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Some of you might have already been here, most of you know it: the BMW Welt, BMW Museum and the BMW Plant in Munich. The BMW Welt combines technology, design and innovation with lifestyle, and culture. In the BMW Museum visitors are able to learn about the technological developments and design history, from the very beginnings. The BMW plant tour offers great insights into different production halls and stages. Take a look at our gallery and experience BMW from a different perspective.
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Nice job with the museum!! I hope there is a 600 in the mix!
it is very butiful. And let's see how men are able to imagine and create.I think that men are little god!!!!!!
I've been there once. The place is just amazing. You guys at BMW have done a huge job !
Just like the BMW cars, the BMW Welt offers a very exclusive and high-tech experience. The exterior lighting at night is a must see !
What I love about BMW is that they put a lot of thought behind everything they do. Whether car or building, it will look amazing and function beautifully
Had the chance to visit during a Oktoberfest trip this past year, it is an amazing museum! Simply stunning.
what are these photos about?Can you explain it.I want to know because I havent seen things like these before,although Kiribati are atoll islands only.
Very Vital info i 've got THANKS..
I just wanna give it up for BMW man it is watitdo

Thanks for all your comments. It's a pleasure to read all this positive feedback and to learn about the amazing experience!

Best regards, BMW Google+ team
we want to buy a BMW M& Gran Coupe, please send us the price wihtout VAT, the car will be exported outside Europe, also full options, and full specs.
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