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Can you imagine that? The new BMW i3 Concept and BMW i8 Concept, pioneers of the first BMW i electric-powered cars on tour? Yes, we make it happen - visit the tour stops of the BMW i. BORN ELECTRIC TOUR. in Rome, Dusseldorf, Tokyo, New York, London, Paris and Shanghai and learn more about the concept cars and mobility services from BMW i.
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wow awsm.........i like it
OMG the car is awesome. Better looking and design then the lasted American ferrari
How the song of the notice is called? Sorry, im speaking spanish.
BMW makes very wonderful cars, but this model is very irreal and ugly.
put those for sale and people would actually want to go electric. 
The I series is truly amazing
Will it still be the ultimate driving machine? 
I love how Chicago is normally the city of choice for class and a little bit of futuristic appeal. My kind of town!
That's a beautiful car, I drove 7 ser,,, the best one...speed awesome ....!!! BMW .
I like the "front end of another car in your lap" side doors!
Not just safety, which is huge, but privacy.  Changing into your swimsuit at the beach?  Sleeping in a miniskirt?  etc...
a great car . .. !! and I am sure they will find a way to cope with the glass doors, too.
Had friends who have had them bit never.fancied one.myself
Anyone have any idea how far you can travel on a full battery charge?
looks like a vw bug
i wish i could drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joe Tee
sure it is way overpriced
Joe Tee
and expensive to fix!!
Sweet ride still not as nice as Audi tho
VERY sexy car! This is what EV's need to look like if they are to really take off... (and better batteries, lol)
Just lame.  Far too much glass for one thing.  And you still have to plug the junk into a wall outlet...and that gets its energy from coal.  In the end...BMW FACE-PALM FAIL!
BMW has been bragging about hybrids and EV for years and yet fails to bring a single car to production. To me this is all propaganda to mask their failure to produce a ecofriendly car.
BMW please quit acting!
Leave the cars to Audi.
That's why the S6 is faster than the M5.
i wish i was old enough to even get a car..FML!
Looks awesome and futuristic i have always hated the way electric cars look now this has changed me a thing of beauty
Awesome Ride... too bad I will never have enough money for one
I remember going to the auto show several times as a kid and asking why they haven't produced the concept cars. Needless to say I never have received a straight (clear) answer.  Does anyone have an answer as why?
Nope.  I know Chrysler will produce their concept cars: the Dodge Viper R/T is a classic example.  So is the Dodge Dart, the Dodge Stealth, and the Dodge Challenger...just to name a few.  The same holds for GM and Ford.  Even Mercedes and Porsche will turn one of their concept cars into production vehicles (e.g., Porsche 911 Concept back in 1985 which turned into the Porsche 959). 

What BMW's excuse is this: we take CERTAIN ASPECTS from concept cars that we think will make our current lineup better, and adopt those aspects (e.g., suspension, braking, etc.) into the current vehicle designs. 

Translation:  We're too scared to try and actually put out a completely NEW concept turned production vehicle...because we are afraid it'll cost far too much and it won't sell very well.  So, we're scared, but instead of saying that, we'd rather just put up some garbage stock set of answers that we have. to keep you confused. :D
i wut a car like that but better and faster
It looks good, but what happens when an 18 wheeler goes by at 80 mph. 
Why don't you make electric cars that are more mainstream in both looks and in price. There is no dearth of buyers I guess.
Ill wait for Cadillac to build one, it will be faster,bigger and cost 1/3 as much.
great idea increase in re'useable materials
Those are sweet rides
you are right, it does look very sickly. need a band aid? try Toyota
Nice coachwork, but the mileage is not worth the price.
ad go
i wanna just take a ride not have one
Very nice !! , I hope it is not a Konzept but a reality . (;
Looks so futuristic :)>
Can say I love it :)> 
Who wants to drive electric black mans willy around town german car lug
That i8 looks did the whole video and musical score. Not too surprising from BMW but certainly peaked my interest
روعة الله يبارك فيكم BMW
Amazing car, but let's wait for its price...
BTW that's Chicago and not New york...
Oh cool.
What about South Africa? When are you coming
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