what I see thus far though. 
Wonderful but what would be the cost.
OK I will put my hand up to test drive
Like the classic 6-Series but with Tron-esque styling elements.

Really good. 
yeah, nice and all, just make it affordable and then we'll talk.
that car looks piiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssed
Miri CB
ale cudenko:)
How much thats the hole point and i love bmw so much but im not going to lie thay do tend to brake sorry bmw just cant lie
ha ha! you'd totally scrap up the car next to you while opening the door! or even better if you were parked n the side of a busy street!
not to bad but put me in a t-rex n i be making dat car look to slow to be on road
Doesn't look new, kind of seems like a lazy design to me 
The ultimate driving machine doest it again... There is nothing like a BMW...
beamers keep getting uglier and uglier!!!!!!!!!! WTF !
u know its a great car if its staring right at you...
Cuz bad guys look cool, I guess
badass! car looks evil.... can somebody die now please¿¿¿¿
U wont b able to get out of the car if u get in some parking places in Manhattan
Soon as I became,,millionaire I'm gonagetme a pair ,silver and black ....awesome.
If everyone bought an electric car. The power companies could not keep up with demand for power. Notice it said urban, what if U live N the suburbs? Charge it @ home& charge it @ work.Who's lying 2 who & who's cheating who. IMHO electric autos and wind energy is not going to make it. OH; some solar cos. have made it!! Grab the government(TAXPAYER'S) subsidies & run:: YEP;Take the Money & run..
This car is truly breath taking! 
Give it fuel or give it death. That would be one freaken beast transformer. It'd be a girl tho because it's pretty sexy. 
Fly away with me.  I'm on my way to a star.
cooooollll.....i would like to be its owner
thats gonna give the joy to ride which only the driver can i would like to be tge driver
Unique...a different twist on auto structure.. looks fast...
This car is hot! Looks like an eagle!!! Love that front face...BMW all the way!!
Heads of to every one of  BMW company because they are make a dream car's 
I'm sorry bmw I love you're cars but this one was a spaceship sorry to say, try to accomplish the discrete but evil look you've had before
Awesome :)
Dostrzegam również ukłon w stronę Panów w Sportowej Odzieży:
szklane drzwi żeby było widać paski na dresie :)
Wooooow pic is very nice . Bmw is very goooooooooooooooooooooood
oh! very nice.... I love it.......
Love BMW's, too bad i'll never own one
Naw that what I col "the future " thinks to BMW by presenting it to us😜
This design has already beat all the others
Great Car. I need to save whole my life to buy this ;-)
que grande máquina, só mesmo a BMW estão de parabéns
we need these cars even in Africa.
Hey who took a picture of my car lol
its amazing...........
Wow I'm LUKE AND ONLY IN YR 6 BUT THIS IS AMAZING TECNOLGY  and suffistication is extreme my number is 9/10 but nothing is perfect
eish!! sani inunu phela le ngathi izokhonkotha Daaaaaaaaaaaamn!!
i here by bless the beauty of this car..awesome........
Ondanks dat ik BMW minded ben vind ik dit geen getuige van creativiteit. Hij lijkt één op één op de Opel Ampera.
Need more than front view but it looka great 
Car is nice but the only problem is I like my bike only.... :-)
MK Auto
Bardzo ładna sylwetka tego BMW. Podoba mi się.
mathot karakle akiba leite mayada luptuna
Instead of trying to make a car that goes fast and looks nice why not create a car that just drives. I'm not sure why so much work goes into cars when they're supposed to just be a means of transport.
It's pretty, but I don't like see through doors. I hope there are some non-see through door options.
Phil O
When can it become a production model
bryka ładna ale kasy na tą brykę też pójdzie ładnie
i will believe it when i see it
What is the point of electric cars when what we need is an alternative to oil? 
The visions of new transportation seem to revolve around EV's....nice.
son of a bitch!!!..bring 1 to me and shoot my head!.what a car!
BMW (bat mo wheel)I'll have it anyway
I wish could have one! hahaha! someday! in my dreams!
Cudowny samochodzik, oby księgowi się do niego nie dobrali. :-)
nice style. Like especially the doors' trancparentcy
If your doors are made of glass, don't throw stones to others' windows.
This is just too good.
David Q
Long, Long overdue
nossa o carro é uma brasa gostei bastante seria uma adrenalina conduzir.
Jum Th
Looks like an angry elephant,Lol!
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