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This is going to be a very interesting conversation. Please do join us.
The Medium is Not the Message
Many of you are familiar with the phrase: "The medium is the message" coined by Canadian media guru Marshall McLuhan in the early ‘60’s. 
It was a revolutionary idea.
At that time, the “media” he was referring to was television - a relatively new guest in our living rooms.

He believed that the medium was embedded in the message and therefore we should be the focus of study. 

“A medium affects the society in which it plays a role not only by the content delivered over the medium, but also by the characteristics of the medium itself.”

Are we too attached to our favourite platforms?

Is Facebook having a similar impact on how we act and communicate?

Are we paying too much attention and investing too many resources on various social platforms?

With the advent of social media, we have been so busy mastering the tools and platforms that we talk more about and seem to CARE more about what’s on our tool belt than we do about what we're trying to fix or create.

In the ongoing "Forbes: 5 Reasons Google+ Died" discussion, ( Traphagen sums up his post: with these  wise words:

“We can like something, even be a fan of it, we can find great personal value in something, but we need to keep our rational, objective evaluation abilities intact. That's especially important if other people look to us for marketing advice.”

Those of us who bear the slings and arrows of ridicule over our choice of Google+ as our favourite social platform have developed a siege mentality and all too quickly circle the wagons when attacked.

We’re the Glee club dodging “Slushies” in the school hallways. 

I admit I’m one of those who has championed Google+ and while I continue to do so, I am much less personally invested in it.

I use it for it’s strengths, not just because it’s Google+.

Marketers have to be platform agnostic and a client believer.

What do you think?

Do our personal medium preferences influence our client’s marketing messages?

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The Medium is Not the Message
Today, April 28, 12:15 PM
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+B.L. Ochman Thanks for the share, B.L.. Looking forward to this. Think I have my work cut out to keep this within 30 minutes. :-)
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Attention #NONPROFITS! Big news from +Twitter 

Web cards now include a DONATE option. And about time!
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B.L. Ochman

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4th & 5th graders from Brookline, MA petition +Dunkin' Donuts to stop using styrofoam cups by #EarthDay2015  because they're bad for the environment, animals and people. They're approaching 300K signatures
We fourth and fifth graders know for sure that Dunkin’ Donuts is a great place! We love having a Munchkin snack and a hot cocoa after school. However, we are concerned about the Styrofoam cups they use. They sell more than 1.7 billion coffees a year, and most of them come in Styrofoam. We have come to a conclusion, these cups are really affecting our lives, your life, and everything you care about. We're going to prove to you that Dunkin’ Donuts ...
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B.L. Ochman

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HEADS UP! Think twice about this company

UPDATE: After repeated calls, emails and especially social media posts, +Lynktec finally responded and is sending a replacement of the order - admittng that "the pigeon got lost."

I placed an order with +Lynktec on March 26 and it has yet to arrive. It took them 5 days to respond to email and there is no phone number on their website and they tell me if "could take longer."

The only reasons a package could take that long are:
* pigeon got lost
* address or zip code was entered incorrectly on their label

The right thing for +Lynktec to do now would be to send a replacement, via overnight. 

I would be cautious about doing business with this company after this experience.
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They do not answer. You get a recording.
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My cat would have tripped her.
Ok, we know it's not Caturday, but you gotta meet Babe, the seeing eye CAT!

+David Erickson & +B.L. Ochman will include this story in BEYOND SOCIAL MEDIA SHOW # 92 on Saturday, April 18 at 12:30 pm EDT (11:30 AM CDT) 

Watch on G+

BEYOND SOCIAL MEDIA SHOW is the award-winning podcast for #marketing   #advertising  and #digitalcommunications  professionals who want to keep up with the good, the bad and the awful in online communications.

Baby the Persian cat won a medal of honor for his service in 1947
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B.L. Ochman

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News & politics, simplified
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But WITW is 'polydeism' ?  Opposite of atheism, I suppose.
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B.L. Ochman

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RIP Frankie Manning May 26, 1914 - April 27, 2009 - King of the Lindy Hop. Here's one of the many classes I was lucky enough to take with Frankie.
#FrankieManning   #LindyHop   #SwingDance  
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B.L. Ochman

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<Very cool!> Google said to be releasing in May -  *'Collections' For Followable, Curated Content Sets On Google+ *
According to a tipster (and a report over at DroidLife), Google is testing a new feature for Google+ that could be big news for the platform. For now, it's... by Liam Spradlin in Applications, Google, News, Rumors
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B.L. Ochman

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What a great post by +Shawn Manaher 
So You Want To Start Podcasting: 101 Tips, Ideas and Thoughts About Podcasting

Yeah, podcasting is hot right now... And everybody and their brother's cousin is starting one... So... after 101 episodes of Sidepreneurs, I have a few things to say about podcasting.

Listen here to my 101 tips, ideas and thoughts on podcasting:

101 tips too much?  Here are my top 10 tips, ideas and thoughts about podcasting:
1. EVERYTGHING will take longer, be harder and won’t matter as much as you think it does at the time.
2. Create templates for everything!
3. Telling stories is often more compelling than sharing straight facts…. If you can tell stories while sharing facts, you will have a show worth listening to.
4. “Top guests” are often more available and willing to give you a chance than you think… Go for the top and you will be surprised.
5. Give yourself a clear idea on what your costs will be BEFORE you launch… Include in those costs, subscriptions, equipment, outsourcing, content, logos, website design, hosting, etc… This can catch you by surprise if you have not considered everything.
6. CREATE SIMPLE OFFERS… Man I wasted a TON of time trying to create complex and overly deep offers!
7. Create videos for every task you want someone else to do.
8. If you concern yourself with stats, only look 1x per day / 1 x per week
9. ASK to be on other shows to get the word out about your show!
10. BATCH EVERY Process! So, batch creating a list of potential guests... Then batch emailing them all... then batch doing the podcasts... then batch doing the edits... Batching wins all the time in my book... And as someone doing a daily podcast, your VERY survival depends on batching!

What about you?  Going to start a podcast this year?  Love to hear what you are going to start!

#podcasting #podcasttips #marketingdigital  
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Thanks +B.L. Ochman for taking time to share this!
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I hope you'll join me and +David Erickson on Sat. April 25, 12:30pmE for a fast-paced 20-30-minute live broadcast of BEYOND SOCIAL MEDIA SHOW # 93 via Hangout, covering the best and the worst news in online communications this week, plus shiny new objects and stats you should know.

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The Beyond Social Media Show format:
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Sat, April 25, 12:30 PM
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B.L. Ochman

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As an official bovomaniac, I love this photo!
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+B.L.Ochman...Given your decree regarding my coined word, "moopet", I've decided to allow everyone to use it royalty free!  ☺
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Great suggestion from +Ronnie Bincer who suggested watching this powerful TED Talk about Faking It Til You Make It
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This was good +B.L. Ochman  I need to work on this  - at least that's what +Leila Martin  tells me about my energy on HOA's 
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Google+ Events, Coaching, Digital Strategist
B.L. Ochmanuniquely experienced digital pioneer who has been helping blue chip brands incorporate social media into their marketing strategy since 1996. Google+ Coach, Google-certified Google+ Helpouts Coach, Google Partner, YouTube Partner, Google-certified YouTube Channel Creator.

With experience in verticals from cars to cookies, I've conducted corporate training and coaching on new media marketing opportunities for brands including including Ford Motors, IBM, Meijer, Transitions Lenses, Cendant and McGraw-Hill. She has created groundbreaking digital marketing programs for Cendant, Transitions Lenses, Simon & Schuster, American Greetings, among others.

Please contact me at 917-566-5855 for Google+ coaching or digital communications strategy to drive traffic and sales to your business. 

15+ years director-level experience conceiving, selling and executing the sophisticated integration of traditional and new media marketing for blue-chip corporations.

Clients include: Cendant, Meijer, Ford Motors; IBM, Simon & Schuster, American Greetings, McGraw- Hill, Transitions Lenses, Right Management and Mrs. Fields Cookies 

Social media campaigns include: a branded Facebook game for Transitions Lenses & Up Your Budget, a ground-breaking online Treasure Hunt for Cendant that achieved one million unique visits and 10 million pageviews in 4 weeks

Accolades and street cred: One of the top 40 digital strategists in the world; One of 25 of The Most Powerful and Influential Women in Social Media; Top 150 Social Media Marketing Influencers 2012; 2014: Top 64 social media experts every enthusiast should follow; AdAge Power 150 blogger. Contributor to AdAge Digital Next, Social Media Today, Mashable, MediaPost and BusinessWeek. Blogger since 2001. Speaker at more than 25 conferences, often as keynote.

- GOOGLE+ STRATEGIST & COACH specializing in training brands and agencies and producing live events via Hangouts on Air
- CO-HOST of the award-winning THE BEYOND SOCIAL MEDIA SHOW. We do a live Hangout on Air every Saturday at 12:30 PM EST. 

Recent accomplishments include:
  • Coaching agencies and associations on maximizing GooglePlus for business
  • Coaching in Helpouts on integrating Google+ into digital strategy
  • Google+ optimization
  • Certified by Google as a YouTube Channel Creator
  • Strategy for re-branding of Mrs. Field's Cookies
  • Leader of a team creating a global online and mobile community for non-profit AFS Intercultural Services. the world's largest foreign exchange program for high school students.
  • Creator "Sightings, a branded Facebook social game  for Transitions Lenses
  • Chief architect of a specialized social influence measurement and analysis platform in use by Light Squared, Transitions Lenses, Avon and other major corporations
  • Head the creative team of, blog at What's Next Blog (an AdAge Power 150 blog
  • Partner in  - where pet lovers can create and send free ecards using their favorite pet photos
  • Contributor to AdAge Digital Next
- Digital marketing strategy, with emphasis on emerging media
- Google+ event production and promotion
- Videos created with Hangouts on air to increase brands' visibility, SEO and conversions
- experiential marketing campaigns ranging from Facebook games to online contests to community creation
- Google+ coach
- integrating Google+ into digital strategy
- digital reputation management
- social media research to determine who is influencing your brand
- C-suite and corporate coaching and social media strategy
- proven record in high-yield blog advertising campaigns

As a leader in social media marketing, I created the renowned, precedent-setting Up Your Budget Treasure Hunt for Cendant.

This 4-week, 16-city search for $160K in cash was the first-ever entirely blog-based viral marketing campaign, promoted exclusively through blogger outreach and blog advertising.

In only four weeks, it generated a million unique visits, over 10 million page views, and more than 300 online and offline stories – for less than the cost of a 30-second national ad on network TV.

I conceived, edited and launched and the 25-author blog-based online community Clutter Control Freak, for Stacks and Stacks a California-based top 300 Internet retailer of products for home and office organization. Launched in July 2007, the blog was recently voted one of the Top 10 Business Blogs.

My articles and case studies about Internet marketing trends appear in MarketingProfs, MediaPost, Businessweek Online, and several other publications.

Before turning my talent to the Internet in 1995, I ran an award-winning New York PR firm that I grew to one of the 100 largest independent PR firms in the US, with clients including Stew Leonard’s, Miracle-Gro Plant Food, The American Dairy Association, Kaneka Corporation (Tokyo: JKFC) and many more.

Bragging rights
Accolades: One of the 40 top digital strategist in the world (2014), One of 25 of The Most Powerful and Influential Women in Social Media (2013); Top 150 Social Media Marketing Influencers; AdAge Power 150 blogger. She’s been a speaker at more than 25 conferences, and is a Google-certified YouTube Channel Creator, (June 2013) and GooglePlus Helpouts Coach (Sept. 2013.)
10+ years director-level experience conceiving, selling and executing the sophisticated integration of traditional and new media marketing for blue-chip corporations.; GooglePlus coach for brands and agencies; Publisher, What's Next Blog, co-founder; contributor to AdAge Digital Next,
Digital strategy,digital communications,Integrated marketing, Social Media Measurement, Social Media Marketing, Google+ marketing, Google+ hangouts, Google+ coaching, Community Building,brand development, research,Content Creation,Social media,data-driven marketing strategy,ROI-focused digital marketing, New Media,Mobile marketing,blogging,speaking,
    CEO, 2013 - present
    GooglePlus coaching for agencies and associations. Google+ strategy, content, live, events, YouTube integration, private and public communities.
  •, Google+ Coach
    Publisher, 2002 - present
    Award-winning What's Next Blog,, an AdAge Power 150 blog covering digital strategy, technology, Internet business trends and related news.
    Co-Founder, 2007 - present
  •, Inc
    President/Founder, 2012 - present
    Helping blue chip brands integrate new media into their marketing since 1996. GooglePlus Coach, Google Partner, YouTube Partner, Google-certified YouTube Channel Creator. Clients include: Cendant, Meijer, Ford Motors; IBM, Simon & Schuster, American Greetings, McGraw- Hill, Transitions Lenses, Right Management and Mrs. Fields Cookies
  • AFS Intercultural Programs
    Sr Creative Technologist/Contractual, 2011 - 2012
  • Proof Integrated Communications
    Managing Director of Emerging Media, 2010 - 2011
    President/Founder, 1996 - 2010
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